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-your hobbies/ things you like to do
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my name:Yue Xing
my major (or what you're thinking of majoring in):social sciences
my hobbies/ things i like to do: watch sports games, hiking,travelling
my favorite food: Chinese food, sushi, pizza and spaghetti bolognese

"Hello" in Chinese: “你好”“nǐ hǎo”

I'm thinking of majoring in economics.

I enjoy watching movies, travelling, doing sports and reading.

My favorite foods are traditional Chinese food and some American food.

"Hello" in Chinese: "你好” “nǐ hǎo”

my name:Wenkai Ying (or Vic)
my major (or what you're thinking of majoring in):Businese And Psychology
my hobbies/ things i like to do: reading, Seeing films, photographing and planning activities.
my favorite food: Chinese Dishes

"Hello" in Chinese: “你好”“nǐ hǎo”

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for commenting! We are all looking forward to meeting you in August :-)

my name:Henan Wang
my major(or what you're thinking of majoring in):Economics
my hobbies/ things i like to do: basketball, Hip Hop, chat with my friends, venture.
my favorite food:pizza,Donut,Mashed potatoes.
"Hello" in my native language:“你好” (nihao)

I love pizza too!

I will be majoring in Computer Science.
Hobbies: Playing cricket, football and basketball, watching movies and video games.
Favourite Food: Rajmah (Indian Dish) and some american food.
Hello in Hindi: even I dont know, usually people say hello only but sometimes they say "Namaste"

Hi guys,I'm Joe Nathaniel from India although I reside in the United Arab Emirates ( in the Middle East ). I'm majoring in Chemical Engineering. My hobbies include reading books preferably mystery novels, surfing the net, hanging out with friends, playing sports such as cricket and soccer and also playing the piano and doing community service during my free time.
My favorite food include Pizzas, Burgers, Chicken Noodles and Prawns. Hello in my native language Tamil = 'Vanakam'.

Hello everyone, I'm Yijie Wang from China and my English name is Cross.
I'll major in mathematics and I'm also concerned about Climate Change.
I'm an athlete in the cross-country orienteering and I do well in swimming, ping-pong and jogging as well.
What's more,I learned sketching at a very young age and I can play Taiji Boxing & Shaolin Eight Segments of Brocade(Chinese traditional Kungfu).
In addition, I prefer pop & rock music(MJ is my favorite) and my prefered food is Chinese food and some western food.
The way to say hello in Chinese is "Ni Hao"(你好).

Hi,everyone!My name is Aoyang Wang,and you can call me Fiona,too.I come from China and,of course,my native language is Chinese,so we say hello as "ni hao"(你好).
I'm thinking of majoring in journalism and mass communication in the College of Liberal Arts.
My hobbies are watching movies,listening to music,reading,writing,taking part in various extracurricular activities,and playing baketball and tennis as well.Oh,I have to say that I also like travelling.
My favorite food is Chinese food,and I like some western food as well,such as pizzas and pies.

Hi, everyone!~
I'm An Zhou, and I want to major in Child Psychology. I like playing Electone, and hiking. I love ice-cream!~ The Chinese way to say hello has been introduced many times above.
Hope to meet you guys some day.

Hey everyone...:)
The name here is Rahul and I'm hoping to major in Aerospace Engineering at the U's IT :D
I love playing the guitar randomly throughout the day and I play a bit of basketball
and soccer when I can:)
I do read a lot but I wouldn't necessarily say that
I do a very good job of it:P
I get out a lot and love hanging with my friends and meeting new people....Also trying new and different things is something I'm very good with:)
Favourite food? don't really have one..I mean..It's all good! right?:D
So that's pretty much it and oops....I almost forgot...
In my native,it would be "Namoskar" but a "Namaste" or just "Hey there" will do...hehe


name : sakshi
i'll be majoring in psychology
i love to read all kinds of books/ novels except sci-fi and mystery.
my favourite food would be anything thai or japanese.
hello in my native lang is 'namaste' but its usually used to greet elders, it kinda obsolete now.

-my name: Temilola Famakinwa
-my major Chemical engineering.
-my hobbies/ things you like to do: Read, play soccer, art.
-your favorite food:Lasagna!
and how to say hello in my native language: E ka ro o!

my name:Xiang Li
my major (or what you're thinking of majoring in):biology
my hobbies/ things i like to do: playing table tennis, listening to the music and playing the violin, reading
my favorite food: Chinese food

"Hello" in Chinese: “你好”“nǐ hǎo”

My name is Sifa. It is pronounced as SHEEFA. I am a Turkish Cypriot. I live in Cyprus. I am planning to major in Genetics. I love Turkish food but I am open to other food aswell. I love listening to music, writing, reading, plaing volleyball, fundraising and exploring new cultures and meeting new people. The way to say hello in Turkish is "Selam" or "Merhaba" =)

Hello.My name's Fengyi Jiang.I like to play basketball, though I can't play it very well.I also enjoy listening to music, playing computer games a little bit.Sometimes I go to the cinema as well.As for my favourite, I can't come up with many ideas,At least I love Chinese food. I like to eat snacks but I shouldn't.Maybe I'll major in Economics.Chinese way to say hello is "你好",that is, "ni hao"

-your name: Yi Zou
-your major (or what you're thinking of majoring in): Natural Resource Management and Policy
-your hobbies/ things you like to do: Music, Animation and Comic, Painting, Sports,
-your favorite food: Chinese food, sushi.
-and how to say hello in your native language: "Hello" in Chinese is 你好(nǐ hǎo)

Hi mateys,my name is Inshaf and I am from Sri Lanka.I am majoring in engineering,probably computer science.My hobbies are reading,movies,music,basketball and cricket.Favorite food is anything that tastes good for my tongue.And presently what I am doing is being overwhelmed by the number of Chinese applicants(no offense).

-my name: Shashank Bawaskar
-my major Chemical engineering.
-my hobbies/ things you like to do: Play sports like Table Tennis, Cricket, play an Indian Classical Instrument called "Tabla", listening music,etc.
-your favorite food: Pizza, Chinese noodles, and a lot of Indian dishes.
-how to say hello in my native language: Namaste

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present, the two ITU-T and ISO International Organization for Standardization's Joint Group of Experts JVT video coding to develop new coding standard H.264 video compression standard, known as AVC (AdvancedVideoCoding) standard, is MPEG-4 Part 10. Not only H.263 and H.264 MPEG-4 than the 50% savings rate, but also has better network support. It introduces a mechanism for encoding the IP packet, is conducive to the packet transmission network, support network video streaming. H.264 has a strong error resilience features to meet the packet loss rate, a serious interference in the wireless channel video transmission. H.264 support different network resources under the classification code transmission, resulting in a smooth image quality. H.264 can adapt to different network video transmission, network compatibility is good. H.264 standard image compression techniques to make exercise a higher stage, at a lower bandwidth to provide high-quality H.264 video transmission is the application of highlights.

operation support system to complete the IPTV business acceptance, user management, billing management, account management, resource management, ICP management, product management, work order management and content access control and other functions, is IPTV system to achieve

5, IPTV content storage distribution

7, IPTV end system

router is responsible for the content of the user's request to dispatch to the appropriate device, the content routing system is usually achieved through load balancing, load balancing system is to achieve the CDN content routing capabilities. It is the role of dynamic equilibrium of all the contents of the cache site, load distribution, the request for the user to select the best access to the site, while improving site usability. Content routing based on network topology, network latency, server load policy settings and rules to specify the content of the best sites to request a specific service. Content routers can route based on the development of a variety of factors, including the site near the user's degree of content availability, network load, device status. Load-balancing system is the core of the CDN, load balancing accuracy and efficiency of the entire CDN directly determine the efficiency and performance.

(6) Operation Support System

7.1 PC-based terminal system

7.3 mobile terminal system

P2P network model has undergone changes in composition of centralized, distributed and mixed in three stages.

to adapt to the flexibility in the transmission of multimedia on the Internet, International Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) in the late 1990s, has released the draft MPEG-4 standard, MPEG-4 based audio and video objects The scalable coding techniques, the rate can range from changes in 5Kbps-2Mbps, which combines digital television, interactive graphics and other areas of technology and Internet capabilities. It requires efficient coding, emphasized the flexibility of multimedia network communication and interactivity.

In fact, if the IPTV simply interpreted as mentioned above, the IP network to simulate the traditional TV, it is too simplistic and narrow, then IPTV is not promising. IPTV and traditional television business, the biggest feature is the ability to personalize the characteristics of on-demand and real-time interactive services, you can also carry out similar to the traditional telecommunications services and Internet services and other value-added services. General speaking, IPTV services using the IP network (or while taking advantage of IP networks and DVB networks), the media, from television, film and television production companies, media organizations, distance education institutions and other content providers content via IPTV broadband business application platform (the platform is often not only support TV, also support other business) integration to the user PC, STB + TV, multimedia handsets (for Mobile IPTV) and other terminals, enabling users to enjoy rich IPTV brought content for broadband multimedia services.

With the rapid development of the network, optical network and optical fiber communication because of its large capacity, high-speed characteristics, network infrastructure has become the protagonist. At the same time the access network switches support multicast performance of mature and stable, the price continues to drop. FTTB + LAN is based on Ethernet and GPON fiber access technology means. Due to the maturity of Ethernet technology and simple, and are used as a cheap and stable high-speed optical fiber transmission medium, these two methods has gradually emerged as the means of broadband access, IPTV and effective way.

streaming media delivery system includes a device is the center / edge of the distribution of streaming media servers and storage networks.

When digital broadcast television after the field of interactive television broadcast network will have a two-way interactive broadcast channels and a single television channel, shown in Figure 1, interactive TV channels through interaction providers (ie ISP) network communication resources, to interact with TV content providers, to achieve some of the basic functions of IPTV. Currently, the broadcasting sector in the active parts of the network spent a lot of two-way transformation test, seeks to use the IPoverDVB way to achieve IPTV. However, due to the inherent characteristics of radio and television networks, both from a technical and financial needs huge investment, it is very difficult to achieve, and inputs and outputs and there will be a considerable gap.

FTTB + LAN is Ethernet-based broadband access technology, using high-speed network to achieve gigabit optical fiber to the community, combined with the realization of the general twisted pair Fast to the building, Shizhao to the user. FTTB + LAN access technology, the real way is to adopt a second floor of the medium access control technology, direct IP-based services to provide the transmission channel. FTTB + LAN as a high-speed broadband access, IPTV broadband business to carry out simple to use, low cost, users do not need to add a dedicated modem, but the disadvantages are also obvious that the complexity of cabling inside the building and the use of double stranded due to distance limitations.

5.2 networking

composition from the home network can be divided into the following sections: home gateway; a variety of information devices and intelligent appliances; smart home networking environment to build, is about all kinds of terminals connected digital home and and home gateway connected via wired or wireless means within the family of Internet technology, home networking devices and the information terminal equipment, intelligent appliances and self-organizing network provides automatic discovery and configuration.

● improve resource management of distributed storage and content control, intelligent routing and allocation for traffic management;

(2) digital rights management (DRM)

IPTV is a kind of home TV or PC as a display terminal, via the Internet, including television programming, including content-rich multimedia services, IPTV is computing, communications, multimedia and home appliances the integration of new technology, the key technology is the use of LANkclass = qqx_gjz> computer or

CDN core idea is to push content closer to users from the center of the edge, so that users could go to obtain the required content, so that not only effectively improve the performance of user access to content, but also effectively reduce the center of pressure equipment and backbone networks. By CDN, content distribution can be a single center from the original structure into a distributed structure and improve the response speed of user access to the site. Thus, CDN can improve the efficiency of the network information flow, technically as a comprehensive solution to network bandwidth is small, user access to large, uneven distribution network problems and improve user access to the site response.

● According to the user's geographic location and connection bandwidth, allowing users to connect up to the nearest server, access speed, reducing the user access latency and response time, reduce the consumption of network bandwidth;
● global load balancing, improve storage resource utilization, improve performance and quality of distribution services;

1) CDN mode

MPEG-1 used in activities with the sound of digital image compression, bit rate is 1.5Mbps, general home VCD MPEG-1 is an application; MPEG-2 is an application in professional-grade compression coding standard, the standard for digital television and HDTV in a variety of applications under the compression program and a detailed system level requirements, the rate from 3Mbps-80Mbps with the Scalability, MPEG-2 special for broadcast digital television coding and transmission, was identified as the coding standard for SDTV and HDTV.

Second, the traditional CDN designed for PC users to provide VOD programming and accelerate HTTP browser-based applications, regardless of live programming.

Family Integrated Service Gateway is the home network into contact with the external network bridge, but also a variety of digital home services and applications critical. Home gateway is a simple, intelligent, standardized, flexible throughout the home network interface unit, which can be received from different external network communication signals to pass through the home network signal to a device.

hybrid P2P distributed model, based on the ability of the user nodes are classified, so some of the nodes as a special task. These nodes are divided into three kinds: the user node, the node and the search index node. A node can be both a search index node is the node. Hybrid P2P with the centralized and distributed P2P advantages in the design and processing capabilities have been further optimized.

telecommunications industry has an excellent network infrastructure, especially in the integration of business on the Internet has a wealth of operational experience, can give full play to the network, will provide video on demand, highly interactive online games, etc. business. Thus, in IPTV services has certain favorable conditions, but also the transformation of the network is not easy.

Currently, DSLAM equipment is the most common broadband access network infrastructure equipment, IPTV services generally started by the DSLAM equipment. DSLAM equipment by the line quality and the impact of the technology of the following disadvantages: low rates, there is alignment rates; effective transmission distance is short; packet loss rate, QoS is not guaranteed; security is low; limited support for multicast, large Most only support IPv4 routers do not support multicast. Therefore, IPTV to promote development are severely limited.

FTTH is fiber as a physical medium to connect users and operators to achieve a technology. FTTH that can provide high-bandwidth access methods can easily provide these features, and to achieve a symmetrical two-way transmission, which is not comparable to other access methods. FTTH can be generally two types of network structure. First, the passive optical network PON architecture, the second is point to point PtoP structure. FTTH implementation of the up and down the two lines can reach 100Mbit / s.

family home gateway can be completed online services, IPTV services, online gaming services, IP telephony, home video monitoring services, as well as remote network management services, home control and security.

next few years, home users of broadband services to the development, IPTV services will likely become the digital home marketing major application form, digital TV, IP set-top boxes and other end products, along with IPTV-based network hardware software solutions will become mainstream products.

in a CDN network, including the contents of the cache devices, content switches, content router, CDN content management, and several other important elements. A typical CDN composition shown in Figure 3:

content management system the following main technologies: EPG menu and digital rights management (DRM).

7.2 STB-based end-system

4.3 content management system

content management system's main function is to IPTV programming and content management. Media programs through post-production, manual or automatic storage management system to the streaming media programs, and then in the content management system through the channel organization and content layout, to show to the user through the EPG.

to complete some of the major programs of the digital, so the original shows on the IP network to transmit digital programming. Its main function is to broadcast programs, encoding, conversion and transmission.

● high reliability, availability, good scalability and compatibility, fault-tolerant and easily extended.

20 Since the 1990s, with the video encoding technology matures, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have launched a series of international video coding standard, has been released are: H.261, H.262, H.263, H.264 and MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, etc. At present, considered to be more suitable for streaming media systems are mainly used in the standard H.264 and MPEG4.

Figure 3 CDN schematic model of the network components

GPON provides 1Mbps-1000Mbps uplink and downlink symmetrical high-bandwidth, the bandwidth for each user IPTV can be dynamically allocated; also supported on the access link in the whole of the QoS guarantee to protect the IPTV service quality; GPON access network coverage up to 20Km, eliminating access to various types of copper distance limitations. Domestic carriers have been successfully applied to GPON technology broadband access network, proven GPON technology has become a reliable and cost-effective IPTV broadband access technology.

However, the current streaming media system based on the construction of the CDN system is mainly designed for the PC, only a certain extent, meet some of the IPTV service, IPTV system with very different, entirely on CDN streaming media system to the development of IPTV is unable to meet the needs of IPTV services.

Figure 2 IPTV system components

P2P technology is a different PC for users, not through the direct exchange of data relay devices or services technologies. It broke the traditional Client / Server model, the peer network, the status of each node are the same, with the dual characteristics of the client and server, can as a service users and service providers. As the rapid development of P2P technology, the Internet storage mode from the current power back to the user.

STB to have as a customer premise equipment features include the following:

for IPTV Why is TV But these two conditions need to meet, or just need to meet the first condition, it should be referred to as IPTV, there are different interpretations. As technology advances, the current TV is not only used for television display terminals, are now a variety of other services (such as games, stock tickers) display terminals; and television has not only watch on TV , PC and mobile phones can also be watched on other devices. Therefore, IPTV reason is called

in a distributed P2P, the peer with the neighbor connection between peers through the entire network system. Each of the other machines are similar in function, and there is no dedicated server, but they must rely on other machines where the distribution network to find files and locate other peers. Distributed P2P solve the problem of anti-attack, but the lack of quick search and scalability.

Finally, the existing CDN system architecture is simpler compared with the IPTV system, usually in a centralized video server architecture, all programs are stored on the server directly, without any transcoding work can be played directly on the Internet. The complexity of its structure can not be required with IPTV system compared to the CDN system.

Currently, telecom line used by the IPTV terminal mainly three types: PC + software player, TV + set-top boxes and mobile streaming media platform for multimedia mobile phones. The


(4) access systems

1, What is IPTV

6, IPTV access systems

PC-based terminal system is adopted in the form of Internet video applications, the use of Internet streaming media technology to transmit a data stream format, the user can use the computer on the appropriate player for compressed video and After extracting the audio stream to play media files. This form of terminal hardware is relatively simple, only need a PC with Ethernet card, install the appropriate player software can play audio and video programming and Internet browsing. More players, the current application software are Microsoft WindowsMediaPlayer, Apple's QuickTime and RealNetworks' Real Player.

● support content caching, interactive control, authentication and service access and network management capabilities.

2, IPTV implementations

content switch in the focus point and POP user access points, can cache the content load balancing and access control. In many cases, equipment, and content caching in one device. Single point of content switches can balance the load more content caching device, which is based on end-user sessions and specific requests for content to provide content services. CDN content switch is one of the optional components, for larger user access point, content switches can improve the site availability.

centralized P2P model from a central server is responsible to share information and feedback of information inquiries; each of its peer entity to be required to share information and be responsible for communications, according to it needs to download the other peer entity information. Centralized P2P model is all the information available online to provide the information are stored in the client, server, leaving only the index information, in addition to the server with the other entities, as well as other entities have interactive capability. Centralized P2P network resources is conducive to the rapid retrieval, and as long as the server capacity is strong enough it can be infinitely extended, but the center of the model vulnerable to direct attack.

for CABLE TV service is completely independent in parallel; the traditional telecom industry, by contrast, is a way to achieve

different implementations

addition to the above video encoding technology, there are now more Internet use streaming media format mainly the United States RealNetworks' ReaMedia, Apple's QuickTime and Microsoft's WindowsMedia. The main coding methods include: ASF, nAVI, AVI, DIVx, QuickTime, RealAudio, RealVideo and Real Flash, etc.

Figure 1 IPTV

access system is mainly to provide access for IPTV terminal functions, so STB can smoothly access to the IP network, the current common way for xDSL and LAN access method.

IPTV actual system components shown in Figure 2.

IPTV content management systems need to support operating systems (BOSS) interface, a user access portal, the user authentication (authentication of access to complete set-top box), the authorized user service and support set-top box to retrieve content and access media content redirection, and complete billing data collection function, and the user's account deductions.

5.1 to store the distribution requirements

store distribution network by multiple servers, load balancing between them to achieve scale through a network, such as CDN.

(1) EPG menu

content management system is mainly responsible for the overall management of CDN system is an optional component CDN, it is the role of content management, such as injection and content publishing, content distribution, content of the audit, content services, and allows web content distribution and transmission services to users or service providers as needed to monitor, manage or control the content distribution network, equipment status.

Figure 1 simply indicate IPTV networks in the broadcasting and telecommunications implementations, corresponding to the above mentioned

4.2 encoding

digital rights management (DigitalRightsManagement, referred to as DRM) is related to the technical, legal and business at all levels of systems engineering. It is the commercial operation of the digital media provides a means of achieving complete. DRM is to protect multimedia content from unauthorized playback and copying methods. DRM technologies emerge, allowing copyright owners do not have to spend considerable time and effort to negotiate with customers to ensure that the digital media content can be legally used. DRM will allow content providers for each platform, regardless of the Internet, streaming media and interactive digital television, provides more content, more flexible way of selling programs, while effectively protecting intellectual property rights.

● support video on demand, multicast, and Internet browsing, as well as short messaging, video services and online games;

use of set-top box to watch digital TV programs, users can receive through the EPG is not only the ordinary TV programs, radio programs or teletext program, but you can also view information of interest, such as: classification according to program (such as music, sports, movies, etc.) search program, search program by program providers, to view the next period of time tables and video broadcast network, broadcast and other information.

