A word on the Facebook

Since not everyone is familiar with the facebook and since we will be using it as a way for people to RSVP for events, I thought I would make a post about it so we are all on the same internet page (come on, it's a joke~).

Anyway, the facebook is a website where you make a profile for yourself and use it to network with people who you can "friend".  You can then post things to your friends' profiles as well as join groups (like the IBP group).  You can also do tons of other fun things that are too numerous to fully talk about here, as they are better left to your exploration.

Now, we are saying that you have to join the facebook or our facebook group, but it is just one more way for you to learn about IBP as well as probably the most common way college in the US stay in touch with each other. 

The website is www.facebook.com.  They have it in many languages other than English, so if your native language is more comfortable for you, you can probably find it on there.  You can also join the IBP group at this address: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=31946079949

This will also be a good way to connect with your buddies, too.

Good luck if you decide to join the facebook!  Leave a comment if you have any questions and I'll get back to you!


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When You have Lost Your Life Consult a Physician
Dr. Stilling Malson, of Murfreesboro, having visited a patient six
or seven miles away, on the Nash- ville road, had remained with him all
night. At daybreak he set out for home on horseback, as was the custom
of doctors of the time and region. He had passed into the neighbourhood
of Stone's River battlefield when a man approached him from the road-
side and saluted in the military fashion, with a movement of the right
hand to the hat-brim. But the hat was not a military hat, the man was
not in uniform and had not a martial bearing. The doctor nodded
civilly, half thinking that the stranger's uncommon greeting was
perhaps in deference to the historic surroundings. As the stranger
evidently desired speech with him he courteously reined in his horse
and waited.
'Sir,' said the stranger, 'although a civilian, you are perhaps an
'I am a physician,' was the non-committal reply.
'Thank you,' said the other. 'I am a lieutenant, of the staff of
General Hazen.' He paused a moment and looked sharply at the person whom
he was addressing, then added, 'Of the Federal army.' The physician
merely nodded.
'Kindly tell me,' continued the other, 'what has happened here.
Where are the armies? Which has won the battle?'

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During pregnancy, when taking into account her early age children should be independent, non-stick people, sleeping on the performance is a small bed to sleep alone. So I purchased a small net early on Master of wooden beds, sleeping bags, bed curtain and some other things, a small wooden bed for almost three months hanging open the package, in order to ensure the flourishing with the time from the dangers of formaldehyde. Well before the expected date of all preparatory work for the flourishing shop a warm nest, let her birth plan flourishing small bed to sleep alone. Although I bought a small wooden bed before the exuberant grandmother, my grandmother would disagree on, and strongly opposed to the flourishing of a person in a small bed, every time the phone would tell me emphasize that children must be used with adults to sleep in winter, children cold, sleep will catch cold, and hear on the cocoon of my ears. So exuberant was born in the hospital is rooming-in, a small bed to sleep alone, go home, unable to withstand both parents insistence, I was the only compromise, exuberant sleep in the middle of the two of us. So in the process of exuberant growth, Qian father witnessed and participated in all night to take care of the hard work. breastfeeding time to lay around for a feeding, flourishing among us, so I sometimes want to change the look and Qian dad sleeping position, think fast asleep, when suddenly wake, but also another place to sleep, and now want to come, Qian dad really is not easy. grew up with the flourishing day by day, sleeping less and less honest, and leg strength is growing, flourishing in the middle of my dad and Qian, bring us kicking more and more, with to the pain is getting stronger. Sometimes, the Lao Gao Qiao her legs, then suddenly shot down, and sometimes hit in the face, chest and sometimes fall and hit the chin Dad hit the roof, but an exuberant look at the sleeping face, the fire has gone (Qian dad described more vivid when the number). Especially hot, crowded she can not sleep after we gave her a bigger bed space, so that she can basically transform a 360-degree sleeping posture, complained several times in the chin father, after repeated requests, I finally agreed small bed to sleep alone so exuberant, so a small bed and re-equipped, but had no effect on her sleeping bag, she can not take the two erupted break out from the sleeping bag. not for her cold, I can only give her to wear pajamas pajamas, sleep with us wearing only her pajamas, because she super heat intolerance, and easy to get angry. Yesterday was flourishing small bed to sleep alone on the third day, as long as I wake up and Qian dad would get up to help her tuck, sleep at midnight last night, I heard her crying, look, my children have to sit villain up, and trying to stand up to our bed side by. I immediately lifted her and soon she fell asleep, to coax her back asleep after I took her small bed,Outlet Coach Audrey Collection, then sleep through the night on the. It appears from a Mom and Dad around to the small bed, flourishing also requires a process, but the head open pretty good, I believe that flourishing will adapt.

no distance friendship


exposure time 1/160s Aperture F8 Focal Length 55mm form composition using banners, screen to accommodate more visual elements



- that photography, most of my friends will probably think: that is, choose a view of a beautiful place, people stop to the front of the camera, press the shutter does not do to OK! If you can stop reading my this log, is likely to upset you on this point.

beautiful photo # 8 (using wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: the original iron key fields of cabbage seedlings photography: framing the blue sky and wide-angle ground cabbage farming people. Wide-angle lens (Full-shot). 10 ~ 20mm

up and down in the color configuration of a larger effort. Levels increase after the blue sky decorated sense of stability, water arranged in horizontal screen on the left side of trichotomy. Together constitute a slash of green grass and set off people's activities, the formation of a fairy tale depicted in the picture.

exposure time 1/100s Aperture F13 Focal Length 85mm shooting people in the environment, to avoid overlapping of characters and background of trees, etc.

The following picture is our favorite of these rookie: the principal shooting (people) standing the middle of the screen, the scene I do not know where a good place, its purpose is to As a result, the center of the composition too, will only make the screen becomes the lack of layering and changes, it is easy for viewers to Shenmeipilao, get the composition dull, lifeless and beauty. -


1. [demonstration] error: picture of instability - due to the lines of the wall, causing a sense of instability into the picture. 2.] [Error Model: improved picture of instability, but the composition usually - this is the most commonly used parallel to the shooting, although the figure has improved the picture a sense of insecurity, but the composition is far too usual. 3. [to improve] composition: slightly adjust the angle of shooting, we try to shoot from the top models, like this film, than the above two maps, but also a lot more lively !



Aperture F2.5 Exposure Time 1/200s Aperture F3.5 Exposure Time 1/125s focal length 90mm ISO 160 focal length 135mm ISO 100 bokeh properly, without affecting the characters picture main

background and the characters face the woods formed a parallel structure. The results highlight the character's facial expressions can not. In addition, extra space under the side of the screen ratio is too large. The horizontal red line marks the right tilt, the overall performance of a dull sense of instability and the figure is a typical instance of framing failure.

avoid the phenomenon of perspective, making good buildings




● Canon EOS 30D, 1/400s, F10.0, ISO 400, 11mm


white sand on the field at White Sands, but the work gives the vessel floating on the sea, but a woman on board a fantasy feel. The left side of the screen, arranged to form a triangle figure, the right side of the screen contains a ship part. At the same time framing mountain and ocean, the sea has increased the awareness of refreshing feeling. It is worth noting that the work contains only the first part of the ship and models of natural forms.



Here is a great example of the failure viewfinder. The problem is this picture the horizon too, MM there is a feeling to be falling into the water, the picture out of balance. -

lovely face close-up children. Focus on the work of photographic expression, the subject at this time no need to display extra distracted. Therefore, in center of the screen, gives the full screen close-ups. Lower right side of the screen the little hand tugging at the hair set off by the child cute face.

beautiful photo # 3 (using wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Incheon Luna Park Sudoguksan Museum photography focus: the two cute little girls into the blue sky background. Low angle. (Full-shot) 18mm

beautiful photo # 7 (with wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Cheorwon wilderness focus photography: blue screen while shooting, a woman carrying Cosmos flowers, clothes, colors, and yellow fields, potential exaggerate the performance of deep autumn. Low angle (Waist-shot). 10 ~ 20mm

banner frame in the form of the main surface, vertical format, the general cross-frame shooting lying, seated figure; vertical format shooting standing figures, etc. But you can always remember, this is not an inch of the same law, but in more cases like this.

choose a good grasp of character limb position





character position is the most common composition in the middle of the figure on the photos, but now the most popular character placement in the entire picture of the gold sub-grid point, which is on the screen left or right third of the one, this makes photos look more natural, which can be based on the actual situation.

course, due to wide-angle and standard lenses are better able to uptake and performance features, and human relations, so the more widely used. Although the broad vast natural landscape, but its every detail does not necessarily need to enter the picture, so the shooting should take some of the typical details of the election or local, to make the picture more artistic charm. For the partial characterization and description,Cheap Air Max Men, a telephoto lens is essential. In addition, the telephoto lens of the background blur effects, can also give a different beauty.


● as the boxer. (Full - shot) 17mm


use center centralized composition, the child's face as the photographic focus. Virtual paste around the background, so focus on the child's face.


shot in the alley in the rain with an umbrella in hand the children. Compared to the performance of children stunted sub-camera angles, low angle photography sitting more prominent children's lively attitude. To show the effect this space zone, specifically includes the red marker shows the old buildings, the use of the water side of the screen under the direction of motion suggests.


In addition, photographers should pay attention, look for the half-length portrait portrait photography, especially close-up, it is very important. So, try some of the characters eyes on the screen a significant lateral 1 / 3 of the line position, not only to highlight the main screen, but also more appropriate composition, harmony.


create a sense of stability. As the red line of the divided region,air max 90 sale, the distribution of basically the same screen. Picture the wide blue sky as the main background, and the lawn with yellow soles of people's height and proximity, which makes the whole mix of colors and highlights equal parts split screen effect.


Story .2 shooting portraits, try a different shooting angle is very important in the face with a scene, we can Duo Sisuo to any angle shot, the most able to reach the screen tension and interesting. In Part # 2, we look at portraits the impact of different camera angles.

low angle shot of the busy seedlings farmers movement patterns. Photography of the main activities for the grandmother, so using the most appropriate diagonal composition, has been fairly successful photography.

(stand away from the Tiananmen Gate close, are trying to shoot into the red, had to take the camera up the belief, the results in tilting to both sides of the building, while the level of the subject is not Tiananmen Square, the building was tilted powerful, and this is especially to be avoided.)


exposure time 1/125s Aperture F4.8 Focal Length 58mm ISO 800 sense of strong background lines, more than ever to model slender body



● Canon EOS 1D Mark II N, 1/400s, F11.0, ISO 200, 12mm -



author went to Incheon East Sudoguksan Museum. The museum is able to reproduce the older generation of people brought back memories of the moon village appearance. Just hit the blue sky is very beautiful, which makes the author think of the children to create memories page. Blue sky as the background, low angle shot of two children dressed in different clothes sideways, the lower side of the screen to arrange the lines of the main museum building, and the layout of the large blue sky, the performance of a refreshing feeling. In addition, arrangements for the child to the lower right side of the rule of thirds on the intersection and the center of the screen to enhance the picture a sense of stability.

course, the photographer can also figures to capture. Not aware of being photographed subject in the case, its performance is the most natural. Photographer to eye grassland, while it is not prepared, in the whisper or chasing the case, quickly capture some wonderful pictures.


of the main characters in the picture at least take more than one fifth, because we shot pictures of people, if people take over the column is too small will cause the entire landscape photographs have become overwhelming, this beginner portraits of lovers special attention. Under normal circumstances, portrait photography in tourism, attractions accounted for about two-thirds of the screen, while the figure accounts for about one-third of the screen.

blur the background with the main highlight

in narrative, documentary, or a story of portrait photography, we often view people with a way to show the scene where the characters, space, environment. This time, people are an element of the picture, how to get the right people to the box with the King, showing a better imagery, becomes important when thinking of a composition. In Part # 3, we take a look at the impact of the scope of box King. 1. [error] model: emphasize character, which is generally the most common frame to take the scope of this performance is not obvious image of the scene, there is an element of narrative, but time and space, poor environmental performance. 2.] [Error Model: box to take a little more range, but the box behind the scene to take, obviously, did not bring much to the meaning of the image, and turns into more messy. 3. [composition] improvement: re-adjust the frame to take the range, this image will be the platform, an extension of a sense of performance of the railway out!

photography focus: the beach as the background to the characters and the background to coordinate the composition as a photography focus. Low angle (Full-shot). 70 ~ 200mm

if the environment allows, the best choice for remote location, with the focal length of the lens to shoot (stand back, and then zoom closer to the subject, but rain and fog days, the screen may be gray Meng Meng), so perspective on the phenomenon can be completely avoided.


composition assessment

ordinary as boxer is difficult to create unique works. Trying to come up the screen layout, simply jumped into the water, choose a low angle. The blue sky and water, face-centered layout, showing the children a sense of vibrant activity. Red lines mark the background of the distribution line and the children are selected

during the shoot, the photographer should pay attention to character and scene composition with the problem. Travel photo shooting, two problems often occur: one is the poor location of people, that is blocking the scene to; other cases, the performance of the scene caused people too obvious (figure too small, not looking also found). Therefore, people in the scene with the photo shoot when he was photographed by the station's location is very important. Tourism is the mainstay of portrait photography of people, sites only as a background, but is typical and meaningful context, and to maintain its integrity.

1. [demonstration] error: This one with King's image, building pillar of the lines clearly in the figure above the head, such a situation, like outdoor photo, in the character's head shot out of branches, tree trunks in general, seems to be rather strange. In addition, figure 1 seems to remain sight of too little space. 2. [to improve] composition: just a little to adjust the angle of shooting, to avoid the buildings pillar lines, and the scope of the right camera view with the box, leaving more of the line of sight to solve these problems.

not the purpose of my study to prepare when the photographer, I shoot with my camera could not see any I wrote this series of logs not want any more If you are the -

in Part # 1, we take a look at portrait photography on the most frequently committed minor deficiencies.



● Canon EOS 30D, 1/400s, F8.0, ISO 100, 10mm


following this shooting was very successful, so the horizon disappeared in the photo 1/3--1/2 place, looks very coordinated, do not feel MM from falling out or photos stuck to the feeling (so Photography time horizon should not put photos 1/3--1/2 outside.) -

different frame in the form of composition

blue sky and green grass occupy the screen 3 / 5, the right to slash the screen layout of the exotic home. In addition, in order to add vitality to the screen, arranged in the left child and mother, and further use of the color of clothes to reconcile people of color. In short, the mother and child cute action coordinated with the background perfectly clear after the formation of clean, warm photography.

Photography Location: west of Chuncheon City, New Meri

perspective shoot first to avoid the phenomenon of the construction, we must maintain the level of the subject building in the use of wide-angle lens when shooting and Yang try to avoid overhead, otherwise the building will be in the picture tilt to the central or the surrounding area (the lens toward the Yang on the film, the building tilted to the inside, shot down the overhead, the building will tilt outward, which is near the far smaller result relations perspective).

photographic composition points

relationship between the characters and scenery



beautiful photo # 12 (using a telephoto lens photography) -

beautiful photo # 14 (using a telephoto lens photography) Photography Location: Philippines 达斯帕玛斯 (Dos Palmas) beach

beautiful photo # 10 (with wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Chuncheon City, Zhaoyang Road, Street, Development Zone photography focus: Emphasis on the moon's landscape and the village children smile. Low angle. 70 ~ 200mm


for the camera at the center of focus can be on a subject by pressing the shutter to focus, then recompose, the process should be careful not to let go, to keep the shutter half-press state and can not move the camera around and zoom. -

beautiful photo # 13 (use standard lens photography) Photography Location: sleep Island beach Photography Focus: Contrast colorless winter sea the color of clothes and characters, and to focus on photography as an expressive character . As the boxer (Medium-shot). 85mm


If you want to further highlight the main characters, beginners can also consider using the method of virtual background to highlight the figure. This method of virtual background, the background clutter can also exclude the interference of the main characters. The use of telephoto lenses not only more realistic performance figures, can achieve the perfect blur effects. If the environment for the people there is not much value in use. Can be compared with the depth of the virtual; If you need to account for certain environmental factors, but do not want it to affect the main characters, then a modest nominal (after the method of virtual background repeat that), to both can be unified.

Photography Focus: low angle shot of children playing in the water scenes, by capturing the splashes of water droplets, gives life to the screen. -


for large scenes, such as sea, lake, grassland, desert, the photographer will use a lot of wide-angle vision. But there are particular about landscape photography, if only shooting the sea, dunes, color becomes a little more monotonous.

