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Chinese girls to write a school maintenance Dafa! ! ~ ~ Teach you how to solve hair oil, pores, whitening, teeth, fine lines, too full, and we would have looked good,,, it is good stuff,,, fear of lost,,, to go here,,,, - If you ask body organs can not digest fat, so put it routed to the face and head, bubbles are not so good results,,,, - my opinion, the best foam to sweat, but in fact sisters face if the head of the oil then, to pass through the liver conditioning this way, slowly the oil will be less. - - friends because the oil causes the pores is very thick, I would salt to give him massage the face, the oil of the skin texture is rough and hard, so do not worry too coarse salt, if salt is too bad, you can add salt oil, especially around the nose and carefully massage, wash after , is not particularly small pores ah? Note: The salt can be mentioned here is salt, because if you buy bath salts is not good enough, but also to stimulate the skin, but not as good as cheap and easy to use salt. ; - - oil squeeze and pull the ball must not be used massage methods best. to the oil while narrowing the pores and exfoliating, when the last wash , preferably with alternating hot and cold water wash, in fact, I strongly recommend that all women are so wash your face! hot water is certainly not alone be used to wash, warm water and cold water is also OK, alternating hot and cold water is best. ; - - I was loaded with a basin of hot water, sinks with cold water directly against the faucet, turn on the way to wash, very convenient, but the white little face wash seeped out Red, another on tender, not only washed very clean, and the pores are reduced to no longer small! - - the same time, alternating hot and cold water on black eyes are very effective because the cold water wash though very good, but to stimulate the face, dark circles will increase! - (Note: Many younger sister, said hot and cold water wash will produce red blood I mentioned here above, said hot water with their feet with hot water to be completely different concept, where the warm wash of hot water as long as you can, oh, so slightly to avoid the production of red blood,, ,,) - colleagues bought a half-carat diamond ring, when she showed me the ring, I feel just, . Diamond is really a great beautiful, decorated with beautiful you, but if the hand is not properly maintained, it becomes contrasting myself. - skin on hands and feet maintenance, the most practical hands DIY film is mixed with brown sugar and honey, stop the massage, the general recommendations are to carry hand cream, as long as the hand gets coated with a layer of water is necessary to this method is really troublesome ! - fact, if we make good use of the night, the day would not have trouble. - prepare a loose glove, Every night before going to sleep, they mix with olive oil MAXAM, a thick coating in the hands, wear gloves to bed, persist for some time, the hands will become soft, fine lines have also weakened . - thick if the finger joints, it must massage massage with the thumb and index finger of each finger one by one, the key is to massage the fingers of both sides, from roots to the fingertips, one by one massage, this massage method can make the joints of coarse problems are solved, the finger will slowly uniform thickness of. - - feet of dead skin is sure to grinding. Big S's reluctance to recommend planer kind of grinding feet, because they are artists of the feet after a long period of maintenance, have tender, planer is easy bleeding, while the beginning of foot care , planer can quickly wore off dead skin, water feet first, and then grinding, grinding after completing a thick coating of olive oil MAXAM, wear thick cotton socks. grinding feet once a week, and is painted cream and wear socks to every day. your feet will be more tender! is really soft and smooth, there will not be flawless. - - some girls will crack the heel, then the first with plaster paste, paste full three days, and then apply a thick layer of olive oil MAXAM, until the crack of the hole and then began to grind away a foot - I recommend that MAXAM Tremella Pearl Cream, supermarkets have sold, nine cents a pack, a good moisturizing effect and it is Shanghai Jahwa of old products, this plant also also produces Baicao set for his family's oil and hair care series, really want to like this one! As for facial care series, then the eyes of the beholder. - - Jiaye Ban is very physical injury, even if you sleep all day, can not guarantee, but also how to care about it you can get up early morning to go to work? you are not in a foreign company? can go to work early, early night go? because the former middle of the night's sleep is very important, relatively late at night can be a waste on you can get up five or six points, go to work, go home at night to sleep. - - If not, then it is really pathetic! then you eat every day donkey-hide gelatin, red dates and longan instead of liver blood bar which three are holy blood products, longan eat a day, three, 10-20 tablets dates , gelatin sooner or later have to eat twice a day. - - computer has a radiation, so samantha must use your Cream, half-fill time, not the morning Tu once done, make up at noon, the evening before overtime supplemented, not afraid to waste. When there is water to drink green tea every day, foreign companies like to drink coffee, you drink green tea, add a little angelica and astragalus, blood and qi, be sure to drink a lot of water eyes will be uncomfortable, right? coupled with wolfberry and white chrysanthemums, remember that white is not yellow. Do not worry about mixing tea that does not react, hee hee, assure you, will not drop! - ; in front of the computer keep a cactus, for you to absorb radiation. a way station to get some activity, take a deep breath, do not remain seated. farther away from the company's printer, that the radiation is more powerful ! If the company is carpeted, then the lung should be ruined. buy some almonds or almond drink also, keep Yangfeihuoxue. - long at the computer, liver is also very tired, so we must try to feel comfortable. I will teach you a little way, is squeezed hard before going to bed every day armpit, ribs well on both sides of the arm, hard pinch, it is clear the meridians, to prevent breast disease, and make you feel happy, and my heart do not feel pressure fast enough. - - almost all women are on the face of this land special concerned, who will in fact white, with some whitening products can have uniform color, but still have to use less whitening products, whitening Baicao set it apart from home is Angelica, Poria, etc. Chinese medicine formulations, are bound to lead to skin or a damage using whitening products and with the right face, the white will soon come back once the white moisturizing cream will change. - - Whitening at the same time with the milk and barley flour, drink lemonade all day can speed up the whitening. - -

winter to eat the best. Blood while nourishing the Yin, to eliminate heat, lungs empty, contains a lot of collagen, because it is the sentient flesh and blood thing, nourishing more effective. His face does not look good, it is necessary depends on it. However, the proposed addition to the above two things taste more than not to, at most, plus taste longan enough. You add so much good stuff in there, it might as well eat Shiquandabu pills directly to forget, but also gelatin why? Who is the Lord who aids or to make it clear. - The best way of eating is soaked in rice wine, rice wine warm the stomach, while the A sticky resin, absorption of two just help solve the problem. Blood at the same time recommend eating sugar cane, carrots, spinach, dried longan and soy milk are iron food. Not recommended brown sugar, too sweet injured spleen, spleen is looking black. - To correct the notion that food alone can not make up the body by a blind, diet-round, such as you now know, blood and qi of food, and that both should be eat, eat alone effects are not obvious, this is in the affirmative. - Introducing the two should always eat the good stuff! White fungus and black fungus in ancient times are the Royal nutrition. Black and white fungus nutrient-rich, similar in composition, are rich in collagen. Glial very important for a woman! - Meat, black fungus with the same protein content, iron content of fish, 70 times that of spinach, 20 times, seven times the liver, so the black fungus is an important blood blindly Oh the food! now specifically singled out in terms of them both, and the fungus because it has too many good things for a woman. Now women like to eat out, and taste are very heavy, cholesterol and other high fat content is very easy, and once the blood of harmful high-fat, skin and body condition will not be good, something else aging, wrinkles and more the quality of the blood is too important for the beauty! -

whitening is to use white vinegar shots of water, add one-fifth of glycerol, such as olive oil or, if too exciting, you can add pure water in it. Painted twice every day, a week can see the results. - - Suggest that you use skin care products, to pay attention to see their skin is not created dependency? For example, bad skin care products, once you do, all of the skin which will make you very uncomfortable, then this product will not be used again. A good product is not even the occasional day, or to maintain good skin, it is a good thing! - - If your job is mental Yongnaoguodu, it is impossible to avoid than the eyebrows and forehead the following part to Black, this is really no way. - - White after is to prevent fine lines. Method is to enhance moisture moisture moisture! How to do too much moisture! Others will say, Fine lines of the reason is not enough moisture. This time is necessary to use mask or eye mask. For dry skin, olive oil moisturizing facial mask can do, do to enhance maintenance. Neutral and oil can be every night a little yogurt drink left. Mask to do more frequent, natural appearance of fine lines on the LEAVE it! - - Here are a side that is joined in the yogurt yeast, fermentation, attaining it the next day, his face rough small bumps disappear immediately and the skin can become bright white. - - Oily skin to enhance moisture, add water, or rough skin faster. - - Moisture is an important part of the toner must be used with cotton! After washing the face do not rub with a towel, dry it with a cotton pad, then wet a cotton pad with blisters get sticky toner use. - - Massage is playing both sides of the forehead to the middle circle, skin under the eyes are pulled from the corner to the temple, from the nose down, the cheek we talked about before, mouth to mouth from the middle of the following is put up. - - Toner, have to apply, do not be afraid to waste, deposited more than a few times. Moisture well, do not be afraid fine lines. - Lot of people have bad breath problems, but some people are short, some people are long-term. - My good friend is a long-term bad breath, brush your teeth while she was still bleeding symptoms later because of bleeding has been as long as brushing your teeth, then went to the hospital to see the mouth, with plaque , while there are a lot of gum stones, as well as a large cavities, and later extraction, scaling, surgery in addition to stones, to toss back to the hospital several times, dental health, and bad breath disappeared. Is really a windfall. Long-term constipation symptoms are not resolved, the body of harmful substances can not be promptly eliminated from the body, prone, bloating, irritable, mouth odor, no appetite, and so the phenomenon. This is mainly because, usually eat more, and eat whole grains too small, busy work, psychological stress, mental excitement or too depressed, irregular schedule, it will constipation. - Constipation, and be sure to eat breakfast on oatmeal, drink plenty of water during the day, bananas and apples have to eat, stay relaxed feel comfortable, massage according to the method described earlier, the problem solved. - Tea and yogurt, including celery, lemonade can help rid the body of toxins. A large number of vitamin supplements, inhibit bacterial growth environment, of course, if you take vitamin pills, then it will result in additive inside the digestive disorders. - On Chinese medicine is the stomach that causes bad breath, a false fire, while the stomach is not good, mainly due to psychological factors, it is not recommended to eat down as things, but from the psychological on the regulation, so that normal gastrointestinal disorders. At the same time to improve the body immune system, enhance the kidney function. Spleen's performance, loss of appetite, Shen Juan fatigue, severe cases will visceral ptosis, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse, the spleen is that each of us before the thirty men and women are very important organs, it is related to food digestion and absorption So, do not eat a mess of drugs, harm it. Deficient performance is that less gas lazy words, easy sweating, kidney qi is backache, the three together is called Qi. - Qi cheek to droop, the more virtual the more severe vertical until the internal organs are sagging facial features, were also ugly. All Xu Zheng Qi is the most likely to supplement the body energy. Less talk, less heavy lifting, more attention to the rest of sleep, can add strength. Because the gas can produce blood, so the qi can be blood. Yam is a very good thing, a body not very good friends, a traditional Chinese doctor, said, or where the most famous, came back with a bunch of Chinese medicine in addition to outside, they brought this recipe: yam stew sugar drink a day. Value of four hundred remedies. Yam qi spleen and stomach, Yin Yifei, solid kidney essence, the spleen, lung and kidney are up, and really worth the money! Yin loss people tend to cough, you can use it to soup for water, consumptive cough can cure the defects. Yam because Yifei, and Leishou weakness, dry skin, memory loss, fatigue and illness physically weak, should eat yams, the body can be strong, resistant to aging. It should be noted that, while it is Yin to help damp evil, so I finished it, the dampness certainly eat the stuff, like barley, Poria. I do not add sugar directly boiled yam, the yam labeled thick paste, then boil it for water, not drink, after drinking, then drink plenty of water I add barley flour. - Rice is qi, surprised? A woman must eat rice every day, the spleen and stomach health depends on it too! Meters are spleen, but the spleen and the effect of grain in its best, the gas shortage, fatigue will eat it, like the spleen and stomach, upset thirsty, to drink rice gruel on the line. Chinese book says, So even if you lose weight, must also eat a bowl of rice a day, or slim down the cheeks are the chest down. - Good thing, as well as jujube, honey. Both spleen, benefit wasting, is a good color. - Anti-aging (A)