3, IPTV system components

content management system for copyright management program needs, in order to prevent users from using the virtual players, illegal downloading and disseminating streaming media file; the same time, in order to provide a controlled watching streaming media download service, through DRM rights management control.

streaming media server is to provide streaming of core equipment. Requires a high stability, and support multiple concurrent streams to meet and live streaming applications.

2) P2P mode

● support the current application or more LAN or WLAN xDSL and other broadband access methods. Supports TCP / UDP / IP protocol suite, complete interoperability information network transmission, reception and processing IP data and video streaming media data;

IPTV system for distributed storage network storage requirements:

EPG is in line with MPEG-2 (13818.1) of the TS into the DVB transport stream standard definition of business information (ServiceInformation, SI), so that the integrated receiver decoder set-top box can stream from the TS extract a list of programs broadcast content providers and broadcast parameters to the form of visual display to the digital TV subscribers, allows users to easily receive, choose the digital television programs.

mentioned terminal system for IPTV, mobile people will naturally think of 3G mobile phones, it can handle images, music, streaming video and other multimedia, and the use of wireless communication networks and the Internet combine to provide network television, video phone,beats by dre solo HD, web browsing, video conferencing, e-commerce and other media services.

4.1 programming

DRM technology works is: the establishment of digital program authorization center, encoded compressed digital content, using the key (Key) can be encrypted to protect (lock), the encrypted digital programming head KeyID and storage of programs authorized center URL. User demand, according to the program head of the KeyID and URL information on the number of programs authorized by the authentication center sends the relevant authorization key to decrypt (unlock), program in order to play. Programs need to be protected is encrypted, even if users download and save, not digital authentication authorization program authorized center can not play, so closely guarded the program's copyright.

production system supports VCD, DVD, WAV, AVI, MPG and MP3 files into formats such as ASF, WMV, WMA, RM, MP4 and other streaming media formats, the size of the code to support various bandwidth stream format, and supports video capture cards and other equipment to get the video and audio data (TV, video, cameras, etc.) into a streaming file system support functions.

8, IPTV and home networking

(5) IPTV terminal

current IPTV terminal can be divided into three forms, namely the PC platform terminal, IP-STB platform devices and mobile platforms (mobile network) terminal. One, IP-STB terminal is the most common users of IPTV consumer devices.

Figure 4 a schematic structure of a typical home network

home network, including Modem, PC, STB, IAD and other devices that interconnect to form a home network. From the xDSL line of IPTV video services via a home network to the STB, the STB decoding video signals to achieve on a TV show. STB can be used as an extension of the home network, providing digital entertainment, communications, intelligent home network solution for sharing, integration, broadband networks will be moved into the living room from a user study.

● support for multimedia stream decoding capabilities, the TV screen display and digital rights management;

IPTV program production system usually consists of content acquisition, content creation (including encoding and transcoding), program management and other components. Content acquisition system of the program source can be a camera, television programs, VCD, satellite input signal, and so on.

digital home network is public network through the home gateway will be extended to family functions and applications, and wired or wireless network to connect all kinds of information terminals (such as home appliances, PC etc.), providing integrated voice, data, multimedia, control and management functions, to information between terminals within the family and its relationship with the external public network and share the full circulation. Digital home network can be achieved through the following services and applications: with Internet connectivity, as well as set-top box and the TV or computer to achieve VOD, and provides ASP-based mass storage and personalized information services and interactive Internet entertainment games. Digital home networks is located in three areas: home entertainment, telecommunications and broadcasting services, control and monitoring functions. Figure 4 show a typical home network structure.

as IPTV video multicast, on-demand business in full swing, the access network needs a higher bandwidth, bandwidth of standard definition IPTV over at least 2Mbps bandwidth, high-definition IPTV bandwidth of at least 6-8Mbps higher bandwidth (MPEG4 video format). If a family has multiple IPTV terminals, then the required bandwidth will be doubled. Taking into account all kinds of interactive services such as video conferencing, video chat, online games, BBS maps and other needs, access network upstream bandwidth demand will continue to grow, so IPTV bearer network, uplink and downlink access bandwidth requirements will be increasingly higher.

STB terminal system is based on both PC and TV functions, both PC's processing power, but also has the TV viewing experience. Meanwhile, STB is very likely as a home network / media center in next-generation home network. Therefore, IPTV terminal is more optimistic about the

content management system needs to monitor the streaming media server or CDN entrance available state, when the entry address provided by multiple servers when the content management system can provide load balancing for these servers.

content caching device is the CDN service delivery points is the end-user content delivery devices can cache static Web content and streaming media content, to achieve the edge of the content transmitted and stored, so that the final the user's nearest access, it is generally deployed in a centralized user access point, complete contents of the edge of the storage devices are usually used Cache technologies.

IPTV system, the user has a high quality of service requirements, but also to ensure smooth playback. In the wide area network, from the user's client through a streaming media server is a very complex routing, it is difficult to ensure smooth playback of. To overcome the complexity of the network route the checks, the edge in the IPTV service must be implemented by end users on-demand service, so should the content distributed from a central server to the edge server to effectively realize the content distributed from the center to the edge server storage server of such a network system, known as content distribution networks (ContentDeliveryNetwork, CDN).

9, IPTV and digital TV

content creation systems provide general program production, program production and broadcast taped programming, etc. At the same time, real-time content creation system can automatically monitor the background live (taped) management information system, automatically pre-set time using live video capture card (recording) a specific channel is broadcast television program; when the program recording is completed, you can automatically uploaded to the streaming media file server, and show the corresponding information stored in the database.

PC-based terminal system advantages of simplicity, low investment, convenient access. The first drawback is each player software vendor proprietary file format limited to, general poor. Second is the use of PC monitor to watch TV watch the TV screen relative to the small and poor comfort. Once again, do not use the computer for people who can not enjoy this business.

First, the current CDN system is different from the video encoding format of digital TV, can not provide broadcast video services. CDN system supports video encoding format is mainly REAL and WMV, the mainstream MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 support are very limited. At the same time, live television is the main business of IPTV, REAL, and WMV video encoding format using software compression techniques, have 5-10 seconds of delay, it can not support high-quality real-time broadcast IPTV services business.

4, IPTV content delivery

electronic program guide (EPG) is used to provide users with a easy to use, friendly interface, quick access to programs want to see a way, the user can see through the function of one or more channels the near future on all channels even broadcast television.

STB terminal system based on the TV as a monitor, using a dedicated IP-STB to the network to receive audio and video media data and extract, transform delivery of television signal format to the TV broadcast.

(1) program to provide system

(3) streaming media delivery system

● provide user authentication, authentication mechanism, sending the contents of the protected, unauthorized users can not be distributed;

family in the future, IPTV and high-definition digital TV on a clear access to the high bandwidth requirements, to achieve 100Mbit / s access will be necessary to achieve such a high-bandwidth , other methods are difficult to achieve, only FTTX with GPON technology.

Literally speaking, IPTV is the use of IP transmission of regular television programs (and therefore sometimes referred to as Web TV), but different industries and organizations of IPTV, but there are different understanding of the meaning .

AVS is China's self-developed, proprietary next-generation encoding. AVS is currently China's ongoing work to develop the specifications, but its goal is not only limited to China, is also preparing an international standard external promotion. AVS is replacing MPEG-2 specifications for the efficient encoding of the target, equivalent to H.264 and WindowsMedia9. At present, AVS video mainly for high-definition television, high-density optical storage media in applications such as video compression.

(2) content management system

content management system main function is to IPTV programming and content management, content management and is the main user management features include: content review, content publishing, content downloads, user management and user authentication billing.

IPTV and digital television, both similarities and differences between them. IPTV and digital TV for example, shown in Table 1. As can be seen from Table 1 is based IPTV broadband telecommunications network in the form of television transmission, not only allows users to watch more TV programs, but also can play a video function, you can extend other value-added telecom services.

Table 1 IPTV and digital TV comparison chart

( Rpm)Speak, to reduce the 30-year struggle to write very article is brilliant, long, but the work were very helpful First: Do not stay in the heart of that comfort zone is within forgive. Everyone has a comfort zone in this area are very self, do not want to be disturbed, do not want to be push, and unfamiliar faces do not want to talk, do not want to be accused of not willing to follow the prescribed time limit to do things, do not want to take the initiative to care for others, do not want to think about what other people did not expect. This student is very easy to understand, and sometimes even told the students that However the contrary, in work, you must try to change this situation. Otherwise, you will quickly become a cocktail party, the only object that can not be heard, or soon because of pressure and endocrine disorders. However, if you can soon break before the period in which the comfort zone of students, a good deal faster than others, business, interpersonal, public relations, that can quickly come to the fore. During the meeting, a comfortable area to stay in the mind of the leadership will listen to negative words, passive standby, it is superior to the completion of the death of things, but never care about anything other than this, but not think more step, make the next more easy to use someone else's work. Those who dare to break the comfort zone of people, dare at the appropriate time to present their views and do not understand, and get higher recognition and pointing to the work at hand as soon as possible after completion and ready to accept criticism from others and adjustments. (Note: Never wait for others to say what you think, this is typical of the former) at work, the current face of a new colleague who, he pretended not to see, to continue their work. Little do they know new colleagues soon became his own boss. While the latter kind and generous self-presentation and understanding of each other and their relationship. at the party, the former always wait for others to speak and comment on each other's language like privately; if there are no speakers on the table, and that until the end of the meal, and no one know you. Which is brave and begin with a meal together and chat, this seems difficult, sometimes beneath the face, but often you will find each other and how you want to say a few words. These are just a few examples of small, but to illustrate that, while students in the campus should go to school at work in the , and the community began to make preparations for the exchange. not start working after ten ----( two) Second: Do not or Especially when talking about work and higher. I totally hate to hear the sentence is: Similarly, the following words will make people feel disgusted: > like to get hold of get to the bottom. University of hard to tell the truth then the person inside the half of all mixed. A person either in the classroom is a mixed, or after school is mixed. Two do not mix with people of color, either super cow, or is crazy. So, because everyone in the mix, so the campus is a romantic place, the campus is easy simple. Therefore, the work of student organizations are often inefficient, and I do recall the work of the school was also felt quite hard, but after the work began to feel what is efficiency. When you enter a time where monetary terms, you want to avoid school as much as possible to cultivate this habit. If the parent can ask when you implement your commitment to him, and you answer (Of course, this answer is often in the school community, students work is common) a fable, a little mouse just born shortly after her mother asked the little mouse the mouse: you can now see that? Mouse said: Yes. Rat mother said: you can see that piece of sweet potato it? Mouse said: Yes. Rat mother said: It is a stone, which shows you not only have not see anything, you have not even smell. plausible answer is often the same as you will expose more weaknesses. May be the following one or several: 1. You did not expect this work before, or has been delayed. 2. you do not have a sense of responsibility that these are not important. 3. you meet the higher level. 4. you can not tell the truth. 5. you like to be brave, agreed to a number failed to do. 6. you can not work independently. When your superiors in the above options in doubt, subconsciously you have all of the above also have a weakness. the contrary, this kind of answer, always make your boss angry. first, his question was not answered, just to remind you to play a role. Second, he still need to remember to remind you, because he does not know whether you really have been put to work. Third, he does not know how many things you have done in all this is not implemented. (This is a very deadly) Fourth, often because there is no satisfactory answer, his boss's plan had to be postponed or delayed or can not give a clear end time. so --------- A Q: When will you be able to fix this vulnerability? B said: I have informed them, they probably will to repair tomorrow. A day later Q: What maintenance company come back, you find a repair company Which? B said: if they say no one to arrange, if you can, tonight or tomorrow afternoon will be able to come. A day later Q: how not fix vulnerability? B said: I am late and then ask them. A said: This afternoon is not solved before, do not come to work tomorrow. Third: Do not delay work many people like to learn and play in the latter between the first and last time in a one-time rush to assault examination to review things done. But at work, do not develop this habit, because work is never done, and does not allow you Or, when you hover and a loss how to implement, you have the leadership could not stand that he did it. ---- This is a dangerous signal. often we always want things from start to finish all think it over, began to take the first step ----- fell down. example: elementary school, when I first give me a call when the girls like, imagine a variety of situations ------- 1, when the phone in her homework. 2, her homework, her mother answered the telephone. 3. She is also very boring, is looking for people to speak. 4. She was reprimanded by their parents. 5. She is like another boy. 6. Her father answer the phone. 7. What her family just to relatives, relatives answered the phone. 8. She answered the phone, but parents around, talking is not convenient. . . . . And so on and so forth. I want a whole afternoon, like a good variety of psychological preparedness and response strategies. Then pick up the phone brave, then pressed a few buttons. Results ------- She was not at home. So, when you stagnant and know what to do when you realize that you are delaying work. Wandering because of fear of possible consequences of this matter themselves or to meet needs. When the work requires a minimum of self-confidence, believe they have the ability, no matter what the situation is the next step, I can boot to it to which I need to go online. Also, tell myself not to think too much time, if you do not know, they quickly help or try to, distress and anxiety will give you more pressure will be exhausted the rest of the time eating. In addition, the warning about: Never think, I know, first to send things to put higher bit, so this set of ---- 90% of the cases, you will forget, or too late, because this needs to be more than you originally thought of the time. Just do it, has been a very good habit. Fourth: Do not think that theory can be implemented and you're done! This is too important, and often when people really started to implement a plan will be found fully equal to a pack of lies. If you do not personally practice, sooner or later people will make plans to be implemented in contempt. Always need to enhance their ability to do practical things, not words. First, if you are doing office work, or do the planning and programs. Please do not put yourself are considered unlikely or difficult to do things, let others give it a try. For example, with an afternoon a few places in the flow of people will be held in open-air singing. This will make people think you performed in the play, he took his experiment. Yes, in theory, in the singing will be held anywhere, but in different places, the implementation of the human mind is not the same. Second, and implementation of people to discuss your arrangements. For example, new to your subordinates, you arranged for her to sit anywhere, but if it was a very difficult and we touch the corner, this arrangement may be nothing more than your poor. Indeed, in theory, a person to sit down, just need space. But in fact much more than that. again, do not expect everything will be as you planned. In theory this meeting will last two hours, but this is Students have been accustomed to do things Paper, ppt presentations, exams, school debate competition ... These IQ Competition, are perfect to teach us how to do You have to believe they can If you are in the school's students, test yourself, can people get following conditions: 1. schools must create a set of school uniforms, up to you to find suppliers, bargain, at least three companies offer. 2. caught a student stealing school security, how to deal with? 3. the school is a very important section of the street is broken, you can let it continue to light up within three days. 4. canteens need to ask a special burn halal food chef, a week to the post. When you start thinking about this problem over time, you will find his ideas and You will find the latter as long as you do And as long as the work you want to, will feel a lot of pressure. Because you do not handle, the result is a clear failure of a bigger problem would have occurred. the way, this feeling is This is the Fifth: Do not let other people wait for you In any case, do not let other people put down the work at hand to wait for you. In a university may be just a few people with bedroom semi-jokingly complained, the work is likely to result in your loss of potential partners. you are doing a job at the same time to know the progress of others, and never backward. This is not like the exam, you do than others slow, others can be an assignment, to the time you finish your bear points. At work is this: This is a no one can finish the examination, all of them are assigned to do a different part of the paper, some people assigned to the reading comprehension, and some people do the cloze, grammar and some people do is done ... and then we copy each other, so that all done. If we regard each part done, and you are still in not done, so do the others will soon do you start that part of the subject, and then also copy each other. Slowly, you will find that your workload is entirely possible to replace by another person, the whole team can do without you, this time, no one here to get papers from your answer, and no one will give you their answers - ------- Unfortunately, you have no use value. Please be sure to remember this example. Sixth: Do not think that detail is not important in college, often sloppy work, to see almost on the line. On the contrary, the essence of management in the enterprise lies in the details of the simple things to do. A hurried search for safe key action is very likely to lose your chief financial officer for promotion opportunities. company's management, in fact, need not be difficult things to do 90 %---- example, to optimize the management of core processes, changing the face of the company's image in the local ZF, improve product quality, improve the working ... and management of the environment is to do simple things to do each 100 %----- example, everyone in the company's files in accordance with certain laws and tidy storage up in the guard to set up a foreign staff Reception table, extra chairs into the conference room away, and television next Wednesday to talk about a good company to do the interview, the trial installation to the customer hands in the production of coffee plus a hole in the cover to the next camera ... ... and so true. If you can have all the details of the issues truthfully do, then you have the open promotion of the capital. graduation when many people do not know what we should do, so on and said to myself: I will manage to do it! To do management? Ask yourself if the company assets were stolen, and all the staff morale is low, messy office, the company has broken elevator, no ink printer, the procurement plan cost overruns, and poor sales, and customer late ... you are willing to solve this problems and to start it from the small? Well, they want to re-consider whether to look too empty of management. Seventh: Do not behave negatively, just because you're doing is not your interest. Obviously, a student, when do you like, we will pay200% of energy to create, but if it is boring affairs, we will not bother to ignore, it is best to have the means to cope with the past. However, 80 percent of the work you are doing is tedious and seemingly mechanical, if only for this purpose the performance of depressed, then you will be depressed longer. To know that your boss has enough trouble for this project, and you want him to see you face it? learn to like his job, and focus on what they can learn their daily work up. So if you complain hard work,North Face Down Jackets, then the next you is hard to find work. Minimize the use of think about the following positions, you will find a lot of work in life so you are not in good condition so that you do very interesting things: 1. expressway toll gate, the toll: one day is face a small window to send out a card, so to continue for several years. 2. the school cafeteria chef: always burn big row and chicken. Burn year. 3. Writers: turnaround period to come, I was inspired by birth, two weeks had eaten breakfast. 4. surgeons: just fell asleep, immediately asked me to do a three-hour surgery. So that at least once a week. 5. Salesroom Sales: products harder to sell, to work 8:00 to sitting at the door, a man sat down at 6 pm today, no one person, and yesterday. 6. Bus driver: I do not drive your command. I opened this route for three years. 7. pet store clerk: doing good business, but also over a long time ago listening to the calls of 20 dogs a day, listening to one year. 8.'s staff: two at night after work, still 8:00 to go to work the next day. The key is on the road but also one hour. This has been a month. then ask yourself is not the only contact with the job only a month or did not encounter a few difficulties, this time complaining the loudest. do not think to choose an interesting job, because there is no kind of work there. No single Try to ask themselves the most interest in it. self exploration. VIII: Never to improve the ability to work only on their faith in the corporate training people absolutely can not go through a training on reborn. In contrast, group training school to what is often the most irrelevant information. Like burning Da Guocai as canteen, did not you always want to eat the food the most, because it is easy, and not easy to offend people. many students selected the company is serious about training there, this shows you not only do not know what to do in this company, you do not even know how to learn these skills. my perception is that if you do not know how to learn the knowledge you want, do not know what you want knowledge, you will only make two kinds of behavior: 1. Waiting for someone to teach you, and wait for others to find you do not know where. 2 ready-made answers and find a copy. Expect corporate training people on the great probability is the first person (not rule out the rare truly outstanding corporate training) many students have this habit of thinking: because the company's training to the end reach so many and because the extent of this degree is exactly why I want to achieve the I tried this company for Because I entered the company it would lead me to the the desired extent. we participate in training and achieve the desired effect is very naive paintings on the equal sign. In fact, tend to group training on the information obtained is the least practical value. Lectures alone are not always rely on the teacher to the same thing to all people, you will get more than others. More thoughts on the observation and reflection on their own needs, to find the problem through observation and practice the answer is the real knowledge. So, just to work and what will not, do not think that is normal, because the company has not trained it! So after I trained, I will all the. If you are still waiting for others to be ignorant of your ignorance and poor knowledge of your charity, you will pay for your ignorance more intelligence. IX: Do not shirk responsibility shirk responsibility is to fear conditioning. Do not think that others do not see this. I remember my elementary school thing. I have a job does not bring the teacher to reprimand me, saying: how do you always work without? I said: It is not. . . . When I was about to hum and haw when the teacher said: what is not? Bring you yet? I said: no teacher said: is not that there is no band! What is not! Is! then I discovered that I was just afraid of responsibility and the conditioned reflex like say a a response. fact that many people face work, too, when the higher questioned, it is very conditioned reflex action on to make the shift, but this kind of action, the next is often weak excuse, and some very rough excuse. This will make your boss feel this is very difficult to communicate, and very real. another case, that is, no matter what the circumstances, I blame a person, he always stressed that objective. In fact, this is the most typical characteristics of students. This shows that he is too vulnerable to the impact of other things and subject to their decisions. If you and your boss will appear between the following types of dialogue, think about what is required to change your way of doing things. A: Why have not yet been reported to the vice president to see you! B: I just c in print, I'm waiting for him to end, and now he is probably okay, I'll see B: there is something you want to modify B: b also take things to the vice president I wait for him because B: a report he said I do not have to look vice president (a colleague is a sibling of B) B: Oh, do not know the vice president in the not, his door closed. B: d he asked me to help him print the file! Blame him! (D is a sibling of B colleagues) B: I suddenly can not find the cup, and looking for the cup. responsible people do not want the negative is that he will doubt his loyalty to the boss because the boss gave him the command often because a small thing has been put on hold or discount perform, instead of consciousness by others changed. X: Do not say to yourself 1. do not consider themselves more aloof 2. Do not continue to be student standards themselves 3. Do not feel inferior 4. Do not wait for others to care 5. Do not put this As a self-comforting excuse mistakes 6. Do not forget to figure out how to their treatment of the company how much more sophisticated, do not volunteer. character is the foundation to handle interpersonal relationships, but also to ensure the quality of key relationships. In addition, interpersonal skills is particularly important. Some good things will make people appreciate life, and some people may be thankless, but to help others, not only not appreciated and rewarded, and also people feel hate. The same product the same price to sell to the same customer, some sales may be violently thrown out, the clerk might sign some big orders, and even the customer as a guest. interpersonal skills is a very complex topic, confined space, where only my personal experience with some simple list, omissions inevitable. 1. give encouragement and praise others, avoid criticizing, blaming and complaining, do not force others to admit. 2. to learn to listen. Do not talk too much, try to let other people say. 3. If you want to join someone else's conversation, first find out what others are saying. 4. keep talking until neutral and objective. Indicate their tendency to figure out the other side before the first real trend. 5. pay attention to each other's social habits and proper to be imitated. 6. Do not interrupt, correct, add other people's conversations. 7. others have difficulty, take the initiative to help support and encourage. 8. not because the other family and friends and not pay attention to etiquette. 9. as much as possible about other people want, to teach him how to get what he wants. 10. always treat people with a smile. 11. to do a sense of humor. But when the jokes do not only care about their smile. 12. do a detachment vulgar. 13. as much as possible when speaking with others looked at each other's eyes, whether you are talking or listening. 14.'re starting to try to change the subject. 15. to learn to listen to each other overtones. By implication to have to learn to express themselves politely. 16. call others to notice. 17. Do not work or others may be busy when the rest of the phone in the past. Unless it is very urgent matter. 18. to call when someone first asked whether the other party to facilitate the call. 19. one thing to have two people know it is no longer a secret. 20. you say that any person in the back sooner or later ill have passed this person's ears. 21. Do not say harsh words. 22. remember the names of others. Develop occasionally look Mingpian Bu, phone habits. 23. try to contact with the people you hate. 24. must respect each other's privacy, whether friend or husband and wife. 25. a lot of people together, and when you talk to someone with one of them, please do not ignore the existence of other people. 26. to dare to admit. 27. attitude of humility, everyone around the face. 28. to give people sympathy and understanding. 29. as much as possible with the 30. Do not make promises. Something had to be committed as possible