If the screen to accommodate a number of other features, color, footprints and characters, even if it is far, can also play with color, will not have a taste. So photography is a very self of things, there is a lot to understand themselves.


go out to play with friends, simply want to have more time together, during which always found a souvenir photo. At this point, even if there is nothing spectacular or beautiful scene, as long as the show through the lens of intimate friends,Nike Air Max 2009 Women, had enough. For friends in daily life, in most cases need to be natural, casual way of performance. For example, try to encourage them to do some lovely moves, interesting face, so to avoid people being taken to do some modeling the action or expression.

Preface: -

characters, scenes with a reasonable


photography stresses the importance of color contrast and the facial expression. To show the freshness of green grass, leaving the lower side of the large background screen, the characters placed in the upper left side of the screen trichotomy intersection, thus forming a red girl came forward in the picture. Furrow extends from the figure for directions to the bottom right corner, full of sense of direction and performance of the picture a sense of stability. -





● Canon EOS 300D, 1/200s, F5.0, ISO 100, 168mm

well and play a small role in this distance, highlighting the MM PP. However, the horizon at an angle, but also to remind MM when they put POSE is inclined over his head, the body is not inclined to come to you. -

scene selection and a reasonable mix of characters and scenery portrait photography is the key to tourism. Everywhere where there where the most typical and most representative of the scene. Even some smaller cities also have it a certain landscape features. This requires that the photographer should be taken to properly arrange people in this unique landscape, so that photographs would be I saw some people in the Bird's Nest steel frame under the camera, was rather Mangrenmoxiang taste.

people were taken to face the camera unfettered, whispered between close friends give their true feelings

B] photography focus: [/ B] photographic object in the furrows of green tea to high angle (Full-shot). 85mm -


● Canon EOS 300D, 1/1000s, F5.0, ISO 100, 168mm

for portrait photography, portrait photograph people is to express the main target, is an important part of the screen. It is not only the contents of the center of the screen, the screen structure and is the center around which other features should form a whole. So, the best photographers in the picture is to note how prominent figures.




beautiful photo # 15 (using a telephoto lens photography) Photography Location: South Miryang table Chung Hing Temple Photography Focus: photography focuses on children's clothes and the background color coordination. As the boxer (Full-shot). 70 ~ 200mm


failure viewfinder

composition of several common methods -


classic photographic composition Appreciation -

can not not learn photography .1 - composition

beautiful photo # 17 (use standard lens photography) Photography Location: indoor photography photography focus: to highlight the performance of the children cute expression. As the boxer. 85mm

with the popularity of digital cameras, - But last time out to play, according to the hundreds, nearly 4G photo, look on the computer, not much satisfaction. I have started to doubt their own level. In recent days, I e-learning for a while, before we know there are deep learning it. -

● Canon EOS 300D, 1/80s, F1.8, ISO 100, 85mm

merit no special background, the main character is best to use the center composition. In the figure as the center of the composition, usually given in the center of the screen close-up. However, instances of the characters placed in the left third of the screen line, close to colorless background and character colors and clothes in contrast, make the picture look the separation of figure and background. For the existence of fragmented shells and other unwanted subject of the environment, suitable for a strong focus on virtual telescope paste head or lower the lens aperture.


thing to note is that people are generally inclined toward the center photo, tilt will bring out a foreign character of the awkward feeling. Of course, if you mean to show some style is a special case, you can follow your own preferences to shoot

beautiful photo # 4 (with wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Incheon International Airport Photography Focus: Photography intention is to show the effect of time and space. High angle. (Full-shot) 23mm

beautiful photo # 2 (using wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Dublin, Ohio, United States photography focus: the creation of beautiful natural scenery and beautiful people living together constitute a stance picture. As the boxer. (Full-shot) 17mm


cruise center of the screen the whole screen is very stiff boat into the picture left 1 / 3 after the effect of changing the location of the coordination of the -


Aperture F4 Exposure time 1/160s focal length 135mm shooting big bust portraits, in part above or below the knee cut

If the characters and backgrounds with properly, there will figure head of the trees, pillars and other objects or branches, which do not grow the right shoulder of the composition form. This requires attention to the photographer, when the main characters behind the tall trees, towers and other background or to consider the main characters move a little under that, to avoid the trees as the background and characters overlap. Of course, you can soften the background a little, make the character more prominent.


Story .1

or the intersection of this line more in line with the human visual habits. Shooting can be directly transferred out of the camera -



beautiful photo # 1 (using wide-angle lens photography) Photography Location: Dublin, Ohio, United States photography focus: the creation of beautiful natural scenery and beautiful people living together constitute a stance picture

● as the boxer. (Full-Shot) 17mm


performance of the work as much as possible a sense of fresh green grass, colorful children's clothes, the vitality of the performance. Than the standard lens, wide angle lens is more conducive to the performance of the child's natural posture. In addition, these children are too young does not have the photographer's ability. So the best way is to the idea of ​​composition, and press the shutter continuously repeat the shot.


● Canon EOS 300D, 1/640s, F3.5, ISO 100, 18mm

In fact the ship

to create unique works of photography focused on the screen layout. The photo composition is more complex. When using a low-angle photography and wide-angle lens distortions. That is, looking up from the lower side of shooting people, you can form a strong distortion effect, but this time is necessary to use wide-angle lens. Dynamic performance of wind slash characters in the main flowing hair, combined with the blue sky, golden fields and the Cosmos flowers, emitting a more intense flavor of autumn.

Photography Location: Westwood, green tea to [

● Canon EOS 1D Mark II N, 1/320s, F3.2, ISO 320, 155mm

appropriate to include some visual elements that make big scene is no longer monotonous


● FinePix S3Pro, 1/125s, F3.3, ISO 800, 23mm the photo to capture the high-angle vertical children under the clock tower. Aside and watch the red marked area large rear space background, coupled with the child's sense of urgency on the time to express the child's remaining time and the elapsed time between the boundaries.

beginners very easy to commit a mistake when shooting portrait bust, mishandled characters physical location of choice, they would often arm, cut down the middle of the screen. For starters, with particular attention, from the viewfinder when the viewfinder, do not cut from the character's joints. In other words, do not let the view from the bottom of the box elbow, waist or knee cut scene on both sides of the box is not cut from the wrist or elbow. If you must cut from the arm or leg, should try to skip the joints.

If positive light and building a 45 degree angle when the light and dark contrasts, three-dimensional sense, it is easy to shown the temperament of the building itself.


telephoto lens with a virtual background and prominent figures of the main body of the effect, while environmental factors account

following these methods you have to remember that the composition Oh, when you pick up the camera when the composition should be in your mind the idea.



● Canon EOS 1D, 1/1250s, F1.4, ISO 200, 85mm

beautiful photo # 9 (with wide-angle lens photography) -


● Canon EOS 300D, 1/1000s, F2.2, ISO 100, 85mm

create a sense of stability and reasonable composition

with simple background highlight the main

like this, the main character was a serious interference with the background noise. -

For beginners, the easiest way to stand out is to find a relatively simple and clean background. Such as the side of the white walls, a green grass and the like both clean and without a complex background, so photographers need to focus on people who do not worry about handling the relationship between good character and background which led to photographs to fail.

on a . Basically, unit # 3 in the box to change the view range and think of how to make the scene a grand scale, levels of feeling, and tell people where the scenes. Further, if it is to show the meaning behind the image, tell the subject of the image, the image in the box to take will have a different focus.

beautiful photo # 11 (use standard lens photography) Photography Location: Park Photography Focus: innocent smile to a child-based shooting close-up. As the boxer (Bust-shot). 85mm


better viewfinder

scenes and portraits of the mix, the ever-changing images can be combined with the results, in the composition, sometimes, seemingly haphazard, but in fact, there are some principles to follow.



Aperture F5.6 Exposure Time 1/500s focal length 55mm selection of wide-angle lens, not only figures to be fully demonstrated, but also on account of the environment just right

a bogey: take doors off. Business does not run is not active, rapidly changing commodity markets, commodity exchanges pay attention to timeliness, take the door off the microscopic. Only running in order to learn market information, identify the opportunity, can only profit. Second, avoid: cowards. As the saying goes, as long as seven can take action, and the remaining one-third of failing to grasp by you is not resolved to fight dental caries, missing no opportunity to profit, almost certain to know the business to make money in the little things. three Ps: do not sell more goods more expensive. Prices do not decline in value of goods not only, to a certain extent you, as long as they sell to make money, regardless of Profits to be met, if the wait for high prices, 10 have ** to suffer. four Ps: to save up the money. Make the post longer willing to invest, put money into a living dead money, and only insatiable, and constantly expand the scale of operation, to grow their business to the next level. Five Note: aim too high. Look down on small small profit, want to eat into fat, so never made no big money. Only small to large, slowly add up, step by step, the final climb to the pinnacle of wealth. bogey six: sell themselves. Many people only focus on production rather than pay attention to marketing, something good that people come here especially for the natural, which is a passive marketing tool. Only active soliciting, to expand its influence, only more sales and profit Italian. Taboos: people we ye ye dry dry. Lack of creative spirit, always behind with the others, was led by the nose, others the benefit received is over, you press on a profit little or nothing. Only the first step to capture the market in order to win. eight bogey: Hot heat treatment information. Got hot information, they rush blindly action, not fully prepared to fight a battle unprepared lost more than it wins less. Only careful analysis of the market, to be well-thought, before being launched. nine avoid: heat-loving tired of the cold. Why the total to more people doing something more beneficial to know the Only spotted the Sales of more than simply selling merchandise, profit margins are sky high prices, sales less lucrative results. Only Lee see some light at reasonable prices will have customers, small profits can only make money. into the nine major means: 1, courage determination - to overcome the habit of wavering nothing reason why many people, the biggest problem is lack of courage determination means, always looked around, after thinking it over, so missed the best opportunity of success. Into a major success in the possibility of coming to see things, the courage to make major decisions, so a head start. 2, challenge weaknesses - to completely change their flaws everyone has weaknesses, of those great things can not always stick to their own weaknesses, not a major life change; to those great things are always good at their weakness of the surgery, the ability to transform itself into a super person. A company can not correct its own flaws who can only be losers! 3, overcome difficulties - from the failure group of successful capital always face difficult life challenges, can even say that dilemma is the Most people in the face of difficulties and trembling, made major changes to the plight of those who are able to succeed powerful springboard. 4, seize the opportunity - good selection, good at creating opportunity is the greatest wealth. Some people waste the opportunity easily, so one has great potential opportunities have slipped quietly ran into a major event is absolutely not allowed to slip away, and can jump toward the opportunity. 5, to play a strong point - to do things they do best a very weak ability of the people it is difficult to open the life situation, he must be on the stage of life heavyweight victims; of those great things to do on their own things, to fully display their talents, step by step to expand the road to success. 6, attitude adjustment - should not let negative emotions hurt themselves mentality of people, in any case not afford to pick and burden of life, because they can not face a personal health setback into a major event is on high-speed state of mind, even if without any hope, they can see a ray of light of success. 7, immediate action - just saying no, a hundred times better than an operation vain thought. Some people are 8, sociable - a clever use of human resources people do not know how to contact is bound to advance the power of human relationships. One of the characteristics of those great things are: good by leveraging, by heat to create a successful situation, so can a piece of accomplishing something difficult to accomplishing, and realize their life plan. 9, re-planning - Station to a higher starting point life is a process, success is a process. If you satisfied with the small success will encourage the big success. Into a major event to understand the difficult process of small to large, so to achieve a small success, to continue to open the next life can say any kind of means, can lead to an outcome, but this result is not the best result, I am afraid it is difficult to say. Into a major event always choose the best means to achieve the best results, this non-ordinary people can do. Therefore, the road to success, you want to become a major event, the first problem to be solved is: you means to promote the success of your plan is immediate! into the event must have nine kinds of capabilities ability to survive challenge: to find the answer in real good 1, attitude and courage to face reality for those who kept complaining about the reality of poor people who can not desirable reality, just as prison life, both hands and feet bound, and bound body and mind, so often succumb to the pressure of reality, a cowardly person; and those who really into big things, then dare to challenge the reality, in reality, honing their survival skills, which is called the strong! In this, we can draw one into a big experience: to adapt rapidly to changes in reality change their ideas, the most important thing is we need to have an intelligent mind and a flexible eye, do life, heart. In reality, under the pressure, if you change the concept, timely and forward, can have a multiplier effect. Our bottom-up can not be separated even for a moment the reality, as reality changes, we must adapt their ideas, thoughts, actions and goals. This is a survival imperative. If we have a way to change reality to fit our abilities and desires of the development needs, it is most valuable. 2, so you have excellent self- made, is to overcome desire, not because of pressure on my heart a little impetuous, that is not encountered in the Heart of the matter to explode. a person unless the first control of their own, or will not control other people. a successful event as long as the goal, know what you want, and then take action, tell yourself never give up, success is only a matter of time only. If you are in trouble or hinder the way, you went to face it and solve it, then move on, so the problem was not greater accumulation. when you move forward one step climb, do not say to yourself people most difficult to overcome is their own, the meaning of these words is that the biggest obstacle to a person's success does not come from the outside world, but their own. Only control ourselves, to control the pressure to yield to the pressure in front of you. 3,Coach bags sale, the emotion into the rationality of the box generated a backlash is often subtle, but its impact on a person's life is huge, this effect is reflected from a lot of little things. We should try to eliminate their negative emotions, because it will give us not only cause physical and psychological harm, and we on the road to success, negative emotions can sometimes become a stumbling block. To your success, you have the emotion into the rationality of the box, you have to adapt to other people adapt to the situation, otherwise, you are destined to not become a major event, destined to be eliminated. 4, the power of thought alone can stimulate If you know how to be alone, then those great things people are good at being alone - alone in the process of thought-provoking power. low self-esteem can be overwhelming, like a mountain man and you will never silence can also be like a strong driving force for propulsion. step ahead than others, to create a successful state of mind. in alone, you should be thinking, do not always overstaffed. 5, pressure is the best incentive who want to become a major event, because of lofty goals, the pressure may be greater. But Ruoyu into a big, must be able to withstand this pressure, the pressure as the driving force to promote life. one of the most outstanding work is often the case out in the face of adversity made. People want to do something we should do certain things. Should be done must be good, the firm should not do not do. get does not necessarily Fortunately, it does not completely lose the bad things. 6, the transformation strain, have a way out conform to the trend, good changes, to adjust their programs of action, which is as big a way to adapt to reality. a person does not deal with people of superior skill, did not all cases are thoughtful mind, flexibility of the tool, you simply can not control the big situation will be difficult to become a major event. a person can see their status, many balanced state of mind will be able to look on an objective, understand the world, and adjust their behavior accordingly. 7, self-confidence is a strong pillar of life, self-confidence enough 's ability to adapt to the high, low adaptive capacity and vice versa. general lack of confidence in people who are often some of the more serious physical and psychological symptoms, such as withdrawal, fear of dealing with people, talking too extreme despair. If successful experience more things, then confidence will be. the opportunity to exercise self-less successful, more self-confidence is weak, thus resulting in a serious inferiority complex. nineteenth-century thinkers Ralph Waldo Emerson said: into their own strengths on the level of most people's lives just to stay in: To eat and eat, to take the bus and ride for work to work, to go home and go home. into a major event and who is not a big difference in some small action only: spend 5 minutes a day reading, playing more than a phone, much effort that one at the right time, said, show a little effort on multiple charges, and more Do some research, or in the laboratory test once more. in action before you know you are competent to this task. no excuse can explain what a long time to be a work still not qualified. Whether you want to pursue what you have to force yourself to enhance the ability to achieve goals. spare no practice, engage in active practice, practice spare finally! Never stop learning, and be sure to apply the knowledge learned in daily life. 9, to concentrate on doing one thing If most people concentrate strictly on a job they can do this work well. most of those great things merchants is the ability to make decisions quickly and decisively, they are always the first to identify a clear goal and focus and dedication towards this goal. time only concentrate on doing one thing, threw himself into and actively want it to succeed, so that your heart will not feel exhausted. the things you need to do is imagine a big row of drawers in a small drawer. Do not always think of all the drawers, but you have to focus on the open drawer. Each man's means are not the same things, you can tell, there is a means to a person, there is a kind of a person means to be successful on their own way. Numerous facts have shown that some people are too self-confident, sure miss their own means to solve any problems, but do not know that this is often not have any effect. Therefore, they always feel that the goal of success is not getting away from the past, but in fact more and more distant. into nine kinds of events must attitude of mind: positive 1. always thinking ahead to 2. to do the Only initiative, in order to become a major event 4. abandon the interference of adversity, look up the source of 5. to give up is also a successful start 6. In the ordinary to do extraordinary things 7 Keep the young mind is very important 8. always positive, active, enthusiastic attitude of the two : diligent humility 1. Top Gun thinking, down to dry 2. Qin King industries, humility man 3. diligence than talent 4. hard to create a successful, destruction lazy genius 5. cultivate the habit of hard work will benefit from life 6. there is a hard, there is a harvest 7. perseverance and support to 2. honesty is the big winner 3. in good faith to lay a successful foundation 4. sincere friendship will make your business more developed 5. a man of integrity should conduct 6. honesty is as big a dare to challenge themselves, to overcome the degrading psychological 2. Challenge Unlimited 3. made by the courage to persist in the end, halfway is a coward 4. stirred into a major challenge for the confidence 5. courage is overcome difficulties recipe 6. people who win power, since the winner strong 7. persistence and perseverance is as big of basic skills 8. perseverance into a big, kick the tires of the mentality of no way out Five: Six good cooperation mind: balance contented state of mind of the seven: optimist attitude of the eight: nine generous guest, mind: always confident