There is also a small secret

black fungus can prevent the harmful fats in the blood of the stay, its biggest advantage is that from the beginning to eat into the body, starting from the trachea, from top to bottom, including lung, stomach, intestine, blood , the body of dust, soot used, bad foreign body, environmental pollutants, all can be out of the body. Body which can take a bath. - Black fungus has a strong anti-cancer function and to improve the liver's detoxification ability. - Tremella not buy yellow and white, the effect of moisture class! Moistening, lungs, and blood, Yin Huo-wang body should expect it! Lung health, the skin naturally delicate. - Yin foods in addition to pears, sugar, black sesame, soy, white fungus, lily, the addition of these partial elements, recommended duck meat dish, not only Ziyinqingre, as well as benefits of water function, it can prevent summer eating gynecological inflammation. Too many diseases are due to water running around the body, so much did not eat bad Italian Ren. - Yang must intake of meat, while vegetables are recommended before, but never said to be a vegetarian, meat must eat a completely vegetarian diet is very harmful to the body. Is a must eat beef and mutton, both of meat intake, no moisture, less fat, energy and iron levels are high enough. - Winter, be sure to eat meat, men and women should eat. Lamb to nourishing wasting, replenishing vital energy, to treat kidney yang, warming warm-up, to treat stomach Deficiency, that physical treatment should eat, strong stomach and spleen, the spleen and kidney are very good. Consumption thin eat more meat can make people stronger physique. - Is the same dog to eat, replenishing efforts, fill the stomach, warm the kidney, gluten bone health, but should not be taken together and almonds. There blindly food yang, drunken, is taking live shrimp soaked in wine, cold extremities can be treated, spleen and kidney yang. - Addition to the above four-flavor meat food, the walnut treatment of kidney lower back pain, tinnitus, nourishing the liver and kidneys, to treat lung Deficiency, improve intestinal constipation, moisture five internal organs. Take a long time, the skin smooth and delicate, shiny black hair, anti-aging. - - Addition to beef and mutton, the other a virtual prescription for warming yang foods, Yin Huo-wang physical person must eat less. - A sister's LG kidney inflammation, and a sister visceral ptosis serious, here referred to a variety of symptoms and maintenance of the spleen means to them is very important for good health , the spleen, once weak, the body nine veins are blocked. For each woman who want to change America, spleen guide blood, is the fundamental beauty. stomach through the meridians associated with the spleen and stomach function of good people,dr dre headphones, and the skin must be moist, plump. Conversely, if a person is skinny, skin not shiny, then the stomach is not good, so the body lack of blood. The health of the spleen can also be the color from the lips of view, if it is dark red, is the heat, if it is light red, the Deficiency, if the skin is very dry lips, is the lack of body fluid because of the spleen to the blood through the digestion of food, so and the woman's menstrual cycle are also related. It is a woman of the Gospel, if you master the maintenance of spleen way, you can not do Huanglian Po lifetime, even into the fifties, too, his face is not brown. Because of poor maintenance, spleen function after loss of the Blood, the skin will dry yellow, although the natural skin color is yellow, where yellow means coke. First, spleen deficiency, and then developed into the spleen is not the Blood. The body's strength and stomach to digest food produced with the blood, the first is to ensure normal, healthy diet. - If you are pale yellow, it must always eat taro. Purple taro best for stomach, blood, the Blood effect, can make the skin plump and moist muscle. There is a tonic side, insist on eating seasons, very effective, that is, water chestnuts, potatoes, red beans, yam, Tribulus terrestris fact, lotus seeds, red dates and rice cooked together, these meals are all up the spleen, and blood can be gradually improved color. Face deficiency chlorosis is evolved from, in addition to mood, fatigue factors, do not eat rice is the main reason. Therefore, in order to have a good face, eat at least two bowls of rice. - Good these really are good helpful helpful ,,,,, we may have to try ,,,

posted if you see more than 35 years of age, this is written specifically for you. - Likely than 30-year-old woman, has been on the medicine will be referred to as For example, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, rough skin, and so on Aging. Including the complete body deformation and so on. In a word, now you have basically the transition to a neutral person, and feminine in gradually away from you. Basically, you even remember that she was still a woman. Only buy clothes, go to the barber shop when the release of hysterical desperation to restore. See the word, it is suitable here, Especially more than 28 years old, his face is written all your heart. Heart envy others, attention to the interests above all, ignorant bully on the next, and so all these psychological, must be the world's fastest aging make you ugly! Low self-esteem, negative, lazy is the accelerated aging of the fathers. Maggie said her secret is to keep young, You should always remind yourself that you are a woman. When you drag in tired sweating, put something heavy, we recommend you do what. My boyfriend can be dragged to the time of the entire kitchen to the ground from the roof and scrub clean. You think of myself as a man makes, but also want a woman? This is not a better society, and my heart with sand, the ability of women to cultivate pearls can be sand, but mostly to be released. Excessive patience will accelerate aging, psychology of aging is more terrible, for the maintenance of a happy family and no benefits. You can confidently say all of the dissatisfaction, even if he does not give you this offer, then what is his role? Between two people is definitely not save you money to give him flowers, or to both save, or take him on your province, if you save him flowers, then you, he basically is very problematic. - Anti-aging (B) - facial expression wrinkles rich first, because usually, or often Satisfy her face and other bad actions, and second, because the mind is heavy, long time, mood did not improve, the wrinkles, the third is acidic, which is not very good physique; 4 is not sufficient time to give the skin moisture. - Massage is very important to ah! Should have the patient massage, remove wrinkles with the way described before, face massage straight up everywhere, gently, you can press every day, As long as we are sure to eliminate wrinkles. Massage after completing certain to enhance moisture, use more moisturizer, moisturizing mask, everything is very moisturizing. Recommended Niu Er Rose Hydrating good night sleep membrane, 50 dollars, moisturizing effect is praise! And durable, do not know when a bottle can be used. But also natural formula, I admire the cows teacher! The only drawback is that he has a shortcoming that Not to mention not to mention, no one is perfect. - Bags and dark circles are introduced before the method is very effective. Freckle way, too, but more slowly, not anxious. Nasolabial folds also introduced before the method, get rid of the effect is obvious. Will certainly be the cheeks sagging or loose or depression, eating rice to bed early, be sure to blood. - Eyes are tired, on liver and kidney, more rest, more than the eye ring around the hair dry and rough, it is more hair care, black sesame seeds and seaweed to eat, do not perm hair, the hair is not so old-fashioned. - Pale yellow, if the non-physical factors on the water attaining green tea; skin pimple, use before the introduction of yogurt yeast mask; the body's skin is definitely more crude , persist in using white vinegar plus whitening moisturizing glycerin, the body smooth and soft white; to this age, the product is used must be careful. Facial skin is generally thinner, but more and more hard, so it feels very vicissitudes. From physical changes, the skin will become soft, tender skin as long as, it will significantly younger. And this is the product can not be done. In fact, all before the face of aging issues, in addition to moisture, the product can not be resolved. Anti-aging (C) - check, your life meets the following conditions? Early hours every day, preferably nine to lie; sooner or later have to eat fruit every day; time to seriously eat three meals a day, must eat rice; feelings of peace; day exercise; daily noon lunch hour. In fact, most people are not guaranteed these basic. - Aging body deformation of the body organs, blood, aging, toxin accumulation of a signal. Healthy body, should have a beautiful appearance. Acidic constitution must correspond to an imperfect appearance. Liver and kidney care were introduced before, the spleen and stomach of nursing lies in the heart, internal organs are key parts of our operation, the fat parts on the loose, re-tighten, and the machine just fine. Blood thick, the machine will turn no more, but also damage the machine. Too many toxins, the machine easily deformed. - As long as from now on, you serious about your facial skin, take the time to take care of her regular life, pay attention to your sleep and mood, healthy diet, care of you body organs, your state will be getting better and better. Qi and blood are complementary tonic step. Qi rather than simply blood, just like stove burned very busy place an empty pot, the pot into the blood is delicious. Qi food talked about before, I want to emphasize the most important rice, the other to pay attention to eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes / sweet potatoes, dates and honey. Mushrooms, although very good, but skin should pay attention to eating, not eating fasting. - Blood will certainly eat gelatin, ah, no reason! My mother insisted to eat for so many years, made by my dad, add a little love in it! Gelatin has not played the previous argument powder, pound garlic with my dad all the things pounded pieces, and then Chaohei sesame seeds, fried a rolling pin and then rolled into the end, and then fry walnuts, chopped, procedures complicated than it is now ! Toss several nights to make. -