1 When flying into the eyes of lime, hot unbearable, just a few drops of sugar water. Can relieve pain. 2. bathroom mirror mist on wet and dry towels are difficult to clean. Can first coat in the mirror on the soap, then dry cloth to wipe the mirror is very easy to restore clear. 3. feel myself itching due to dry winter, and must not use the clutch, or easily scratch the skin causing secondary infections can be more water, eat fruits and control. 4. a cup of coffee can relieve stress and relax, but also to stimulate peristalsis. Produce catharsis for people who suffer from constipation can drink coffee at breakfast time. 5. drawers, closets musty suitcase when put inside a block of soap, can be removed. 6. buy a gift given away when the price tag is difficult to tear, can be used in a hair dryer blowing hot tear, will be easily peeled off without leaving a trace. 7. pomelo skin boils water to cure frostbite. Skin boils water to scrub the affected area with grapefruit, washed 1-2 times a day, a few can be effective. 8. milk can keep fit, drink 250 ml of milk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer. But drinking too much may lead to prostate disease. 9. ginger can be refreshing, winter may be appropriate to eat ginger, experts believe that taking ginger can relieve the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and improve joint mobility. 10. winter avoid head kept in bed, because the gases carbon dioxide and piled up dirty, it will make people wake up and feel groggy, tired and weak. 11. mung bean trick a cold fever, can be boiled green beans, boiled in add ginger and cola, hot drink to cure fever flu. 12. should not drink milk one hour before the oranges, and oranges because of proteins in milk may have to encounter will happen acid coagulation, the milk was not conducive to the absorption. 13. banana peel can effectively cure frostbite, get inside with a banana peel gently rub frostbite Department, until the fever, few can bear fruit. 14. Health eating peanuts can cure presbyopia. 25 grams of peanuts a day to eat once a day, a long resume of presbyopia may be helpful. 15. orange peel wash water can be soothing. soaked with water a few slices of orange peel, until the temperature is suitable, the wash water with orange peel, can be soothing. 16. clothes stained with egg, first with cold blisters, and then use the tea soak, the final rinse, to remove the egg stains. 17. swimming breath to exercise, the treatment of tinnitus has also helped, need long-term adherence. 18. catechins in tea may inhibit the effect of influenza virus activity may persist in using tea mouthwash, can be effective in preventing influenza. 19. banana steamed sugar co-cough. banana 3, 5 g sugar, into a bowl on the pot, paper and steam for 15 minutes eating, cough with good results. 20. pepper leaves feet of water governance heel pain. fresh pepper leaves, boil water, hot feet, and even a few days soak for half an hour, will soon recover. 21. lard, honey and cream can remove frostbite. to take lard 20 grams honey 80 grams, put together and mix thoroughly into a paste, spreads in the affected area 3 times a day, a few days grams recovered. 22. ginger drink to cure dizziness, nausea, ginger mixed drinks with flavored too , drive half an hour before drinking, to prevent dizziness and nausea. 23. jujube cracked hands and feet treatment, to remove a few pieces of jujube skin nuclear, boiled into a paste, applied in the gap at the twice a day, A few days after recovery. 24. soy sauce, sweat can cure sore throat rinse. throat pain, gargle with a spoon soy sauce, about 1 minute spit for 3 to 4 times with good results. 25. If the joints cracked wooden furniture, old newspapers can cut it into pieces to add alum, boiled rice paste. embed cracks, very solid after drying a ; 26. plus the pear mash and sugar transfer service, can cure a hoarse voice. snowflake plus 1 g of ephedra into the pot boiled, eat two times a day, to cure whooping cough. 27. bath body if wound, the wound can be applied in the oil material, such as cream, and water separation, not inflammation, it will not hurt. 28. newspaper ink can be de-worming, put clothes in a box was placed underneath a layer of newspaper, put clothes in, it will give the 2 clothing from insect bites. 29. the amount of Xianou washed, crushed juice pressed 250 g, 52 g honey and mix thoroughly, sub-5 service, once every few days , can cure a cold cough. 30. chocolate should not be placed in the refrigerator, easy degradation, loss of flavor. 31. something steamed, steamer should not put too much water, generally after steaming pot left bowl of water is appropriate so to do, for maximum gas savings. 33. the pepper into the pot and fry paste, crushed face like, every night before going to bed with the amount of sugar water, blunt one tablespoon pepper powder, commonly used can be thin. 34. chronic pharyngitis patients should eat cabbage, Wu Shi spicy food, you can slowly ease the symptoms. 35. clothes grease stain on the account after a little squeezing toothpaste applied to the pollution, gently rub, then wash with water, oil can be removed. 36. the body is bump, you can apply the affected area with sesame oil and gently rub the affected area and will not appear from the mass green spots. 37. sugar food can cure a cold steamed tofu in the tofu, sugar sprinkled points, with the steamer cooked food three times a day, a few days to cure a cold. 38. with deep-fried food Sometimes the oil spill from the pot after boiling, immediately put a few grains pepper, like boiling oil consumption down. 39. rattan dirty, wet brushing with water, and then get ignited sulfur smoked, it will clean as new. 40. crockery was bought back, with 4% were soaked in boiling vinegar water, can remove most toxic substances. 41 . silk clothing, yellow when hot, can be a little soda water into a paste, applied to the focus at the track, until the water evaporates, the iron in the pad with a damp cloth, brown can be removed. 42. draw a small cross in the bottom of tomatoes, into boiling water for 5 seconds, remove immediately immersed in cold water, the skin can be easily peeled off. 43. wolfberry into the amount of the 150 g soaked in liquor , ten days after the drink, once a day, long-term drinking can effectively treat low back pain. 44. day after dinner or before going to sleep, eat two of garlic, a period of time to cure insomnia, to return to normal sleep . 45. wormwood to cure stuffy nose plug will be inserted into the nasal wormwood After kneading, make nose breathing unobstructed. 46. with a refreshing salt water foot bath can relieve fatigue, energy surge. 47. glycerine and egg yolk to dip a cloth cover the stain was placed on the surface a moment, washed with water to remove stains. 48. water service vinegar can prevent motion sickness, take a little vinegar, with water after drinking Then ride, can prevent motion sickness. 49. Experts recommend winter can eat red peppers, carrots, hawthorn and other food or drink twice a day 3 yogurt, a bowl of chicken soup, can be effective in preventing colds. 50 winter decorations, wood should pay attention to moisture, so as to avoid deformation, hydraulic oil seal products in time to prevent shrinkage, wood flooring to get out of about 2 mm expansion joints. ; 51 low season, every day rubbing the ear, hand-wringing, and then these parts with a hair dryer blowing warm moment, you can effectively prevent frostbite. 52. autumn season, the daily cooking turnip , carrots, soup with vegetables morning and at night a small bowl. long-term adherence, effective in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. 53. sweater to wear for a long time, some parts will be worn shiny, with vinegar and water half and half was mixed liquid spraying about in the wash. like to restore it. 54. autumn eyes of redness, eat Qi Ju Di Huang Wan (Henan Wanxi, Lanzhou Foci). 55. porridge into the orange peel not only aromatic and delicious, but also play a role in appetite, abdominal fullness or cough, sputum for the right people, have a therapeutic effect. 56. autumn and winter chapped hands and feet can be left hot tea against blood blisters hands and feet about 10 minutes, adhere to a week, the skin can be smooth as ever. 57. will wear long black white sweater, the sweater into the freezer after washing one hour, remove the dry, can be as white as new. 58. hood on the box was difficult to clean the oil, the oil in a clean box was put on the first point of water, to oil droplets in water, fast cleaning down, pour the oil out quickly for a long time. 59. succeeded in chap feet, put some toothpaste, you can stop the bleeding and pain, heal quickly. ; 60. stovepipe eat spinach can play a detoxification, the role was to protect the retina. 61. cotton clothes mildew appears, with a few Mildew was mung bean teeth in place repeatedly rub, then rinse with water, mildew can be removed. 62. the beauty of winter to eat carrots too: can detoxification, treatment urination and other symptoms. 63 winter avoid before going to bed wash your hair, cold weather, after first washing with hot water. a lot of water evaporates away a lot of heat, this time to sleep, colds. 64. peanuts meters can cure cold stomach pains, after stimulation by the cold wind often cause stomach pains, can eat cooked fried peanuts, stomach pain can be reduced. 65. Kepo the eggs, egg yolk and protein separation, the egg yolk into fresh milk to cook, after drinking the town can play brain sedative effect. 66. iodine wipe outside the affected area can be in addition to hand-moss, clean the iodine in the affected area four to five times, the affected area of ​​skin to dry The loss, along with hand-cured moss. 67. In point of glass injured the first gypsum powder and chalk powder coated water, dry and then wipe with a dry cloth to polish the glass can be easily. 68. mouthwash can of beer to eliminate dust and mold. gargle with a beer in the throat can wash away the dust, and the role of disinfection, can make the throat more comfortable. 69. liquor cure foot odor sweat every night after the feet with a little white wine rub the feet, and air dry. a month. cure foot odor. 70. Qiao brush suede shoes. alcohol and yellow rice into a paste applied to the upper. dry brush the yellow rice , will follow to get rid of dirt. 71. eat boiled fish is easy to produce skin problems, boiled fish in hot pepper irritant strong, Some restaurants do with the fish feed, some diners have an allergic reaction. 72. How to wash wool sweater: Wash in warm water increases when the amount of PCE and ammonia, add a few drops of vinegar in the rinse can help restore wool fabric of the original luster and softness. 73. tofu fresh tips in the fridge: tofu directly into the refrigerator, water will overflow, poor flavor also can be soaked in water stored in the refrigerator. 74. boiled Coke can cure colds. cold early, can Coke plus a few slices of ginger and lemon and cook, and then drink both a significant effect. 75. with hot rice soup bubble fungus, and a half hours after fishing out, this method is not only the appearance of fungus bubble hair soft mast, and fresh fried taste. 76. sulfur-rich eggs, eat four eggs a week can make hair glossy. eat high-protein food and fresh vegetables , make the hair thick. 77. vinegar can remove refrigerator odor, some vinegar to put the past into the exposure glass in the refrigerator, there is the role of anti-virus deodorant. 78. licorice bean soup solution poisoning. poisoning, use 15 grams of licorice, green beans 80 grams decoction, one day, three times a dose. 79. meal sugar ginger can cure acid stomach. after each meal eat three or four Min Jiang (ie sugar,cheap Beats by dre studio, ginger), long-term adherence, can cure hyperacidity, stomach disease. 80. drink soft drinks should not be combined hangover, drink wine and soft drinks with alcohol will cause quickly produce large amounts of carbon dioxide in the volatile body, the stomach, liver and kidney organs are severely damaged. 81. if drunk cold in winter white open can prevent a cold, especially in the morning drinking a cup of cool boiled water, to make the liver and kidney detoxification row of wash capacity enhancement. 82. Lysol feet of water to cure frostbite. 2-3 drops every night with a medical release to Su feet of water warm water several times these days after frostbite. 83. white radish cure nasal congestion. Take white radish 3-4, clear into the pot, add boiling water, boiling steam after play nose, the nose after a few minutes to ventilation. 84. eat too much sour food, teeth will feel sore, commonly known as As long as you eat two walnut, so teeth can immediately return to normal. 85. to make teeth white fast earth: with salt, baking soda the same amount, add water and mix thoroughly, brush your teeth once a day, four days in addition to the tooth surface stain. to make teeth whiter. 86. swallowed leek rule Fishbone card throat, a handful of chopped chives have been fried, and then swallowed, can remove the card throat fishbone. 87. anemia earth, taking black-blood flow in a white paper, dried to dried blood bunched up into powder, served with red wine tone, a Banchi powder, twice a day. 88. corns salt except with a spoonful of salt, add boiling water, until the cooler temperatures after the hot foot, After the hot foot to dry for half an hour a week or so corn can be off on their own. 89. overnight cooked cabbage as food, dishes, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite, so that exposure to hypoxia produce disease, it must be now used for cabbage is eaten. 90. eat hot pot soup into the amount of beer down as role eat hot pot with beer, wine cooling of carbon dioxide can help prevent food burns the mouth. 91. foot pillow pillow rule cramps every night to sleep with a pillow in the foot pad, can prevent cramps symptoms occur during sleep. 92. smearing soap can be swelling and pain. either by water or fire burns, the immediately apply some soap in the wound, swelling and pain temporarily. 93. seaweed mud mixed with honey treatment ulcer, kelp (or eggplant skin) scorched broken down, mixed with honey and apply on affected area after good results. 94. fasting eating walnuts can cure rheumatism, eat 5-6 walnuts a day fasting, adhere to a few months later, rheumatic symptoms may disappear. 95. If the sweater cuff or hem loss of elasticity, in hot water soak for 20 minutes, dry air can dry to restore flexibility. 96. To clear the refrigerator mold. wipe with a dry cloth dipped in soapy water, such as indelible. with a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol wipe. 97. Massage orbital treatment rhinitis, according to the index finger with both hands under the orbital bone in two, twice a day rub two hundred, the period of time to bear fruit. 98. chewing teeth to eat peanuts and effective governance down, chew a few peanuts, or a raw onion, teeth immediately resume ever, continue to chew on things. 99. milk to make soup is delicious. stew soup at home when a few drops of milk in the pan, so that fish can not only soft white, will be very tasty soup. 100. run out of perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles do not immediately throw away, their cover is open, on the trunk or closet clothes will become fragrant. 101. smoking or prolonged use of dark nail polish color will make a day with half a fresh lemon to clean, wipe the last two weeks that can remove the stains. 102. the main component of polyethylene packaging of liquid milk and then heat will break down, toxic seepage into the milk is hazardous to health, so do not even bags of milk fever. 103. cold stomach pain, can be used a little ginger, add boiling water, hot clothes. for poor appetite and dyspepsia patients, this method is also effective. 104. Grapefruit contains naringin, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis, suitable for old food. 105. autumn skin tan more easily than in summer, autumn than in summer dilute the concentration of plasma layer, ultraviolet stronger, more need sunscreen. 106. to do the fish should be put in more ginger, ginger will ease the fish The cold, fishy solution to help digestion, when the pork should be put in more pepper, pepper will help warm the role. 107. Chinese soup at 37 degrees tongue feeling the most pain, so Yao Tang Jian Hao is best to look cool then serve. 108. cooking crab, shrimp and other aquatic products, first with 1% vinegar solution soak for an hour, to prevent halophilic bacteria cause of food poisoning. 109. tea should not be too thick, too thick tea make gastric contraction, protein coagulation, and dilute the gastric juice, affecting digestion and absorption of individual iron. 110. do not tofu onions, green onions and tofu in the calcium oxalate easily combined into calcium oxalate, which will destroy the nutritional content of tofu. 111. sedentary people should eat in front of the computer Apple, it combines with the body of radioactive elements and excreted, with anti-cancer and maintain good health. 112. The new porcelain tableware on 10% of the vinegar water and cook for three hours and then go out with a new porcelain can contain trace amounts of aluminum, aluminum toxicity to avoid physical harm. 113. dry autumn foam cleanser should be used with caution, otherwise it would lose the stratum corneum of skin moisture, causing skin itching problems. 114 If you feel bitter bitter. burning can put a little vinegar, can reduce the bitterness. appropriate to help regulate the body's yin and yang balance of bitter, with a refreshing effect. 115. chestnut vitamins and phosphorus, calcium etc., nourishing the human body functions such as angelica and ginseng almost comparable, especially for kidney who have a significant effect. 116. a small amount of alcohol can be comfortable through the blood circulation, relax the spirit, but have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal ulcers and other diseases of the patients are not suitable for drinking. 117. Cod Liver Oil moss hand rule, the cod liver oil pills racking, take a little topical if no adverse reaction, can be assured coating, 3 times a week, a week to heal. 118. shabu before the first drink half a glass of fresh juice is best, then eat the vegetables, then meat, so it is reasonable to use nutrition to reduce the burden of gastroenteritis. 119. Drink eight glasses of water a day can prevent bladder cancer, otherwise the blood is too thick, toxic waste can not be removed, but also increase the kidney, liver and other burdens. 120. clever addition to shower nozzle scale, take a bowl, pour the vinegar, soak in vinegar to spray in a few hours after the removal, rinse with water can. 121. tea and sweets should not be stored together, easy to put together would make tea due to damp and moldy. 122. in the scrambled eggs, if the next Stir the eggs to the pot in a few drops of white wine, Stir the eggs will be more tender. 123. a cup of coffee before exercise may help ease the movement of people caused by excessive muscle soreness. 124 with grape juice instead of plain water service effective antihypertensive drugs, can lower blood pressure and smooth, but not blood pressure fluctuated phenomenon. 125. the eyes helps to eliminate cold eyes after staying up late bloodshot eyes, packed in ice in the ice pack on the gauze, cold skin, every 15 minutes. 126. identify disease coup pork, pulled pork to buy one or more root scoparia, close look at the hair root, hair roots, such as redness, it is pigs. 127. insist on meal after meal chewing green tea can cure bleeding gums and bad breath. chewing tea leaves to make tea in the mouth when chewing mill into a fine powder and then dose. 128. natural crystal transparency, there is cotton wool within the crystal, natural crystal touch the cool, high hardness, force the glass will be obvious scratches. 129. Kiwi is rich in rich vitamin C, a day sooner or later, helps blood circulation in winter, eat kiwi fruit can regulate body functions, enhance immunity. 130. teeth pain, or throat infection, may put one to two cloves into the mouth and chew spend a few minutes you can play the role of bactericidal pain. 131. Celery leaves antihypertensive effect is obvious, what with the water hot, chopped, mix garlic, almost equivalent to serving one antihypertensive drug. 132. to prevent sweater shrink in the warm water into the detergent, washed with a string bag sweater control of the water, spread out when Pingyin semi-dry. 133. drinking milk to drink plenty of water, bacteria will break down the mouth of the residual milk, resulting in sulfide odor of gas, resulting in poor taste. 134. winter when the body lacks vitamin A, skin becomes dry, rich in vitamin A foods, eggs, liver. soybean. peanuts. 135. milk with honey should not be brewed into tea, milk protein content is high, honey containing glucose and organic acids, which together brewed into tea is easy to produce variability precipitation. 136. chop the meat before the knife into hot water, soak 3 minutes -5 minutes chopped meat, minced meat does not stick knives in. ; 137 to elevate the refrigerator 3-6 cm to the bottom of cabinet space for increased air flow, thus reducing both sides and the upper part of the refrigerator out from the noise. 138. Hawthorn cinnamon cure stomach pain, will 10 g of hawthorn with water to cook the meat for 20 minutes, then add 5 g of cinnamon, brown sugar juice Shaozhu moment taking. 139. buy lemons, oranges, smooth surface should be selected, because orange class will be stored for too long after picking dehydration, the skin will wrinkle 140. is not suitable for fruit juice and eat lamb, mutton, when best to drink carbonated beverages, carbonated drinks can be more because good stomach to digest meat. 141. Prune fruit nutritious, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber charity. fat and cholesterol, is the best modern snacks. 142. Honey is a good winter skin care products, but not with tofu with fresh, cold tofu, can heat the blood scattered with honey with water easily cause diarrhea. ; 143 buy sausages to pay attention to color, dark red color, good quality cured products. fat transparent or milky white, firm and dry meat. 144. workers postponed due to socialize dinner, 4-6 points in the afternoon on the two calcium tablets if you chew, you can double protection of the gastrointestinal tract. 145. Do not eat eggs tea immediately. tannic acid in tea tannin with protein synthesis of protein, making bowel movements slow down, could easily lead to constipation. 146. take a spoon wolfberry, .20 minutes with boiling water after drunk as a tea, and eat wolfberry, long-term consumption, help the skin soft. 147. humidifier is best cleaned once a week. experts humidifier water tank is possession of dirt, if not clean, easy to breed bacteria. 148. bedtime should not be eating chocolate and cola, because it contains caffeine, will affect the quality of sleep. ; 149 for 20-year-old adolescents and young people, regular exercise can help prevent high blood pressure. 150. latest survey results show that daily vitamin C intake of 200 ml of people suffering from cataract risk can be reduced by 35%. 151. middle-aged single food calcium is invalid, should eat milk and seafood, more than the sun to increase vitamin D in the skin, is conducive to calcium absorption. 152. soaked in water or the mother of medicinal Chrysanthemum millet grass, wet towel, spreads in the eye for 15 minutes, can effectively relieve eye fatigue. 153. clever selection of tea: look of tea elastic, tight and heavy real good quality, look at clarity, have more tea in tea stems. Petiole and impurities of poor quality. 154. was always medicine broke medicine and eat a small benefit that swallowing tablets. In fact, after the sharpened tablet break apart, easy to scratch the esophagus. 155. 1-2 election every morning fasting fresh tomatoes dipped in sugar to eat, antihypertensive effect is obvious. 156. insomnia, a tablespoon of vinegar can be poured into cold water, stir in honey to drink, to help them fall asleep very good. 157. white vinegar is a treasure: white vinegar in the amount of water added to make it more white clothes soaked in light, some sugar in the vase, white vinegar can make flowers preservation. 158. eat asparagus can speed up the metabolism of the body's Park to promote the consumption of human body heat, so many fresh asparagus can make people become slim. 159. sea cucumber storage: sun dried sea cucumber, double the food into a plastic bag, add a few garlic, then tie the bag, hanging in height. 160. clever cook pasta: cooking time add a tablespoon of oil in the water, the noodles will not stick, but also to prevent the soup from the foam to the spill. 161. eggs with ginger, onions can not mix, ginger and onions have a strong odor, and easy penetration into small pores on the egg shell, the eggs degenerate. 162. stature number of minimum standards for the use of towels men and two women and three, disinfected once a week, cool hang-ventilated place. Towel use deadlines for 3 months. 163. woolen underwear to wear for a long time will play a lot of small ball, very beautiful, can be used as the electric razor shave shaving again, like the clothes . 164. insecticide newspaper ink can taste in the box at the bottom layer of newspaper, put clothes, make clothes from insect bites, newspaper changed once every six months. 165. Do not use boiling water when cooking pot, when the pot bubbles up when you can take the following by throwing a few cover pot and boil, add water, boil in covered pot. 166.'s too tight plastic screw cap open, the bottle can be placed in the refrigerator freezer for a while, so it is easy to unscrew the. 167. Office of the thin: a half-hour after lunch to 1 hour, a cup of strong coffee without sugar, can promote fat burning. 168. Family First Aid Note: Patients should not drink gastrointestinal feeding, burn patients should not drink water, drink filling unconscious patients can not be strong or easily cause suffocation. 169. Experiments show that the effect of hypnosis, hypnotic lullaby actually make beats, people will sleep in a lullaby, accompanied by special sweet. 170. to identify pigment wine, shake and pour the wine on a napkin, such as red or uneven distribution of sediment, the wine is turned into a pigment. 171. boulder thing by putting a pot of drugs such as spider plants, asparagus, etc., can effectively absorb carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other harmful objects, reduce air pollution. 172. too spicy stir-fries that can be placed in an egg fry, wok fried with curry sauce out of the peppers to prevent anemia. 173. hot springs every time should not exceed 15 minutes, no more than 3 times per day, 1 hour after meals, after strenuous exercise are not hot springs. 174. antivirus vegetables: application of boiling water before eating bamboo shoots and cook for 20 minutes, remove the balls into the toxins, ginkgo not be eaten every meal should be more than ten. 175. a new study shows that tai chi can help improve diabetes-free features to help improve their blood sugar control. 176. pillowcases wash shampoo instead of detergent when available, with a special shampoo to remove hair, dirt composition, more than detergent to wash clean. 177. drink liquor should be hot after drinking liquor containing formaldehyde, alcohol damage to persons than the large, low boiling point of formaldehyde, volatile wine hot can make most of the aldehyde. 178. Hot water should be careful not to boil, bubble can, so not only can kill the bacteria, but will not produce chlorine and other harmful substances. 179. German neurologist recently published study shows that the smell of incense rose sleep. Help to enhance memory. 180. in vegetable oils, the high nutritional value and health value of olive oil, but also the discovery of oil in the most suitable for human nutrition oil. 181. in the production of sweet and sour fish, sugar should be put after the salt, or dehydration of salt would find out exactly what the protein coagulation is difficult to Tang Wei , resulting in the addition of sweet light. 182. pumpkin lungs Qi, phlegm, Zhichuan diuretic, beauty and other functions, the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, gastric ulcers and other diseases. 183. Do not for a long time to use margin Pa, bright lights can interfere with human brain, central nervous system function, people dizziness, loss of appetite. 184. washing machine lid open after washing clothes, close the lid is not conducive to evaporation of residual moisture, easy to breed mold, hazardous to health. 185. Walnuts are rich in vitamins and carotene, eat three walnuts can reduce LDL cholesterol values ​​of 5%, can be effective in preventing heart disease. 186. astringency clever to have bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots Taomi Shui Canada seeded with skin on a red pepper, cook over medium heat, natural cooling removing washing, peeling. 187. fried potatoes, vinegar, and biodegradable toxins in potatoes, scrambled eggs when you add a few drops of vinegar, Stir the eggs soft shiang. 188. Chocolate contains a variety of rich antioxidants, such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, adequate intake of good for the skin. 189. drink green tea or green tea ingredients containing skin care products, sun can cause skin damage, loose and rough peroxide reduced by about three one. 190. salad tomatoes with sugar, put a little salt will be sweeter, because the salt can change the acid sugar ratio. 191. watermelon juice is very effective in preventing drunk, because the watermelon juice would produce competitive inhibition of alcohol, reduce the amount of alcohol into the blood 192 a day chewing gum for ten minutes, can reduce facial wrinkles, because chewing can exercise facial muscles to improve facial blood circulation. 193. in a fever when the drink freshly squeezed pineapple juice, helps fever, but also reduce the risk of suffering from bronchitis. 194. the orange peel into the hot water soak. Wash your face with this water bath, moisturize rough skin and improve the situation. 195. onions are clear blocks of the role of vascular congestion, can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent blood viscosity, thereby prevent atherosclerosis. 196. summer tea Ye Ruosheng mold, should not in the sun, on the pot about 10 minutes dry training, the taste can be restored, but the fire should not be too large. 197. wok avoid cook green bean soup, red bayberry, hawthorn, crabapple and other acidic fruits, avoid bowl overnight, but not soup. 198. ophthalmology experts advise, resin lens surface wear, if the 199. summer, soy sauce, perishable, raw garlic peel stray into the bottle, soy sauce will not have neither moldy smell. 200. Watermelon contains vitamin C, ice on the skin drying red skin, can be calm, moist skin, aloe has the same effect. 201. fasting to eat cold, irritation of the gastric mucosa, causes gastritis, and just eat cold food to eat, the environment will cause stomach disorders, affecting digestion. 202. short walk four times a day antihypertensive effect, four times daily 10 minutes walk, the antihypertensive effect can last 11 hours. 203. should not be placed within the room rose, because the smell will make people smell rose suddenly felt chest discomfort, suffocation. 204. sunglasses should not be too large mirror, mirror the greater curvature of the refractive index changes in the larger, long-wearing and easy to make eye fatigue, dryness, damage eyesight. 205. acidity of milk on the skin have anti-inflammatory role of convergence, external application of cold milk, can repair sun damage skin. 207. Cherry iron content is high, eat can increase the hemoglobin content, ruddy people. 208. avoid fasting to eat pineapple, pineapple contains strong elements, an empty stomach will hurt the stomach after a meal to eat in order to better absorb nutrients. 209. Mango is rich in water, many times and delicate mango make the skin becomes red, the other, mango is rich in vitamins, and improve eyesight. 210. cooking liquor instead of wine is not available when, heated with wine produced acetification dissolve fat, increase fresh to taste, wine no effect. 211. like stew beef stew fast, the rotten stew that can be used gauze to wrap the pot of tea cook, soon rotten meat and delicious. 212. new clothes to be soaked with salt wash wear, as do the new clothes wrinkle-free treatment may be cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde residues. 213. cucumber crisp flesh, juicy, sweet, rich in vitamins, whitening skin, maintain skin elasticity, inhibition of melanin formation. 214. can listen to the elegant dining music, elegant music can enhance parasympathetic role in promoting digestion and absorption. 215. with drinking soft drinks and wine will enhance the stimulation of gastric mucosa, reduce the secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzymes, leading to acute gastroenteritis. 216. water and fire burns, the oil painting and then quickly cool the surface injury, there is pain and prevent blistering effect. 217. curd or tofu and other soy products tend to have shares of swill taste, if salt water soak before cooking, to remove the odor. 218. lettuce can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, promote appetite, lettuce also has a calming effect, regular consumption can help eliminate tension, to help sleep. 219. pork coated with clay or dirt on the material, is difficult to wash with water, soak a few minutes if Taomi Shui wash, stolen goods can be washed. 220. Scientists say the eggs in the unsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol, the cardiovascular system have special protection.