article describes the most simple truth the truth of the economy. Will not have any so-called academic prostitutes who used to deceive the people of esoteric academic theories, but also the fact that the innocent, the truth is only one, let us keep their eyes open hole view of what happened today. This article describes the following aspects of China's economic truth. 1, what is economic development? Economic development is simply about money, but money come from? Money can only be printed. So in the end is what makes non-stop operation of the printing press? Suppose there are 1000 people on an island, isolated, live exchange of goods between people, but sometimes the things you used to exchange hands is not necessarily the other side wants, how do? So people with like gold and silver in exchange for something, then exchange convenient. But gold and silver to be worn, not easy to carry, when frequent exchange activities, and found that this thing is too cumbersome, limiting the exchange activities, so in order to solve this problem, thought of a way, is the island's managers to issue a sign , use it to replace gold and silver, so the money there. The beginning of the convertible notes can always get gold and silver. We are assured, because the money is gold and silver. But the island's gold and silver production is too small, when people exchange activities more frequently, not enough money, and can only suspend the exchange. The consequence is that we suspend the exchange does not produce things people want, because while other people use, but the exchange does not go out, to paraphrase the words of the current economic slowdown has. So we thought of a way to set up a banking house, this is everyone's banks, from banks to issue bank notes, printed money to lend money to people who want to use, then this man money and then returned to the banks. So banks have emerged. The emergence of banks, to ensure more sustainable exchange activities carried out, we are trying very hard to produce, on the island more and more things, the number of banks in accordance with the production, stop printing money to ensure that the exchange for more in-depth . Activity was more frequent exchange of people, and a banking house too, so there have been many banks, there must be a tube banks of it, then specify a banks management of other banks, and banks, this money can only be printed, then other banks to lend money to people, so the central bank also appeared. 2, what is foreign trade? One day on the island who invented the boat, so he ran around the boat and found another island, it was also above, there are notes, like the island so their activities. But they produce many things on the island, the island that produced very little, and a dollar can buy their own island, 1 kg of rice, that the island's only a dollar to buy half a catty of rice, so the additional money to the island to the island to buy something, only 2 yuan for one yuan Caixing. So the exchange rate there. Considered a good rate, they began buying and selling things to each other on the island, which is foreign trade. Foreign Trade and enrich people's life and production needs, so that exchange activity to an unprecedented climax. 3, what is inflation? As the island's products too much, so the issue can not accurately estimate how much money in the end, the issue more time, because not so many products to buy, the product began to price increases, less of it began to issue price, In order to ensure price stability, the central bank asked the banks make money on the part of the central bank which is used to adjust product prices, according to the price of the extra and put less. This is the deposit reserve ratio. But some smart people how to get the money started my own hands, he picked up a pebble on the beach, said that the stones value of 100 million dollars, sold it to a person, this person think the money throughout the island with no one million plus, ah, how to do, so by the banks, banks are not so much money, so the printing press to open, the 100 million printed, lent him to buy this stone. Then the people began to sell the stones, one million sold to a second person, because the first people to spend money to sell the stone, so the island's more money, so you can raise the million, selling more products to more than With. But this stone, when the transfer of 2 million, but banks can only print 100 million banknotes, printing more money so more, but when the gravel stop the flow of the transfer, the more money we do not think the island , as product prices or the original. But when the stone does not flow or slow flow, we feel that more money, but if and when the person holds a stone thrown into the sea in it, it equal to nothing out of the island more than 1 million to N, how do , the central bank's most afraid of is the Fengyun stone gone. It is not the island product prices will skyrocket, inflation will be. Then the people holding stones kidnapped on the island's economy. 4, house prices could kidnap Chinese economy? China's real estate has made many of China's central bank issued RMB, if prices drop, equal to the sinking stone thrown into the sea, so to print out the soaring prices of Chinese products will make money, inflation will be severe. Appears to have no coherent housing and stones, but their properties are the same, that is a serious departure from the price and value. In fact the biggest victims of the collapse of real estate is not China's commercial banks, but the entire Chinese economy. Why did not slow down housing prices, not cut down, if you really want to drop prices, just a decree, real estate prices will collapse overnight. But who can bear the consequences, serious inflation, who is responsible? Real estate has been kidnapped Chinese economy is no doubt, is the objective reality, no one can change. No matter who is honest and Ye Hao, corruption or whatever, want social harmony, but this is a difficult problem. 5, house prices and inflation, though? Can be more difficult problem is more here. If lower prices, is immediately faced with inflation, may drop prices, then the face is even more serious inflation, what next? So the most reliable way is to stabilize housing prices, and in the social product is increased, reducing the amount of money invested, together with other policies such as interest rates increase the commercial bank reserve ratio, reducing the size of credit and other aids to make the Chinese economy soft landing, which is the best way, we see all the decrees is this logic. Do not believe, you can check what the real estate industry in recent years published a series of control measures. But why the soaring house prices and more unstable it? Is the developer and the game it? Tell you that no one in China, and the challenge, several major points of the stomach is not the strength of the developer. Is actually a black hand behind the other and China in the game, this manipulator is foreign to American imperialism, represented by the black hand to grab the Chinese people sweat. 6, what is the driving force behind rising prices? The power to make a lot of housing prices, housing prices in its favor is the power of people, such as: GDP and personal interests to place to make money of developers, real estate family, bought a house that so-called slave Developers as a businessman, in order to earn high profits is not a wicked thing, but all walks of life have businessmen, do you want to make there? Unless it is a myth. Real estate developers, too, is not how many there are that many of them want to make. According to the law of value, when commodity prices and value of a serious departure, there will be a tendency to return to the normal price of power to suppress prices, but in China's real estate, this rule seems not to work, one important reason is to ignore a reference range of reasons, if the Chinese economy itself does break the law, but the current situation there is a force in the maintenance of real estate prices, which prop up the market, then who in the care market? Who can get out of control in the real estate industry's huge profits the person who is a prop. Discuss this issue, now look at China's foreign exchange reserves. China's foreign exchange reserves rapidly in recent years exceeded one hundred billion trillion by the 1, 2, and is still growing rapidly, is it that Chinese people work hard, earn it? This does not require proof, look at China's GDP growth, we know that foreign exchange reserves significantly greater than the growth rate of GDP growth. Clearly not earned, then in addition to earned part, then the so-called International hot money into China market, we must first be converted into yuan, then how can there be so many yuan it at once? Only one way is to let the printing presses day and night work, and then the money is used to lift up the hot potato of the real estate market is desperate for investment real estate, when the value of real estate prices down due to deviate from fluctuations, then it is raised by prop up the market, so again, giving the appearance that the price must not deviate from the value of the property. Cause prices to more higher up. The developers do, they will not sell one to the house when it was a higher price down, how they will lower prices, if not this part of the funds in operation, not to mention the developer alliance, the country is only one developer, prices will come down, no one will buy, and do other house mold it? So foreign investors hold so many high-priced real estate to do? Not afraid to hit the hands? Afraid! Why? In the process of capital operation, a bottom and then taken for a ride in it, who? Is China's commercial banks, due to hot real estate market, first-class liquidity, decline in recent years have not seen any signs, put the loan on the profit, why not loans? No reason to hold loans. Combined with the feelings of Chinese people to buy a house, foreign investment can easily be passed on to the 高价房 Chinese banks and consumers, and even real estate can earn a share of the farmers, professional foreign investment will lose money it? So house prices have been going up, what will happen? 7, house prices have been going up, developers will laugh or cry? Under what circumstances will laugh? Under what circumstances cry? Intensive in recent years in China, dozens of gold medals under the control of prices or, as the same off the reins of the horse bolted more than. Putting aside when it can stop the momentum of rise, after all, is still rising in price, so we look at housing prices not only will bring. First: As GDP increases, the Chinese in order to maintain the above said, As long as this stone property has not gone into the sea, there are some liquidity, then there would be no inflation in check. Second: In the process, developers will also earn huge profits. Again: to see is that real estate family will make money, buy a house in the so-called Making money! But in this process in the end who lose out? Money come from? If you have a stock of experience will know if the investment away from the commodity price and value, you money is that people lose money, then applied to real estate, buy a house is occupied, now appears to value-added, It was on the mirror, Stronghold, you do not realize it is not you. There is real value when prices return to full time, sometimes even to the true value of what was 高价房 trap investors. Another is the developer! Why do developers have to lose money? We all know the nature of business is to make money, make a profit. If a merchant speculation once never to do this business, he is making money, but he is not a businessman, this does not make sense business practices. Because the nature of business, so the money earned will continue to expand production in the area can continue to make money to invest. This principle can be seen from the life, the more business people always call big money, because a larger flow of funds to maintain its expanded reproduction. So if house prices return to the true value of time is the date of the collapse of a large number of developers. This is not to the will of any person and any act of transfer. If you now have fled the real estate developer arena, then Paode Man is the final loser. If you do not run, pass like a flower like a drum, and finally got the baton is then set. There is a saying: Maybe just a different way, just to see who's lucky. But now the developer does not have any signs of losing money, some developers continue to make money, money people have no time. Just because the current prices are still rising, real estate continuing to flow. A huge problem here,Bests by dre studio, when house prices rising so is the head ah? 8, sitting in the office of the consortium of Wall Street who is a farmer how to dry the sweat of China's mountains? Mao said: on behalf of mankind for peace can be achieved it? The concept of equality is right, but it is only imperialist trick to deceive the people nothing, say and do will always be two different things. International hot money into China through the international consortium, the renminbi to increase circulation, and then through real estate speculation, the Chinese domestic price level unlimited increase, GDP growth once again be forced to increase circulation of RMB. International consortium heart ruthless manipulator, two-pronged approach, the purpose is to make China's economy hot to hot, hot enough to let every Chinese people's crazy. We will not take care of this process, we look to the future and see the results of this process is like? In other words, the purpose of the consortium is it? Obviously, the Chinese people are most reluctant to see things that are most pleased to see the results of the consortium. First be assumed, for example, international hot money in investment real estate in China staged after the last crazy, then get out of trouble all real estate successfully realized, if this time the yuan against the U.S. dollar reached the highest expectations, the exchange rate is when the hot money to flee need to multiply that factor, what happens anyone can think of, all the hot money will flee the U.S. dollar overnight all. Consortium who will earn ditch filled trench level, the Chinese market in addition to money is money that can cover a lot of days, the yuan will become a nightmare for the Chinese people. This is the Chinese people most want to see what is most pleased to see the results of the consortium. Recently the United States continuously through political, trade and other means to force the appreciation of the renminbi, the Chinese small delay in the appreciation or the appreciation, far short of U.S. expectations, this is the exit of the game between China and the U.S.. United States forced all too clear appreciation of the renminbi's wild ambition! Incidentally, if this is really reached the expected appreciation of the Chinese property market will repeat the 1990s collapse of Japan's history. Just when China's economy will also, like Japan into a continuous slump of no return. In this vital issue of national survival, will just sit and watch it? Even take a step back in terms of a completely irresponsible of this situation, because the capital operation and also a great violation of the interests but also desperately counterpulsation. So what China will be the way to resolve this See the next section: 9, at around this price and the inflation game between the parties may choose a moderate course I have always believed: extremes meet, moderation, our ancestors left to future generations to resolve the thorny issue of the killer! Since China's real estate What is Let's take a look at both sides of the line and kidnapped their own hands the chips. The subject is real estate developers, so developers count one, the crucial point is that it kidnapped the Chinese economy, that China's economy whose key it? The crucial point is the Chinese people, on behalf of the Chinese people, can only be in China. China considered the party. Foreign investment it? It is those who fan the flames, the developers plan a party. China-Fang Yougong power, through tax, financial, economic policies, administrative means to force developers to camp, camp by a steady stream of developers reserve funds to kidnap the Chinese economy, and constantly improve the ransom. Problem has been put in here, how do? Rushed shot and killed, and that non-criminals threatened to kill not too extreme feasible. So promising a prescription, as long as one can achieve a certain idea of ​​lower prices, shot dead the same as if this is not feasible. We imagine how to solve the kidnapping, first stabilize each other's emotions, and then step by step close, but close to, although criminals can cause hostility, but it will not cause him threatened to kill, and then further stabilize mood, and then close, then conditions are ripe, then steady Accurate, which is to ensure the safety of the hostages, but also to ensure that criminals winning. This is a real rescue. So moderation is the killer to solve difficult problems. Extreme, the blind, aggressive is undesirable. Chinese real estate market for how to solve the abduction issue, we must focus on the key part of the reaction force applied step by step, and successful, is the right way. The first key part is the exchange rate, China will strictly control the exchange rate relations, we can expect is that the yuan against the U.S. dollar will never rise too fast, but a slight rise, is to stabilize each other's feelings, if that does not rise, the other would cornered, if the excessive rise, is to dig their own grave, so why the increase in China's exchange rate is always still holds partly concealed, with a look at the attitude of the United States how appropriate the kidnappers, I want to a bottle of juice, and why used half a bottle of water. Can they tell what, after all, can temporarily quench their thirst. The second key is to limit the liquidity, since the real estate to kidnap the Chinese economy, that it important to restrict the liquidity of real estate, you can limit the liquidity of the assets, pay attention to here is the two concepts, real estate liquidity. The two are completely different, but closely related. Real estate liquidity weakened, diminished liquidity, then the yuan would reduce the need for printing. Like the stones, does not flow right away inflation, price increases circulation without no problem, but does not work, foreign investors do not agree. Since it is constantly rising prices, real estate can only restrict the flow step by step, as long as the property less liquidity, inflation would appear that, then by raising the reserve ratio and interest rates and other policies to adjust a little soft, cotton with willow silk palm to resolve Tyson to the punch, just to soft and Keqiang, of crushing the invisible, which is China's strategy (which is like the Chinese do best). We can see from the side relevant news media, the property signature rate is declining, that decline in liquidity, and prices began to rise, such as pork and other Non-Staple Food products, but once the central bank raised the reserve ratio and interest rates, to price stability. I do not know whether you look to see some clues. Can be expected that, to completely resolve the crisis, will continue to raise interest rates and increase the reserve ratio, and liquidity of real estate will become increasingly weak, this prediction is accurate in the future central bank policy verification. So completely eliminated due to overheating of the economy led to inflation expectations, then that is the true value of real estate when prices return. Whether you see do not see, this is the last of the madness, we analyzed two ways: First, if this game ended in victory for foreign investment, then the Chinese economy will continue to decline further in Japan 90 years into the abyss, as foreign withdrawal, the survival of the pillars of the housing market collapse, prices will plummet, whether it is available when the developer or the people will bear the pain of economic downturn, the rapid depreciation of the currency held, even if prices fall, do not necessarily buy starting. This is China and its people is unacceptable, and it is unacceptable. Second, if foreign investment in failure, that are following the exchange rate on exports, so that prices return to the true value of the foreign investment in China set the same, this is the prerequisite of victory. Then as a consortium led by U.S. imperialism who will revenge the blood macrophages, in investment, exports and other parties to exert pressure on the face of China. Today, we did not meet U.S. expectations of RMB appreciation, China's exports to the United States has led to products subject to pressure, thus causing a large number of trade friction, is evident. We know that the troika of economic development is investment, exports and consumption, investment, export sector retaliation will affect China's economic development, but I believe it will not affect our growth, do not forget there is a carriage is engine Kumar.