Chinese girls to write a school maintenance Dafa ! ! ~ ~

but you are not unhappy, even if only to hear more people in a dream song. Moreover, such a dream, more and more together. She seems to be less cautious and more careful, and singing, sometimes even passing rapidly from your eyes, like a prosperous and Seoul not see the fireflies, even to understand it is an illusion, you are still convinced that he saw some of her nervous mischievous smile. You know you can not keep up with her pace, then ease off, and not to try to capture with the eyes, but she was calm and wait for that brief moment of encounter, you believe that she could see a smile on your face. but every time you wake up, songs will disappear. You do not think there's anything bad. As you often see childhood red dragonflies flying around you, and when you reach out and catch them when they are gone but the same. This is not meant to bring good distance, but simply that the distance does not prevent you familiar with such a good. So she in your mind, more and more clearly outline - slender with long limbs and a soft, quiet time with dust and light, so that you have not seen her there, and jump when the flexible, as the shadow of the sun between. you think this northern dry and wet room gradually filled up the aura.

came back from Vietnam,Herve Leger High Neck, you always hear this song. it is a completely different land. There is no straight road loess, there is no whistling wind, rolling green hills is always strong, large fixed blade falls, even the river is smooth as a mirror, if not see it in the flow. Everything is quiet to the extreme. Every morning, you can see clouds hanging in the wind around the hillside, white clouds seemed to stop there,cheap moncler jacktes outlet, you have a long look, they find that they have not changed a bit, but when you read the book a while, and then lift their heads, those clouds have not completely original look. You never know where they come from, how is disappearing. you learned from the book, which appeared before the glow, and as the sun unknowingly dissipated. Its name is Lan. From the mountains from the wind. You want the original in Vietnam, the mountains of wind so quiet. river here is completely different, showing a black jade-like green, do not see in the end. Strange thing is that you can not detect the flow of water, there is no vortex surface, do not spray, you can clearly see their own reflection. It was a absent-minded figure. There is no change in your trance staring at the river, suddenly felt the only way the water is suitable for you, it is surprising calm, inclusive all your strange behavior, or restless. You never feel like living here, as it does not feel flowing here. This idea allows you to send imperceptible smile. you know, your soul habitat elsewhere, watching carefully to you, as you observe them at rest forever look the same rivers and clouds. you are your own guardian.

left, you did not bring any souvenirs, only a small box of tea. Local people say, where tea is grown in the fog, there is no rain, but wet throughout the year, you like Sam Rainsy's aura, so the only pick in this souvenir. You think this tea, and infiltration should be the same as they are clouds, it is full of Reiki. only, you could not find that the woman singing. But this is nothing to frustration, as the ethereal song, originally on the part of the place so quiet. If you leave this place, it will wither haggard down.

the most beautiful song from the tea cup with open slowly submerged floating slowly rising water vapor.

always seems happy all the secret can not be sustained, and you're worried about finally going to come. Water vapor in your house gradually abundance, while singing in becoming weak, her figure less and less to the edge in your field of vision, often many games can not see her dream light jumping, more She seems to have more time leaning quietly behind you, singing softly. You can hear her breath in the exhaustion. You know she slowly dried broken, and helpless pains. finally dawn in a micro-Xi from the moment you hear her breath faint with your goodbye, you know you will never meet. You feel tired trying to show her last smile, then quickly disappearing into the glow coming, but not gone. you get along in this time, you have been not a word, just listen with rapt attention to her singing, you know this is what she expected, but now you are suddenly so great regret Ne words, in a dream You burst into tears uncontrollably, and even cry. you are awakened by their cries, suddenly surprised to find that there are white clouds floating in your room, For a moment, you think you back more, the front is quiet Sam Rainsy. You stumble to get up, desperate to find Sam Rainsy of this general source of the fog, you know, it was her final water, the last breath, the last song. long neglected and finally you open the storage room door and saw her back in that area from the more packets of tea. Sam Rainsy has not seen.

in the cold night, or a long afternoon, you always like to be alone, a cup of mist tea. That green and dry leaves, with the water in the cup and slowly rotating, stretch curl, become bigger and bigger again fresh. And compared to other tea, it bubbles out of the tea is always a special heavy water vapor, mixing on, as Sam Rainsy. Those clouds will gradually wound you, close your eyes, you can faintly hear the sweet song of more people. it in your ear, never began, nor did it end.

Three inches in length, the shape of girls, slender limbs, for from the song, confuse travelers, their sound special Lai, indescribable, Mystics as a guitar thing, dried tea, tea exception, for years without a break.

but you soon to hear, and on your return journey on the road. you looked out the window, did not find anyone. Carriage slowly on the winding road ahead, followed the river or mildly undulating hills. Soft and wet roads here, hear the crisp sound of horse's hoof, no flying dust. You are trying to find the direction of song, but it misty uncertain, your vision, the green canopy above the clouds, look down Enron flow of the river, while the opposite is the milky white cloud. you know they are alone, like you. So you peace of mind back to your seat, and makes more people appreciate this song, no longer trying to find its source, you convince yourself that you came, met each other, it is very good. you know you only pretending to deceive their curiosity only.

The more people [foreign Chi

Then you heard the familiar voice. surprise you to want to stand up, but found himself unable to move, looked up and looked, the book is still resting on the table, direct sunlight over, but no wind to flip it. You realize that in a dream. Song of the more people floating around you, it seems closer, though you naturally calm, then inevitably some tension - even in a dream. You see a tiny figure projected in the books, thought a move, but when your eyes trace the past, when only a loss of light, even if she was there, you can not see. This little disappointed some of you want to sigh: So, even in a dream, not what can be achieved. you close your eyes. then, you know you woke up from a dream. Yi left arm to support some acid, books, sun and the windows are still kind, but the song is indeed a lost. The room is extremely quiet, only the distant cicadas come floating off. you know he is still alone.

then you hear a very beautiful voice, suddenly away suddenly near, sweet but can not identify. Your head around, and the quiet of the world as you expected, empty. Wait for you to listen attentively and then, but that song was gone, you look up near the mountains, Sam Rainsy do not know when it dissipated. you along the river walk as usual, reading, tired, they looked into the Dai has been green-colored mountains,moncler jacktes outlet, or the piece of the same color as deep silent river. You feel like you are alone, too happy.

back to the hot, dry north, you are surprised to find yourself actually some are not suited. Daily non-stop door of guests and you talk, do not know they still make you taste Shezao climate. Outside of the road often sounded loud hoofs, or the voice of the wheel. Even if you shut the door, still lively and noisy avalanche, you squinted out the window watching the dazzling sunshine, the hands of the books on the table, heaved a long breath. you know that you alone miss you, miss the more people that distant song.



Moderator: This will be the traditional brands have their own channel conflict? Some brands may also international brands, in various places.

Bi Sheng: No, the method does not work with each company as a scouring music is by word of mouth to produce. 47.5% of users come through word of mouth spread. You buy shoes quite good. APP, especially shoes, shoes bird Sina microblogging search to look after the shoes almost everyone will get a photograph to show what microblogging. This is not an alternative to advertising, the ads almost can not be replaced.

Bi Sheng: now do not feel pressure. Belle's shoes will cooperate with the Roto their house is in order, let's wait for them to sort out. This is my guess. Roto facing Chinese market, scouring music has begun to go international, we will be in the second half, when with a partner, do the Southeast Asian market very seriously, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia , India, Vietnam.

Moderator: this shoes sold abroad?

Bi Sheng: Yes. This is not the tens of millions a year, a month.

Moderator: no advertising here, for example, the money will be other places, public events, even under Baidu's home packages to do this public service activities. Why do such activities?

Bi Sheng: Roto some basically.

Moderator: This is a very large number.

Moderator: Game of Life is a cycle, people will gradually lose interest in it, how do you interest in a limited period, to do so that we have been interested in shoes?

Bi Sheng: I am surprised, I asked my colleagues the day, this is where's the numbers, he does not know. Without such a plan, as Lok brand shoes, which is doing the most, until yesterday there are 182 brands. I estimated that by the end of how they have to have 200 brands, more than 20,000 models a very large amount. Birds such as the co-branded in the inside only 2 percent, very small.

wonderful ideas:

Moderator: Is not important future way?

joint operations is an important future direction of the brand

Bi Sheng: Yes.

Moderator: We will be interested to Belle came in, more and more traditional business to electronic business, will put pressure on the Roto?

Moderator: Roto Network brand doing well, what kind of margin of the water products?

Moderator: Roto such development is the time to do your time scouring music have anticipated it?

Chair: co-branded sales and income?

Bi Sheng: you know my assistant, he is still the United States in April, just come back more than three months, he also build the International Department, did not fully formed, and so forming a repeat. Foreign partners' needs are very big. Indian partners, we set up a joint brand, as Lok channel in India to do, there is demand for one-time order of tens of millions.