idioms classified Daquan A description of people's quality: approachable generosity pure and noble perseverance perseverance and sleepless nights uphold justice and dignity that all honorable unyielding devotion to duty unto death have Second, the description of people's wisdom: Liaoshirushen resourceful erudite mastery of Chinese and Western learning brainstorming brilliant and profound analogy outstanding Third, the description of characters deportment, style: naive gentle demeanor Xiangmaotangtang graceful morale majestic radiant sparkle four high-spirited, ; description of characters look, mood: leisurely exultant smile sparkle ecstatic delight sadly indifferent transfixed furious five, description of people's eloquence: endless gift of the gab glib eloquence eloquent Chukouchengzhang Yujingsizuo sounds and talk quips eloquent six, from the historical story of the idiom: Highlighting Tiechu into needle fancies retrieve their full property embattled abject apology sake of the Shoubushijuan cantilever Cigu cutting the wall to steal light seven, describing the action figures: cursory cheered help Young and old danced Cuxitanxin bend forward to bring back excitedly spread hell and high water one after the claws eight, describing human feelings: Enchongrushan profound friendship of the concentration of blood brotherhood inseparable like-minded sincerity in water treatment through thick and thin of life and death with utter sincerity dependent nine, indicating that the governor Xiao Li in: gradually over time and learn new life-long learning Boundless Learning Qinnengbuzhuo 笨鸟先飞 Dishuichuanshi worked hard and Good Books ten, from the fable of the idiom: contradictory enough just to get the finishing touch belie passive disregard the changing circumstances to remedy the situation superfluous deceiving Maiduhuanzhu XI, describing the momentum of things, the atmosphere: impeccable unstoppable resolutely overwhelming deafening thrilling Spirit in full steam ahead with irresistible force Rulvpingdi XII describe seasonal features: chill spring spring beauties of springtime Fruitful Dead Poets Society scorching sun heat were scorching steam autumn Autumn Autumn is cool and pleasant ice and snow Hanqixiren Handonglayue XIII describe prosperity flourishing scene: gathered in crowds of people turned out in full swing in full swing almost a full house packed thriving thriving stream fourth, and material describing the beauty of the King: beautiful magnificent magnificent magnificent Yuyu King House sublime talent icing on the cake powder makeup jade puzzle Journey Into Amazing Caves fifth, describing the landscape beauty: beautiful rivers and mountains towering Shuitianyise sparkling lake heavy mountainous picturesque mountain stream white training vacated moist XVI described the flowers and trees: lush green grass and blossoming trees towering trees Zhengrong colorful flowers blossom pink Liulv trees XVII description of moon clouds: rain fell in torrents torrential rain snow Haoyueqianli misty dawn Xiwei Delicate clouds hurricane on Long Dead Poets Society maneuvering XVIII ; with synonyms idioms: rejuvenating Ampang obedience from their homes over the mountains sigh hearsay Diukuiqijia summoned sweet eye grassland ninth, with antonyms idioms: rickety poles apart bend forward one after the follow-up left to push the right block past and far away exceed Qijiutuxin survival of the fittest twenty, AABB type: furtive trembling hard bustling hubbub mighty Yingyingchaochao numerous hesitated haltingly reciting dense sparsely unexamined stormy day and night day and night catch the sly vigorous upright dim vague daze, care deeply about squeeze squeeze suffer suffer all kinds kept diligently staggering exactly twenty-one, AABC type: blues aggressive agreeable relish relish empty endless obsession dying late looked at each other closely related exhaustive argue whispering melancholy polite chatter patience slim clank steel frame carried away rhetoric pursued diligently organized our students to try more than enough delicate and charming XXII. Zodiac idioms: timid as a mouse howling at the moon Shajixiahou Rulangsihu passive cornered belie superfluous transfixed pilfering people off their feet famous pig afraid afraid of strong contain Name of animal idioms Vientiane update Baotoushucuan Jiminggoudao mighty force to remedy the situation extremely suspicious duck to water flowers stand out howling at the moon Weihuzuochang wits finishing touch Baotoushucuan sturdy frame passive Hefatongyan cornered short-sighted Mangrenmoxiang superfluous containing the name of the idiom two animals stand out Jiminggoudao snipe and the clam swallow like a whale clues to the spirit of Enter the Dragon Rabbit Tiger flamboyant hustle and bustle Long-xiang step Longtanhuxue Dragon Fengming busy distorting the facts Tusihubei utter distracted devour contains the phrase unrealistic expectations of human organs stunned top-heavy foot and light unlettered deep duplicity Shoujiyankuai Shoujiyankuai Meiqingmuxiu do-beaten face value near the mouth of rude physically very weak concept insect names with the phrase moths withdraw its role as Ray plot mosquito moon hanging swallow like a whale touched off wishful thinking clues mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post with a group of synonyms idioms informed how the wind blows the storm destroyed their plans vague, far-sighted glance right and left eye grassland lively shaking hardships nonsense regime change hearsay rigged with a set of antonyms idioms one thousand pro-rickety unrealistic expectations duplicity call top-heavy after a head no tail to escape after the former arrogant Christine West San nothing in the East looked around through thick and thin add up to dubious overkill praises of others before oneself from here right and proper self-fulfilling prophecy important accent diversion pull rickety comeback to win with fewer words and more phrase struggled physically very weak cell a thousand miles begins with one step in vain Qianjun easy to get a hard to find opportune habit the spring drought every dry the rain started the trouble should end it people without thought, he must have worry quiet as a virgin, such as moving rabbit; anxious to reactive small but perfectly formed a chicken's head, doing nothing after three cattle from everyone description of war and peace idioms nick urgent emergency Urgent feel the burn can not wait to meet the urgent needs idioms describing people refreshing air of calm stare transfixed grin frown knitted brows furrowed stunned dejected hero Xipixiaolian description idioms courage and honorable upright upright Jizhongshengzhi Yang is worthy of tremendous courage and wisdom to turn the tide calm day description saved the day beautiful spring colorful idioms beautiful spring rain, such as oil vibrant springtime spring full circle spring flowers blossom sweetness cranky) want so badly (imagination) like to get a lot (after deliberation) would like to get ridiculous (wishful thinking) to bizarre (wishful thinking) thought and thought (dreaming) viewers (packed) VIP and more (almost a full house) many people (crowds) than people (talented) more horses (cavalry) something more (numerous) multi color (colorful) category and more (vary ) more difficult (hardships) Retroflex Suffixation more (endless) read more (read book) depth of knowledge (knowledgeable) more change (changing) is much more to go (travel extensively) color more (colorful) patterns and more (varied) with the > with a dispute disregard the changing circumstances to remedy the situation scary bright future passive deceiving extremely suspicious Baoxinjiuhuo idiom derived from the historical story to walk car to steal what you want pupil showing reverence for his master trespass fair in war Highlighting end to end with the word of the idiom is day work hard to numerous marvelous little list goes on and people beyond hard to detect intolerable unheard idioms with the name of the bird cheered silent paranoia Hefa bright future double-edged sword brown Hefatongyan stand out small but perfectly formed mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post idioms Solitaire (beautiful time bomb destined to withdraw its proposal gunned unique take advantage of penetrating into the room against the clock to take advantage of greed for power conscience idiom of the most triumphant (day Sanqiu) the shortest season. (Slump) the largest waterfall drop. (Cherished) the most expensive royalties. (lucrative) most profitable business. (Hoodwink) the biggest hand. (Stingy) the most miserly people. (ask for the moon) the longest foot. (Rapid) the fastest horse. (Spotless) the cleanest place. (big bucks) the most wasteful behavior. (Worthless) the cheapest things. (Yishenshidan) the largest human bile. (nick) the most dangerous time. (Trail) the most narrow way. (Yimushihang) the fastest reading. (ends of the earth) the farthest place. (Without rice) most difficult meals. (Upright) the highest sub. (perfect) the most perfect thing. (Hopeless) the most important diseases. (Maneuvering) the fastest speed. (thunderbolt) the most abnormal weather. (Day Break) the longest day. (Yizhuqingtian) the longest stick. (Majestic) the biggest mouth. (Ask for the moon) the longest leg. (Upright) most people. (light as a feather) the smallest one. (Pervasive) the tip of the needle. (Authoritative) the most important words. (good words) the most precious words. (Sweeping) the widest field of vision. (Reborn) the largest operation. (inclusive) the largest gas. (Big difference) the biggest difference. (Upside down) the biggest change. (without rice) most difficult meals. (Maneuvering) the fastest speed. (Inexhaustible) the most resources. (一日 Sanqiu) the shortest season. (Day Break) the longest day. (Boundless) is greatest. antisense idiom be greedy for money - big spenders with one voice - love the different opinions - if worn clogs abandoned halfway - consistently meticulous - sloppy erudite - sit idle vision - short-sighted Jakunen silent - silent meaning of idioms nearly every shot - shoot with great precision; quick success - anxious; superficial understanding - gulping daydream - wishful thinking; bustling - the bustling; erudite - Bogut know this rickety - East help the West down; not name a penny - penniless book titles based on the words to say about ; a five-off, killing six one willing to fight, willing to suffer a lost wife of another soldier group of words Confucianism Flowers Dalang Maishao Bing; three bowls, but Jingyang saying words like (Chameleon) unstable position, both ways people. (Smiling tiger) greeted with a duplicitous person. (snakes) tyrannical rogue, bully people. (Stingy) stingy, miserly money people. (pug) thus, docile and obedient people. (Scapegoat) vicarious, to help people bashing people. (Jing Diwa) ignorance, knowledge is not wide of the people. (Oxen) spared no efforts to benefit the people of the people. (Maxima) both have it, much to offer people. (Paper tiger) metaphor, hollow people. animals settle down to the nest pen Yidong Longtanhuxue rabbit cages cow barn nest nest kennel erased pre-loaded digital echo each other idioms ; kill two birds plummeted exactly the same single-minded lay Yibaoshihan rapid something happens again and again three thousand three hundred twenty-two superhuman powers duplicitous half-hearted a few words apart extending in all directions all over cautiously colorful colorful variety Liushenwuzhu Qidianbadao busy divvying up seven pieces rigged mouth eight sixes and sevens tongue smooth and slick narrow escape fraction of Shimajiuwen every shot perfect obedience to the ever-changing diverse mighty force fraught victorious ; countless hardships thousands of miles a thousand words true tempered the nick of 1000 taking into account every possible strange mix of gains and 1000 taking into account a loss of size-fits-Love and foolproof million dead colorful life of one mind heart-phrase description of friendship through thick and thin like-minded brothers with utter sincerity and woe his help eachother through thick and thin Care Notes soulmate to spend the phrase describing the intimate colorful spring flowers Colorful flowers and leaves Fireworks icing on the cake flowers are blooming yellow flowers deadwood Chunhuaqiuyue gorgeously outdated description of the mountain idiom picturesque mountains penniless great mountains and rivers Daoshanhuohai disturbance Shen Jian majestic mountain cliffs rise amid picturesque mountains and plains country beautiful country phrase describing the color of a thousand miles a Bi colorful colorful colorful colorful flowers and leaves Cuise want to stream lies to the bright lights of indiscriminate that rare rare rare idioms unique unprecedented drop in the bucket few rare at only a handful of three thousand three hundred twenty-two Tieshukaihua unprecedented Ningquewulan little claw shred cream of the crop half a drop in the ocean Lin eternal farewell phrase describing the bustling crowds of busy stream after another fast-paced world of cloud move sleeve sweat packed crowds of thousands of visitors flock packed packed deafening clamor Renhuanmajiao description encompassing a rich variety of idioms dizzying array of beautiful wonders are endless all-encompassing a wide variety of dazzling an impressive variety ranging overwhelmed everything everywhere dotted the more the better not count more than enough endless plethora of Widespread all over the mountain city abound with evaporated clean sweep of clouds blocks out the sun Gounsa Ye Hongyuntuoyue with Dead Poets Society torrential rain storm storm the city is precarious Inclined rain contain > description of idioms bluntly said sincerely cynical trick beat around the bush talking about the endless chatter gossip hokey heart-beating about the bush slowly vague nagging ; justify unbridled audacity argue eloquently fluent vivid description of people's appearance or body idioms beauties lotus flowers and the moon bright eyes white teeth color country United States such as Guan Yu Empress Dowager Fantasy fragile Hefatongyan Meiqingmuxiu amiable deal a pure and noble facial expression look familiar tread head dirt surface sturdy frame Ruhuasiyu elegant gentle glow majestically handsome senile scrawny potbellied graceful pale and thin description of people's language, idioms endless talking in fluent eloquent rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric description of human mental activity idioms uneasy gripped distracted distracted distraught perturbed anxious description of narcissistic pride idioms N. grown arrogant arrogant arrogant smug self-satisfaction and forget conceited, pretentious, supercilious arrogance phrase describing the humble mindful not off the ground Home prudent listen open-minded and prudent move the line describing the learning idioms real ability to learn and life-long learning insatiable tireless tirelessly worked hard and sleepless nights race against time 笨鸟先飞 rooster only self-improvement go all out to fight day and night to be outdone strive blazing phrase describing the character quality of selfless self-sacrifice indomitable perseverance faithful to the utter devotion Fuji powerful and unyielding fight to the death house death forgot to students with utter sincerity austerity and meticulous uncorrupted Jian Li forget meaning of indomitable spirit immortal glory shameless cowardly traitor Huodataiduo hard brazen demeanor of idioms describing the character of his voice exultant heads held high and panic casual frown pale dejected slouch his eyes with exaggerated idioms bristle Yimushihang rapid cherished every shot barren day Sanqiu asking for the moon nick contain countless metaphors audacious move an inch composition of the audience clouds idioms be greedy for money spenders iron-clad crowds skinny frosty outsize rock solid tight-lipped about the vast Gaoshourulin beautiful spring spring Spring March Spring arrival of spring flowers On sunny spring flowers are blooming spring is strong spring scenery one hundred flowers blossom joy of spring birds spring summer heat scorch scorching sun scorching sun sweating sweating cicadas in summer scenery birds verdant leafy trees fall lotus pool of autumn sky was clear and cool autumn proud Autumn Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum bloom Autumn charming and pleasant fragrance Kim fruit of autumn scenery good harvest aloe leaves the North Various Artists mountain flying cold north wind blows frosty winter Handonglayue Snow swirling in the snow frozen winter landscape snow covers the frozen sky snow snowy land of ice and snow morning Chu Xing Dong Fang Yuxiao rising sun all morning mist filled the air clear dawn colorful rooster crowing at noon burning sun bright sun overhead sunny cloudless cloudless blue sky evening West Ramp setting sun setting sun setting sun, such as birds return of blood smoke everywhere Lin lanterns twilight night falls the night the dead of night Yuemingxingxi charming middle of the night night night night long soft beautiful sea of ​​busy urban harmony quiet village green vegetation, bamboo fence Vacherie secluded mountain road provision Building bridges , antique brick hotel directed Wun Pik Suwat cloud-factory machines roaring stream Zhixie hot iron steel flower splash gloss over a new store deserted desolate patchwork Hall field magnificent facilities imposing magnificent school students everywhere famous picturesque stations, terminals orderly chaotic street layout clever patchwork broad flat smooth bumpy crowded flowers and leaves to spend intoxicating flowers gorgeously beautiful color flowers bloom blossom colorful flowers blooming grass green grass and colorful a vibrant green Bi miles weeds tall lush green trees beautiful scene in shimmering new lease Linhaixueyuan cloud-sky fragrance of fresh fruits and vegetables fragrance of lush green fruit of the orchard full of fresh juicy fruits dove, symbol of peace Ruyan swallow mildly sweet joy of spring to fly early return lightly sparrow, magpie branches play not bad autumn gray parrot parrot chattering mildly sweet stupid mouth parrot mouth Woodpecker benefits, such as fixing shaft, such as iron nails chickens, ducks high and mighty full free mast heads held high and sing horse bolted into the sky speeding fat Tizhuang fat head scream emaciated cattle subservience Biaofeitizhuang slow steady stream of cars roaring past shuttle slowly left skiff sailing ship the wind and waves amid the fog night chasing the waves aircraft pierced through the clouds and the clouds into the sky over Silver Eagle wings school supplies beautiful and practical small and sleek design unique lifelike toy lovely endearing love Rainbow Bridge color rainbow after the rain turned the snow looming shine snow mountain snow sky snow Snow snow goose feather fly Linhaixueyuan snowstorms very hot frost frost frost worse dye Lin Lu crystal dew dripping down dew dew sunrise lightning flash of light,dr dre headphones best buy, dry masterpiece earth-shattering lightning power split stone rolling spring thunder lightning strike yak rain rain raining continuous wind drift autumn rain downpour downpour downpour rain dripping rain storm as the wind Note cool autumn breeze cool north wind blows bleak breezy sunny lost fog fog fog fog fog like wind and the fog lifted veil clouds dissipated cloud full day was clear the clouds roll Clouds Xia pink clouds colorful clouds fiery sunset glow bright bright Danxia Zhongxingpengyue star studded starry starry million points on the east wall on moonrise Dongshan Dongsheng rabbit out of a charming crescent moon rising bright moonlight on Rishangsangan a red rising sun on three feet high sunshine burning sun scorching sun shadows West Ramp sky Miles vast sky blue sky blue skies cloudless cloudless blue sky blue pond ripples unfathomable stream, hit the headlines splashed spring leisurely trickle-down spring tides Ding Dong great tide rolled rough Bailangtaotian Pentium Lake, Sea Bailangtaotian surging sea of ​​lake water color rolling eastward flowing rivers vast river blew Barren barren mountains towering mountains and beautiful housework ingenuity few quiet rush out the window between teachers and students organized earnestly eloquent passionate earnestness unhurried calm respectfully listen intimacy between students inseparable brothers solidarity in daily life many people packed the hubbub of people to noisy crowds who flood heavy rain storm downpour torrential downpour looked focused insatiable reading and learning life-long learning dedicated to the half-comprehended over time to celebrate the holidays flags fluttering joyfully decorated all night dancing happily game clumsy wink carried away