1, the practice of fish [saliva] 2, the practice] [boiled fish 3, [the practice of fried fish] 4 , the practice of steamed fish [sea] 5, the practice of [Cod] 6, [practice] sweet and sour fish 7, [the practice of stewed fish ] 8, [practice] pickled fish 9, [practice] pepper fish 10, the practice of fish [Scallion] 11, [[practice] sweet and sour crispy fish 12, the practice of [fish head] 13, the practice of the fish [wood] 14, [practice] squirrel mandarin fish 15, [啤酒鱼 practice] 16, [the practice of mandarin fish date] 1, the practice of [saliva] fish raw material: a flower silver carp, two spoons of starch, about half of the two deep-fried peanuts, cooked white sesame two spoons, a small piece of ginger, a garlic, shallot five, two spoons of lobster sauce, three tablespoons of cooking wine, soy sauce, two spoons, a tablespoon of vinegar, a spoonful of sugar, chili marked one or two, two spoons of pepper oil, salt, monosodium glutamate amount, sesame oil tbsp. 1, Wash the fish pieces into pieces, salt, cooking wine marinate a few minutes, add water, mix code starch flavor, chop the crushed fried peanuts, chopped lobster sauce, onions, garlic, ginger finely chopped. 2, pot heat the oil till the Liucheng, into tempeh, ginger, garlic flavor Stir. 3, in a large bowl add salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger and garlic roasted lobster sauce, oil pepper, pepper oil, sesame oil, stir fried and turned into peanut sauce . 4, set each on a pan put the oil burning Zhisi Cheng hot, add fish fry slip loose. 5, remove and drain the oil into a bowl after. 6, topped with sauce, then sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds, chopped green onions and serve. 7, mix well 2, the practice] [boiled fish (a) 1. buy carp fish, cut into fillets. 2. to fish sizing (salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, wine, pepper, or if you prefer, you can put five-spice powder or other flavor you prefer) 3. a little water to a boil, add fish boiled (to 80%), immediately remove. Parts pot, water will not. 4. will be a lot of (large) Heat the oil, add some red pepper and pepper (to taste depending on individual set) until the color a little black pepper in the pan when the oil poured on the fish above. 5. at the hotel to eat boiled fish fillet underneath there is often a lot of yellow bean sprouts. Fish shop but only the top layer of the bean sprouts. While he ate at home, then you can avoid the bean sprouts. 6. doused with oil just go, because the oil temperature is high, be careful not to splash out hot oil to your own, so the water containers and utensils must be cooked the fish bigger. (two) bean sprouts, ginger, or your favorite vegetables (a large, beat Songqie piece), garlic (one, a little film you can, do not cut), onion amount, watercress (or chop pepper), pepper, red pepper, chili powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar and a little oil and it takes another: cornstarch, cooking wine, salt, protein, a 1, a good wash to kill the fish, chop off the head and tail, slice into the fish, and chop the remaining fish pieces. The fish with a little salt, cooking wine, soy protein powder and a grasping uniform, marinate 15 minutes. Fish head and tail and the other plate, the same way pickled) 2, boil a pot of water, the bean sprouts washed, placed in boiling water in the hot, fishing into the big tub, the sprinkle a little salt to taste, reserve. 3, in a clean frying pan add the oil three times the usual cooking, heat oil, add three tablespoons of Douban (or chop fried) until fragrant, add ginger, garlic, onions, peppercorns , chili powder and red pepper stir fry medium heat. Joined end to end and after a taste of fish, turn the fire, turn absorbed, add cooking wine and soy sauce, pepper, sugar amount, continue to stir fry a while, add some hot water, but salt and monosodium glutamate seasoning (to try the salty ). Until the water is to keep the fire, put a piece of the fish with chopsticks aside powder, 3 to 5 minutes off the heat. And all the cooked fish soup into the large bowl of bean sprouts just filled. 4, the other to take a clean pan, pour half a catty oil (oil depends on the specific size of the container ready to pour in large bowl when all the fish and bean sprouts submerged subject, what can be visually ). Until the oil heat, turn off the heat before air it. Then add lots of pepper and dried chili (see the individual addicted to spicy level), low heat and slowly fry pepper and chili flavor. Focus on the fire is not too large, so as not to fry paste. 5, peppers change color quickly, immediately turn off the heat, the pot of chili oil and pepper together in large bowl poured the fish, careful hot!! eat!! Note: 1, cooked the fish's water is not appropriate to put fish, has just been flooded can be. After cooked into the pot, some fish will be exposed on the outside. 2, cooked the fish and chili pepper before some of the first fried, the cooking time, you can fully extract the red pigment in red pepper, oil color to bright red. 3, pickled fish, people should not put too much salt, will be salty, but also undermine the delicious fish. 4, I think, pepper and chili are fragrant, they still have to fry and then poured the oil better. (three) carp, pepper noodles, pepper, red pepper, red pepper (cut into small pieces about 2 cm), sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bean sprouts, salad oil (preferably not peanut oil), wine knife (sharp knife), pot (iron), pots (deep basin) 1, clean the fish, pay attention to the inner wall of the fish belly black film must go to clean, and then at the end slice open the fish a profile for the two, the fish bone out, starting from the tail piece of the child, the big fish and thin is the best. 2, the film good fish add some salt, pepper noodles, red pepper, mix well. In order to provide fresh, add a little sugar and MSG, plus a small amount of wine (preferably rice wine), marinated for 20 to 30 minutes. 3, the washed bean sprouts washed in boiling water over about, picked up the spare. 4, the pot put a lot of oil (LD looked good distressed), 9 into the heat until the oil, add the marinated fish head first, after Zhashu into the basin filled with bean sprouts, and then Then, in the amount of fish into the pan, slide open to fishing after the basin filled with bean sprouts, all the fish until smooth finish. 5, 8 and deep fry the pepper into the pot when mature, into the pepper section of children, deep red and deep fry until the pepper, the oil down the entire pot filled with bean sprouts and fish to the pot , lost all the kitchen filled up on the smell of boiled fish, complete. (d) of boiled fish, the most simple way! 1. carp cleaned, sliced ​​children. I cut thin enough, but also can be friends. 2. fillets with salt, tasty, not salty good eat! 3. make water, cooked the fish pieces to the cooked fish so far, not too old Yeah, about three minutes to it. 4. the other with a pot, making oil, many, many oil, must be able to fish it all soaked into. 5. Prepare a large pan, which put onion, ginger, garlic, bean sprouts, etc. Good copy. 6. to the cooked fish on the bowl, and finally brought into the chili from the restaurant, pour hot oil. 3, [practice] fried fish most commonly used materials: tilapia, garlic, ginger, garlic. Cleaning the fish, add the garlic in the belly of the two, (garlic to shoot open). Stir the pan, add a little ginger, garlic. After finishing a good clean copy fragrant fish into the pot. Not too little attention to the oil, fish pot after the fire must be busy. Burst into the skin golden brown, then there is fragrance wafting. At this time, the fish with the push to the side of the pot, you can see the bottom of the pot still a little oil, chopped garlic Wash the stems down to stir the pot several times, then push to the fish and garlic together, Add salt, MSG, shoot a good number of garlic, add a little soy sauce, stir a few times, add water to cook ravioli (be careful not to add too much water, the fire is not too busy). Wait until the soup thickens, add a little garlic tail. In the light before you can stir a pot. 4, the practice of steamed fish [sea] fish, 1, 25 g mushrooms 25 g ginger, rice wine 15 grams, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bamboo shoots , cooked ham, sesame oil amount, pepper ① scraping scales to the fish gills, oral wash; ② the fish into the field plate onions, ginger, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, together with rice wine, sugar , salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, mixing with the body on the mandarin stir-steam on the cage for about 15 minutes, appeared, topped with sesame oil to 5, the practice of [Cod] first approach: cod peeled and cut into small pieces changed, salt, white pepper, lemon mix. Brush butter on the steak, the oven, bake at 180 degrees Celsius temperature for 20 minutes, removed, with the fire, until there are golden brown. Features: cod is a deep-sea fish, high nutritional value and taste fresh, no thorns, delicious butter. second approach: 1, from a supermarket bought chunks of Cod Fish, wash stand. 2, to stab the steak peeled, cut into one inch square chunks. Pour the juice leaking. Add an egg, a little starch. And according to their own taste by adding a variety of spices, I usually put soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, salt and allspice. Stir well, set aside 5-10 minutes to allow the full tasty fish, you can fry up. 4, I generally use olive oil to frying, color is beautiful. Jianhao fish outside the focus in the tender, mouth. When you can eat with salt and pepper or your favorite dip and other condiments. Try it, when the fish eat your mouth, you must also send Delightful sigh! third approach: 1, raw: silver snow fish, yams, green peppers, onions, ginger; 2, spices: Lee Kum Kee chicken powder, cooking wine, salad oil, salt, broth, cornstarch; Method: 1. Peel the yam into pellets, cod and cut fine, green, red pepper diced. 2 pan put the oil pan, the next onion, ginger saute, then add cod, yams, green, red pepper, seasoning with stir-fry until cooked, thicken pan; 4 characteristics: color, white, light and refreshing have fill the stomach, lung and kidney benefit effect. 6, [practice] sweet and sour fish, fish species available carp, grass carp, blackfish and so on. very particular about Daogong sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour fish, just to play the family to do the deep knife, to open Jidao can, and should not be too particular about the knife. a good knife fish with wine and home spices (salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper) sauce, then wash hydroplaning clean, still maintain the flavor of fish, the water drain, put the pan fried , fried until crisp up. relatively large amount of oil, or fried fish is easy to fall apart. Then use the tomato sauce and white vinegar, sugar, with a small amount of salt, thicken sauce, pour in the fried fish. a fragrant, bright red sweet and sour fish can serve. Sweet and sour fish taste is sweet with a characteristic sour, tasteless fish, hook juice rich, no longer have the taste of fish. 7, braised fish [] general approach can be used to roast more varieties of fish, like carp, grass carp, crucian carp,Dr Dre headphones, tilapia can be. the slaughter took a clean knife to fight the fish. braised fish of the blade is vertical cut, the fish was massive. Fry in the pan first, do not amount too much oil. and then to the pot to the soup (chicken soup or pork chops soup) seasoning, then add soy sauce. other pot temperature rose up, adding a small amount of vinegar (vinegar is very important, essential not only play a role in softening of fish bone, as well as the efficacy of fishy). burn time is generally about five minutes. After burning, the pot of soup is only part of the concentrated juice, the color was dark red, because the process of stew, braised fish, so the more tasty and sour. braised fish is tender and melt characteristics of taste, rich, suitable for any crowd. 8, [practice] pickled fish Sichuan's famous dish. It is on the soup together, Generally with green grass carp fish species, grass carp, fat top. Wash the fish, boneless, sliced, and salt, MSG will fillet marinated, then corn starch sizing. Then wash the sauerkraut. (Note: there is a large supermarket selling pickled cabbage). pan put a small amount of oil, fry ginger, garlic, fried and then put the sauerkraut, add broth. First cabbage cook for two minutes, to taste fine, and then the fish into the pan, boil two minutes or cooked. taste like to eat Sichuan Ma's friends can also put some pepper into it. 9, [practice] pepper fish materials: meat, fish (carp, grass carp, carp, only fish), mushroom (lettuce piece) amount, dry pepper, pepper 1, pickled fish: the fish, cut into thin slices, salt, soy sauce, chicken, starch and egg, mix well and marinate for 15-30 minutes. 2, expected to do at the end: the mushroom (lettuce pieces) boiled, remove and put the soup (fish, large pots) inside. 3, hot fish: into the home in broth, salt, ginger, chicken seasoning. Until the soup boiling, add the marinated fish. Nine mature soup has been poured into a mushroom pad (lettuce piece) of soup inside. 4, do the flavoring: put the oil wok, add a little on the dry hot pepper, toss (not drag, or dried pepper black, color is not good), then add pepper, the same toss (not drag, or pepper is easy to become bitter, taste bad). 5, pot: the flavor into the fish feed on. To the table. features: fresh fish, mouth, fragrant linen and spicy! 10, [practice] Scallion fish a perch about a pound more than you can, wash clean and peel; ginger, peeled and cut into several pieces; onion, finely chopped , semi-saucer; soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate second step, steamed sea bass body parallel to the first cut in the number of knives, not too deep, turn over also cut the rice wine, salt, MSG even put on the fish, the fish lying in the opening squeezed ginger plate to put the pot steaming pot of water, not too much, about 20-30 minutes, the amount of third step, refueling; prominent when the fish eye is almost boiling. At this time the pot, plate will be some juice, drained some, sprinkle green onions, add soy sauce, vinegar and remaining water drained into the pot, from the hot oil, oil and gas rise of the oil evenly pour in the fish. 11, [practice] sweet and sour crispy fish, fresh fish 1000 grams, 70 grams of vegetable oil, soy sauce, 45 ml, 20 ml wine vinegar 50 ml, 2.5 pepper grams, 6 grams of salt, MSG 2 grams of sugar 100 grams, onion 10 grams, ginger 5 grams rice, garlic 15 g, starch 15 grams. 1. the fish to the scales, gills, carcass wash, peony knife labeled on both sides, with onions, ginger (Crush), salt, cooking wine, pepper, salt tasty pick in addition to onions, ginger , water, starch, a good shot. 2. 7 into a hot burning oil, fish Zhashu pot, remove. Heat until the oil to 80% when the complex and deep fry the fish crisp plate. 3. pot stay in base oil, the next green onion, ginger rice, garlic, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, pepper, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, until the sauce thicken when open, into the boiling oil, the juice pouring Serve the fish evenly. features: red and gold, crisp outside, tender, sweet and salty. 12, [practice] fish head fresh fat head (also known as male, bullhead) head a Special Note: the head must be fresh, place in the refrigerator too long. Fine chopped hot pepper, ginger, monosodium glutamate (or chicken), edible oil, steamed fish soy sauce, soy sauce 1, will head cut open, to the gills wash, drain into the dish. 2, fine chopped hot pepper evenly spread on the surface of the head (can decide how much flavor). 3, adding small ginger, salt (small amount, because there are great Duojiao salt), MSG, soy sauce steamed fish, cooking oil and a small amount of water. 4, will be filled into the cold fish dish in the steamer (avoid high-pressure, hot pan), raging fire, steaming after a big steam 8-10 minutes. 5, pot, pour a tablespoon of soy sauce, dotted with small onion can. 13, [practice] the fish hot pot fresh grass carp 1 (about 1500 grams) or flowers of silver carp (2000 grams), the pot bottom material 300 g, Pi Douban 200 grams, the end of pickled pepper, 250 grams, 150 grams foam ginger, dried chili section 15 grams, the end of lobster sauce 35 grams, 30 grams ginger pieces, soak sauerkraut 100 grams, 4 grams pepper, garlic 30 grams, onion section 100 grams, crisp beans 40 grams, chicken 20 grams, monosodium glutamate 15 g, white wine 25 grams, the amount of salt, sugar 8 grams, 100 grams cooking wine (or beer bottle), dry fine flour 60 grams, 800 grams of salad oil. 1, after the government killed the fish net, tick the next two net meat, picked off the abdominal spines, oblique blade with a thickness of 2 cm cut into tile-shaped large; fish bones cut into chunks, fish head split into 4-6 pieces, add a little salt, white wine yards taste a few minutes, washed with water to the fish fillets on the bloody mucus, then stick thin uniform dry flour. Hot pickled cabbage cut into thin slices, onion cut into 6 cm segments. 2, set each on a pot, pour hot oil till the Liucheng, first under the garlic, pepper until fragrant, then the next Pixian, hot pepper, hot ginger, lobster puree, ginger pieces saute, then the fish bones, fish were placed in the pot; be solidified forming the surface of fish, add water 1500 g speed, then add cooking wine, pot bottom material, dry chili festival, chicken, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar , onions and other spices section, into the pot pot pot, and finally thrown into the crisp beans and serve. Fish oil with a dry dish Zhan Shi. Dried red pepper oil with a dry dish, cooked white sesame seeds, crisp pieces of broken flower-jen, monosodium glutamate, a small green onion, coriander, hot pot soup to blend. red silver carp, tomatoes, sweet potato flour, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil 1, preliminary work: red silver carp and cut into sections (preferably 3 cm wide, 7 cm long, do not cut too short Otherwise, fish bone thin and long) washed, placed in a bowl with soy sauce marinade tasty. Soak for at least half an hour, during which to flip several times, so that full access to fish sauce. 2, when the cook: Wash tomatoes, cut into pieces. 3, first put a little oil, add a little salt and fry tomatoes look. Then placed in water, so it boil. (Some people think red silver carp and more fishy, ​​you can add ginger.) 4, when the water in the other, put some sweet potato flour in a bowl, add a little water, to melt, into a paste like. Fully addicted to the steak sweet potato powder. (Sweet potato-based powder is very easy, so be sure to add water little by little, do not look at adding a lot of water.) 5, open water, the fish piece by piece into the pot, flip, and, if necessary add a little salt. Up to three minutes, you can install the pot. 6, add a little sesame oil, taste more delicious. 13, the practice of the fish [wood] fresh fish, 200 grams, 75 grams water, mushrooms, bamboo shoots 50 grams of cooked ham 25 grams, the amount of garlic leaves, fresh ginger 25 g, lard 50 grams of cooking wine 25 grams, chicken fat 25 grams, 50 grams of water, starch, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken broth, ginger juice and the amount. 1. meat, cut into 3 cm long thick wire, add cooking wine, ginger juice, salt, monosodium glutamate salt tasty; 2. mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, ginger cut filaments are ; 3. with the ginger garlic leaves, silk ham, mushrooms, fishing line tied together, divided into 24 bundles; 4. a knife to cut the two, neat rows of into a bowl, add chicken broth, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, lard, cooking wine, pepper steamed on Ti, neat yards, the fish head, fish tail boiled water is good, reset; 5 . steamed fish net ingredient filter, into the pot boil, water, starch, starch, pour in the fish oil were poured on top. Features: juicy and delicate, delicious taste Cuisine: Hunan 14, [practice] squirrel mandarin fish wine 2 mandarin fish 200 g sub-Nixon 10 g pepper tomato sauce 10 g vegetable oil 500 g wet starch 40 grams (actual consumption of 50 grams) salt amount of vinegar 15 g 1. The mandarin fish to the scales, gills, fins, internal organs, remove the head of the leather, wash, the head Zhanxia, ​​spread out, shoot flat. Fish knife to cut off the back of the fish bone (do not cut the belly of the break), leaving about 1 in the rain at the tail of the spine. After the mandarin fish boneless, skin down spread out, with oblique knife cut flowers knife, meat knife depth of 4 / 5, do not cut broken skin, open a port in the tail, pull the tail from the edge. 2. Sprinkle the fish salt, pepper, wine, wet starch (small) smooth evenly. 3. Frying pan get angry, and pour into hot vegetable oil, heat the oil to the Seventy to mandarin fish dipped in a little starch, put the pan fried in a few minutes, then head dipped starch into the pan fried, deep fry golden brown remove and will take up a knife placed in the fish side dish, and put on the head. 4. In the pine nuts on the pan until cooked, remove and put in small bowl. 5. Leave a little oil in wok, add a little broth, add salt, sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, after boiling, thicken with wet starch, add a little hot oil evenly, pour in the fish on the pan, sprinkle with pine nuts that is available. 15, [practice] 啤酒鱼 fish (tender meat is better) Accessories: green peppers, tomatoes; salt, cooking wine, peanut oil, beer, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, chicken powder, MSG 1, will wash the internal organs of fish, tomatoes, green peppers, cut into pieces; 2, wok, pour hot oily After the fish fry place; 3, sit wok, pour oil into the Jianhao fish, add onion, ginger, green peppers, beer, oyster sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, chicken, salt , chicken stew for 5 minutes the fire, boil after adding tomatoes, sesame oil. 16, [practice] mandarin fish date net fish 200 grams. Ingredients: Rape leaves 150 grams. Cooking wine 10 grams of salt 1 g, 3 egg, dry corn flour 20 grams, a little flour, a little red yeast powder, peanut oil 500 grams (about consumption of 30 grams). 1. the net thickness of fish pieces into 3 slices, cut into 1-inch wide rectangular bar 3, in a bowl, add wine, salt, a little different, marinate for 5 minutes. Rape leaves washed with water, cut into filaments. 2. the egg into the dish, with chopsticks taken out was white foam, then add corn flour, mix into the flour Korea, divided in two bowls, one bowl add red yeast powder, mix red. 3. sit stir the pot, into 250 grams of peanut oil, till the Qicheng hot wire down into the rape, when the fish into pieces crimson Absolute control, scattered in the disc. 4. sit stir the pot, into 500 grams of peanut oil, burning Zhi Sicheng hot, dip the fish of the first layer of flour, and then divided into two: a full-Korea paste wrapped with warm oil into the pan, stir Zhashu remove and control absolutes; to another full of fish sticks wrapped with red yeast powder Korea paste into the song with a warm frying pan cooked, remove and control oil purifier, rape in the disc loose on both sides of the above sub-code the red and white fish sticks, fish, dates Serve duck shape.