Roto Bi Sheng of the sail plan network media Source: Sina Technology Play Video> Related reports: a new force power suppliers Interview: Internet veterans Guo Chi re-start a new force power suppliers Interview: Jingdong Liu Qiang East Mall learn a new electricity supplier overseas forces interviews: 80 returnees Chen Europe and the United States together superior product to his new force power suppliers Interview: In the first trial and error in the line of Masamasuo microblogging Recommended | SAN official microblogging

Bi Sheng: 61,000 pairs of shoes is still getting bigger. Have a large warehouse full of 3,000 square meters filled with people offal are Xiabu Qu, only a few wagon away, very large numbers.

- Roto facing Chinese market, scouring music has begun to go international, we will be in the second half, when with a partner, do the Southeast Asian market very seriously, including Hong Kong , Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, the local co-brand and music Amoy brand into the international market.

Sheng Bi: a special brand of music department Amoy brand, APPLIFE, now so far, is the world's top five mobile games partner, the most famous fruit ninja, angry birds , Zombies, TOM cat, drum up people in the five cooperation with us, but is global cooperation.

Bi Sheng: no. This needs clarification, Baidu Ye Hao, Li Ye Hao, scouring music yet occurred related to the capital relationship. Outside are rumors.


Sheng Bi: Department of our brand name is APPLIFE, LIFE is the two aspects, first, we feel that online shopping, mobile phone games is a way of life, it is called LIFE. In addition, each game is a life cycle, our second generation birds shoes have three generations, this is one aspect to answer your questions.

complete victory: this is very painful, we started the less expected, only the first batch of more than 20,000 pairs of shoes, the first open press conference when you are on the spot was bought by a lot of pedestrians crossing the road. Later, online, 2 million pairs, basically less than a week, and finally even the shoebox is sold out, write a message to users badges, badges are sold out, there are users to collect shoe boxes, also sold out. Not now, and volume, generation after generation, selling almost a second, three generations of my feet wearing almost released around next week, finished fourth generation proofing production, has been shipped, the fifth generation of the boots have been produced.

Bi Sheng: There are two reasons, first reason, I read a post on the Internet, some of the mountain children Sprite cans get to wear flat shoes to do. Secondly, I have conversations with Robin Li, Baidu's, I said there are a lot of kids do not wear shoes, he said that I support you, I said I only shoes, he said, that I can give you a registration day Baidu advertising, you responsible to do. We do not have to marketing considerations, we really want to do it, before the summer holidays in July, a month to go 30 schools, six provinces, as Lok a donor 61,000 pairs of shoes, also declared the Guinness Book of World world record. This really is not for marketing, and later to achieve marketing effectiveness is the user's sense of trust music Amoy network increased significantly, this is not thought of. Is to begin in earnest, we are scouring music sites only at the bottom of the text, as Lok little feet, and Sina certified to it, and no other channels of communication, but a variety of NGO organizations, particularly large number of user feedback.

- Roto daily sales volume of 10,000 more than double, more than 200 full-time staff, the summer off price is 200 yuan, the station's gross profit has been growing, can reach 35, 36%. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, has three main storage to accommodate more than 400,000 pairs of shoes, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, there are three parallel positions. The total capacity of almost 150,160 shoes million pairs.

Moderator: The next step of the plan?

Bi Sheng: Hello, I'm Bi Sheng.

host Tracy: Members Sina friends good afternoon, welcome to SAN new force power suppliers Interview part, I am very happy to go to an old friend of Sina science and technology, music Amoy network's CEO, Mr. Bi Sheng, please complete the total with you to say hello.

this column SAN @ Tracy (microblogging) private letter is open to entrepreneurs to contact us, and welcome to give valuable comments and suggestions.

Bi Sheng: I do not worry, we all know, is basically not very happy Amoy advertising, the reason for using it six months, grow into China's largest online shoe business, we two, the first with our global partnership with the top, which is APPLIFE just a product line, as well as a behind many well-known designers, wake up, Nicholas Tse, behind the world-renowned artists as well as our designers, we have more than 100 products line is doing. Second, we use Sina microblogging marketing is very good.

Moderator: You are eager to put it into a positive it?

Bi Sheng: We started this thing, I have just talked about the birds then began. With the real shoes from the release of 8 months. Like the choice of plants in Vietnam, Brazil, China has a study, looking for high-end brands of sports shoes and casual shoes factory, we have identified is the ultimate factory in China to cooperate. From October last year we decided to go in this direction. Our first contact is fruit ninja, but they are through with that circle, but also very small, each introduced one of the most recently written message to us are fruits of the owner introduced down.

- Roto has created a specialized department of the brand is called brand APPLIFE, now so far, is the world's top five mobile games partner, the most famous fruit ninja, angry birds, plants Zombies, TOM cat, drum up people, and is global co-operation can proceed down the license, it is important to the future direction of development.

- the pressure is now my electric provider industry is melee, in which electricity supplier industry, we footwear peers, but also a melee in the melee. Like a ship in waves in the open, at the helm of fear is a fight over the storms. Although I do not care about these things, but after all, is at the helm, I must try to protect my staff from harm.

Moderator: authorization is further distribution?

International Department plans to build overseas sales

Moderator: TOM cat has not yet introduced to the shoes?

Bi Sheng: Very complex. Just last week to begin preparations, I guess was the preparation for six months.

Bi Sheng: international brands do. Only the local co-brand and Amoy brand of music to the international market.

Bi Sheng: Ninja now launched only fruits and birds, and Zombies in play samples, TOM cat in shoe design.

Bi Sheng: Summer is around $ 200, one and three-quarter passenger unit is relatively average. Roto whole point of margin space has been growing, can reach 35, 36%.

Bi Sheng: It is on the rise, but not absolute to 30%, to me that died. I also look forward to, but can not reach.

Video: Bi Sheng's music Amoy network plans to sea Media Source: Sina Technology

Moderator: how do you view the industry, in addition to the vertical footwear industry, other industries are in big advertising, because their money more than music Amoy, Amoy, or category of features that need music low-key do?

Moderator: now no major project is to send shoes to children, this business is just fit this point.

Moderator: On the investment side, we all know, you figure the entrepreneurial team is one of Baidu, Robin Li, I have to invest it for you?

Seventh Guest: Roto Network founder Bi Sheng (microblogging)

Moderator: foreign companies to control quality of shoes, we look for what the factory has set the threshold?

Bi Sheng: There are expected. Basic step by step in accordance with the plan to go.

Moderator: shoes category look like? Mainly to its own brand it?

Bi Sheng: Roto book from the point of view, no profit no loss, a little there a little bit of a loss, especially very small losses.

Moderator: I am also concerned about the price, are in the hundred or less, is relatively low, how do you view the question of price?

Moderator: angry bird how to shoe sales?

has 5 top games and global cooperation

the other hand, now with the international community because we are the highest ranked five companies, only now we have a global cooperation, global other countries have not. Including our co-operation is global, our shoes can be sold abroad. In June this year, in Las Vegas has a annual meeting, as the owner of these companies were wearing our shoes, IPHONE ranking inside the game have come to us. Maybe next year Zombies do not fire, but Qiesheng sub fire, or fire a Transformers game will look over, is constant. So we call APPLIFE, is escalating.

Moderator: inside the industry that still is relatively high, can explain the characteristics of scouring music?

Moderator: We would be very concerned about, why do APPLIFE Amoy music thing is a coincidence, or the beginning of your plan to develop this talent on the brand.

Moderator: back to their own brand of perspective, I see a data, music Amoy brand of its own rate to the future 30%.

Bi Sheng: There is no want to be too clear. Our investment side, the Tiger Fund, in Brazil, India, France, Brazil, have fun scouring the French music Amoy, Amoy Indian music, including the management team last month to India, but also to talk about this matter, because We are the world authorized to sell worldwide. Will do so, when not fully think clearly.

Moderator: Roto master a very important resource, the resource market in China may be relatively small, if you sell the shoes in the world income better, consider how the overseas plans?

Bi Sheng: the price of original brand shoes are unrealistically high in the inside, we knock down prices, to maintain a certain margin, birds of advertising money is not margin. We try to let each user, the user did not expect too many attempts, suddenly tens of thousands of two-week disappeared.

Bi Sheng: Music Amoy net sales per day in more than 10,000 pairs. There are more than 200 formal employees, is basically such a situation. Brand, brand awareness, I usually judge the size, I go from Sina microblogging search, my brand and my peers the results of several brands, because you are discussing the more positive the greater brand awareness, scouring music close to 100,000, is the largest.

Amoy Lead: In a capital are red hot, entrepreneurs conceal his excitement impetuous age, who can eventually become the next breakthrough in e-commerce industry who? Sina Technology launched the

Bi Sheng: Yes. We will open the overseas business. Throughout the region, we will open more. South America and France, Germany, will have some.

following for the interview text:

Bi Sheng: rich or category, continue to sell shoes, sell shoes, only China is purely a music Amoy. Roto still prefer to focus on doing that.

Bi Sheng: there will be. Second generation, third generation, will be upgraded. There are flip slippers summer, we left to sell next year.

Bi Sheng: Our cooperation with the birds there since last year, through the choice of shoes, shoe design, including freight, next month with our design team and the birds design team to develop more high-end shoes designed. In this way, we will make sure the price distinction between birds boots are out.

Moderator: This is a very big job?

Moderator: birds do boots?

Moderator: We also witnessed the start of your journey, from the beginning to sell toys to the transformation of shoes, and now very famous and scale, can not be the first to share music Amoy network data, employee the number of brands and sales situation?

Founder of Le Bi Sheng

Moderator: music will not be very concerned about the profitability of Amoy,beats pro headphones, now so well-made shoes sold, profit margins higher than the authorized number of brands, profit and loss is now what?