42 个 life on ideas 1 towel sticky how to do a funny smell? towels to use for a long time, will be distributing a funny smell and sticky. Usually people used to wash with soap, but more viscous the more washing. At this point, can rub brine (a towel to put a teaspoon of fine salt), then scrub with warm water hot look again, and finally washed with water. This towel is no smell, not sticky. Also, wipe her face with a towel a long time to return to the soft look, the best way is with a pot of water add detergent to thirty minutes. 2. how to prevent taste lychees get angry? hot like taste lychees but afraid of people, while the taste lychees can drink salt water, can also be used 20-30 grams of lean meat or pork soup pot habitat, drinking, or honey pot with water to drink , can prevent lit. Also immersed in the salt water in the litchi skin, into the freezer and then after eating the ice, not only will not get angry, but also the solution stagnation, but can increase appetite. If taking a dip in a cup with lychee leaves (dried) fried lychee tea, fresh lychee solution may also be generated by more than stagnation and diarrhea. Warm dry lychee properties, Yin Huo-wang of the best people to eat less (preferably 0.25 kg less than once). If you are acne, sores, colds or acute inflammation, are not suitable taste lychees, otherwise it will increase the symptoms, but the body Deficiency, Wei Han is appropriate to eat. We should pay attention to not eat the delicious things too far, but the capital of revolution body oh. 3. easily stripped of grapefruit skin tips delicious grapefruit peel the skin is difficult. Many people like to eat crisp grapefruit, peel because the skin is not good to give up delicious, is not our style! People are smart! Can be used with tips to solve this problem it! Next time I remember the grapefruit on the table on a hard smooth, hard rubbing a few, so grapefruit with the desktop to a 4. how to make new sheets become soft? As used in the production process of chemical substances, whether how many of the new fiber sheets are a little hardness. Want to make the maximum softness response sheets, can be less than usual with hot water and 1 / 4 cup servings of detergent washing, add in a cup of white vinegar during the rinse to wash off residual chemicals, and finally washed again, to ensure clean clean, then a mild to moderate intensity drying, dry out immediately after it becomes. 5. spring and summer mosquito tips boxes in the room put the open end of the wind spirits, cool oil, or painted on the wall point of mint. the body or sprinkle some perfume on the pillow. The mothballs ground, and threw in the house corner. planted in pots indoors twelve tomatoes, tomato leaves odor will drive away mosquitoes. lamp hanging in a spring onion, spring onion or a few bags of yarn, all kinds of insects are not flying. with orange cellophane or silk cover the bulb, the mosquitoes are most afraid of orange-red shade. 6. summer glasses slip Lotus summer sweat more, glasses is easy to fall, it is desirable to use two rubber bands, were wrapped around the glasses legs bend, and then try to wear, rubber tendon wound position to frame the junction with the ears back a little appropriate, rubber band function is to increase the contact surface of friction, so glasses will not fell 7. to prevent sweater shrink tips many sweaters a washing will shrink, how to prevent sweater shrink it, here's a tip: wash water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, with a neutral soap or detergent, add water again over the last few vinegar, can effectively maintain the elasticity and shine sweater. 8. drive cockroaches Lotus fresh oleander leaves three measures put cockroaches activities of the Department, cockroaches will no longer close to here. the fresh cucumber on the food cupboard, away from the cockroaches that will. in the room to put a cut onion slices, cockroaches will immediately smell the smell to escape. 9. umbrella decontamination tips Busan silk umbrella and splashed muddy water after the open to dry, then use a soft brush scrubbing with alcohol solution. Busan application brush dipped in dark water or tea tea ivy wash, wash with ammonia color Busan, can maintain its original color. Busan do not use gasoline, kerosene, acetone and other organic solvent wash. 10. placed a small coup clothing wrinkle-free leather and silk and other senior clothing, the more can not be placed in the more slender plastic bag. Because things in a sealed case, unable to contact with air, moisture will of course send the plot in which the enzyme on the inevitable. So back from the laundry clothes, the best to remove plastic bags, covered with tissue paper in the above, only store up. wear, in the crease a little vinegar on the coating, would not be so obvious. In the ironing before coating with an old toothbrush that thin vinegar on the crease, then low-temperature hot a hot, almost can not see out. 11. 17 magical uses toothpaste clear enamel cup of tea left in dirt and coffee stains can be coated with toothpaste in the cup wall after repeated scrubbing, while it can be bright as ever. easy to stay under the water faucet rust and scale, applying toothpaste to scrub, clean up soon. pen to write words, such as the wrong word wiping point toothpaste, a rub on the net. with a long iron will leave a burnt rust at the bottom, the bottom of cast iron can be a little toothpaste, gently wipe can be removed. home without silverware for a long time, there will be a layer of black surface oxide layer, using toothpaste to clean as long as can get silver white light. clothes infected animal grease, squeeze some toothpaste applied to the above, graze a few times, then washed with water, grease can be cleaned. shoeshine, it will be a little toothpaste and shoe polish in the cloth, shoes brighter. cleaning fish, the left hand always difficult to remove Xing Weier, wash hands with soap, toothpaste and then cast repeatedly rubbed, washed with water Xing Weier is easy removed. flashlight black mirror the course of time, with a fine gauze dipped a little toothpaste graze, you can make it look like new. scratches the surface of the watch can be removed. Watch with a little toothpaste applied to the surface with a soft cloth to clean it repeatedly, you can remove the small draw lines. stains on the mirror to the wardrobe. Wipe available flannel point toothpaste to clean, stain is removed. clothes ink if not, can be used repeatedly rub toothpaste, rinse, can be removed. sticker with toothpaste, both solid without damaging the walls. To remove, just put water wet parts, can be easily taken down. use toothpaste to clean the surface of stainless steel utensils, you can make it look like new. Home if naughty children, little attention will be on the carpet, walls, sofa, or graffiti on the door, unsightly. As children are mostly used crayons, most of these color components for the wax or grease. Therefore, as long as the toothpaste with a wet cloth to wipe moistened point, will be able to remove graffiti. stew things often overflow the pot accidentally dirty stove, then you can rag soaked in hot water, wring the focus of dirt cover on the stove, let it boring for a while, and soon the dirt will be will soften the float. Later, as long as nylon wash cloth dipped in toothpaste, brushing the dirt hard, then wipe clean cloth. grapes when acquire a pair of scissors to cut the pedicle part, to intact particles, and soaked in diluted salt water, to eliminate the effect of bacteria, rinse the grapes also left a layer of white film surface, can squeeze some toothpaste, hand placed between the grapes, plus light rub, over water, they will make the grapes completely crystal clear, eat up even more peace of mind! 12. how to remove bathroom odor summer will open a box of oil cooler cover , on the lower corner of the bathroom, the smell can be removed. And a box of cool oil available 2-3 months, economical and practical. Can also be in the toilet lighting a match, burning match, after the phosphorus composition can effectively remove the toilet odor, but to ensure safety conditions. 13. kitchen tips to reduce the smoke verification, according to experts, cooking fumes and cooking oil when the temperature has a direct relationship: when the oil is heated above 200 ℃, the main component of fumes generated acrolein, which has a strong The spicy taste, the nose, eyes, throat mucous membranes have a stronger stimulation, can cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases; when the oil burn acrolein, it will also produce condensate, leading to chronic poisoning, likely to cause respiratory and digestive cancers. change Do not overheat the oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ (with pan smoke as the limit), so not only can reduce the 'hood syndrome best not repeated frying oil. Some housewives in order to save some oil, fried fish, fried pork ribs repeated use of used oil is not discarded, not knowing that which also contains many carcinogens. Repeated heating of cooking oil, deep-fried foods such as edible oil is used repeatedly, not only in itself contains carcinogenic substances, it produces smoke containing carcinogens are more and more dangerous. must do the kitchen ventilation. Natural ventilation to keep the kitchen, but also installation performance, the better hoods. In the cooking process, to always open the hood, fried vegetables 10 minutes and then finished off hood. 14. water heater water heater scale of small ideas (gas water heater, electric water heaters) are used up, or turning off the gas supply, and then open the water valve to allow circulation of cold water through the pipes (tank) 10 seconds so that the hot water heat exchanger and water discharged from water vapor, the cycle water (storage tank) will not furring, but also enables the cooling per unit time, to extend the service life. Remain in circulation because the hot water pipes or water storage tank is easy to produce precipitation scale, easy to remove, lack of scale thickening, will inevitably result in poor drainage. temperature regulation in appropriate between 50 ~ 60 ℃, when the water temperature exceeds 85 ℃, the scale generated increased. 15. remove the soot on the finger tips most effective way to apply lemon juice scrub, the effect is not significant at first, but after the patient clean, the color will gradually receded. If still valid, it can add a little hydrogen peroxide in the lemon juice, the effect came out. 16. how to wear used electric shavers electric shaver for some time, not so fast if you can find a wheel saw a small bottle of royal jelly in the electric shaver grille inside (with the blade contact surface) along the direction of rotation on the ground a few minutes, and then to cast the net cast a thin layer of oil, bottles and shaving will be much faster. 17. tomato juice three magical life plastic container deodorant. Plastic containers for holding food items as equipment is generally more complex types of food, easy to odor or smell, in which case you can use tomato juice to deodorant. Method is to pour some on the sponge tomato juice, tomato juice and then rub the sponge inside the container, then add the detergent container and the lid of warm water, then wash with water and placed in the cool air dry naturally. Two days later, the smell of plastic containers will be gone, you can always re-use. remove refrigerator odor. Power outages caused by bad food in the fridge, odor will occur, you have had this experience? Try tomato juice to get rid of corruption in the refrigerator taste. Dispose of spoiled food first, then soak in tomato juice over the sponge or wash cloth, thoroughly wipe the inside the refrigerator, then rinse with warm soapy water, then dry. If you still have a little odor, repeat the process; instead of tomato juice or vinegar to repeat the process. relieve throat pain. Half a cup of tomato juice, mix together half a cup of warm water, to rinse throat to temporarily relieve the symptoms of sore throat. 18. shoes deodorant method techniques have bactericidal effect of alcohol, with elimination of shoes smell, very useful. Can go to the drugstore to buy a bottle of medicinal alcohol, pour in a small dish, diluted with water to towel dampened, then Kouqing blowing towel, alcohol blow on the insole. Charcoal can also be deodorant, do not wear shoes, put a piece of charcoal on the inside, you can remove the odor. In the shoes before the stained cloth little lemon juice or perfume into the shoes, the shoes can also remove the smell. 19. gas pipe, gas pipe odor idea after prolonged use, will emit foul smell. Material: loading milk, tea or biscuits with foil bags; step: cut the bags one by one, long, and then wrapped around the gas pipe. Note that, when wound, above the circle to hold the circle about one-third below, in order to seal the gas molecules do not tend to spread out. Wrapped around the gas pipe wrap, then use transparent tape can be fixed packing slip. 20. Magical wrap tube running out of plastic wrap, leaving the inner cylinder what use is it, now we teach it a magical idea. The refrigerator door beverage storage tank placed after the switch is easy to drink when the refrigerator door toppled. Methods: white towel folded up on the refrigerator door of the storage tank at the bottom, fresh membrane tube and then cut along the gap, after the hair cut fresh membrane tube, you can thrust like spring. Put it in the refrigerator door on the storage tank, and can effectively withstand the bottle to both fixed and easily removed. 21. collection a good way to mat mat before collection, gallery perspiration to dry, then a small amount of alkali or soap dissolved in warm water, along with a wet towel until I wipe, then wipe along the horizontal seats , front and back finished with the mop, after dry. Collection, use mothballs twenty-three into powder and talcum powder and mix well, sprinkle the surface of the seat, wrapped in paper rolled up, stored in a dry place, do not put heavy pressure on the mat. 22. how to wash your socks scientific method ordinary cotton socks to frequent change and wash, that is replaced on the 清水中浸泡 2 hours, then rubbed with rubbing soap to wash with hot water, so dirt easy off. net stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon socks, wash should be placed below 40 ℃, soapy water or washing liquid synthetic rub in gently and avoid rubbing fierce force. Socks to be washed, dried, roasted and non-exposure. wool socks washing should be the first small neutral alkali soap cut into flakes, melted into the hot water, such as water cooling, and then put socks, a little dip a moment, then gently scrub . More socks of dirt followed by head and socks can rub and then rub some soap to clean. Socks after rubbing, rinse with water, a little squeeze dry, smooth hand flat on the desktop, overcast in the ventilation air, or covered with a white cloth to dry in the sun. 23. make big loose sweater narrow way sweater to wear for a long time will become baggy, very fit and beautiful effect. to make restitution, the sweater can be hot water blanched, water temperature is preferably between 70 ~ 80 ℃ Water overheating sweater will shrink too small, such as sweater cuff or hem loss of flexibility, the parts can be soaked in hot water 40 ~ 50 ℃, 1 ~ 2 hours remove and dry, its flexibility can be restored. 24. cola drink in addition to other beauty can be used to clean burnt pot. Coke and then pour into the boiling, the pot can be burnt on the material removed. hair colors and find a little heavy, with the point of Coke to wash head can help you make the color lighter number. Coke throw your jewelry inside, then clean with a toothbrush, can you reproduce the brilliance of the jewelry. Of course, those precious or jewelry with diamonds like be sure to do it. the Coke into your water bottle inside, put one day. This can remove residual dirt inside the kettle, so that the internal clean up. to a Coke into the toilet can also play the role of clean toilets, work is inside the acidic components. the cola and ketchup to one to one mix ratio, be able to make a delicious barbecue sauce. Prior to the pulp in the brush on the barbecue, you can make mouth-watering delicious. 25. so that the new non-stick pot tips thing is: the new pot brush clean, lit pan, add oil a little, turn pot, so that even by the fire, with the pan rotation , is also the pot of oil flow around the pot and continue to increase the fire, so smoke from the surrounding oil, half a bowl of pot, add water, boil, the backboard with a straw broom force, half the time until the water evaporates, the cease-fire , the water drained, re-change the water, scrubbing pots clean, then it will not stick after a pot. 26. living in four law clever salt brine frozen fish the same dry: frozen fish in the refrigerator, often become dry and hard, if placed in salt water in the freezer, the fish will not dry. salt cleaning vegetables: When cleaning vegetables, sprinkle some salt in the water can wash the vegetables in the insects out. salt can return to green vegetables and yellow leaves: spinach and other vegetables of leaf, if some (mild) to turn yellow, when Billy put a little salt, the color can be from yellow to green. should salt tomato salad: salad tomatoes with sugar, the salt will put a little sweeter, because the salt can change the acid sugar than tomato. 27. enjoy the barbecue will not cause cancer tips first bake: The sauce over the meat in advance, especially in the compound you add olive oil, not only add flavor, but also let the meat The taste is soft, and dramatically reduce cancer-causing HCAs material up to 90%. Want to make barbecue taste better, so a lower health risk, I suggest you then add some garlic in the compound, these condiments to make you eat more at ease. prepare kebabs: small meat barbecue short time required to produce the large pork roast HCAs than when the material is much less. Since your kebabs, you can choose the ingredients, adding delicious and health index. I suggest you may wish to string together the vegetables, such as tomatoes, green peppers, mushroom, pumpkin, onion, kebabs are excellent choices. Barbecue, baked until just cooked is just right. add secret ingredients: to point to the American style in the backyard barbecue,monster beats by dr dre headphones, then Hamburg row is absolutely essential protagonist. Prepare materials, add ground meat in 1 tsp per pound of wheat bran, it will discharge juicy hamburger, but also reduce the production of HCAs, but you do not like the starch does not improve. speed stripes and the temptation to taste, as it will not have lost. Even better, this way not only healthy, guys do not have the grill next to the hungry to wait for a century. cover foil: cutting a hole with aluminum foil covering the grills on the way, there is no flame does not drip, and no HCAs in distress, but also to clean your grill a good a good wash. I remember frequent flip your meat, taste better, but also reduces the scorched health concerns. to oil peel: part for meat Feiyou first treatment can reduce the drop of the problem caused by PAHs. For example, when you barbecue chicken, with grilled meat first with the belt, then remove the chicken skin, do so, you lose only fat, calories and carcinogens, and not tasty. with iced tea: eat a rib roast flavors, after a cup of refreshing iced tea how? The tea contains a large number of antioxidants that can help produce carcinogens and barbecue. not only the barbecue: a bunch of kale usually cook food left? There are a bunch of fruit did not finish the refrigerator? Throw them all right on the grill! Fruits and vegetables will not produce carcinogens, and many things such as pear pineapple, the taste was actually after a barbecue after the surprisingly delicious. Need some inspiration? Read these ideas, maybe you no longer miss the beef. 28. polish silver jewelry tips alternative materials: paper towels, lipstick steps: Fold a few paper towels; lipstick painted on a paper towel; place in the silver black are repeated several times more than wiping easy to polish up. principle: Silver sulfide is black because the silver jewelry, lipstick contains emulsifiers, emulsifier enables small silver sulfide and other floating pollutants, and, lipstick in general contain the brightly-colored tiny particles of titanium dioxide, It will go up the dirt removed. So, no matter what kind of lipstick can help us all to silver polish. Tips: a. If your silver jewelry is oxidized very serious, you can turn over the paper towel, apply a little lipstick, more than wiping a few times to ensure you are able to jewelry polished. b. silver jewelry black layer is very thin, so the general use of silver products, this is no problem. But if it is silver plated products, or some specially processed products, we recommend that you do not use this method, it is best to place a professional cleaning. 29. black wool fabric by Black Law black wool fabric wear a long time, fatally bright, such as cooked spinach with a bit of washing, you can make it bright and clean as new. 30. sugar lips dead skin to the muscles of Magical thin lips soft, coupled with the climate dry, drink, eat, talk, etc., can easily be generated affects the crack. Went to bed every morning and night before with a hot towel lip 3 to 5 minutes, gently brush lips with a soft brush to remove dead skin. Here we recommend that you use soft white sugar instead of the soft brush, rubbing back and forth on the lips, until completely melted, because sugar is safer and works well. remove dead skin, apply a layer of lipstick do not think that just finished nursing. In fact, you can wipe a thin layer of eye cream first, because the eye cream rich in nutrients than the lipstick, but there are wrinkles function. After gently massage lips with a finger to help promote blood circulation, so the lips get nutrients, increase nutrition, skin moisturizers quickly to the lips. Massage a few papers and then erase, then coated with a layer of colorless lip balm, lips can become moist. In addition, we must get rid of the habit of licking lips, saliva stay in the lips, can only bring short-term moisture. When the lips of the water is evaporated, the lip of the water also evaporates, and feel more dry. Peeling lips, do not tear up the hand, the best selection of lip balm contains Vitamin E, calendula and chamomile essence ingredients. Lipstick has taken away some elements in water, long-term make-up are also prone to peeling. 31. Using fruit to remove the new car smell This method is very simple, especially for summer car smell generated, such as sweat smell or the taste of air within the issue. The two apples into the car, Apple will issue a very heavy fruit, this fruit pressure over the interior of the original flavor, natural breathing much easier up on. If you hold the apple, then you can place the lemon, put the lemon lemon the best pre-cut, so it's good fruit will evaporate, to resist the smell inside the car. 32. vacuum cleaner collection of magical items. Change bedding collection season, down jackets and other items take up storage space because, properly maintained and easy mold bore, most housewives headache. If they are placed in custom-sealed plastic bag, then vacuum sealed truss will be deprived of the air bag not only saves storage space, but also easy to damp moldy. to find small items. Home life will inevitably fall accidentally, such as buttons, pills, bottle caps, needles and other small items, with the vacuum cleaner can easily be found. Before use, the suction mouth can be the first vacuum cleaner with a layer of gauze cloth tied up, and then select the appropriate size according to articles of wind, then power on the mouth with a straw in the litter at around paddling back and forth, the items will soon fall adsorbed to the gauze. appliances clean dust. Vacuum cleaner can also use such as television, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other appliances for routine maintenance to remove dust from inside and outside appliances. Dust should first unplug electrical appliances, according to the instructions to remove the electrical enclosure open, choose the appropriate shape of the straw into his electrical appliance will remove dust, hair dryer and then get rid of moisture, and finally a good resume and then attach the cover the status quo can be. 33. to the new furniture to paint fumes tips new furniture, paint fumes if too thick, you can boil the milk on a plate, then put the plate on the furniture, furniture, doors closed, a few hours after the paint fumes, there is no. 34. so that clothing, zipper bags easier to pull If clothes, bag zipper is too astringent, and are usually painted to look for candles, but now the family is sometimes not really looking for candles easy task, but it does not matter, my mother can cast to get the baby powder, and then zip it Shunliu friends. 35. washing techniques nets with nets after a long time, will become obsolete, yellow, it is difficult to wash with a detergent wash. 100 Kocse piece if ginger into the water, and cook for 3 minutes, then the mosquito nets soaked in ginger water, plus a few grains of oxalic acid and a few drops of clear blue ink, by hand pressure several times, and then scrub as usual in the water, drift net so that the old yellow nets will become translucent as new . 36.502 glue get in the hands of how to do? solution tips: Pour in the transformer insulating oil in your hand, quickly softened glue 502, 502 glue quickly and easily to rub out. 37. homemade closet dehumidifiers agent want to save money and to have dehumidifier features in the supermarket to buy a packet of barbecue charcoal to go home, put out several pieces of old socks, the wardrobe may be due to their how many pieces the size of the placement. 38. to save live fish can be two ways to fish mouth filling 3 to 4 drops of white wine (a few drops of white vinegar and better reperfusion), and then placed in the shade, can improve the corrosion resistance of fish, dressed containers of live fish to breathe. Such as tap water kept raising, not with the release with the use of water, preferably every other day and then, changing the water once a day, fish can survive for at least a month or so. The wet tissue sheet attached to the fish's eyes, can buy live fish to live three to four hours one back into the water, and can jump. This is because the fish optic nerve which has a very important linear organization, once away from the water, the organization would be linear fracture, the fish that died, the wet paper fish eyes blindfolded, can delay this linear organization of the fracture time . 39. how to remove mildew on clothes into the rice washing clothes soaked in water overnight, then scrub routine, mildew can be removed. net with a soft brush, and then rubbing alcohol, mildew can be removed. will add a small amount of clothes on the water, vinegar and milk scrub one again, will be able to remove the mold ignorant (if the collection of clothing or bed linens with yellow areas, can wipe put some milk, put a few under the sun hours, then wash it again to the usual method). repeated scrubbing with concentrated hot soapy water, mildew can go. rub with green bean sprouts, then rinse with water, can remove the mildew. 40. quick defrosting refrigerators skills no automatic defrost refrigerator unit, the following method can quickly defrost. First, disconnect the refrigerator power, the food inside out. Then the size of the freezer, one or two aluminum boxes will be installed on water freezer room. A few minutes later, the wall of the freezer began to block off a block of cream (not yet off, and can be hand-light pull). If the cold room at the top there is no metal evaporation plate, lunch boxes, water blossom should cover, to avoid low temperature plastic deformation of the inner wall due to a sudden warming. In this way self-heating of the cream than the power saving much. 41. Magical salt soap to give the bike handles put plastic sleeve, or put the foot on the rubber sheath, are very strenuous task. In the handle or rubber kit, dip coated with soap look, you can play the role of lubrication, set stocking more effort. in hardwood wood screws screwed on very laborious. If a screw screwed into the wood before the first scratch on the soap, you will be able to compare the effort of wood screwed into the wood in the screw. hacksaw at home with metal materials, can be applied to the saw blade on the soapy water first, then saw, will and effort, and the saw blade is not easy to break. pot soot fouling the most difficult to remove. If you use the bottom of the pot coated with soap before using them after cleaning, can reduce soot fouling bottom of the pot. watch metal shell coated with soap after, then wipe clean cloth to prevent sweat erosion. 42. shavers can be trimmed underwear imitation gabardine trousers, wearing a short-lived, especially after washing, will play a lot of small ball, and more and more; if washed together with other clothing, but also glue a lot of hairs, very beautiful. Shave with electric razors, like, like, shave off the pants again, the pants actually flat, such as electric razors can also glue the hairs, dust absorb, and then test other clothing, that can not only trim pants , all the clothing and other similar material are applied. But with the electric shaver repair, it is best to just play in a small ball, big ball is not good repair.