Aries (March 21-April 20) ruler: hot and dry Mars Aries myth:
zodiac Aries is the first constellation is the ancient equinox position, which is Greek mythology gold sheep. Words of the ancient Greek Lydian king wave Atta Thomas married the Queen do cloud fairy Ni Feier, gave birth to children array clouds and brilliance, but discarding, marry a princess of Thebes, but also gave birth to a for children. For ex-wife Princess King of Thebes framed children, Ni Feier their children to ride so called gift of the Golden Hermes flying sheep escape; Guanghua daughter accidentally into the sea en route (now the Dardanelles, the Greeks called Xili Hobsbawm Strait, because the Greek pronunciation Guanghua [Xi Li]), only the array goes Bridges Cole fled the country, welcomed by the king, and married a princess, gratitude for divine cloud array kill the golden sheep offer to Zeus, so the sheep were out on the gold star among the array of cloud also gave the Golden Fleece King Cole Bridges, Thomas King will of the God of War (MARS) of St. Park, day and night by a sleepless dragon guards . array of cloud half-brother was the son of Jiexun by the men (that is, Sagittarius) tuning the growing determination to fetch the Golden Fleece, a group expedition, Tian Qin hand 欧 Fez , Hercules Hercules, Patrick Hughes, the twin Katuo Si and Pulekesi in column (Zeus's son approaching the Qi); all the way passing through numerous countries to Cole Chase Cole Chase to Jie Xun Wang angle iron to tame two large bronze hooves of the fire-breathing bulls, plow turn put Ken Thomas St. park land, and planting an armored warrior will become the ground snakes teeth, and then get to pick the dragon guarding the place Golden Fleece; Jiexun get array of cloud-wife's sister, Mitja and warriors to help solve the cattle, but also rely on Europe and Africa Sri Lanka hypnotic sound of the piano to get the dragon and the Golden Fleece, with Americans rushed to leave, Korcz Sri Lanka's recovery when the king does not know and, and the Golden Fleece was taken away by it! Aries personality: looks elegant, approachable, romantic, idealist, but easy to anger, personality frivolous, fickle, hesitant to do things uncertain, indecisive and difficult to make a decision.

Taurus (April 21-May 21) ruler: Venus beauty and love Taurus Myth:
Taurus's fairy tale, only the twelve constellations depicting the story of love, breaking up is generally considered that the lack of romantic Taurus the wrong impression. One day, wandering in the world of Zeus, through a country, he suddenly saw a very beautiful princess of this country, so Zeus unwittingly see God, back to After the sky, still obsessed with the beautiful princess. princess belongs in this country, there is a big beautiful ranch, which how to countless cattle grazing, playing, princess often come to the ranch and play with these cute cows. on a sunny morning, according to Wang Li Princess and the emergence of the ranch, with cattle when she was having all the fun when he suddenly found among cattle , there is a special singing cow, it's very melodious voice, like sounds of nature in general, attract the princess walked towards him unconscious. princess saw this cow, can not leave immediately fell in love with him. Because he is not only the perfect song, and even the appearance is as good as none. While the princess slowly against the cow's body immersed in singing with him, the only cow suddenly take up the Princess flew toward the sky. after a long flight, this cow was finally in a beautiful land stopped, and then transformed into a people, to express their love to Princess meaning. Cattle is the only original incarnation of Zeus, because they can not inhibit the sub-service day and night on the princess's thoughts, decided to declare to the Princess. beautiful princess then accepted the love of Zeus, and together they returned to live in heaven. The confession of Zeus to commemorate the place that, with regard to the princess's name Ouluo Ba as the name of the land. That land is today the European continent. Taurus personality:

Assertive, strong-willed, enthusiastic, friendly, patient and responsible, practical, but the lazy, greedy, stubborn, jealous and possessive weight.

Gemini (May 22-June 21) ruler: Division of wisdom and eloquence of palm Gemini Mercury myth: Princess Rita Health and a number of lovely children, including two brothers, not just feeling better in particular, looks almost exactly the same, it is easy to think that the two of them are a pair of twins. In fact, the two brothers, my brother is born to Zeus and Princess Rita's son, brother and Basi Da King is born, the two half-brothers for the , and his brother's identity is day, Greece suffered a huge wild boar attacks, many of the warrior princes summoned to kill wild boar, when the wild boar was successfully resolved, but because of mutual competition between the Warriors credit, and forged in hatred of each other. in a busy bazaar of occasions, both sides dislike each other to see the Warriors ran into each other, of course, but inevitably some quarrel. In the quarrel, people began to move from the force, so the scene becomes out of control, many people were injured in this frantic violence, even death. Unfortunately, two of which the prince's younger brother, is a disorder in which among the deaths of those killed. along with this good brother to his younger brother in particular, completely unable to accept the news of his brother had died, holding his brother's corpse stop crying, can hope that his brother back to life, so they can enjoy together before re- the joy of brotherhood day. So, my brother returned to his father Zeus in heaven request to allow his brother Zeus resurrection. But Zeus told him that his brother is just an ordinary man, this will die, if the resurrection really let his brother, the brother must be given to the remaining life of his brother. deep feelings of his brother, of course, immediately agreed without hesitation, since then, the brothers but also with the happy life. Gemini personality:

Adaptable, resourceful, agile, and changes like the busy, active, lively and talkative, intelligent and versatile, but suspicious, fickle, double personality.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) ruler: Moon for deep ruler Cancer myth: this basis Speaking from Hercules - Hercules is the son of Zeus and where the life, day Hera Sanfanliangci to set him to death: he is the greatest heroes of Greece, the world's most strong person. There is no one he can not do things, even the gods who are relying on the help of his family was conquered Giants, of course, Hercules has set a number of contribution for the gods. One day he came to the Mai Xini Kingdom, is preparing to accept a hero's welcome, because the king ordered by Hera, gave him a problem - to kill the Hydra lived in the Marshes, this matter is difficult to do , because each will soon give birth to a head cut off countless heads. Hercules found a way - with a fire burning snake, it is so easily solved eight snakeheads. Seeing only the last one, Hera furious anger in the sky, So called from the sea, a huge crab to obstruct He's five forces, Cancer, out of a strong two-foot crab caught in Hercules, but everyone knows that Hercules is the world's most able-bodied people ah! Zhezhi died of Cancer last still under his brute force. Hera has failed, but the Cancer desperate sacrifice, but was ahead of the game, to admiration for Cancer of the faithful to the mission, even if not successful, it will be placed in Hera sky, have become a Cancer. Cancer personality:

Kind, enthusiastic, sensitive, sharp mind, a strong maternal or paternal instinct, but the emotional, mercurial personality and a strong jealousy, narrow-mindedness.

Leo (July 23-August 23) ruler: the ruler of their red inflammation of the sun Leo myth: face challenger, Zhilaizhiwang alone style of the King is the symbol of Leo, Leo the origin of the legend is still with Hera Koehler Sri Lanka related. Hercules is the illegitimate son of Zeus and the mortal, he was born with tremendous supernatural power, and therefore jealous Hera days. Heracles was an infant at the time, they put two serpents in the cradle, hope killed Hercules, Hercules did not expect them grinning death grip, small Hercules was Bong as Hera of course not give up because of a failure to kill Hercules, she deliberately Hercules crazy, irrational killing his next wife and children. Hercules woke up after a very sad regret, decided to come to cleanse their sins ascetic, he requested the King to Mai Xini task assigned to him, who knows what the king ordered by Hera, and she gave him twelve mission impossible and items must be completed within twelve years, one of which is to kill a man-eating lion. This lion usually live in the forest, Hercules into the forest to find him, but in a quiet forest, all the animals, birds, deer, squirrels, lions have been eating dry Clean the net, looking tired Hercules playing nibbling sleep to. At that moment, a giant lion from a double hole in the head out of the cave, Hercules looked outside, God! Food Lion has a general who five times the lion, the body covered with animal blood, adding a little terror. Heracles shot him first with God, and then stick to beat him, to no avail, giant lion invulnerability, and the last Hercules had to fight a lion, the process is very tragic, but finally strangled the lion with a brute force . cannibal lion, though dead, but the memory of his Hera Hercules struggling with the courage to fight, will be thrown into the air, man-eating lion, became Leo. Leo's character:

Love, generosity, leadership skills, open-minded, innovative ability, but too subjective consciousness, self-righteous, since, as aloof, snobbish, excessive desire for power.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23) ruler: ruled by Mercury for the intelligent control Virgo myth: a long time ago, there was a goddess named Demeter Germany. She is in charge of agriculture, goddess of grain and harvest, Greek Mother Earth. When the German Demeter wearing blue clothes, pray for grain Fengdeng, the state will get a good harvest, so she got people's infinite love. Germany, Demeter had a beautiful daughter, named Dempsey Fanny. Spring, Dempsey Fanny for the breath of spring intoxicated, walked into a bush being. Trees full of the newly opened flower bud of the tender, beautiful and intoxicating Heart. Dempsey Fanny on the flowers in this play, no sense of the passage of time. Just then, came from deep underground, Suddenly, the earth cracked a hole in a golden carriage pulled by four horses, out of the ground. Gold carriage is dressed in black sitting on the geographical God Hai Tesi. Hai Tesi in pair saw the beautiful flowers of the drunk Dempsey Fanny, immediately fell in love with her. Hai Tesi Dempsey wanted to marry Fanny wife, so set trick abducted her. De Demeter Mother Earth in search of missing Dempsey Fanny running around. but over the thousands of miles to visit, could not find traces of her daughter. De Demeter know the final daughters captives to the ground, since in tears all day. Germany Demeter fell into a deep sadness, mood processing agricultural, land plants began to wither, the original land of the free green life. Flowers began to wilt, fruit trees no longer a result, fields abandoned. Humans can not harvest, facing hunger, resentment is growing. Zeus saw this situation, had to personally deal with. He Hai Tesi said: Fanny eating the four, how can she know that this is Hai Tesi designed to leave her under the ruse. Hell anyone who ate the food, even a little bit, it can not be severed from contact with hell. Zeus is no way, had said: Xi Fenni rose to be the embodiment of the constellation of the sky, through the summer and fall, winter, deep underground. Dempsey Fanny's mother and German Demeter to her daughter each spring into a constellation, the earth will be full of excitement for flowers, fruit trees, full of results, but once her daughter back to the ground, it will fall back into mourning, let the earth knot full frost, grass grows. Each time, people will know to winter. Virgo's personality:

Modest, like clean, doing things carefully, clear-eyed and strong analytical skills, able to tell right from wrong, but sentimental, picky, fuss, old-fashioned.