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Eastern Wei 534 - 550, a total of l7 years, only one emperor: see Xiao Jing Tai Shan, capital: Ye. Western Wei :535 - 557, a total of 23 years, four emperors, capital: Chang'an. l, Xiaowu repair 2 years 2, 3 Emperor Bao Ju 17 years, Emperor Fei Chin 2 years and 4, Gongdi profile of 3 years. Northern Qi Dynasty: 55O - 577, a total of 28 years, five i-emperor. High surname, Qiu Jian. 1, Wen Xuan Yang lO 2, Xiao Zhao Di speech l 3, Wu Chengdi Cham 4 April, emperor of latitude 11 years 5, young master constant for 1 year. Zhou :557 - 58l, a total of 25 years, five emperors, Yuwen Shi, capital: Chang'an 1, Xiao-pity Emperor felt l 2, Emperor Ming Yu 4 years 3, 4 Emperor Yong l8 years, Xuan l years 5, Emperor Jing illustrates two years. Sui: 58l - 6l8 Yangxing capital: Chang'an (Xi'an) one, Emperor Yang Jian Kai Huang 24 years. (There are two Emperor reign: Kai Huang 58l - 60O, Renshou 60l - 6O4) Second, Emperor Yang Guang-cause 12 years. Third, the Emperor Gong Yoo Yang Yi Ning l years. Sui Only DDD, a total of 37 years. Tang Dynasty 618 - 9O7 surname capital: Chang'an one emperor Yuan Takenori 9 years. Second, Taizong Shimin Zhenguan 23 years. Third, the Emperor's rule Yeonghwiwon 34 years. Fourth, in cases of obvious heir St. 1 year. V. Wu Chuigong 21 years. six, in the cases (restoration) Dragon 5 years. seven, Rui Dan King Wan three years. eight, 43-year reign Lungi birth. IX Suzong Pavilion D'7 years. X. Yu Baoying Daizong 17 years. XI Corrections proper under construction for 26 years. XII were chanting along Nagasada l years. XIII Kenso pure element and l5 years. XIV Mouzon constant Changqing 4 years. fifth, Yoshimune Cham Po 2 calendar years. XVI Zong Ngong Wo 14 years. XVII Takemune Yan Huichang 6 years. eighth, Emperor Xuan Zong Chen medium and large for 13 years. ninth, Yizong Xiantong l4 years. XX Xi Qian Fu l5 years were frivolous. XXI century Long Ye Akimune 16 years. XXII Ai wish God Bless 3 years. Tang twenty-two emperor (some recorded twenty, excluding the right to Wuzhou Zheng), rule Tang 29O years. Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 9O7 - 96O Five: Girder: 9O7 - 923, a total of 16 years. Ramon built IH: Bianliang one, too Zuquan Zhong Ping six years. Second, Modi Friends Chen dry for 11 years. Later Tang Dynasty :923 - 936 total for 14 years. Mr Lee, capital: Luoyang one, were kept for four years with the light. two, that were Siyuan heaven 8 years. Third, pity Emperor Shun from thick to be l years. four, Emperor Fei Ke Qingtai from 2 years. Houjin 936--946 of 1l Stone surname in capital: Bianliang one emperor Jing Tong Tin Fook 7 years. Second, the Emperor re-opened transport your four years. Later Han 947 - 95O 4-year capital Liu: Bianliang one emperor to know far Tianfu 2 years. Second, Hidden Emperor Cheng Yu qianyou 2 years. Later Zhou Dynasty 951--960 of lO-year man, a self, Chai surname capital: Bianliang one, too Zuwei Guangshun 3 years. Second, Sejong Wing Hin Tak for six years. Third, Christine Corrections Training l years. ten countries: Former Shu: 9O7 - 925 capital: Chengdu I. Wang 12 years. Second, Wang Yan 8 years. Wu: 892--937 capital: thirty a Yang, Yang Hangmi 15 years. Second, Young Ottawa 3 years. Third, YANG Long play lO years. four, Yang Pu l7 years. Chu: 896 - 95l capital: Changsha A Mayan 35 years. Second, Mahi sound 2 years. Third, Maxi Fan l5 years. four Mahi wide 3 years. five Mahi calyx 2 years. six, Maxi Chong l years. Min: 897--946 capital: Fuzhou one by Wang know 4O years. Second, Yan are 3 years. Third, Wang Chang four years. four, Wang Yanyi 4 years. V. Wang Yanzheng 3 years. Southern Tang: 937--975 capital: Jinling a, Lee Seung-seven years. two, Lee l9 years. Third, Li Yu l6 years. Jingnan: 9O7 - 96 capital: Jingzhou a high season Hing 22 years. Second, the high from the sea 20 years. Third, the high-security financial l2 years. four high security l years. five-year high following the red l. South Han: 9O5 - 97l capital: Guangzhou a, Liu hidden for 12 years. Second, the Liu-Yan 32 years. three, Liu Bin 1 year. four, Liu Sheng l6 years. V. Liu l3 years. Yue :893 --978 capital: Qiantang one, the money for 41 years. Second, the money per lO years. three Junior money for six years. Fourth, the money l years. five, the money for 40 years. North Han :951 - 979 capital: Taiyuan a, LIU Chong-four years. Second, Liu Jun l4 years. three, Liu Jien l years. four, Ji-yuan 1l years. Shu :933 - 965 capital: Chengdu a, Meng Zhixiang l years. Second, Chang Ying 3O years. Song (Song and Song points) Song 960--1127, a total of l68 years. Zhaoxing, Li nine emperor. Capital: Bianliang A Dynasty Kuangyin, buildups. Reigned 16 years. Second, Taizong light righteousness, peace and rejuvenating the country, the reign of 22 years. Third, Shinshu Huan, Xianping, reigned 25 years. four, Ren Chen, day Saint, reigned 41 years. five Hidemune Shu, Zhiping, the reign of four years. six Shenzong Xu, Xining, reigned 18 years. seven, Zhe Xu, Yuanyou, reigned 15 years. eight symptoms were Ji, Jianzhong Yasukuni, reigned 25 years. nine, Qin Zong Huan, Jingkang, reigned 2 years. Song :1127 - l279, a total of 152 years. Calendar nine emperor, Zhaoxing. Capital: Lin'an (Hangzhou). one, Emperor structure, Jian Yan, reigned 36 years. Second, Xiao Zhong, Longxing, reigned 27 years. three Mitsumune London, Shao Xi, five-year reign. four,Nike Air Max 2011 Women, Zong Ning expansion, Qingyuan, 3O-year reign. five, Methodism, Baoqing, 4O-year reign. six-degree cases, Xianchun, reigned 10 years. seven Gongdi significant, Blissful, the reign of two years. eight, Rui cases, Jing-Yan, the reign of three years. nine, Emperor, Cheung Hing, the reign of three years. Yuan: l279 - l368, a total of 90 years. Calendar eleven Emperor. Qiwo Wen's, capital: Yanjing (Beijing). one ancestor Kublai Khan, Yuan, reigned 15 years. Second, as were Temur, Yuan Zhen, reigned 13 years. three Takemune seamounts, Tai, reigned four years. four, Ren Yu Wan pulling force love Octopus, Wong Ching, reigned nine years. five Hidemune Shuo De eight spines, to rule, three-year reign. six Thai Dinh also Tie fungus, Thailand set, five-year reign. seven, eight large Shundi A fast guitar, Dashun, the reign of one year. eight, that were and the world, day calendar, the reign of two years. nine, Zong Figure Temur, to shun, the reign of five years. X. Ning Zongyi quality classes, to shun, l-year reign. XI Shundi right Temur care, per system, the reign of 36 years. Ming emperor and some records ten, Tianshun not included. According to the early Ming official repair Ming :1368 - l644, a total of 277 years, the calendar sixteen Emperor, Ramon, capital: Nanjing, Chengzu moved to Beijing. one, too Zuyuan Zhang, Hongwu, 3l-year reign. Second, Emperor Hui Yun Kin Man, the reign of four years. three Chengzu Di, Yongle, the reign of 22 years. four, high-Ren Chi, Hung Shing, the reign of one year. Fifth, Emperor Xuan Zong-looking base, Xuande, the reign of l0 years. six Yingzong Qi Zhen, orthodoxy, reigned 14 years. seven emperor Qi Yu, King Tai, the reign of seven years. Hidemune Qi Zhen, Tianshun, the reign of 8 years. (Restoration) eight Kenso see deep, fully integrated, 23-year reign. nine, Xiao Zhong Yu tang, Hongzhi, the reign of 18 years. ten, according to Takemune thick, Masanori, l6-year reign. XI Sejong thick, Jia Qing reign l6 years. XII Mouzon set, Long Khanh, the reign of six years. XIII Shenzong Yi Jun, Dynasty, reigned 47 years. XIV Mitsumune Luo Chang, Tai Cheong, l-year reign. fifth, Xizong by the school, revelation, seven-year reign. XVI thought were by the prosecution, Chongzhen, reigned 17 years. along zicheng Atlantic Chang Hsien-chung, reign Dashun Fukuo Ming Zhu from the Song, reign Hiromitsu Z} (n tang Zhu Yu key, reign Long Wu g Gui Wang Zhu from the palm, Yongli reign Qing Dynasty: l644 - l9ll 268 years, the calendar ten Emperor (entry of the first two emperors: the Qing Dynasty, reign Heaven and Qing Taizong, years No. days excluding Cong). Manchu, Aixinjueluo. capital: Beijing. one ancestor Fulin for Junji, the reign of l8 years. two patriarchs Xuan Ye, Kangxi , reigned 61 years. three Sejong Yin, the Yongzheng reign of 13 years. four, Emperor Hong Li, Qianlong, 6O-year reign. five Ren Yan, for the Jiaqing, reigned 25 years. six Xuanzong Ning, for the dynasty, reigned for 30 years. seven, Zong-Yi, the Xianfeng reign 1l years. eight Mouzon set soon, To wen, the reign of l3 years. nine, Dezon set for the dynasty, reigned for 34 years. X. Pu Yi, the Xuantong, the reign of three years. China Republic of China emperor of the Chinese Empire Yuan Empire , reign Hongxian ~ ~