next morning, Aunt duty to get up the whistle sounded, the children one by one and quickly get up from bed, dress pants kicking. A new day began.

North of the nurses caring for

Wang Ronghua that in the first few seconds, the brain completely stopped thinking. She did not believe, how is this possible? Have still to discuss with her daughter to see, to her daughter ready to eat candy, dates, how sudden, death of her daughter actually has gone. She watched her husband, she hopes her husband said to myself: perhaps a mistake. However, her husband did not speak, even the head did not lift.

north of the younger, she always love to play with the big kids. Big kids a run up, she was just after him, because fat, limped, like a toddler's bare tail duck. Catch up, she cried, whining. Her mouth is always Jili Gulu saying something, but who also could not hear what she said.

ugly Zi Gang and nurseries of all staff, standing at the door silently bid farewell to the commander and wife Wang Ronghua Liu. Looking back away slowly, everyone started to cry. cried speechless, this is too great and selfless spirit of the people moved and guilt. Los Angeles, all nursery staff are subject to a review of the higher security departments come to view the scene. Case has not been broken.

ugly Zi Gang immediately report the incident with the Health Minister Fu and security departments.

the seven central nursery children be the first of seven children. Because of their age were very small, the nursery's staff had to take care of one or two per person. At that time, including nursery staff in the administration, but also buy food to cook seven or eight individuals, the workload is very heavy. These feeding, not even the way to go baby, is not so easy with the slightest negligence will be dangerous.

Wang Ronghua do not know what came before her body, no top-heavy foundation. Daughter lying quietly, seems to have fallen asleep, into the sweet dreams. Daughter, this is his daughter in the front line day and night. Wang Ronghua, like tearing the heart, like pain. Asked Liu to think of it before, she suppressed a great sorrow, the tears swallowed into the stomach.

this outcome, so that all people are aware of this extremely regrettable.

time, nursery staff Yang Guihua and new points to the night shift nurses Xiao Yan. When 0:00 or so, Yang Guihua carrying a lantern to go rounds each cave, Xiao Yan is leaning against the wooden fence outside the cave to observe the surrounding movement, to prevent bad people. It's really happened, Xiao Yan looked up and found the children living in a cave on top two figures in the rock, head wearing a white towel, while she also heard the wall of the hillside there ring.

Liu: almost everyone came to the north of the cave, we were shocked this unexpected event. Ugly child came to the north of the small Gang bed, how she does not believe that this chubby little north could be used by people so brutally killed. Yesterday also give her a bath yesterday, still in her little face powder on toot kiss.

1940 In the spring, Yan'an central nursery set up, welcomed the first batch of small owners. They are: Luo Xiao Jin (li), Mao waited (Min), Jiali Li, Xie Ding-ding, Wangsu Yun, Fu Weifang, chubby total of seven children.

messenger is gone, Liu chair, he has not looked up, he dared not rise, he was afraid to see his wife eyes.

killed by the enemy north there is a purpose. Liu was well-known commander of the victorious generals, commanding a lot of big battle, invincible. Especially the battle of the KMT army Southwest 60,000 was destroyed, the Yangshan after World War II, Chiang Kai-shek reorganization Sixty-sixth division annihilated. He hated the Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek, on several occasions to murder on him, due to inability to close, he gave the goal of turning his children. Take a very vicious means in their children under the murderous scheme. The purpose of the enemy did not mean to, Liu commander killed her daughter did not stop because of the pace of his Civil war, he is still the most renowned of the war, still continued to win the war, the last one sent packing with the National People's Chiang Kai-shek, the liberation of the whole of China.

Smaller children do not wear clothes, of course, by the aunt had to wear them.

soon, in support of the CPC Central Committee, the central nursery and from Yan'an to the transfer of some of the other departments work a strong sense of responsibility, ideological style of good, hardworking young female cadres and workers added to the conservation team. Soon, the relevant departments have set aside a number of caves and cottages owned nursery use, the rapid expansion of the central nursery, the children jumped from seven to about a dozen. In a large number of anti-Japanese front-line combat with the Japanese generals to send their children to Yan'an, in order to remove the worry. During this period, Liu Liu Taihang commander's son, Zuo Quan, deputy chief of staff's daughter left the North too, the daughter of Deng Xiaoping's political commissar Deng Lin, the daughter of Ren Bishi any expedition, the daughter of Huang Zhen Huang, Huang Hao, and later The commander's son Xiao-Ping Yang Yong, the son of the white comrades Jian Bai, etc., have come to this nursery.

received the news of her murder, Liu couple froze there.

Liu gently lifted the lid on her daughter's white one, and goes to see the familiar little face, and different is that than in the past, this little face, white as sheets of paper. daughter with his eyes closed, usually Hushanhushan pair of big eyes, no longer open. Who goes on many times kissed my father, my mother's sweet mouth, no longer audible.

pretended to sleep in the bed also depends on a small mischievous ghosts do not get up, be responsible for all classes aunt went to the cave in all the little guys pulled out from the bed, on the morning exercises.

8 月 18 is a Saturday. Night, as usual, ugly Zi Gang cave carrying a lantern in a cave rounds, this is her habit for years, do not look at children, they could not sleep. Most of the children had fallen asleep, only the individual children play quilt, ugly Zi Gang to the cover tuck, to that sese arm, and with a holding back of the child to pee, been tossing more than 11 minutes to midnight before leaving the cave to bring the lantern. Before leaving, ugly Zi Gang and told the two nurses on night duty for a long time, until the two nurses said: lantern back to the office of the cave to sleep. Night, more quiet, deathly quiet around the nursery, only a few crickets distant barking. Check two female nurses four patrol in a circle, no movement, it 站在院子里 speak, perhaps find too cold, the old nursery on the other a young nurse, said: point of water to come. old nurse was gone not long, the young nurse stomach hurts, she thought it was the night wind blowing, and put his clothes force bind tightly. But against similar, more and more stomach pain, pain she Dundao the ground, both hands on the stomach. She would like to call the old nursery, the children may be afraid to wake up, maybe not what happened tonight, right? Around so quiet, but also late at night, I went to a few slices of painkillers on the back. Younger nurses want. She really can not stand pain.

liberated a large number of agents sneaked into the North tragic death

many years later, when the Marshal Liu beloved people will leave this world, he was lying in bed, brought her daughter killed when the matter is still very sad: death does not rest in peace ah.

clenched his wife's shoulders, say a single word.

Liu, Wang Ronghua rushed to the nursery, the ugly child Gang will welcome them to the office, after a brief description of the matter again, and then take them to live in a cave in North China.

Later, friends of the United States to thank the children's enthusiasm contributions Yan'an, the central authorities decided: Los Angeles will be renamed the central nurseries nursery. Environment difficult and arduous war, but hundreds of children in Los Angeles nursery survived, but only North died.

North quietly in bed, wearing a washed clean of bright-colored clothes, this is the nursery nurses and static and Zhou Gui Cao for her to wear, north usually like this suit, 6 year-old girl has begun to understand the United States.

eat a few pills, a young nurse feels good point, they and the old nurse went back to the yard. Both of them along the nursery yard inspections. The earth is still dark, surrounded by still deathly quiet, no movement. They went to the cave to sleep before the kids see, kids without any movement, quietly asleep.

Los Angeles nursery yard long, the cave along the hillside surrounded by a rectangle. Children around the yard in order to prevent accidents around the wooden fence, the fence is not high, can block the children, adults and a leg you can step over. Have a north-south street, the lamp is made of glass, the middle candle lighting, not candles lit on the use of other oils, the light is very weak, long remained in front of a row of very dark cave, and what are not clear.

in a cave in North China to live with the children, said: Do not noisy, I'll give you cookies to eat later do not know. children according to the clues provided, the organization launched a thorough investigation. However, this has been a mystery is the mystery has not been broken.

Wang Ronghua flew at her husband's arms in pain, she was really sad that some can not stand this huge blow up.

Japan's surrender, Chiang Kai-shek and the Communist Party does not comply with his agreement to jointly build a new China, but eyeing, ready to fight a civil war, paranoia in the short term the Chinese Communist Party destroyed a large number of agents to the kinds of identity sneaked into the liberated areas.

North looked cute, chubby little round face, big eyes, long eyelashes, smile like a doll. But for that along with Deng forest fire burns, which she is a beautiful girl.

cry, complain that he did not look after the small North.

nursery staff was moved to tears, this child is the North grew up watching them from a few months to nursery, it's just had her 6 birthday.

all around the hillside in the nursery, crop ground search patrol for a while, did not find any, had returned to the nursery. Since then, the nursery of the guards on duty and more stringent work, ugly Zi Gang reiterated to be vigilant every day, and night duty in the re-match, so one old and one new two nurses on duty together, in order to deal with the situation.

couple silence out of the cave, in the Office of the Director, the Liu suppressed grief, comfort of the nurses who are crying: daughter, I would five unsettled and soft on them? That is wishful thinking. They have a lot of work, starting tomorrow, but also to the front.

two nurses on duty last night is also very sad, how did they expect tens of minutes of negligence actually occurred in such a big thing.

In short, a new day and busy, nervous, and lively. I do not know why the North can not get up today. She is a very good, and is very disciplined child, get up on time every day, ranging from Aunt Laicui wake up, she began to wear their own clothes. How can not get up today? Is not sick? North aunt surprised look after, she could not help but exclaimed: Aunt panic, go north of the busy bedside. His head covered with a quilt in North China, a move. Aunt came one opened a quilt, ah! A sight that shocked her: North lying there covered in blood, the body already stiff, small abdomen was cut out with a knife to a piece, blood spattered white bedding.

Marshal Liu North China is the second daughter, the sister of the line too. North died, only 6 years old.

brother in kindergarten, she love to chase my brother, little brother, Paul went on, she had to play with others. In her mind his brother was the closest person, because her father Liu, Wang Ronghua mother did not have time to see her, they are busy at the front directing the war. Can is returned to Yan'an, they rarely see her, because the meeting. Endless meetings. They are a pair of sad children.

nursery in Los Angeles there are many operational command of the Central Executive and the head in front of children, orphans, there are many martyrs, so the nursery has become a Los Angeles agents are the target activity and attention. There was a time, nursery staff often found in the nursery slopes around strangers activities.

nursery aunts were all very fond of the north, because north little naughty, little tree, wall climb slippery slopes. According to the memories of surviving aunt who, according to several staff members have seen north of liked her, with her great band, do not speak too much heart to tell her what she heard, and never make the grid thing. An aunt, said: good to see a child in North China,monster beats by dr dre headphones, watery eyes, small face powder toot, who met no one likes. Another aunt wiping away tears, said: unfortunate thing has happened.

, even increased their pressure on the.

Wang Ronghua nodded, forced back tears, began to pack up, she packed neatly to see his daughter, as usual.