Libra (September 24 to October 23) ruler: on behalf of the United States and to reconcile the two ruler Libra Venus myth: goddess of justice is the daughter of Zeus, Poseidon is Zeus's brother. In a very distant age, human and live with God on earth, live in peace and happy life. The goddess of justice and Poseidon to get along in a long time also had a feeling that they respect each other, love each other. Man goddess of justice has the same temperament, determination and passion; Poseidon as deep as the sea, cold. Zeus has numerous wives, so there are countless children, while Poseidon is his only brother, justice goddess Hera and the day he made out with tears. Zeus and the days not only love him, all the temple deities are treat eye. Goddess of justice is very independent, have their own ideas. humans are smart, they gradually learned to build houses, paved roads, but at the same time learned to intrigue and deception. War and evil began to spread in the world, many have returned to heaven, God can not tolerate living goddess, and Poseidon only just stayed. Goddess does not despair of humanity, her consciousness that human beings will one day return to the last pure good nature. But Poseidon but then lost confidence in humanity, his pessimistic persuade the goddess to return to heaven. Goddess of nature do not listen, so they quarrel life for the first time. They are very fierce dispute, the issue from escalating human, it was not wake up on each other's life experience. Goddess of justice, contempt is a pool of salt water, but Poseidon, and Zeus, Poseidon will shake off a scandal and the fact that the goddess of wedlock. Be a great insult to the goddess of justice, to find his father Zeus judge. Hera suggested two-day competition to see who has kept the peace of human feelings, who lost will come to an apology. Preference Poseidon Hera, the goddess of justice and jealous mother, she knew that water is the source of life, mankind will feel a certain peace. game located in heaven Square by Poseidon first started. I saw Poseidon wave toward the wall, cracks in the water out of a very beautiful, crystal clear, people looked beyond cool and comfortable feel infinite. This time the goddess of justice into a tree, this tree has a reddish-brown trunk, green leaves and golden olives, no one saw all felt the love and peace. Poseidon toward the goddess smiled, he knew that the goddess wishes come true. Recognizing the importance of peace of mankind, the goddess with Poseidon and good as ever, Zeus to commemorate such an outcome, the player with the scale of a cast to the sky, there is today, Libra. Libra Personality:

Looks elegant, approachable, romantic, idealist, but the irritability, personality frivolous, hesitate to do things.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) ruler: the ruler to have explosive insight of Scorpio Pluto myth: sun god Apollo's son - Pakistan Dayton wild, natural beauty and sexy, and therefore he was conceited, arrogant and rude attitude is always, too good and strong personality often makes him inadvertently offended many people. One day, someone told Pakistani wild Leighton said: in the end is not Apollo's son? Apollo yourself! But he has another purpose - driving his father's sun carriage requirement to prove he is the son of Apollo. High gas pride, did not listen to listen to immediately jump on the car, sped away. Result is of course miserable people on the ground, animals, plants heat death is not freeze to death, but also chaotic time, which makes the dark days of the wrong places, complaining. Ye gods in order to curb Pakistan Dayton, Hera released a scorpion by the day, bite the Pakistani wild Dayton ankle, and Zeus the thunder with the lightning hit the terrible wild Dayton Pakistan, saw his screams soon fall to the ground, dead. World peace resumed, to commemorate the bird has been killed by lightning scorpion, this constellation was named
Scorpio character:

There are strategies, imaginative, decisive, strong subjective views, and perseverance, but the radical impulses, irritability, apathy, stubbornness, to defeat unscrupulous opponents.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21) ruler: the ruler of the free charge of the Division Sagittarius Jupiter myth: ancient Greece in the distant prairie, the ride with a group of half-human beast of the population, which is a ferocious nature groups. Men except for one exception in the family - Qilun. Although Chiron is also a member of family men, but by nature kind-hearted, frank treatment of friends especially known for, so Chiron is very respected in the clan, one day, Greece's greatest heroes - Hercules, came to visit him friends, that with both hands to strangle the young snake super Hercules, troops heard good wine is a family of people, think of mellow wine, and regardless of which wine is the common property of family men, they forced his friends to give him access to steal, kill him otherwise, everyone knows, He Qiu Li is the world strongest man, not even the sun god Apollo had his third, forced, the men only according to tribe told mean to do. While Hercules indulge in wine fragrance glycol occasion, the aroma of the wine had filled the whole tribe, all men are harshly reprimanded Heqiu family force Hercules angry, took his bow of God struggling to recover kill horse race, men who fled the family fled to the most respected tribe - home of Chiron, Chiron when heard at home, step outside Wan hoof and panic cry for help Ben, he even thought, to open the door straight out, that at that moment, the moment Hercules shot to pull his bow, even shot in the heart of Chiron, Chiron is innocent good friends at the expense of their own lives. Zeus heard the men's scream, so he hands hold up Chiron's body, threw into the sky, Qilun instantly turned into a number of stars shining star, family form as men, since in honor of Chiron, the constellation on the known as Sagittarius is a legend showing the form of half man and half horse, animals and humans with a double face, is a famous prophet, doctors and scholars. He is a famous Greek hero Jason, Yaqilisi and Janis's dependents. Legend he is the son of Carlo Las and Fei Laila is the father of Zeus. He is frightened, put himself into a horse, the son of his mother Fei Laila can not stand the strange half-man half-horse look like it will become a Linden. Sagittarius personality:

Input on the power of intuition and inspiration to others, intelligence, sense of justice, sincerity, integrity, and reliable. However, sensitive and impulsive, erratic, blindly optimistic, careless, biased.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) ruler: Saturn patience suppression ruler of Capricorn for the myth: Faun Paine ugly. Zeus on the future care of the cattle and sheep, but not singing along with the gods; he has been in love with the harp fairy temple, she did not dare tell the truth ... ... all this only because of his ugly appearance. Paine shy and self-esteem, there is no magic, almost penniless in heaven. Nobody knows his ugly exterior hides a passionate heart, approached him and no one is willing to listen to his moving study on three. In the Milky Way at the end of a lake, who did not dare set foot, because its water is cursed, and no one will step into the fish entered the river, never changed it back. Paine nothing but take into account, even though he knows his place in the most crowded, no one would pay attention to, not as good as the edge of the lake in this flute, or Xu Xianzai can hear it! But one day,Dre beats headphones, when the gods hosted celebrations when the Black Forest in the long one hundred animals suddenly coming into the hall! This monster roaring call days, the overwhelming, all the gods can not subdue it, then fled. Positive impact of the fairy harp was frightened, she stayed standing there, do not know what to do. Seeing the monster fairy directed away, timid and shy but fierce Paine jumped out, he picked up the fairy and ran, catching up monster. Paine did run, but know that monster, so he suddenly remembered the Milky Way being the end of the lake, so desperately ran to the lake. Also know that the lake monster powerful, it's silly snicker Paine, ran to where it not suicidal! monster, but never expected the Paine actually threw that entered the lake, he fairy high hold high in the hands of their own standing in the center of the lake. This is not a monster under way, to give up. Wait until the monster left, Paine was carefully moved to shore to lay down fairy. Very grateful want Panen La fairy up, but Paine's lower body has become a fish! Zeus created in his image of Capricorn, and Capricorn people like Paine, like, strict and restrained, for the happiness has its own unique understanding. Capricorn's personality:

Cautious, practical, responsible, resourceful, assertive, respect authority, ambition, patience, but pessimistic, fickle No, seriously look cold, rigid, stingy.

Aquarius (Jan. 21 -2 19) ruler: Secretary palm reform its ruler Uranus Aquarius myth: , he's the prince of Troy, is an extraordinary handsome boy. His appearance is not even the spirit world are rare. world does not love a woman in Iraq, his deep love of the Temple of Zeus in a pour the maid. The maid had this extraordinary night with a graceful voice captured the hearts of Iraq, but also took away the happiness of all girls in the city of Troy. heaven the girl called Helen, and Troy Helen the most beautiful woman in town with the same beautiful name. Zeus is very like Helen, though she is a maid. But one day, Helen overheard the sun god Apollo and Athena, goddess of wisdom, the decision on the destruction of Troy, Helen rushed to Prince of Iraq regardless of discipline messenger. Result was found in the halfway, Zeus's guards were back to the Helen Temple. Zeus could not bear killed her, but decided to take her punishment. Apollo in his son's prompt, Zeus decided to pass on the crime of fornication with Helen of Troy Prince body. this day, Zeus turned into an eagle, came over in the city of Troy. I saw him walk in the back garden of the prince. Zeus stunned, he had seen many beautiful and stunning goddess of mortal woman, has never seen such a handsome boy. Zeus was attracted to Voith other qualities, an evil idea spontaneously. He dive down from the sky, grabbed Iraq, brought him back to the temple. temple in the cold, see family members in Iraq see Helen, his increasingly haggard. And Zeus was forced to pour his Iraq instead of Helen, so he can every day to see this handsome boy. Zeus's wife Hera was a jealous goddess of the woman as she look in the eyes, anger in their hearts, she not only jealous of Zeus, when it was outrageous to see the eyes of Iraq, Iraq has more jealous of her beauty did not Guanghua. So Hera Heart deadly trap, decided to harm the innocent prince. She let go secretly Helen, Helen with Iraq Sitao natural lower bound, and then on the spot when she caught the two men. Hera, Athena understand that this is the trick, but can not do anything, the decision enraged Zeus killed in Iraq. However, the shooter fired the fatal arrow Qilun the moment, get in the Iraq maid Helen's chest! seeing treacherous did not succeed, under the angry Hera, will Iraq become a transparent bottle, to pour his eternity of Zeus. However, the bottle is poured out in tears! The gods were all visibly moved, so Zeus put Iraq sealed in the sky, make a sad gods. Aquarius personality:

Curious, stomach, love, friendly, loyal, reliable, creative, original, mind sharp. But the stubborn, maverick, too idealistic, not gregarious.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) ruler: ruler of the sixth sense of compassion for the control of Neptune Pisces myth: ; the United States Venus with a beloved son of God - a small Cupid, dressed ready to go to a luxurious banquet. In the banquet, all the participants are the gods, called a public a goddess who is even more beautiful than a dress, others who do not want to be than down; The public men of God who is to have one glass, in small groups talk. The naughty children have long since been unable to control themselves, playing hide and seek came. When the climax of the whole party, we all revel in the delicious food, drink and fragrant when, suddenly came an uninvited guest, undermining the whole party atmosphere. This uninvited guest, has a very ferocious appearance, and the evil heart, he appeared at the banquet's purpose is to destroy it, obviously, he has reached this goal has. his hand to display a table of food to overthrow, put potted Shuaixiang pool, also with a terrible expression, frightened the presence of each participant. People began to flee, had a good dinner, actually become so panicked, screaming, children crying ceased. this time, Venus, Jupiter disappeared suddenly found her looking around nervously, but also the presence of uninvited guests who refused to take, and Venus searched every corner of the banquet, and finally under the piano, has been found fear and trembling of Cupid, Venus, Cupid will quickly tightly in his arms. with her again in order to prevent lost Cupid, Venus then thought of a way, with a rope tied to two feet, then turned into two fish, a result , successfully escaped the horrible banquet of the. from two feet tied feet never separated. Pisces personality:

Innocent, gentle and giving intuition, humility, kindness, understanding. Careless, impulsive, lack self-confidence and weak, indecisive, undisciplined, impractical.

with poisoning caused by nature, a skin disease or cancer, avoid eating -

bronchitis - grapes, apples, strawberries, cherries, persimmons, pears, pineapple, loquat -


[/ I] -

[/ I] -

cold - strawberries, pineapple, loquat, lemon -



anti-cancer foods -

cold of fruit (real hot body): watermelon, pear, grapefruit, grapefruit, coconut, orange, hard persimmon, mangosteen, tomatoes, melons, bananas, melon, cucumber -

postpartum Deficiency do supplements. -

lungs cough -


level of fruits: guava, apples, grapes, oranges, papaya, strawberry, cherry, mulberry -

Deficiency tonic with -


[/ I] -


almonds -


longan -

7. peach juice + Taomi Shui face wash to moisturize the skin. -

body is a treasure -

heat cough (sputum Nongzhuo dry mouth) most Yichi orange citrus -

high cholesterol - mangosteen, walnut -


eat would cause excessive body heat, bloating, chest tightness -

Picture 1: -





grapefruit let contraceptive failure -

excess heat, strong person fit. -

nocturia by: stew cooked dipped in honey Ginkgo -

of cold coconut water + white fungus or clean up the yellow ear -


Cherry -

ripe papaya + persimmons decoction, to cure asthma of cough instigate -

raw papaya juice or dried powdered pay, can be shown. -


Lemon -




hemorrhoids - apples, bananas, persimmons, peaches -

almonds, pears (with cold) + lily boiled sugar, nourishing yin and soothe the nerves. -

The more orange the more sweet

1. vitamins and sugar contained in fruit and 1-2 times higher than normal. -

After not eating cold watermelon

2. trace elements: K expansion of blood vessels, enabling patients with hypertension; zinc deficiency can cause blood sugar metabolism and decreased sexual function. -

grapes -


2. cold early: lemon + honey flush = relieve sore throat / dry throat does not reduce -

3. juice contains substances similar to insulin, lowering blood glucose. -

Picture 10: -


guava -

4. solvable venom leaves, roots can be worms. -

nature of the hot and humid. -





physical Deficiency / asthma are advised not to. -

gastrointestinal Deficiency diarrhea, cold cough (sputum white throat itch) are best eaten cooked. -

Peel carrots boil water = heat -

strawberry (leukemia), oranges, orange (immunity), apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, lemon, grape, grapefruit, pineapple. -

endocrine disorders - grapes, apples, papaya, cantaloupe -

eat a lot of sore throat -


physical Deficiency, Spleen lag diarrhea, cold cough should not be -


resistance to cold / -


coconut water + Radix + lily + Dendrobium = heat Yin -

Han Tan persons (white and thin) do not drink. -

accidentally eat too much, cook brown sugar, ginger tea with a solution of. -


coconut -

nature of the peace, lungs and cough. -

papaya cooked fish or pig's trotters, to promote milk secretion. -

7. and Apple, two-way adjustable stomach, spleen to stop diarrhea diarrhea lag can eat; constipation eat laxative. -

starch rich. -


Firelight, excessive hot flashes sore throat who eat less suitable. -




gout - pineapple, kiwi -


gout who eat too much cause joint swelling and pain. -

few fruits rich in protein, one to eat more satiety. -

Picture 27: -


anti-cancer proper way -

[/ I] -

ripe papaya, peeled + steamed + honey, governance Dryness cough -

[/ I] -

nourishing the physical -

1. the highest iron content of fruit can be blood. Su suffering from anemia, low hemoglobin, or to be aphrodisiac liqueur Lee belly after eating. -

Do not eat fruit

Picture 14: -

strong physique -

sweet nature / -


4. Ginkgo has cholesterol-lowering, Gu Shen, cough effect. -


[/ I] -

easy to get to eat fruit after a meal diabetes -


the doctor away -

flesh calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, boron variety of essential minerals and trace elements. -

melon (melon) -

coughing when eating may aggravate the condition. -


appetizer but the poisoning caused by -

[/ I] -

Picture 26: -

4. treat hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer has a supporting role. -

protein, sugar-rich. Through the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure. -

gout, diabetes should not eat. -

fluid and stomach -

pregnant antiemetic - Pear -

Peach -

Picture 22: -

phlegm shun gas. -

itself with asthma who eat hot lead Hyperactivity cough -

Nanzao: biased Yin blood. -

3. persimmon leaf tea contains a lot of vitamin C, blood pressure, cardiovascular protection, the treatment of insomnia. -


indigestion - Papaya -

nature of the peace, lungs and thirst -

[/ I] kiwi / kiwi -

[/ I] -



6. Peach can Hot water wash, bathe, drink. -

physical Deficiency, cold cough should not be eaten raw, must be steam, or put the soup,Moncler Boots, or fried with herbs. -

Picture 25: -





allergy treatment may be immature -

coconut sticky rice with chicken, a tonic effect. -


physical Deficiency can still eat, not eat. Do more with watermelon, soy milk, beer, cabbage, mustard greens, bitter melon, winter melon soup and other cold objects with lotus leaves to eat. -

watermelon -

Lanzhou Melon / Melon more cantaloupe America / crepe skin melon cold. Will be very hot or cold on the heat add cold. -


contain up to fructose, organic acids, pectin, trace elements -

3. ginkgo also contains a small amount of hydrocyanic acid, not a lot of raw. Dozen raw grains, a heat effect. -

nourishing non-human person Yichi -


1. rich in vitamin C, cooking is not easy to damage, easily absorbed -

arthritis - grapes, loquat -


Picture 5: -




3. accelerate wound healing, treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers. -


(Wei Han / nephritis / pregnancy swollen feet should not) -

of blood fat - oranges, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, walnuts, bananas -

vitamin C content of fresh dates 10 times higher than the lemon. -


[/ I] -

Heat are not the body. -

coconut water + melon sub = Xiefei fire -

Notice -

blood and beauty -

Picture 18: -

fat and protein content. -

5. persimmons on the icing: the cure for throat throat and stomatitis -


Picture 12: -

dates: blood and the strongest, but also more dry -

Picture 24: -

3. can be structured stomach: fibers, helps excretion; also has the functions of diarrhea. -

cough, sputum: orange peel boiled almonds (sugar) -


3. Walnuts beauty -


sweet and cool thirst, stomach and digestion / -

dozen fruit to cancer -

who eat too much, eating cold watermelon or a bowl of lotus leaf gourd water -

yuba ginkgo eggs with sugar: not in the body Deficiency -



Health Ambassador -

Picture 13: -

dried nourishing the nerves, for lack of effort (heart rate for no reason, easily tired of those) who have a great effect of insomnia. -

asthma taboo. -




pear -

Photo 2: -

abnormal eating strawberries renal injury -

children eat oranges and bananas may prevent leukemia -

[/ I] -

2. Protease helps break down protein and starch on the digestive system of great benefit. -

sweet natured, slightly cold -

rubella quit eating crabs, tomatoes -



[/ I] -

1. throat fluid, lifting mind vexed hot, thirsty -


[/ I] -

2. Cherry triggered virtual fire, drink the juice solution. -

should not eat -

should guard against constipation and liver heat, go with the fiber-rich nuclear eat grapefruit or other fruits. -

hot stuff -



coconut can be yang fire, strong body, for physical weakness, limb weakness, easy fatigue were. -

Apple -



impotence -

2. spleen and stomach, solid strength. Pineapple abdominal break down proteins in the stomach to help digestion. -

2. detoxify Xiaozhi, buck. -

almonds, pears (with cold) + Tremella (slightly cool) cook sugar, dry mouth sand sound governance. However, with the excess heat is more suitable for themselves, or virtual fire needs heat person. -

mangosteen -

4. for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer and lung cancer do not marketer. -