Hello, everyone, my name is Yang Guo, formerly known as Young mother with me through Because just when there is a sheep through. start after you call me Ah. After I began to rove famous arena, as I am Cantonese, you will very kindly asked me: Guangdong through. I always hear awkward, but then simply changed its name to Yang Guo. I was born, have not seen their parents face. -year-old year, called he is Guo Jing. Guo Jing was blind, but blind badly, can not see anything, so neighbors call him: big blind. big blind Marketer trick up his sleeve engraving. cattle he never carved Elephant Man, the rabbit never carved like the wolf, the human arena call him: Diao big blind. Guo Jing's wife is crazy, everyone sing: neighbors in the back affectionately call her: slut. so when I become famous, the human arena nickname to send the three of us: a cheap double eagle. surnamed Guo Guo Jing's daughter, called Guo Fu. daughter actually also surnamed Guo, fortunately she is not called Guo Fu, and called Guo Xiang. really the midst of sadness ah Guo Fu Guo Fu had not called, called Guo Furong. I often call her back she learned of Sister Lotus very angry, the next I actually unloaded a left hand. more angry after her mother know. Because she is not crazy today just happens to also surprised to find her daughter the name actually has a so called Guo Fu Guo Furong only a. Guo Xiang grew very naughty so often sent to catch the goose Guo Jing. as a bad memory, and forgetful, and often not a whole goose. I also gave her a nickname: Little Sister Goose did. a few years later, Guo Xiang own categories, this is the name of moving the world: the goose did not send. Huang Rong Guo Xiang's grandfather with the same: the surname Huang. name pharmacists, we call him I buy. I buy write good articles, famous writers are rivers and lakes. Because he lived in the East China Sea Peach Blossom Island, so he called the human arena: East to write I buy. He once wrote a famous : Taohuatanzhen three thousand feet of water, less than WangHan send me love. can be seen, I buy friendship with Wang Han does not light ah! He also environmentally friendly man, in love with the island of peach, also wrote a poem as follows: Peach Blossom Temple outside Taohuawu, peach Annei a nun; nuns, monks of the fellow, you come to my bald also bald. I buy is really a generation wit ah! with Wei Hui is also full of praise: good poetry! Good wet! Good! Wet! I buy is also a heavy feeling of the people, his wife died young, he had never married autobiography two foster parent twelve years old that year, I met my foster parent Ouyang crazy. crazy is not really crazy Ouyang, he is a semi-dumb. Because 30 years old, he accidentally called in a often no sound from the throat to. each disease, in addition to speak, his throat will be very tough battle pain, need to rely on heroin pain. so in the political arena also has a nickname: drug Ouyang crazy. three Huashan Mountain is a mountain. is also a famous tourist destination. Because there are many state-level Mountain wildlife - deer. Mountain also very famous, so it must be very high, even higher than the high Gao Village. so deer have to jump down on to form a unique landscape. thus have: ancient Huashan hop deer. one day a few decades ago. sunny, no rain. blue sky, white clouds floating two. Huashan very lively. Because the East came to write I buy, I am crazy but also foster parent to drug use in Europe, even Hongqi came. Hongqi the main fact is the beggars. is what people said in the beggar beggar. rivers and lakes legend: his top five at least one beggar beggar. they are to participate in the reported that the forum's theme is: on the base of the Chinese people's wisdom satellite trajectory of Halley's deep impact. it is also called four Mountain on the cheap on the first day. sunny, cloudless. many leaders came to power, made a statement. audience a lot of people talking and drowsy. estimated that leaders do not understand talking about the manuscripts in their hands is valid Conference is finally over, we are very happy. next day, or sunny. there are still many leaders and scholars have made a lot of wordy words. basic are bragging, generally in Latin style. Hongqi gas, however, came cursed: Ya Do not think that is very cultural, very great since that is not? Have the ability to read out the poem I just wrote: mince Ji Xi it was a lot of ki claiming to be very culture of writers, leaders, writers, pseudo-writer all dumb. so hastily that day conference will third day, still sunny, but very clear the kind of trouble. sure, the Assembly also annoying than the weather. halfway, suddenly coming into an aunt, she is living in Mountain foothills farmers. aunt I am very angry, because her family's half a bucket of pig manure was gone, she suspected people here steal. she fiercely shouting out: no ability to write articles on a good, perhaps mixed with a can of what good writers, why do scholars stole my pig? Shame na! ... ... We did not say anything, the General Assembly in depressed in the end. fourth day, still clear. Meteorological Bureau, said: Come on, can not come to a cloudy forecast for a month we cloudy Leng Shimo accurate. made no level I was afraid even to those ignorant of the audience will abandon us. So God had to give second face, overcast day at noon. is not only negative, or a dense mass of sandwiched lightning. movie this weather will have to happen. so out of the event the General Assembly today. leaders are deep to close the mouth, leaving only a few fights they Hongqi fierce. Because they want to fight to the Year Award, winners definitely the judges for the second year of the Super Girls. 1 I buy: I am a famous writer I am afraid! Ouyang crazy said: ah ... I ... I ... I ... .... fact,Air Max 2011 Outlet, he is dumb, unable to speak. Hongqi very angry,Nike Air Max 2009 Women, three, then do not say, pick up a cup to cover towards the two of them hit. Ouyang crazy like I buy ambulance carriage suddenly fall to the ground to the meeting also had miserably. summary Theme: no theme, no basic difference with the past. Hongqi injured because of a lid of two masters, were moving real-time arena. We call him Qigong. Mountain on the future, rivers and lakes began to spread from this statement: East face of the lid to write drug use. five learning Guo Jing in the family I was in the carving, and foster parent has taught me a lot of martial arts. teacher said, learning is a very complex issue, not a half a moment, a few words can clearly understand the whole land. so see Di Liuji six hours to graduate. I graduated this. seven apprenticeship apprenticeship day, Guo Jing first time a great party together. gave me a donkey. donkey with Guo Jing, just as blind. I told him blind donkey. said that this donkey is known, origin and Guizhou, is only begin to ride off. although the first blind donkey, but I am very happy because after all, I had the slightest connection to the literary giant. So I bade farewell to everyone, wherever they went to the Jizhemaolv. fame after the rivers and lakes friend sent me the nickname: Diao blind donkey! .........