Xiao Yan shouted: ran, two top people on sight. Xiao Yan Yang Guihua left to observe the movement, his running around tending to the hillside to find someone. Yang Guihua just left, someone from the hill suddenly drop down the clods, scared Xiao Yan desperately shouting: She just sleep, night she must personally check the room again, to ease sleep. Yang Guihua cook live under the hill called up. Cook is gay. Because Los Angeles is a separate nursery unit, living alone in the Mid-slope, so few people around, but in addition the boys were sent to the front war, the rear is almost difficult to see the young men.

strong pressure ugly Zi Gang huge sad hearts, wiped tears from his eyes, slowly, to issue the command: , care of boy, there can be no negligence, and not to be any problems. everyone dispersed, with a deep guilt and sadness, this matter should not have occurred in North China could die, and how to talk to the commander Liu ah.

,Beats by dre headphones I excuse me for a while! Excuse me for a minute.

Are you free tomorrow? Tomorrow free?

wish you a safe journey home! Have a nice trip!

There you go again! There you go again!

So far, so good. decent.

behalf of the Beijing Municipal Government welcomes friends to visit Beijing. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.

I'll see to it! I will watch it!

Please give my regards to Mr. Wang. Please remember me to Mr.Wang.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to visit, soon began to show, please sit down as soon as possible. Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. The concert / show would start soon. Please get yourself seated. Thank you.

I have no choice! I have no choice!

The dice is cast! A foregone conclusion!

Give him the works! Give him a lesson!

meetings / seminars / conferences / seminars / colloquium Hold a meeting / seminar / conference / forum / symposium

informal dinner Informal dinner

please come again! Hope you'll come again.

First come first served! First come first served!

I'll show you around! I'll take you four stroll!

I propose recess for ten minutes. I propose a ten-minute break.

Does it keep long? You can save it?

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, right?

I do not know what your talking about the morning? I wonder how the meeting went this morning?

worthwhile trip! It's a rewarding trip!

None of your business! To you tube?

You make me jump! I hop you down!

Do you accept plastic? Collection do not accept the line card?

I don't mean it! I did not mean it!

please casual dining. Help yourself please.

your schedule is very tight, our meeting is on this point. As you have a tight schedule, I will not take up more of your time.

serving Serve a courst

your location here. Here is your seat.

promote conservation Advocate / uphold thriftiness

cocktail party Cocktail party

My mouth is watering! I want to drool!

Boy will be boys spots!

Don't be so fussy! Do not picky!

farewell dinner Farewell dinner

That's a touchy issue! This is a very delicate question!

Back in a moment! Be right back!

counterpart talks Counterpart talks

guests attending today's reception there ... The distinguished guests paarticipating the reception are ...

I now propose, for the cooperation between ... and ... to ... senator's health, Cheers! At this point, I propose a toast: to the cooperation between ... And ..., to the health of Senator ..., cheers!

I have no objection. I have no objection.

closely Keep close watch on

Any messages for me? Have my message?

finished my presentation, thank you! That's all for my presentation. Thank you.

Get off my back! Do not laugh at me!

banquet Return dinner

I couldn't reach him! I can not be contacted on him!

light meal Light meal

you see is a matter of principle to talk about it, or to talk about specific problems? I wonder if you would like to start with matters of principle or specific issues?

in Beijing been? How are you making out in Beijing?

In one ear, out the other ear. into one ear, one ear out!

agreed agenda Schedule mutually agreed upon

willing to serve you! At your service!

how are OK! Whatever you say.

I can't afford that! I can not afford!

held a banquet for the ... / dinner Host a dinner / banquet / luncheon in honor of ...

No doubt about it! Needless to say!

We better get going! Best to go at once!

Plenary Plenary session

Nice talking to you! Glad to chat with you!

First ... Congratulations

Any day will do? Day can?

Briefing Presentation

forty-fifth anniversary celebration of the establishment of a reception Reception Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

That's more like that! This outrageous thing!

Drop me a line! To write to me!

talks Enter into negotiation

opening ceremony is now concluded. This concludes the opening ceremony.

package meals / Carte Table d'hote / a la carte

promote close cooperation Spur / promote intensive cooperation

respect your cup! Here's to you!

Please don't rush me! Please do not blow promote me!

course! By all means.

banquet Welcome dinner

The same as usual! As always!

opening session Opening session

Make up your mind. make a decision now!

Welcome to Beijing

Believe it or not! Believe it or not!

I'll be in touch! Keep in touch!

round of talks One round of talks

celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment ... Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Establishment of ...

You drink? What would you like to drink?

Stay away from me! Away from me!

I'll treat you to lunch. I ask you to lunch!

occasion of the festival on the occasion to extend my holiday greetings! On the occasion of the season, I would like to extend season's greetings.

topic Topic for discussion

Sorry, I inserted a. Sorry for the interruption but

She looks blue today. She is very depressed today!

Resolution Resolution

Championship Hail the first FIFA of ...

celebrate the Grand celebration

this date that your side is right? I wonder if this date would be suitable for you?

long admired! I've heard so much about you.

I can't help it! I can not help!

ask you to be sure to submit expressions of interest by August 1. You are kindly requested to submit the letter of intent on the date no later than 1st August.

our side on this issue disagree. We take exception to this question.

The walls have ears! Walls have ears!

me so much. So much for my remarks for now.

Finally, I take the master's wine, it is proposed to ... Cheers! Lastly, taking up this glass of fine wine, I propose a toast to ...

panel discussion Panel discussion

I want to drink to that! I'll drink to that!

All right with you? You have no problem, right?

Don't stand on ceremony! Do not be bound!

Don't count to me! Do not expect me!

all stood up and played the national anthem! All rise please. For the PRCNational Anthem!

food is not good, please bear with me! Hope you enjoy yourself.

Better luck next time! Next will be better!

Great minds think alike! Great minds think alike!

Don't get me wrong! You made a mistake!

luncheon (with presentations or lectures, etc.) Luncheon

That makes no difference. not the same?

things of talks Talks at working level

Are you by yourself? You are a person to do?

wish you success in your work, success, good health and happiness! Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every success in your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!

tea party Tea party

meeting now. I declare the meeting open.

Please stay, do not get it! I will see myself out, please.

Don't sit there daydreaming! Do not idle daydreaming!

Stay on the ball! Focus!

I'm spaced-out! I deserted!

I watch my money! As money, such as life!

great help to you, on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Government to express our heartfelt thanks. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, i wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.

She is under the weather. she was a bad mood!

Working Lunch Working luncheon

We are pleased to see that ... We note with pleasure that ...

Take care! Take care!

! Hope you'll visit Beijing more often.

Come to the point! Have something to say!

Easy come easy go! Easy come, easy go quickly!

Reception Reception

with volume! Whatever you like!

I beg your pardon! You say that again!

buffet Buffet dinner / luncheon

Please feel free! Please yourself at home. / Please enjoy yourself.

Don't over do it! Do not overdo it!

Don't let me down! Do not let me down!

matter how you look at it? I wish to benefit from your views on this matter. / What is your view on this matter? / How do you see this matter?

now ... speech I have the honour to call upon ...

Give me a break! Give me a break!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. fonder. After you. You first. Allow me. Let me. Any day will do. Day will do eve Any messages for me? Have my message do? Any thing else? Anything else? Any urgent thing? In a hurry it? Are you kidding? Are you kidding! Are you sure? you sure you? As soon as possible! the sooner the better! Be careful! attention! Be quiet! be quiet! Believe it or not! Believe it or not! Between us. you know, I know. Big mouth! talkative donkey! Blast! **! Bless you! bless you! Bottle it! mouth! Bottoms up! Cheers! Bottoms up! Cheers (bottom)! Boy! (expressed surprise, excitement, etc.) wow! Dude! Break the rules.? #; counter. Break the rules. against the rules. Can I have this. can give me this? Can I help you? Can I help you? Can you dig it? You do understand? Can-do. genius. Cheap skate! cheapskate! Cheer up! Cheer up! Chin up. no gas, some cheer. Close-up. special. Clothes make the man. Tailor makes the man. Come on! Come on, cheer up! Come on, be reasonable. Hey, how do you unreasonable. Come on. Come on (quickly) Come seat here. Come here to sit. Congratulations! Congratulations! Control yourself! control yourself! Count me on my count. Daring! dear! Dead end. dead end. December heartbeat. evening love. Did you miss the bus? you miss the bus? Dinner is on me. dinner I asked. Do l have to have to do it do? Do me a favor? help me, please? Do you have any money on you? Your body got any money yet? Do you have straw? Do you have a straw? Does it serve your purpose? You useful? Doggy bag. doggie bag. Don't be so childish. Do not be so childish. Don't be so modest. Do not humble. Don't count on me. Do not expect me. Don't fall for it! fooled! Don't flatter me. flattering. Don't get high hat. Do not put on airs. Don't get loaded. Do not get drunk. Don't get me wrong. Do not misunderstand me. Don't give me that! less to this! Don't let me down. Do not let me down. Don't let me down. Do not let me down. Don't lose your head. Do not panic. Don't make up a story. Do not fabricate facts. Don't mention it. It does not matter, you're welcome. Don't move! Freeze! Don't over do it. Do not be too much. Don't play possum! garlic! Don't push me. Do not push me. Don't take ill of me. Do not angry with me. Don't trust to chance! not luck. Don't worry. Do not worry. Drop it! stop! Easy come easy go. Easy come, easy go faster. Easy does it. slowly. Enjoy yourself! I wish you have fun! Excuse me, Sir. President, I'm sorry. Fasten your seat belt. Fasten your seat belts. Feel better? good point of it? Follow me. Come with me. Follow my nose. intuit something. Forget it! Never! (forget!) Fresh paint! wet paint! Get an eyeful. see fill. Get cold feet. afraid to do something. Get out of here! Get out! Gild the lily. superfluous. Give me a hand! help me! Go ahead. continue. Go down to business. get down to business. Go to hell! ** It! God works. God. Good for you! very good! Good job! well! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Guess what? Guess? Hang on! lose (do not hang up)! Have a good of it. playing very happy. Have fun! fun! He always talks big. He was always bragging. He came by train. To train him. He can hardly speak. He was almost speechless. He can't take a joke. He opened not a joke. He has a quick eye. His eyes were very sharp. He has an ax to grind. he had another attempt. He is a fast talker. He is a bragging king. He is a smart boy. He is a small arrival area. He is ill in bed. He was ill in bed. He is just a child. He was just a child. He is my age. He and I have the same age. He is the pain on neck. he really is disgusting. He lacks courage. He lacks courage. He neither drinks nor smokes. He neither drinks nor smokes. He neither drinks nor smokes. He does not drink nor smoke. He owes my uncle $. He owes my uncle dollars. He pushes his luck. he was greedy. He won an election. He won the election. Help me out. help me. Help yourself. You're welcome. Here we are! we have to! Here ye! right! 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I have a good idea. I have no choice. I had no choice. I have no idea. I have no clue. I have to be late and keep my date waiting. I do not like being late for others waiting. I just made it! I did it! I know all about it. I know all about it. I like ice-cream. I like to eat ice cream. I lost my way. I'm lost. I love this game. I love this sport. I love you! I love you! I might hear a pin drop. very quiet. I promise. I promise. I quit! I quit! I see. I understand. I stay at home a lot. I am most at home. I swear by the god. I swear. I think so. I think so. I wonder if you can give me a lift? Let me take a ride it? If only I could fly. If I could fly just fine. I'll be back soon. I'll be right back. I'll be right there. I immediately went to. I'll be seeing you. bye. I'll check it out. I went to check. I'll fix you Up. I will help you RBI. I'll get even with him one day. I told him one day get even I'll kick you ***. I'll fire you. I'll see to it I will take note. I'll see you at six. I see you at six o'clock. I'll try my best. I do my best. I'm afraid I can't. I am afraid I can not. I'm bored to death. I am bored to death. I'm dying to see you. I want to see you. I'm full. I'm full. I'm going to go. I went. I'm his fan. I'm his fan. I'm home. I'm back. I'm in a hurry! I am in a hurry! I'm lost. I'm lost. I'm not going. I'm not going. I'm not it a good mood. not in the mood (do something). I'm on a diet. I am on a diet. I'm On your side. I fully support you. I'm single. I am a single people. IS it true or false? this is right or wrong? Is it yours? This is your do? Is that so? Is that true? It can be a killer. This is a vexing problem. It doesn't make any differences. It does not matter. It doesn't take much of you time. This does not cost you a lot of time. It doesn't work. No matter. It is a deal! Whiz! It is a long story. hard to describe. It is a small world! the world is really small! It is growing cool. The weather is getting cooler up. It is not a big deal! no big deal! It is of high quality. It is high quality. It is raining. going to rain. It is urgent. in a hurry. It really takes time. This is too wasted time. It seems all right. It seems that no problem. It sounds great!. Sounds good. It was something that happens once in the blue moon.. This is a rare thing. It's a long story. Long story. It's Sunday today. Today is Sunday. It's a fine day. Today is a good day. It's against the law. This is against the law. It's going too far. Too far. It's her field. This is her Bank. It's up in the air. has not been determined. It's up to you. to you. It's up to you. You decide. Just read it for me. Attending to me better. Just wait and see! wait! Just wonderful! is fantastic! Keep in Touch. Keep in touch. Keep it up! stick! Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power. Leave me alone. Leave me. Let go! let go! Let me see. Let me think. Let's bag it. first it put aside. Let's play it by ear. let us with Hing Centre at. Long time no see! Long time no see! Lose head. insane. Love me, love my dog. (Proverb) Aiwujiwu. Make it up! not remember the hatchet! Make it. to achieve the purpose, to be successful. Make up your mind. Make a decision. May I use your pen? Can I use your pen do? Me too. So do I. Move out of my way! Get out! My girlfriend and I broke up. I and my girlfriend blew. My god! God! My hands are full right now. I'm busy now. My mouth is watering. I want to drool. My treat. My treat. Never mind. Do not. Never mind. It does not matter. No one knows. No one knows. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain. No problem! No problem! No way! impossible! No way! No! None of my business. not my thing. None of you keyhole. not allowed to peek. Not at all. simply do not (use). Not bad. Not bad. Not in the long run. In the long run is not the case. Not precisely! not necessarily, not necessarily! Not so bad. good. Not yet. Not yet. Nothing tricky. Do not play tricks. Nuts! Pooh; nonsense; bastard! Nuts! Pooh; Hu; bastard Of course! course! Play hooky. absenteeism, truancy. Poor thing! Poor thing! Poor thing! arguably! Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling. the price straight up, like this go on, little things we can cook pot. Right over there. is there. Say hello to everybody for me. for me to say hello. See you. Goodbye. She had a bad cold. She is suffering from a bad cold. She is still mad at me. she was still angry with me. She make a mess of things. She put things in a mess. She'll be along in a few minutes. He will come soon. She's got quite a wad. she was pregnant with large sums of money. Shoot the breeze. chat. Shut up! Shut up! Side dish. garnish. Sleeping on both ears. sleep Hong. Slow down! slowly! So do I. Me, too. So far, So good. Is still good. So long. Goodbye. Speak louder, please. Please speak a little loudly. Stay away from him. do not * close to him. Still up? Sitting up it? Sure thin! then! T can't help it. I can not help. Take a seat! Sit down! Take care! take care! Take it easy. Take it easy. Talk truly. have something to say. Tell me when! will fight! That is a boy! great, great! That is great! great! That is unfair. This is not fair! That rings a bell. sounds familiar. That's a good idea. Really good idea. That's all I need. I'm going to them. That's all! so! That's neat. This is good. The answer is zero. Naught of. The line is engaged. busy. The view is great. What a beautiful scenery! The wall has ears. Walls have ears. There comes a bus. Car came. There is nobody by that name working here. There is no man. There is nobody by that name working here. someone. They hurt. (Wound) pain. This boy has no job. The boy did not work. This house is my own. This house is my own. This way. Way, please. Thousand times no! absolutely impossible! Time is money. Time is money. Time is running out. No time. Time is up. The time is coming. To be careful! Be careful! Try again. Try again. Wait and see. wait. Watch out! careful. Watch you mouth. attention to words. We are good friends. We are good friends. We have no way out. we can not. Well, it depends Well, it depends on the situation. We're all for it. We all agree. What a good deal! really cheap! What a pity! shame! What about you? you do? What brought you here? What brings you here it? What day is today? day is it today? What do you think? how do you think? What does she like? she likes? What happened to you? how do you? What if I go for you? I like how you go for? What is the fuss? What noise? What is you major? What you learn professional? What should I do? how can I do? What time is it? points of? What's new? What's new do? What's up? what I do for you? What's your trouble? where you uncomfortable? When are you leaving? When do you go? Who knows! God knows! Who told you that? Who told you? Who wants? Who cares? Who's calling? Which one? Who's kicking off? who is now at the kick-off? Why are you so sure? How so sure? Why die she marry a man old enough to be her father? Why did she want to marry a very aged man with her father? Why not? okay! (why not?) Why so blue? How dejected? Would you mind making less noise? can quietly point. Yes, I suppose So. Yes, I think so. You are just in time. You come just in time. You are welcome! You're welcome! You ask for it! deserve! You asked for it! you ask for it! You bet! must, of course! You can make it! you can do it! You can't miss it you will be able to find. You did fairly well! you're doing pretty good You did right. You did right. You don't say so. may not be right, and will not so be it. You don't say! really think! You don't seem to be quite yourself today. today you seem not right. You have my word. I promise. You might at least apologize. you have the apology at the most. You need to workout. You need to exercise it. You never know. things are unpredictable. You owe me one. You owe me a favor. You set me up! you betray me! You want a bet? Do you want to bet? Your are welcome. you're so kind. Your hand feels cold. Your hand feels cold. . You're welcome. You're welcome.

Please keep me informed! Please be sure to inform me!

The answer is zero! Event is wasted it!

Time is running out! No time!

Speaking of the devil! One said Cao Cao, Cao Cao went to!

please ... speak. I invite the representative of ... To take the floor.

Let me start with a problem. If you agree (With your permission), let me start with one issue

friendship has stood the test of time left me a deep impression. The time-tested friendship leave me a deep impression.

I'm crazy for you! I am crazy for you!

Make yourself at home! When at home on the same!

representations Make representations with sb. On sth. / deal with sb.

I must convey to him your greetings and invitation. I'll surely remember you and your invitation to him.

I wish you health! To your health!

Don't lose your head! Do music carried away!

That's going too far! This is too outrageous!

Hold consultations with the organizations concerned

hard work! You've had a long day. You've had a long flight.

I can't follow you! I know you said!

I'll check it out! I went to see!

Never heard of it! Never heard of!

entangled problem. Entangle this issue.

American investment. American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.

That's always the case! Accustomed to!

I feel very miserable! I'm so frustrated!

I have to say that these. That's all for what I want to say.

There is nothing on your business! This is not your thing!

As soon as possible! As fast as possible!

Give me a hand! Do me a favor!

No pain no gain! Not in the pit, not a lesson!

our hope that you can only give a positive answer as soon as possible. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us your favourable and prompt commitment as soon as possible.

sponsors / organizers / contractors / co-person Patron / sponsor / organizer / co-organizer

Here I give you a brief overview of Beijing's economic situation Now I would like to give you a brief overview of Beijing's economy.

Welcome to Beijing after more than

dinners Glee feast

Long time no see! Long time no see.

Dear friends! Distinguished / Honorable / Respected friends

please and join me in a toast to all the friends present health! I'd ask you to raise your glass and join me in a toast ot the health of all our friends present here.

Please take a seat! Please have a seat.

Memorandum of Understanding Memorandum of understanding

opening Introduction

theme Theme

Don't fall for it! Do not be fooled!

conference now. The reception will now begin.

for the country's prosperity For the sake of national property

I cross my heart! I swear is true!

I think the problem then just go on. I will pick up where we left off just now.

Thank you for visiting! Thank you so much for coming.

Get a move on! Hurry!

congratulate you on your election ... Hearty congratulations on your recent election as ...

Now you are really talking! Right!

consultation with relevant units

talking about that question before I want to say if you just talk a bit about views. Before we turn to that issue, I wish to make a few comments / remarks on your presentation.

Don't give me that! Come on this!

agenda items Items on the agenda

gathered Enjoy this happy get-together

you (used for call Ambassador) Your Excellency

welcome more valuable advice. Your valuable advice is most welcome.