2. containing more fat and protein -

3. the whole body is a treasure, approved through the hair of measles, the virus will not be trapped in the body. -


sweet and cold / -


[/ I] -

Picture 3: -


infected but the nature of the wet and not suitable for gout, rheumatism, eczema and skin diseases, cancer patients. -

chronic hepatitis side: boiled red dates JGC and soil capillaris -

Picture 23: -

eliminate hot to bother, thirst-quenching fluid, lungs and phlegm, heat treatment of cough. -


fresh candied / gold candied: lungs / stomach -

with the more moderate -

have medicinal value -

diarrhea - Apple -


frail, spleen Deficiency, Exogenous cold bogey. Peeled and ate the best anti-iron absorption. -




hypertension - grapes, oranges, tomatoes, apples, walnuts, bananas, watermelon, persimmons, pears, peaches -

smell of orange is not working more tired -

5. containing antioxidants, anti-aging. -

2. shun gas phlegm, heat fluid, spleen appetite. -

Picture 16: -

stomach are advised not to lemon tea. -


+ cane + Rhizoma Imperatae

nature of the cold / -

1. rich in fiber (natural laxative), vitamin C (natural laxative), vitamin P, the promotion of intestinal peristalsis. -

[/ I] -

3. may tocolysis [should mother and child], beauty, speckle, prevent pigmentation, improve forward the uterus, uterine ligament laxity or amenorrhea -

need salt water to dip some organic acids decompose, reducing its toxicity. -

orange citrus -

chemical pollution, the more sweet taste, the smaller the affected sub deeper application of salt flooding 5-10 minutes to eat. -



of peace is sweet, thirst-quenching fluid. -

Picture 19: -

anemia - grapes, oranges, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, cherries -

4. clear lemon can lower blood pressure cholesterol, improve cardiovascular. -

urinary tract stones - watermelon, kiwi, plums -

2. almond paste help defecation, cough lungs. -


itself with a cold, physical Deficiency not to drink. -


protein enzymes. -


2. hypertension secondary diet -

apple a day, -


body care -

litchi, banana drivers eat -

(eczema / pus / gynecological diseases / edema / athlete's foot - wet from further eating mangoes will increase) -


date -


stomach sweet cold / -

heat, pyrophlegm should not eat. -

blood Gushen champion -



[/ I] -

kidney disease - grapes, oranges, apples, strawberries, cantaloupe -

1. rich in iron, to increase the number of human hemoglobin. -

skin and flesh, and nuclear are very useful, contains Victoria E, B12, P, C is very beneficial for the heart. -

Deficiency: The ginkgo simmer cooked dispensing -

Photo 17: -

Peel sugarcane: sweet and cool, Hyperactivity and gastrointestinal thermal solution. -

3. Citrus: Vitamin C and carotene more than flesh, containing essential oil to promote gastrointestinal motility, remove fat in lowering blood cholesterol. Fujian dried tangerine peel is more peaceful, increased gastric secretion, promote sputum sent, Xiaoyanlidan. -

tomatoes -

urethritis - Grape -

Picture 4: -


Banana -

back pain - watermelon, pears, citrus -


impotence physical Deficiency can help the fire to eat. -

Swan pears, pear, pear slightly cool tribute; skin thick pear and pear imports more cold. -

resistance to cold -

super two kinds -



5. Peach gum is a blind diabetic comes out of magic, can be strong tonic to regulate blood sugar levels. -


buck purge -

Picture 9: -

persimmon -

vaginal discharge are: Ginkgo boiled egg cooked stew sugar -



3. feeling throat after eating allergy symptoms is required to drink a glass of salt water dilution of allergenic ingredients. -

[/ I] -

type of chronic diarrhea and stomach Deficiency required wrapped with aluminum foil, simmer and cooked food -


8. Training dry milling help ulcer healing. -

3. upset heat treatment, prevention and treatment of scurvy, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and so on. -


warm / -

enteritis - grapes, tomatoes, apples, bananas, pineapple, guava -

gastritis - grapes, apples, pears -

cough lung deficiency, fetal irritability, nephritis patients particularly suitable for grapes or grape juice supplement. -

thermal heating of the fruit (physical treatment): longan, litchi, mango, durian, guava, apricot -

thirst, Chufan diarrhea, deworming, regulate urine. -

Picture 15: -

[/ I] -


1. beneficial eyes, moist skin. -

heart disease - apples, walnuts, pears, bananas, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi -

2. Shidi attending hiccups, nocturnal enuresis. -

mild / -

liver disease - grapes, oranges, bananas, plums -

tomatoes can cure underarm odor -

frequent colds, cough, tracheal sensitive: fresh grapefruit to stay just north of the skin to the core + apricot, Fritillaria, without dyeing white fungus 30 g + honey of a stew, strong lungs -

6. containing pectin and fiber, intestinal absorption of toxic substances, detoxification effect. -

hot, skin, bloating should not eat. -

nature with cold / -


[/ I] -

eat too much immediately eat some mangosteen resolve -

1. Qingre intestines, promote gastrointestinal motility. -




cane -

cancer -

heat share -






[/ I] -


again got cough cough -

for hot people. -


can eat tomatoes sun -

1. Vitamin C rich, increase endurance, a real well-being of antioxidant protection. -

banana stew candy = treatment of chronic cough -

Picture 21: -

figs -


Wei Han, pregnant women, the body a little virtual person hot not cold base. -

Wanshou fruit -

easy to see, dizziness, menstrual and vaginal discharge quantity bogey -

1. the main clearing the throat, opening mediastinoscopy, phlegm stagnation -

Picture 11: -


[/ I] -

[/ I] -


female fruit -

1. pectin: is soluble fiber, to promote cholesterol metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, promote fat excretion; -

dehumidification diarrhea -



atherosclerosis - oranges, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, walnuts, bananas -

cold nausea nausea: Citrus ginger porridge. -

2. five hemorrhoid swelling, pain, frequent Jiantang smoked, to take effect -


low back pain - watermelon, pears, citrus -

[/ I] -

lungs fall dessert: apple / pear Lily + number + 1 two Dendrobium 9 grams almonds 15 grams + -


fruit characteristics -

1. contains enzymes similar to human growth hormone, eat more to maintain youth. -

physical calm or Deficiency may Baoxiang. -

3. vomiting, nausea rule the waves. Pregnant women, nausea. -

ulcers - pear, banana -


axillaris: nourishing. -

1. fresh apricots are rich in protein, carotene, Victoria AC, calcium, phosphorus, iron, catechins, may help for anti-cancer substances and free radical attacks. -

Picture 7: -

blood Gushen champion -


almonds, pears (with cold) + Fritillaria 9 grams boiled sweet, strong lungs gas. -


3. aid digestion while can be refreshing thirst, lungs cough, expectoration of colds, constipation, slow bronchitis helpful. -

2. potassium-rich, lower blood pressure. -

trachea or bronchus-sensitive patients quit drinking. -

Durian -


stroke - apple, persimmon, pineapple, kiwi -


cancer or patients, skin or liver yin deficiency heat by dieting -


nature of the heat and stagnation / -

grapefruit -


bad heart eating watermelon -

temperate fill / -

Picture 8: -

Skin - tomatoes, apples,moncler jackets sale, strawberries, walnuts, papaya -

2. measles, chicken pox in children, when the water brewed into tea. -

Lychee -

[/ I] -

asthma - grapes, peaches -

excess heat Yin Huo-wang (skin, dry mouth, insomnia) should not eat. -

cystitis - watermelon, peaches -

2. Tune in next gas. Nourishing the physical, heat diuretic, Qingwei moistening. -

Black sugarcane: a moderate tonic, throat and Heat were not; -

4. apple + a few slices of ginger Hot water: You can stop vomiting. -

2. Pectin may contain cholesterol-lowering, Victoria P increases elasticity of blood vessels, vitamin C can cause constipation and fight aging free radicals. -


[/ I] -


4. persimmons nature of the peace, lung qi. -


1. rich in fiber, can stimulate the intestinal tract. With convergence, will not be modest diarrhea can help stop diarrhea. -

4. peach promoting blood circulation,Moncler T Shirts, cough and asthma, but not excessive, and passing through the period. -

5. can reduce cold pear, strengthen the lungs and stomach Run. -

[/ I] -

cold cough (throat marks are) to be evasive. -

1. warm water + lemon juice + salt = expectorant effect, stronger than the orange and orange. -

diabetes - tomatoes, pears, watermelon, peach, guava, loquat -

can cure ulcers -

pure heart and lungs -

Mango -

mince were -


dental diseases - orange, strawberry -

papaya -

1. Vitamin C 20-80 times higher than the apple, citrus 5-10 times higher than, that antioxidants can effectively prevent carcinogen formation of nitrite in the body safe. -

see halo accidentally eat a lot of nausea, can be rescued with a ginger. -

[/ I] -

pineapple -

oral inflammation - oranges, pears, guava -

Picture 6: -

Picture 20: -

[you trouble others? ] In fact, this is not good! Compared to those of you who helped, those who helped you would be more willing to help you again. In other words - let people like you are not the best way to help them, but to enable them to help you. If you want the goodwill of others, when someone is no harm.

said, when you sleep, you will be appear in someone else's dream.

a person, if you do not force yourself one, you do not know how good!

Do not wait until you want an elegant smile; do not wait alone only think of a friend; do not wait for the good job, before going to work hard; do not wait until the failure to remember the advice of others; do not wait until aware of the fragility of life when ill; do not wait to break up not only cherish the feelings of regret; do not wait until people believe that they appreciated; Do not wait until it was pointed out that I realized that I was wrong. [art] a woman of the eight characteristics, the quality of a large woman, a small woman feeling two,Boheme Ballpoint Pen, big clear, small confused three, four self-reliance, to soft like water, can be as strong as steel five, like children six, on the living room, into the kitchen seven, Amy, will the United States eight, with romantic

[fat] will sleep lack of sleep, easy to gain weight. 5 to 6 hours sleep a day who sleep 7-8 hours a day on average than people who weight 6-8 pounds. When the normal sleep deprivation, the body will produce large amounts of compression hormones to slow the rate of metabolism, and the next day's appetite will increase. If you get up the morning to 7:00, preferably the night before to sleep at 11 o'clock. Before going to bed can be a hot bubble bath, or Reading novels.

[a] letter addressed to his own, you must find in addition to love, the firm can make you stand with your feet on the land of things; dear yourself, you self-confidence and even a little narcissistic, always remind myself that I deserve to have the best of everything.

[American psychologists say boys and girls were six kinds of basic needs] boys need love, love in the form include: trust, acceptance, gratitude, praise, recognition, encouragement; girls need to form: Yes care, understanding, respect, loyalty, caring, comforting. (There are differences when compared to the war of words is more effective against his chest, said nothing, he calmed down, will know your heart, and you take the initiative to adjust the pace.)

change the character of the wife [husband] psychology study found that face: the face of his wife, with her husband's character and his attitude is closely related to his wife. Broad-minded and not easily accommodate the angry wife's husband to be inclusive, so that his wife enjoy full freedom. Have such a husband, wife will skin smooth and delicate, long pimples and spots is not easy, not easy to aging, often radiant.

[] will be happy to pass the British Medical Journal published a study: the impact of happy emotions, relationships can be far outside the three. Know a happy person, and you will become happy chance increased by 15.3%, recognizing a happy friend of a friend, to increase 9.8%

men usually do not quarrelsome, not take the initiative to fight, but they are good to make a woman look unbearable they quarrel.

knowing the reason why we tired, that is, to maintain and often give up in between the wandering, indecisive; reason why we would worry, that is, memory is good, the mind, should not mind, will remain in the memory; us of it will be painful, is the pursuit of too much; The reason we are not happy, is expect too much. Not that we have too little, but we care about too much.

relationship better, and often loss of your favorite], and they say, you always can automatically block those who do not want to hear. Your problems they will never more clearly than you. Like you've met people who had,cheap Mont Blanc Pens, they were always excited to call you soon to see quick look. With little secret, always the first to want them to share. In fact, you are most concerned about, that love will always be against you.

[8.2 seconds fall in love] Scientists believe that men and women first met, attention duration determines whether they fall in love. If a man first met the woman's attention more than 8.2 seconds more than he had been attracted, but is likely to have fallen in love.

According to one U.S. survey shows that most women are willing to 15 months' Make Love, in exchange for a cabinet of new clothes. This shows that in mind men, brothers as brothers, women like clothes. In the woman the heart, men do not even dress like ......

differences between men and women] [two men chasing a woman, soul to light that the first to give up; two women chasing a man with affectionate that first give up!

[promising] to lie outside the children found that 50 percent year-old children will lie, people will be aged 90%, 12-year-old children almost always lying. Children lie, is a sign of cognitive development. The more robust cognitive development of children, the more sophisticated skills lie, because they have the means Yuan Huang. There may be precocious child lie embodiment, these people, National Cheng Kung University are more likely to become leaders later.

the German psychologist that day, staring at beautiful 10 minutes fitness effect is equivalent to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, sustained, extended the average life expectancy for men four or five years. That guy do? !

Psychology, believes that representatives from the other side behind the initiative to embrace a form of protection that are willing to embrace those who embrace the initiative is to give love and care. So use this sleeping position, on behalf of the people willing to give you love, commitment, the people will care and love from this initiative in the happy.

] [reply SMS rate the degree of a person like you and he returned to the general speed of your SMS messages is proportional to. If your message is getting back to your other half slow, Congratulations you basically have to be replaced! High accuracy!

found the woman around me, most of them have such a mother. You say Zhangdou, she said, after like a baby; you dysmenorrhea, she said, after like a baby; you say good fat ah, she said, after like a baby; you bad-tempered, she After a child like that; you say the chest is too small, she said, after a child is like a ... ... So, children of women's universal weapon ah!

now swollen what the? Unmarried cohabitation the same as marriage, not marriage, like marriage, like separation; animals dressed like people, animals, portrait, like bare flesh; children like adults, mature, big kids, like magic portrait juvenile; man like a man woman men like women bitch; money like the rich, as rich loaded, the same money as the money so poor; lover as his wife the same four swagger, his wife, as reclusive as the lover.

[psychological knowledge: Beibo law] had a newspaper into a 10 per copy, you will find unacceptable; comparison, had 5,000 computers up 50, you will not have such a strong response. Beibo law shows that when people experience a strong stimulation, after giving the stimulus for him becomes negligible. You realize it?

why [men] do not like to open up and psychologists found that: talk about the problems between partners, will make a man very uncomfortable. This is because, when the women enumerate the problems between the two men is the first to experience a strong sense of shame, a sense of frustration can not do partnerships. He unconsciously to resist the resulting pain, with

] [how to understand your own people in order to clear some three questions: 1 What do you, what you want 2, 3 you can give up anything. For most people: What it is easy to evaluate their own situation; what they want, have a clear idea of ​​the heart; hardest part is I do not know or not to give up anything - and it can decide exactly what you want to No truly, no one can get without giving up everything.

[night comes, is most vulnerable when the human soul is missing the most crazy time] when you are worried about a person, you will think he is also worried about you. Because like it care, because care and sorrow. It is not alone a person, when people miss a real lonely.

[Love is not 1 +1 = 2, but 0.5 + 0.5 = 1] the two men were cut by half its own personality and weaknesses, and then improvise together to be complete. If there is no mutual tolerance and inclusiveness, it is difficult final two people become one and the West and East. [such psychological adjustment you do to it? ] 1. To see people who look smooth ring true; 2, to look down on people who look up; 3. To want to do a good job; 4 to figure out things figured out; 5 to curse out the words fast recovery; 6, to swallow swallow gas; 7 to the heart to indulge admitted. In fact, you do not need all the time, but do so several times, you will: 1. EQ high; 2 jobs rose; 3 pay up; 4, many friends.

blood with [wife] (1) Equal Type: A male-A female, O M-O woman, AB-AB male female, B male-B female; (2) loving type: O M - A female, B male-O woman, A woman male-AB, AB Male-B Female; (3) managed: A man-O women, O men and women-B, AB male-A female, B male and female-AB ; (4) complementary: O M-AB F, AB-O male female, B male-A Female, A Male-B Female.

[sad tears contain harmful substances, tolerate the equivalent of suicide] psychologists found that people fall out of tears, sad, high protein content. This protein is due to mental depression and harmful substances to suppress the accumulation of substances in the body, bad for your health. St. Paul United States - Lei Muse Medical Center psychiatric lab experts found that tears can ease people's depression. Kuba Kuba, not a crime!

[] to change the attitude summed up all of your misfortune into a word, then ask yourself: it is a fact. Fact easy to explain, the feeling is indescribable. mirror a long time, you will find yourself in the mirror is very strange. . .