welcome to turn reproduced processing 45,126,Nike Air Max 180,937 as Friend

Classic ! 1, day, donkey out of a cow to the problem, asking Donkey brains, or could not answer. Cattle curse: the first ass really, Nanzuonvyou it! 2. seven years after graduation, finally picked up a big project, made a thirty meters chimneys, two months duration, cost three hundred thousand, but to Loaning. Finally finished at the end of last year out. Today people to come to acceptance, to be criticized, to die, not get paid. Damn! Drawings look backwards, others to dig a well! 3. a drunken man accidentally fell from the third floor, attracting passers-by crowd, a police came: What happened? Drunk: do not know, I am also just arrived. 4. doctor asked the patient how the fracture. Patient, I think there are sand shoes, shoes on leaning poles shaking. TMD has a bastard through there, thought I was electrocuted, he took a stick they gave me two sticks! 5. Some say, turtles father, mother and son of a bitch turtle family decided to go hiking, they took a Shandong cake and two cans of chicken sea end, they went off to Yangmingshan. Hard to climb ten years, finally arrived! They sat on the floor, remove the equipment standard prepare dinner. Results, but found no band can opener! son of a bitch: must wait for me back! can not go back on Oh! turtle mother: a! Parents regardless of the turtle! Old couple decided to start. pie is ready to open out to eat ... ... Suddenly, son of a bitch Cong Shuhou stuck his head ... ... son of a bitch: opener? I waited twenty-five years, I have to wait until the end to be it! I hate most people lie to me! 6. small Xin: Dad, why my name inside it three gold ? Dad: lack of gold in your life, so take the name of Xin, like some life in the water, it's called Miao, some life in the lack of wood called a forest. small Xin: Dad Dad, you said that Guo Jingjing sister lives in the lack of what? 7. a couple friends sitting on a park bench on love, women suddenly want to fart. of the man said: I Faculty Valley Birds call, you listen to like like. men really than hear. Thus, women in the Valley birds do not? M: fart too loud, not hear! 8. turtle injured Let snail to buy medicine. over two hours. snail has not come back. turtle anxious curse: fuck do not come back I was dead! when the door came a snail's voice: I do not say you are his mother had! 9. somebody raising a pig, tired, abandoned, then return pork to know , the number jumped to no avail. day, the car turned a lot of bending abandoned pig, late-night call his family, asked: body, the ants were all fell down. At this point there is one in the elephant's neck, falling ants called loudly, crashed. Then a student stood up and said: eat a good amount. 13. Xiao Ming: ; was lost asked: No, ah ... ... the sentence: : ; I am writing this letter slow, because I know you see the word offensive! our next week 2 times the rain, the first four days under the second next three days! you Huaguoshan been? I had a great time in heaven well, the absence of gravity, so the stool, urine, tears and snot all out for it, do not you bitter? our delicious beef noodles here , another day you come with us to the West Street restaurant to eat hot pot! your sister to be born Goddess, because they do not know a boy or a woman, we do do not know what you want to be uncle or aunt! I send you the clothes you get it? afraid when I go to send overweight, so the buttons cut up In clothes pockets! is late to write here, I am free to play here, remember not to drink plenty of water, or to the urine does not come out here very uncomfortable! P. S had wanted to send money to you, but the envelope has been glued! 17. a digestion poor patients to the doctor complaining: I recently very normal, what to eat what pull, pull to eat cucumber cucumber, watermelon eating watermelon pull, how to restore normal? doctors silent a moment, that you can only eat shit up. 18 . someone to go to Shanghai on business lost a dollar in the street, police said: ~~~~~~ quietly point to see me mix his foot Sec to cut his playing mahjong, and earthworms father thought, put his cut into the minced meat. earthworm mother cried and said: Cut so the pieces will die! . said to him: you come, you are right .. I am back on the table and then snail .. .. .. after a while they see a turtle on ants .. he said: Come on you .. so the ants also come up. Ants up after the snail .. .. see above for his phrase , a fire, the father and mother escaped, leaving only one son still inside. Mother is very tense in the house shouted: .. Come out - have a fire, but also stay inside .....~ half-day leaves no fish bait, he changed the pieces of bread - the same long time did not fish on the hook - no way - he had to replace it, like earthworms, or half did not fish on the hook under the ~ ~ ~ He angrily threw into the water out 100rmb cursed: Buy their own! ! ! 24. at the same table cold, runny nose, but he forgot to bring a handkerchief, and have continued to nose forced inhalation nose. Writing on the blackboard the> language teacher suddenly turned a lot of noises: Teacher and> said: replied: man; : Why do you print **? criminals, said: the real one I will not print 27. Cowherd and Weaver met a bath down to earth,beats by dr dre solo hd, shaking ZZZZZZZZZ interpretation of a love story, this tells us: there is no opportunity to take a bath at home , so be sure to go outside to take a bath to wash ..... 28. Xiaoming toilet back to the classroom with a teacher said: : can not but speak out ah? > 30. The female mosquito is: not a good thing, one by one all eat shit grow up 31. I spent 80,000 to buy a Western Zhou pottery, called yesterday to part identification, experts said gravely: What is the Western Zhou Dynasty? This is the last week! 32. son: ah, and then what. * decision, the bullet is You strangle me, too scary! it? nurses, injections of the fortune. telling the master said: You, the first half doomed, no women; not the man's face lit up: That I should have a right later in life? fortune teller said: hey, to later life you get used to a person's life 37 . someone to eat beef noodles do not see a piece of beef, they pointed to the bowl and asked the boss: how beef is not beef noodles? boss said dismissively: Do not be too serious, do you expect from the wife eat cake in a wife? 38. three mice were tasting the United States, Japan, China, wine, drink American wine rats, go down three steps on; mice drinking Japanese sake, go to step 2 down; mice drinking Chinese Erguotou , holding a kitchen knife, shouted: he died. funeral that day. his family cried: ' cool cool Ah ... Ah ....' passersby puzzled. asked: 'What are cool A. ' family cried:' Shuangsi ... ... Shuangsi!! 41. a man to jump, just back to his wife and shouted: impulse, we still a long road! Chief carpool with elevator, the Secretary put a fart after chief said: You all can not afford to be magnanimous thing, should you use? Dear why I am so okay! The very creative, ugly is not my intention, God do not get angry, I will brave live with my endless creativity. to set off the beauty of this world! In fact, I really, really very creative ... 45. to go hiking with friends, to the summit, a girl beautiful mountains and rivers face shouting: motherland ah! my mother! a crush on her boys quickly followed shouted: motherland ah! my wife's mother! 46 . before I bought two puppies, called the face! to a voice: and they had a falling out, and almost beat them, because some of them say that you monkeys, and some that you like the gorilla, too much! did not see you as a pig! 50. Panda birthday, on We said: I promised two wishes, one can cure my black eye, the other is hope that a color photo 51. Kuangzhui bees butterflies, snails, butterflies married. bees puzzled: he Where the butterfly better than I answer: whatever the outcome, have their own house, which, as you live in a dormitory 52. an elephant in the bath one day and suddenly there is an ant came to this elephant that you stand up. started to stand up. ant! you sit down and go. elephants do not understand Yeah you want to ask the ants. one will stand up and sit down for a while. ant replied! lost my underwear I see is not what you wear to steal 53. production team bought the only jackass, but a few days later he died. just a mare in heat. production team of staff on call to go on a business trip production team captain. , but the jackass is dead. is to buy the first jackass or you come back? disgusting things 55. a meteor across the night sky, I quickly make a wish, hope you can become prettier. Who knows just finished Xu wish meteor I was not intentionally make things difficult for you?! ! 56. give me a canteen of bread as a fulcrum, I can tilt the Earth! 60. sophomore year, all quarters of the girls like Zhou Hua Jian's songs, a tape was borrowed by us to go. Day, capped with the girls asked: Zhou Hua Jian I do? Girls bunk answer: in my bed too! Silent two seconds, and then all fell to the bed. 61. classmate of a boy to take a sheng nicknamed Panzhu girls crying to the teacher, the teacher agreed to criticism of the boys, the next day in class, teachers in terms of: nicknames, can not someone like Han on Jiaosha it? Ordinary dogs look at it dismissively said: idiot, look, I was undercover! Canteen bread too hard ...> bathing the highest state of highest level of betrayal of the highest state of pants the highest fire realm of the highest state of Barber jump the highest level of the highest state of play mahjong roundhouse kick to steal the highest level the highest level,,, CS players the highest level .... money off the highest state of play sand in the highest state of apples highest level of the highest state of sleep + + cars of the highest level of the highest state police restaurant advertising the highest state of the highest level of smoking the highest state of fried egg pencil the highest level of the highest state of stacked stone Tree of Life real-Benz examination of Comedy interesting 1, do chest, I had just one colleague on the X-ray machine, the doctor shouted Several other small doctors called the call: hey ~ , and my turn! ! ! 2, hearing test, using a headset, given the volume and frequency of different voices, you hear the test. I did not hear how my colleagues, the doctor (Note: Young female doctor) kept enlarge the volume, or hear. Female doctor then asked: Veterans. Once a military nursing touched my stomach - liver full three minutes, I was scared to face pale, fatty liver can not be! Chuckle, the female mask off his face heap Huan, watery eyes looked at me - I was young when the original is in a large number of MM. With a meal afterwards, she married, I was drunk ... ... 4, primary physical examination, another class of students check lung capacity, so the doctor wiped his mouth with alcohol cotton, referring to the machine mouth, the result that students wiped his mouth. The other is heard, the students late one short stop in the end, students in the first few are big, chest, the doctor mechanical work, up one, pull the lamp, reading, and pull the lamp replaced a ... ... and so it was his turn, did not change the height of the machine, the doctor thought was a tall, turn off the lights to see the results of a big skeleton head! Scare the daylights out of her own! ! 5, primary Once play penicillin fainting, down the street, and was sent to the emergency room has been vaguely conscious, when the woman doctor with your fingers pinch my ear, pain. I thought it was kind of like pinch rescue approach, we silently endure. Result that the doctor said: 6, high school graduation examination, notify each student teacher prior matchbox installed the next day with their bianbian to the hospital, there is a male teacher informed the students because when he is not, the next day to go empty-handed hospital. To the intestinal section, the doctor gave the students a cotton swab and let him go to the toilet ... ... over the last ten minutes, the students who will not come out from the toilet, the doctor went to the toilet door asked: boys who listen to there with a very painful voice answered: Chuojin family to stay! by! thing - everyone see the chest there are two wires you have, okay? 8, junior high school when the examination is to check with a color-blind, holding a book, each page are some small pieces of different colors makes up the pattern, I do not know is not the same. Some digital, some simple painting . We go on one by one, reported to the doctor they saw something, usually no big problem, after all, from primary school to check what the body. The results are usually a student to learn the kind of super-hard, took up the book her glasses, said something which we all fall, then To test urine, to each person issued a plastic cup and told to go the toilet a bit more out of our gang are gone, there is a brother of urine over, go away, at the half, swore: received a . . That guy in our class up female doctor and so I said what you hear on the repeat times. . Gave him two ear (hearing test when used) then called the guy standing a few meters away places. . The doctor said: . > a few laughs from our line up of all 11, when the entrance physical examination hearing test the doctor said: p>

it? We must maintain a complete nature and a pure heart. 64. If a person is not suffering the feelings of sympathy for others is not easy. You need to learn the spirit of mercy, he will have to suffer by

1. One reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things. 2. If you do not give their own troubles, others never to upset you. Because of your own heart, you let go. 3. you never want to thank you adversity beings. 4. you never should forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to go, can only be really happy. 5. When you are happy, you want this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering, you want this pain is not eternal. 6. today's dedication, will become tomorrow's regret. 7. You can have love, but not attached, because the separation is inevitable. 8. Do not waste your life you will regret it in the local. 9. When did you go, when there is no trouble. 10. every kind of trauma, a kind of maturity. 11. arrogant people have saved, low self-esteem of people do not save, to know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves, to change others. 12. you should not have been dissatisfied with others, you should always review their son. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself. 13. If a person is not from the heart to forgive others, then he would never have peace of mind. 14. heart filled with their own views and ideas of the people, always hear the voices of others. 15. destruction of people as long as the word, to cultivate a thousand words, you multi-port mercy. 16. do not have to go back to curse you people? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him a do

think he is your good mentor. 63. other people can violate causality, others can harm us,Boheme Rollerball Pen, beat us, slander us. But we can not and hates others, why