! reproduced: the whole constellation of the world's most top ~ ~ must be stolen, so accurate it! ! 'M! ss-* [ft =, +0,] the most beautiful: 1 scales 2 bottles 3 Twin most active: 1 Aries 2 bottles 3 best shooter husband: Taurus favorite cleaning: 1. Virgin 2 scales 3. Capricorn best Father: Leo most greedy: 1 Taurus 2 scales 3. Cancer best Judge: Libra the most fun: 1. water bottles 2 Aries 3 shooter best businessmen: Aries most lazy: 1 scales 2 Taurus 3 Cancer best Salesman: Gemini most arrogant: 1 Lion 2 Aries 3 Scorpio Best Cleaner: Virgo Best Chef: Taurus, Libra best scientists: Aquarius best athletes: Sagittarius most likely envy: 1. Taurus 2 Scorpio 3 4 Virgo Sagittarius 5 Aries desire the most easy to implement: 1 Aquarius 2 Aries 3. Pisces 4 Leo 5. Gemini constellation of the most complete history of rankings (2) best combination: 1. Libra + Leo 2. Taurus + giant Crab 3. Aquarius Gemini + Aquarius - Pisces fear no spiritual freedom - real pressure Aries fear - fear losing someone, fear of failure, fear of boredom Taurus - are most afraid of change, fear of hunger Gemini - fear falling behind, no fear of other people have their own Cancer - Leo insecure fear - fear loss of face Virgo - most afraid of making mistakes, fear of criticism Libra - fear loneliness, fear not friends Scorpio - afraid someone betrayed him, not afraid of authority Sagittarius - fear loss of freedom of movement, fear of being exhorted Capricorn - are most afraid of money, fear of embarrassment, fear no place to hang face the most popular boys and girls 1. Libra: Your beauty and mature behavior are able to attract the opposite sex 2. Pisces: You may distribute the helpless feeling, others will not help to want to protect your 3. Sagittarius: They think you get along well, so you popular with the boys welcome 4. bottle Block: You will dress very,Montblanc pen outlet, fast response, and thus subject to their loved 5. Gemini: funny conversation and hearty image is popular because you 6. Virgo: Your temperament is pure energy touched the boy's heart 7. Taurus: Your personality is very steady mild popularity is the lack of points feminine 8. Cancer: love like a baby make you popular, but you do not know how the wind blows 9 . Aries: Your lack of feminine energy is too abundant to the boy on your back away 10. Leo: so proud of you boys stay away, afraid you will be riding in the head 11. Scorpio: You exude mystery, let the boys think you are unapproachable 12. Capricorn: You cold and go its own way, so that they feel will be good to you, you show contempt Aries: The first impulse name, regret doing things first, Huoqi Da first, bold first, Ganaiganhen first. Taurus: stable first, check the first section, the first love of money, the first reliable, hard-working first. Gemini: gossip first, the first intelligent, crazy first, humor first, then more than the first. Cancer: thoughtful first, eat first, the first love of family, filial piety, first, sentimental first. Leo: self-confidence first, love is the first to face first, the first taste, grace first. Virgo: carefully first, pick the first shave, first love clean, fuss first, jealous first. Libra: beauty first, hesitant first, lazy first, eloquent first, just the first. Scorpio: love is the first, first pretending to be cool, attractive first, first cold, rational first. Sagittarius: fun first, confused first, cute first, the courage to try first, with no subtlety first. Capricorn: the first serious, calm first, the first patient, the first serious, conservative first. Aquarius: first curious, eager to learn first, creative first, the first alternative, the first miracle. Pisces: the first soft-hearted, sensitive, first, paranoia first, first love to dream, Huth chaos first. up woman: Twin at least a strong woman: Cancer most will be amusing: Libra most will be opportunistic: Gemini most will not opportunistic: goat most do not magnanimous: goat most magnanimous: striker most people will not discuss favor: Lions will discuss the most people favor : Pisces most afford to lose: Libra & Leo The most emotional: Cancer most knowledgeable: Virgin & bottle most rational: bottle most lovestruck: Cancer favorite ran out: striker favorite at home: Cancer the least principle: Twin the hardest to understand: bottle most do not mind: Cancer most no secret: The Lion most easily understood: The Lion & Aries most mysterious. most people do not believe: the most cautious Scorpio : Virgin most objective: the most subjective scales : Lion favorite stimulation: Sagittarius & Aries & Gemini the most peace-loving : Taurus & Cancer & Sagittarius most likely shy: Taurus & Cancer & Scorpio most like to be alone: ​​the most demanding water bottle : Pisces angry worst: Scorpio () most likely to face Man: Gemini most'm different: Aquarius dullest: Taurus fastest response: Twin most indecisive: the least attention to scales Discipline: Archer & bottle least considerate: Twin fell the most radical: Scorpio most will climb Relations: Gemini least momentum eye: Pisces most not guilty: Libra most impulsive: Aries & Aries & Leo largest male chauvinism: Scorpio & Aries most trusted: goat best memory: Pisces most will not unpopular: Libra & Sagittarius most fair: Libra most nostalgic: Pisces the most contradictory: Twin the most important character: Gemini often the most serious: most do not like Taurus friends: the most patient Scorpio: Taurus most impatient: Sagittarius & Leo favorite friends: Sagittarius & Libra handed the easiest bad friends: the best shooter will be talking on the phone: Libra most gentle: the most considerate Taurus: Cancer most will not see his face: striker most sense of obligation: Scorpio & Leo most lazy: bottle The most eloquent: Libra & Aquarius can not stand to be criticized: goat most likely feel satisfied: Cancer the most stubborn: Taurus most orderly: Taurus most likely when the dark horse : water bottles will be crammed most : Gemini & Sagittarius afraid to waste: Taurus fear most nauseating: goat most motivated: goat the most daring: Aries the most important appearance: strong body scales up: Aries & Taurus most petite women: Taurus most will whim: Gemini & Sagittarius & Aquarius most important spiritual dimension: water bottle the least attention to the spiritual level: the best shooter want to protect: most likely have to collect the lion addiction: Aquarius & Gemini most confident: the most afraid of the lion lens: Aries the most humane: Cancer least romantic: most goat Worship tendencies: most scales its own way: bottle most Pachao: Scorpio most in need of self-space: water bottle The most time will be delayed: bottle least serious: Twin favorite trouble: Cancer & goat most do not worry: Aries & Sagittarius up guy: Sagittarius the most beautiful: bottle most Gu: Cancer the most eccentric taste: the most calm water bottle disaster: a disaster in the bottle least cool: Lion & Aries most vulnerable crime : Sagittarius & Aries most feminine: Aquarius & Taurus most masculine: Aries most committed to something outside of school textbooks: bottle most important self-esteem: The Lion, the most Snooze: bottle most will be cranky: Pisces favorite fantasy: Aquarius & Pisces most likely to chat: bottle favorite hard: most do not like hard goat : striker most likely to international marriage: up married in the Twin : Gemini & Pisces the best of luck: Twin will spend the most: the most narcissistic scales : Lion & scales favorite of nature: water bottles most likely body language: Gemini favorite black: up to night owls Scorpio: Pisces most often as a face: Pisces most frank: Lion most non-gender concept: the bottle will tap most secret: the most charismatic Scorpio : Scorpio most people think it is eccentric: bottle favorite money: Taurus The most despise money: bottle soul to the most specific: Cancer most do not know ways of the world: the best shooter reciprocity: if at least Taurus: Scorpio constellation classification ~ Entertainment ~ ******************************************** ******* First Constellation: Scorpio (foresight, hidden, crafty, bold and ambitious, strong will, insight, strong, real 12 stars the highest!) Capricorn (hard-working, good time, ambitious, humiliation, perseverance, indomitable will, after the constellation of Scorpio's excellent!) Aquarius (weird thought, the very people energy and, unusually calm, unique and eccentric, elusive. an extremely attractive alien constellations) second sign: Leo (with leadership, courage, dare dare, the disadvantage is arrogant, do not listen to persuade) Libra (elegant and gentlemanly, handsome, many friends, but this star non-assertive, well enjoy) Taurus (stable, practical, artistic cells than human honest. But the star mostly miser, and his hard work for money) Gemini (Jen, quick thinking, reflecting the swift pace, communicative ability. But the star said, more mistakes, two minds, not qualitative) Sagittarius (Zhixing Zi, interpersonal skills rated the highest in 12 stars, many friends, like the unfettered freedom of life, nothing but patience for this star, to do things halfway. and helping them, not practical, dishonesty) Third Constellation: Aries (the stars are mostly impulsive person, no brain, naive, aggressive.) Cancer (this star only know my mother, children, love. freak. male crab is also true good for nothing) Virgo (analities king, nervous, preoccupied, over the top, not gregarious. more unpleasant constellation) Pisces (a living in a dream among the 12 constellations in the constellation of the most vulnerable , not assertive, mercy. alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, while the 12 constellations of stars in the crime rate is also the first) [Postscript] romance a Pisces will be drunk; Taurus will hold Cancer will call first complained bitterly ; Leo will go to the beach hair Sagittarius will look over all the film; Virgo will retreat for three days Capricorn will seriously examine and reflect; Aries will go to KTV Libra will roar suffered all the food; Scorpio lover will find the next book their tickets abroad Gemini will relax; Aquarius will be feeling crazy Shopping [EQ] virgin born of anxiety Taurus is fixated can control their emotions bottle very cold, do not speak of private feelings Cancer changing mood as the sea tides scales occasionally angry, very reluctant to take orders Pisces can not stand people in long-term pain of isolation striker will not be indulging in any negative emotions bad mood all the lions will hide their emotions will Capricorn and seek to be the most reluctant to be critical twin shackles of dull monotony Scorpio can not stand love and clear, do not share their feelings with others and feel Aries for unreasonable things and protest, often to tame appearance to hide his anger [test] love love is like a lion's beef noodle bowl ¤ cargo true love is like the real Taurus is nice and warm sweater Useful Cancer love is like eating a delicious cake to eat want to love like a bottle of Sun Yat-sen as a revolution of love then a scales like a lot of people like to eat chocolate but could eat a lot of Capricorn's love is like bread in your hand you get is a Pisces love is sacrifice and dedication of so remember to cherish the love of a virgin Oh inclusive as washing your shortcomings Wash your stain Aries love is like a fire in winter be careful not to allow the fire to put out a twin love is like a burst of wind, very comfortable, but never touched Scorpio Love is like eating spicy hot pot eating some diarrhea fun but love is like riding shooter war-like stimulation is not immediately killed by arrows shot during [romance] bottle Block said the good feeling of wrong early morning Cancer said scattered hearts felt the sting! I thin he may be ah Sagittarius say this blew up? Xiang Demei I want to seek justice Scorpio that you dare? Otherwise, give you a chance to wait and see Taurus is really unconscionable that I would never lose good accounts first calculate Gemini said it is true? If it is not a joke had to figure it Aries said what's great Splendor in the Grass really do not know what Libra has eyes that appear to leave on good do not revel in fact obsessed with haunting Leo said here had no hope elsewhere, self-esteem smile masked sad Capricorn secretly miss that some even do not know what to say but it will make him regret archery Pisces Advisory Council said it was even end? I have wrong? Wait for another one day Virgo said bolt from the blue, cloud cover day, should be subjected to hateful Tiandaleipi [angry] Taurus is too lazy to eat a big meal Scorpio He is lazy monsters reasons Sagittarius is not unpleasant tone to prepare this sack Leo is his thirty-seven twenty-one tube directly to his mouth to talk about accounts like Cancer is best to be a dream he is flat Pisces is hiding a romantic and tragic, suffering write love poems Aquarius is swallow whatever the outcome, but also some cynicism Libra is a mess if I knocked on close to his flattery his meal he was afraid to stir up trouble Capricorn secretly curse like something will happen quickly put a brave face Gemini is the main enemy of the joint secondary enemy to get rid of the absolute Revenge On Virgo is a good memory does not get mad years later when the guard until he did not want to take money Aries hit people, but still spend more able to pick up the vent to take [] tokens Grand Scorpio: serene expression, the Pentium in his heart there Kazuma Pisces: There have long been feeling, and silently accepted, leaving endless aftertaste Sagittarius: Women on the a man's hand on his shoulders, men and woman of a very close, if not exclusive Capricorn: still have not action, so let others worried the cold sweat, and finally said Gemini: I am sincere, the action goes as happy as dug treasure Leo: Can not find home plate and first base are there even archery, enjoy each other after so Aries: Light kiss face, the slightest warmth well up, hurry to the next step to Aquarius: as a joke and a little formal, a knowing smile to know what I mean Taurus: very natural, but first base and the second base line so clear,'ll see how Libra: attempt to care, they meet the time available, the action to follow to Virgo: small hands do not intend to catch the line, flushing Run, the time being the status quo it Cancer: get closer and closer, staring eyes on this short, after it all the time unrequited love [heart] Scorpio said in colic, I can not be reconciled ! I still have to try Aquarius is one that I really love! No results, the fault is not that a bit I think ... Capricorn, and a little do not want to, you can unrequited love, you can not love each Gemini said well, I did not taste, I do not want to fall into unrequited love Libra that I have indicated, have been paid, I know where the problem, the Advisory Council on how to do that Virgo thoughts, appreciation, love, I have very hard, but also how to Sagittarius say that I love! Do not accept? It does not matter, this does not mean the failure of Taurus I said I really compare anyone? After calmly think about, well, do not want to say a Pisces awake, even dreams are like the two of us in the end there is no fate Cancer that can not afford to cut, and chaotic, if it is really not never want to put the yearning heart Leo buried in whatever way that I deserve? Even archery! I think I should still point to appreciate the opportunity Aries I say,Boheme Pencils, try again, if more did not respond ... hum! Do not know what personality [hide] pure Virgo is actually a good color practical Capricorn is very romantic generous Libra basically petty tame Pisces is also very cold painted side personalized Aquarius does not pushy careful and meticulous gift of Scorpio will be moved seemingly candid Leo actually pay attention to each person secretly seemingly indifferent Gemini will be no hiding place in tears adventurous Sagittarius do not like the order of life seemingly careless destruction actually like housework gall Aries Cancer is actually a little spirit of adventure abandon all honest Taurus will lie and do not feel guilty [headache] find and create the direction of the Aries can not work to stay at home Virgo Aquarius actually told not to trouble, not cranky ... powder is difficult to naturally curious Gemini, boring face all day want to learn something of the talent Leo, do not know the school even archery stuff care of the Taurus full of money, seeing friends, borrow money without desire for emotional return Cancer, was hit by ungrateful people love of freedom, travel Sagittarius, is staying in school,Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen, to stay look about seeing Capricorn reached the goal, has chosen to appear hindered fear Libra friends misunderstood, one day was really good friends misunderstood imaginative play Pisces, are required to memorize some things back a loved one dare hide for Scorpio, which may suffer, the under the [intelligence], then rain Capricorn love you, my life without regret the choice Gemini love Valentine's Day next year, you do not want to stop Pisces that you are my most beautiful and romantic encounter Leo said that no one can replace you in my heart position shooter Block said the only life you are my ultimate lover Libra say you are my life, attachment, love you forever Virgo said you know my heart, I look your love eager Scorpio that you are my most fatal attraction, love you love addicted Taurus that without you, my world will not work, a Aries said the brink of doom. I love you br> Aquarius that you told me, ---------------------- This article is reproduced from: Tan Miao: the whole constellation of the world's most top ~ ~ must be stolen, so accurate it! ! reading space with QQ Email Subscribe Miao about what is the reading room? Subscribe to the reading room

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Have you recently worked with an SEO company that didn’t deliver results? It can be frustrating if you’re looking to make more money online from your website and the SEO experts you hire do not offer a guarantee. The SEO consultants might promise the world, but if they aren’t willing to put the offer into writing and sign it to make sure it comes to life, there is no point in accepting anything that they say.

We focus on providing our clients with a personalized, results oriented approach. For this reason, we make sure to chat over the phone as often as possible when making keyword selections to insure that they are profitable for your business and deliver consistent ROI throughout the entire course of your campaign.

“WOW! I’m on page one and number one for the majority of my keywords. This has really helped my business take off and reach new highs. Thank you so much!”

“Our weight loss clinic has never seen this dramatic of an increase in clients and revenue. I couldn’t be more pleased!”

At, we have a team of SEO consultants dedicated to finding your site’s strengths and weaknesses and working on getting a solid ranking and a consistent flow of traffic to your website. The reason why is simple. More traffic to your site means more money!

SEO Experts at Your Disposal

What We Do

Rest assured, we are available whenever you need us and offer real results!

Better yet, any design ordered from us is already ready to rank in the search engines by having proper on page factors including header tags and title tags. This means less work on your end to make the whole picture come together. That’s a big part of the entire process to ranking a website in Google, Yahoo and Bing taken completely off your shoulders.

This means creating a site that is both relevant and user friendly. We need to take the time to optimize everything properly without using any sort of black hat strategies or resorting to keyword stuffing, hidden text, or doorway pages to try and manipulate rankings.

Social Media

Here are some of the services we offer to our clients as SEO experts:

Is your site suffering from critical errors as a result of little content, bad keyword density, poor site structure or lack of proper tags and relevancy indicators? We can help! Our team of SEO consultants have experience and advanced knowledge of how to achieve site rankings while not creating penalties or problems with the search engines.

As soon as we put your agreement into writing,adidas soccer shoes, our SEO experts know that you have just been given a Google ranking guaranteed and will continue building links and optimizing your site continually until our goals have been achieved. There is no way around this. We do what we agree to do, or we cannot get monthly payments as per our contract.

Rather than wasting your time building links, submitting RSS feeds and working on social media for your site’s rankings, let us worry about it while you focus on what matters the most to making money online. Your business!

After all, a website without traffic is not worth anything to anyone. If no one ever discovers your website online, you might as well be a grain of sand in the middle of the desert with no one to discover you at all.

Performance Based Guarantees

Located primarily in Dayton, MD, most of our SEO experts telecommute and work via e-mail and phone calls. We do this to maintain efficiency and keep costs low, thus transferring savings over to you with lower cost monthly services for guaranteed rankings.

What We DoWe are SEO experts and SEO consultants dedicated to achieving page one rankings for our clients!

“I’ve gotten more clients from SEO with this company than I have through any newspaper, magazine, or any other form of advertising!”

Why Work With Us

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So if you’re ready to let us simplify the SEO process for you by helping you with content, backlinks, and website structure and even web development, our full scale firm of SEO experts is here to get the job done.

Services Our SEO Experts Offer

On Site Optimization

Instead, we focus on every little fine detail your site has, including the web 2.0 and social media factors, content, design, in site links and site structure. Everything must be refined and we help you do so by making simple changes that anyone can do to improve the rankings. We make it much easier than figuring it out on your own by providing real SEO consultants who get the job done time and time again.

All of our SEO experts are native English speakers right here in the United States. We only outsource simple, redundant tasks that can be done easily without extensive knowledge or communication skills. Rest assured, give us a call and ask for our help and we will be able to get the response you need within hours!

We also provide on site changes to insure that social media factors show up on your website. This is a big factor for Google’s on site evaluations. They make or break your site and allow you to achieve success in a smaller amount of time. Our SEO consultants make sure that this happens. We love SEO.

So let our SEO experts take care of you! Contact us by filling out our form and we will send you a reply and a quote withing 24-48 hours!

Having a dedicated consultant to each project to help manage content, design and optimization factors is so crucial and a huge milestone to anyone who needs to rank better.

In need of a fresh new website? Our SEO experts and consultants are not only well versed in marketing you on the search engines, but also can provide compelling, unique designs that turn visitors into clients time and time again. This is powerful and essential to everything we do as an SEO firm.

At, we start helping your business right from the base of operations. The website! Our commitment begins to make sure you are working with the right tools and infrastructure on your site, including

We are a closely knit team of consultants and experts that provide real results and long term rankings for sites that are in need of more traffic. We not only offer performance based guarantees and results within just a few months, but we also give people a personal touch by keeping in close contact with our clients and making sure they have everything they need. Our SEO consultants are ready to keep your site in line with updating algorithms and make sure your business is doing well in addition!

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Instead, we focus on articles, blogging, forum marketing and content syndication to get the word out there to as many sites as possible. It’s very critical that everything come together in the best possible way with as many kinds of links from many sites in order to guarantee results. Our SEO experts make sure this happens by managing teams of link builders to keep the sites you want ranked at page one.

“In the past week alone, I have gotten a new wedding photography client that has started as a Google search. Thank you so much!”

Web Design

Link building is very much the back bone of SEO as any good SEO expert will tell you. We have teams of dedicated link builders and link building services ready to get your site out to as many relevant sites as possible, all in the shortest amount of time possible, delivering quality results for our clients. was doing pretty well for search engine rankings when we first started working with them, but just needed that extra nudge to the top to get more results. Now that they are number one for the term diet doctors and several others, they are no longer struggling to get business!

Link Building

Instead of being a grain of sand on the desert, let our SEO experts transform you into a hot item for sale right on the corner of Times Square. If your customers are having an easy time finding you day after day and can get to your site by typing in the right keywords, isn’t that what your business really needs in order to generate bigger and bigger bottom lines?

Are you ready to get your campaign going and increase the ROI of your business while taking more of the burden and responsibility off your own shoulders? Then our SEO experts are here to help you! Let us handle the on site changes, link building, and even web design aspects of your online marketing platform to make sure that your sites are converting and getting enough traffic to pay yourself more and more each month.

This is what makes our company different. At, we offer performance based ranking guarantees that allow you to be insured in your SEO investment, making sure that you receive traffic that you pay for rather than getting forgotten about and lost at the third or fourth page of the search engines.

This means we need to take the effort to understand and explain essential SEO tactics that other services and SEO consultants might overlook in the process of trying to create a consistent ranking.

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