[crying] on 88.8% of people crying after the mood can be improved only 8.4% of people feel worse after crying; 70 percent of people dodging the others will not cry; 77 percent of crying is occurred in the home; what time is easier to cry? 39% of crying in the evening, 6 pm to 8 pm is the most likely to cry time.

[of psychology, most people only have safety people angry] because in that safety within. You subconsciously know each other will not leave you. Sometimes nonsense is a dependent.

[rebellious] psychologist Feeney Baker has done such an experiment: put up against the male bathroom graffiti brand. Which a warning: Then the child's toilet in the survey listed the number to be graffiti. Results linked to

[dry matter what you know women do? ] 1. Pick up her hair at home; 2. Holidays do not make no bra; 3. Go out and forgetting things, not take off your shoes directly to step on toes to get to the room; 4. That at home watching cartoons, fun online dating than with men; 5. Even if nothing better to do online, but also often linked to the Internet; 6, mantra: Comments may be

[psychological techniques: the use of power of the subconscious] at least 10 minutes a day in the morning before getting up, do 10 minutes before going to bed imagine, because these two time periods is to enter the subconscious of the best times. So if you want to succeed, love,cheap montblanc pen, marriage, etc., please enjoy these two hours to imagine it! Your subconscious gradually achieved by imagining you have confidence, to lead you get what you want.

[these] you know the psychological sense 1 hand clean and are more likely to tolerance of others; 2 happy marriage can help women decompression; 3 dogs than cats more conducive to physical and mental; 4 . himself healthy; 5. techy people wound too good to be slow; 6 mobile furniture can improve mood; 7 people love spending money when hungry; 8 celibate high premature death rate than married half; 9. love the people blush more easily forgiven.

[palmistry to see your TA is jealous] wisdom has forked end of the line pattern, heavy suspicion that this person; and emotional lines short, and the bottom line expenses are differences, that this person emotionally most likely all the investment, but also like all the other inputs. Therefore, although such a person's feelings lovely side more frightening side, if adjusted properly, it will easily lead to unwarranted controversy.

1. are likely to go downhill. 2. Freedom is not want to do whatever, but do not want to not do. 3 life, is an excuse for failure; transport, is winner of the modest words. 4. The best way to move people, is the most precious things about him. 5 character help you share things, but by the things you lack shape. 6 squat to hug themselves when depressed, to forgive others to forgive herself.

[my heart is not happy, start writing down] This is a pretty clear way. Because the Start emotional healing.

chunky women are more popular [] We always thought that Gugan Mei person or a convex model is the best female minds of men, but Australian research data eye-popping: the real heart make a man love and want to interact with them seriously, those chunky girl .

ruin a great song the best way is to set it up alarm.

[suspect got it wrong, change or not change the answer? ] Immediately to the exam, finish scripts, checking it was found two answers do not know what the election, this time should not change the answer? Survey: 55% of people think that the answer will change the damage results, only 15.5% think it will improve; but the reality is: 58% change of the answer, and only 20% of the on error correction, and there are wrong 22% of the The error correction of. Therefore, the next encounter this situation: change!

lovers contradictory coping strategies [1] Do not separate the right and wrong things, first of empathy, understand each other's underlying motives, understand each other. (2) usually maintain an appropriate psychological distance, too close will be fatigued. 3. Do not complain about each other and form negative habits-set, frolicking in the attempt to solve the problem. 4. Tolerance is on. We are not saints, no need for each other's behavior a little too critical. 5. Respect for each other, give each other love of your reasons.

long mask we wear. So when we got off the mask. We face mask long with the same.

[why we often are not happy? ] 1. No faith. 2 random comparisons. 3 lack of beauty. 4 hard to charity. 5. I do not know enough. 6. Anxious. 7. Often blind. 8 non-assertive. 9 weight gains and losses. 10. Is numb. 11. Too hasty. 12. Very greedy. 13 vertical desire. 14. Not free. 15 small reading. 16. No repentance. 17. Very snobbish. 18. Flattering. 19. Worship power. 20. Hi demolition. 21 more plot. 22. Less candid. 23 low-income

[more afraid of things] more prone to cell phone pocket filled with bought, on the bus for fear of theft, from time to time to go see the cell phone is still there. This move attracted the attention of thieves, the ultimate mobile phone was stolen. Occur because of fear, it will be very concerned about, the more focused attention, the more prone to making mistakes. This is the famous Murphy theorem.

[scientists found that a good liberal arts ring finger index finger long long math good amount of the University of Bath] seventy-five-year-old children spent the right hand finger length, found that better performance. Index finger longer children, the more outstanding achievements in English. The same calculation can also be used in adult men and women, the adult female

subway in Japan, five of five people have read books and newspapers; in Taiwan, five people have 3 people read books and newspapers; in Hong Kong, five people have two people read books and newspapers; in our continent The subway, five individuals tend to have two people in his speech, while the other three people to listen to their speech (no way, too crowded).

[show off] from the inner psychology of self-confidence that Once you have, want to outside of envy to build self-confidence. The sun does not own happiness to others will suffocate you? If so, good to ask why. Remember: Life is not acting, like his wonderful!

[psychological] men and women take the initiative if a man bag for you, put you on the road to go inside, take the initiative to pull the chair for you, not to be moved to tears. This only shows that there are numerous girlfriend before he taught him that. And let him remember the woman always changes his woman, not you. Therefore, the more details of the perfect man, the woman, the more challenges.

shock syndrome] [phantom phone vibrations always felt (rings), King spent a long time to find out what the situation is not.

gender psychology] [kiss a woman is a man take the initiative to emergencies, women take the initiative to kiss a man is premeditated event. France Expert analysis, most women will kiss as an integral part of intimate relationships, is eager to experience being taken seriously, feeling of being needed.

habits and personality to take the bus [] 1. like people who get up early to avoid the peak period (active person) 2 nights-ups the last train of people (passive speculators) 3 on the bus by car stops people (empiricist) 4. people on the bus ride after the observation of the state car, then get off at the earlier people may stand to wait for next opportunity (opportunity seekers) 5. just for a place on the bus After standing immersed in MP3 (Environmental metastasis)

more mature friends, the more rude dialogue; the more mature friends, the more wretched behavior; the more mature friends, the more jokes do not care about; the more familiar friends, you come out to play on The more you want to control; the more familiar friends, meet less the more thoughts; the more familiar friends, you have a wrong left his face no more to curse you; the more familiar friends, he is not happy The first person thought the more you.

large errors [5] the education 1 high expectations, bring the child's hopeless; 2 over-indulgent, cruel to bring children; 3 too frequent intervention, to bring the child's frustration; 4. over-protection, to bring the child's incompetence; 5 too much blame, bring the child's flawless. Nature is the child's nature, freedom is the child's nature, stifle nature, and nature is stifling the growth of energy and momentum, so education can cultivate creative talents.

[IQ] male partner into the more loyal expert Jinze Zhi said the chemical, the more loyal companion average IQ level of 103 men, not of men loyal to the average IQ of 97. The more men with high IQ, the more treasure specificity of gender relations. Later you can say the other side, you If infidelity Ah, Ah you is mentally handicapped! !

Management Psychology] [value of 8,000 yuan a person, do not bargain only willing to pay him 7,500 yuan. Even save a 500, actually cool his heart, a better opportunity, people Bajiao left. On the contrary, very much love to pay him 10,000 yuan, he will come up with twice the capability for you to dry their lives. Remember, two people would rather spend the money to recruit a good man, do not use a person's money to recruit two barely

psychological research showed that: men say 2000 words a day on average (when the men of ancient hunting habit), a woman one day say 7000 words (when a woman picking vegetables ancient habit). Work day to go home, her husband of that 2000 words in the company to run out, go home and think and rest; and his wife also did not say it word 5000, word came home one day be put to sleep to finish! Then so many cups had!

against hypocrisy, not curse ta, not expose ta, ta continue but to sadly hypocritical it, then pretend to know nothing. Then slowly, a lot of people will take the initiative came to tell you how ta hypocrisy!

[seven kinds of dreams may indicate disease] 1, dreamed of someone beating your head: the nervous system and brain; 2, a dream to hear the strange sound: with the central auditory; 3, dream trachea stuck choke: the respiratory-related; 4, was chasing a dream: the blood and heart; 5, dream ataxia: the angina-related; 6, dream fall from a height: and heart disease; 7, the dream of water scenes: the kidneys and liver and gallbladder.

In fact, only 900 months to life! In fact, you can draw a 30 × 30 table, a sheet of A4 paper is enough. Every month, on the tick in a box house. All your life in this paper. You will therefore have a clear concept: how your life is spent?

bite straw woman] [Psychology, said: Those who used to bite the straw woman, breast-feeding when the mother's nipples are hard biting feeding. Such a strong female sexuality, OOXX when fierce wild, men in general I am afraid that too much. Girlfriend before you ask her to drink milk tea bar.

Putian snack
Putian classics ~ PS: In alphabetical order ~ 1. Putian Eguchi Lumian Putian Lumian be the most famous snack. An estuary Lumian and most famous. Surface is made of Putian, outer surface less able to buy. Condiments down a lot, there are oysters, razor clams, scallops, dried shrimp, meat, mushrooms ..... Lumian difficult process, but to do it is very difficult authentic - basically no Putian do not eat Lumian ~ 2. Xinghua fried rice noodles ancient Putian Xinghua. Impression that other places can not buy this rice. Xinghua rice noodles are white and other than fine . In fact, the practice of a lot of rice. Love rice milk. Boil the milk, rice flour into them ironed on the familiar, and then delicious with peanut oil - that is called ah ~ 3. Soy meat There are many ways meat, but soy meat Putian this is unique. Putian dish is very popular one, seemingly simple, but it is very difficult to make soy meat, there is no real mass, it is difficult to make in Road ~ think when hungry , eat such a beautiful beautiful smell of meat, the more happiness ah ~ 4. litchi said soy meat can not say Putian litchi. Putian's most famous litchi, and is a Made of red of litchi litchi like the same, you do not know litchi lure you in, or meat to lure you. Summer drinks is a good one dish 5. Oyster omelette before devouring oyster Perhaps many people eat a dish. To Putian, also can not eat the one dish. Oyster is one sea seafood shellfish , it is actually the sea microorganisms. With a special tool to pry open the shell can be pulled out of flesh. Then the shell thrown into the sea , over a year is a sea oyster the oyster is so fried ~ ~ 6. Oyster soup Putian basically liked the oysters. Oyster delicious sweet. Oyster soup is sweet and fine 7 in the western end of Bianshi days of the end is a place in Putian, Shanling Shueisiou's. But a world away to the west end of Bianshi food ah. Shaxian snacks in the Bianshi it is saying can not be a ratio. The so-called thin filling and more packages are lean meat, eat meat, when feeling the skin is there to do - but fried Bianshi. Hot Bianshi, put peanut oil, scallions, Hong fluttering, light imagination to feel hungry ~ 8. Boiled shrimp Shrimp in Putian too common. At home, it is absolutely not eat shrimp, and do not feel clean. Must live shrimp. Boiled shrimp, although simple, but it is particularly delicious flavor, coupled with just delicious pan of shrimp feed, wow, that saliva ah ~ boiled shrimp is the one summer drinks dishes ~ 9. mantis shrimp mantis shrimp is a shrimp just bigger than most of the shrimp. Delicious tastes the same. Mantis shrimp shrimp much cheaper than before. Putian smart good people, they think instead of using mantis shrimp shrimp - grow up one day suddenly found a good Guia - mantis shrimp mantis shrimp than crawfish heads have much larger, but to eat with crayfish is somewhat similar. 10. Xun stew melon probably only Putian is such a food. Au, is the crab's relatives. Is the guy to go sideways, but cheaper than crab lot. Commonly known as Dish key is to choose Stew Do not buy too strong, and put melon a stew, soup Xun flow of taste, suck enough melon taste, beautifully! 11. sixties Why is it called the sixties? Because this little thing is the shell suit - Nail head than small clams, but it is much larger than the meat, but also a lot of delicious. Nail soup soup is one of the summer standing, very sweet, ah that is really first-class taste, and is a goal , and the clear cool ~ 12. Ax study called black and white clams, because looks like an ax, it is commonly known as an ax. About twice smaller than the sixtieth ax. And less meat is also very . But to do it,dr dre pro, taste better than his sixtieth poor, very little meat and a cooking flexibility, coupled with peanut oil, onions and other condiments , tongue - a meal you can eat a lot of axes - this is his father's summer drink One of the necessary food ~ 13. spring rolls Putian, spring rolls, a favorite childhood snack is one - the golden spring rolls, crisp bite to the heart of the street there was a grandmother ~ Hanjiang, hit me naive, where she started selling spring rolls up. Now the bone is still hale and hearty body. 14. razor leavened fried razor razor is also very common in Putian, similar to the sixties, long known as razor clams. Also shelled. To acquire a knife before doing the next one shell, or cooked, open the shell, only anxious - and, - at home, mother and sister's favorite is drunken clam, their name implies, is to use wine to cook razor clams, razor clams you can imagine a bunch of plug into the round, the middle of adding white wine, add the peanut oil, salt, MSG, etc. spices, opened fire, then liquor Xiangpiao four Yi ~ saliva ing 15. Beet cake also known as pancake, the practice is simply flour Jialuo Bo, fried vermicelli, and so on. . . Grandmother while carrying a child to see Puxian chair, I Pidianpidian followed behind, not for anything else, just for this dish the first cake, wait until the finish at, and we have a child in one hand and turnip cake, watching finish at drama --- the Eight Immortals, it felt extremely comfortable! ! (Added: The reason why a child likes to watch a movie, it is because in the stage, there will be a lot of vegetables first cake) 16. Xinghua Si powder because of its appearance Zhuangruo nose, hence the name Si powder. Si, the ancient interpretation of the dictionary meaning of the nose, it got its name. Authentic approach is: use big pig bone soup, with its soup in the pot boil, add Si powder, and bean sprouts (with other dishes would have to change the taste, it is not correct were a), cooked with fire, doused with onion oil, monosodium glutamate, a little soy sauce, vinegar 6 degrees or less. Putian Hanjiang near the cervix has a taste the most authentic. 17. Taro stewed pork ribs taro snack in Putian has a special status. Select taro is critical. There taro taro taro and sugar divided (I given only limited). Calla Chai Chai taste, no matter how long you stew, is a taste, more like eating wood, that not delicious. Candy line, eating up the exciting moment - a very gentle flavor. However, we must grasp the furnace, or wood furnace is not also wood flavor, too, and on into the mud of the taro ~ actually pull the skin is very depressed,dr dre studio, because the skin with taro from the skin will encounter red rash, itching, very hard to accept. . . . In this trick to teach a small, hand roasted over the fire area for a while, the symptoms will be mitigated. 18. Guobian paste Guobian paste thin, but doing it is not difficult, Fourth door Guobian favorite paste - like Bianshi practice, but also Xiangpiao overflowing ah ~ *** Guobian paste mentioned, natural also like to mention myself paste noodles, Putian, then called somewhat similar, Putian Xinghua with noodles and flour cooked together, with pig's blood, the small intestine. Hanjiang delta process has a stall selling these two are together, a dollar a bowl of business burst fire, especially when the eat a bowl of cold weather, on the last one fritters, needless to say,montblanc pen, there are several natural heart you spectators 19. Xinghua fried fried, was originally a rice farmer in the debut, Tsuishine broken when the screen out of the ground rice, coupled with pumpkin, leeks, celery, green bean sprouts, etc., made with fried dry. Putian twenty-four fried King, one of the most famous rock stone chamber, there is 20. braised tofu wedding meal ah ~ the first channel and its importance. Ingredients dish with fresh tofu, contain more unsaturated fatty acids, with a supplement in Qi, clearing the lungs and stomach, the function of fluid and phlegm, add mushrooms, shrimp, pork and other supplies, and green onion, ginger other spices, stir to boil, turn slow fire and simmer for 20 minutes, until tofu clay honeycomb, the sprinkle with a celery, you can pan on the plate. It features, color white as jade, texture soft, smooth and refreshing, pure taste, eat more without getting tired. My favorite. Putian I think tofu is tofu in Need, tofu stewed pork ribs, tofu soup infiltrated the various cells, bite, how is a tender Zile! 21. bitter snail soup is just a little bitter - can not eat,dr dre beats, and will cause diarrhea 22. plum put on a good bayberry or Myolie bubble up after a few years is a goal to share ah cool ~ the best cold beverage! ! ! 23. fried package Putian Jianbao take a very black ass fried, savory, crunchy ~ (impression in dozens of delicious Jianbao word Street to the house, see below) delicious stuffing ~ ~ every time entered, and filling a lot of vinegar ~ ~ ~

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