, it is a punishment. 25. Love is upset because the Executive, the Executive down situation, you can get comfortable 26. not too sure about their own views, with such less regret. 27. When you are honest with ourselves,cheap Mont Blanc Pens, the world got on no one can deceive you. 28. with means to hurt others to cover up their shortcomings, is shameful. 29. silently care and bless others, it is an invisible donation. 30. Do not bother to speculate on other people's ideas, if you do not have the right to judge the wisdom and experience, there is usually wrong. 31. to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, we can know whether he was sincere. 32. the truth of life, just hidden in plain tasteless into. 33. not a bath person, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. Reputation and dignity, is from the real ability. Virtuous natural incense. 34. Time will pass, so time is running out for your trouble now! 35. you deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful. 36. intentioned people who never distorted, incurable. 37. that a lie, to fabricate a lie to make ten, why? 38. white day, doing nothing, just as guilty of larceny as 39. forming public edge, is not to hurt anyone. 40. silence is the best answer defamation. 41. respectful of the people is a solemn yourself. 42. with a selfless love, we have it all. 43. to be accidental, and take for granted. So you have to, revel unchanged unchanged revel. 44. Compassion is your best weapon. 45. as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality. 46. Conscience is the most fair of each individual judge, you deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience. 47. do not know how to respect themselves, who are unable to love others. 48. sometimes we have to ask their own calm, we pursue? We live for what? 49. Do not be a little dispute, relatives and friends far away from you, and not to do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others. 50. thank God I have, thank God I do not have. 51. Those who can stand in someone else's point of view of others, this is mercy. 52. speak not offensive, not lethal, does not boast has been able to, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy. 53. honestly face your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself. 54. causal never owe us anything, so please do not complain. 55. Most people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied. 56. the heart is the biggest liar, people can lie to you for a while but it will lie to you forever 57. as long as the peace of mind consciousness, East and West are good. If one is not degree, was not to his escape. 58. When you hold hands grasp a thing, you can only have these things, if you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose another. People

belongs. 66. Although we can not change the world around,Mont blanc Pen Sale, we had to change themselves, with compassion and wisdom of the heart to face all this.

? 17. Never waste a minute, think about any of you do not like. 18. Please use compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction with the grievance that out, other people it is easy to accept. 19. the same bottle, why do you have to install poison? Same heart, why do you want full of trouble? 20. not something we will always think he is good, it is because you know very little about him, did not have time to get along with him in a

few people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people today have family members dead. 60. You have your view of life, I have my view of life, I interfere in your. As long as I can, I will influence you. If not, then I recognize

life. 61. you want to grasp the eternal, you have to control now. 62. bad mouth never comes from our mouth, no matter how bad, how evil. The more you call him, your heart is polluted, you have to

difficult. 65. the world had not belong to you, so you do not need to discard, to dispose of is all the dedication. All is what I use, but not my

mind if their ideas run death, unwilling to put aside, his wisdom can only achieve a certain degree it 59. If you can ride in peace one day, it is a kind of good fortune. How many people today see the sun tomorrow, and more

up. When one day, you understand, you will find that you think the original is not so good. 21. alive, is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear, I discovered that someone did not feet. 22. a little more effort to pay attention to others, reflect on their efforts on curbing, you understand? 23. hatred of others that he is a great loss. 24. Everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. Do not know life, life for him

Have already been made through the interest is, but the interest of dolphin sounds out of training today, but I do not say here what the super-woman who, I say thank you all watch the original ~ ~ ~ ~ Dolphin Music - (-> high) C6 D6 E6 F6 G6 A6 B6 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5 B5 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 A2 B2 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 A1 B1 ( the dotted line is impossible to answer with a piano note sheet where Mariah cary a song sound), in addition to Mariah cary, another person can sing such a pitch is Yma Sumac, mariah cary in the Super Bowl (superbowl) to sing the national anthem is to B6, pay attention to the sound volume that is independent of the size and pitch,Herve Leger High Neck, but frequency (pitch), mariah cary the range from C3 to G7 (nearly 5 octaves), but measurements of Europe is the degree of her voice to nearly six octaves, and Yma Sumac is the alto, her range lower than mariah cary, about A3 to A6, the European measurement She is 5 octaves, but the standard in the U.S. She is four octaves. dolphin sounds rose up from the E6 G7, and Mariah cary is known singers who can sing the sound of these 10 people. Up from E6 to these notes, basically does not belong to the human voice, so only so few people. Because your vocal cords must be tip-top shape to sing out, but the dolphin sounds just a style, make a song icing on the cake, we can not whole album all 10 songs to sing in this way, dolphins range can only be As part of the song in the chorus, in the first section and tail section or chorus, adding this technique, such as Never Too Far, like, so that the whole can become more beautiful and moving song, which also reveal a real strength of the school sing the extraordinary skills. Mariah cary can sing C3 to D6, but she also can sing up to 10 to C5 (2 octaves), C5 to C6 (3 octaves), C6 to C7 (4 octaves) additional D7, E7, F7 and G7 to mariah cary about 4.5 octaves. Michael Jackson singing in concert that 911 first Debelah Morgan soared out of the dolphin sound is (E3 to B-b6) -> in addition to Christina Aguilera (E3 to G6), Jessica SImpson (E3 to G6), a known Ling cut Russian singer Vitas, although he can sing 5 octaves, but that is not the sound of dolphins. in vocal music industry Mariah cary can be called Coloratura Soprano (A6 have the ability to sing or higher), while Christina Aguilera in her soar soared to F6 can be called Spinto Soprano (the highest people who can sing G6 In a saturday night live performances by what a girl wants she sang G6). Jessica Simpson, too, but it does not mean they can not learn to sing the higher tones. Mariah cary normal speech so can be considered a very low alto (contralto), but she can sing the entire range and that 10 Dramatic Coloratura Soprano Approximately 85% of female high-tone sound is usually clear and very powerful, the other 15% is to have as deep as the alto voice. Some professional singers can change their feelings expressed by singing, whitney is the business for singing high soprano and alto range now between. trey lorenz speech is but he can sing tenor, baritone, can also sing coloratura, such as MTV unplugged the I'll Be There, Mariah cary F7 position can sing, this is the limits of the human female singer, basically it is impossible to sing out, in addition to her own, in today's music scene, no one can reach this pitch. Some people say the sound of dolphins is called the first to say . Pharyngeal tone, is an important voice in the bel canto method, especially in the soprano has a very widely used. Pharyngeal tone is a way to transcend the limits of false treble sound, and pharyngeal pharyngeal tone and low tone is divided into high-pharyngeal tone, low tone of the resonance point is located in the pharynx posterior wall of the throat, and the high tone of the pharyngeal resonance point in the nasal cavity wall. In opera and art songs in the need to use a lot of treble tone throat singing. Bel canto in general need all the body with cavity open is to keep the sound smooth, stable and vigorous. But the human voice pitch is limited. In fact, just look at the general physics book will know, the human hearing range of 20-20000 Hz, while the soprano's pronunciation can reach 2000 Hz. So for a normal person, the 2000 Hz is the limit, it is almost impossible to break. When the soprano to sing, to a certain height, such as soprano HIGH C, that is, we said after the C3 or C6, in general, people have begun to keep up with the cavity resonance of (the higher, the more resonance difficult), then in order to maintain the smooth sound and volume as well thickness, soprano jaw 1 / 3 triangles to form a class of small mouth, small mouth fast gas out of control through the vocal cords to form a sound. So some people say, soprano treble is blowing out. This loud and clear voice and high-pitched, blowing out like musical instruments, bel canto called This throat singing is the sound of singing. General, coloratura soprano of the pitch and play up to HIGH F #, that is, F3 #, or F6. However, the soprano's concert works rarely reach this pitch, and only two operas close to the pitch, one is the From ancient times, only very few can sing the soprano voice in particular higher good, to achieve the HIGH B, that is, B3, or B6 or the C4 or C7, but in general play a show by the singer free to use the song in the treble. Moreover, in general, to such a height, spit the word is very difficult, in general just issued a I have two hands in the top treble information bel canto, but also has the highest sound recordings of the vocal sound, a B6, a C7. In addition, the pharyngeal tone sound for the throat with a great help, especially for those vocal cords damaged, has no way to sound people. Many teachers will have a hypertrophy of the vocal cords, throat, callouses can be cured without surgery, there is a high pharyngeal sound treatment by professionals who teach the correct sound throat singing, but also treatment of the vocal cords and throat diseases. At present, only China, but some hospitals have such a pharyngeal sound training courses, the last reported seen in the central, dumb people learn to swallow sound, you can use vocal vibrator, pharyngeal tone through this instrument, the vocal cords vibrations are converted into sound, and why there is such a good treatment of pharyngeal sound effect, because most people in singing, regardless of real tones, true and false false tone or sound, resonance cavity either put throat, nasal discharge or release has forehead, as long as the singing, the sound will be on the throat with a certain amount of consumption and harm, and pharyngeal tone is the pubic region of the gas slowly flows through the vocal cords, the vocal cords, it is a massage effect, and absolutely no consumption of the throat. Simply put, the more prominent men's Adam's apple, we can rub his Adam's apple, no matter what way to sing, regardless of the size of shock, Adam's apple will surely shake, and the right pharyngeal tone sound vibration, but will not make Adam's apple, which loss is not the reason, feeling a bit of gods. talked pharyngeal tone, now that the sound of dolphins, dolphin vocal sound is a scientific term, with the pharyngeal tube sound, back of the head tone, chest voice, head voice, is the concept of the term. Dolphin Music is a very image of the rhetoric, said the dolphins could send 2000 Hz to 100,000 Hz in a variety of wavelengths of high-frequency ultrasound, the ultra-high frequency sound waves are out of human beings will be difficult, so some people use describe the high tone, means Dolphin sound starting point, but the sound is very high, in general, Mariah cary dolphin sound pitch is basically about the C7 from the sound, so on the pitch, the sound of dolphins is different from the definition of physiology and physics human pronunciation, it's pitch is different from ordinary people. First, from the pitch point of view, the absolute sound better than a dolphin pharyngeal sound, it is more brighter high-pitched, its real name is Second, the absolute feeling of dolphin sound sounds sound different from the pharynx. Pharyngeal tone sound more robust than dolphins, of course, is more laborious. Pharyngeal sound when singing high notes, such as opera arias, the soprano's highest note generally feel fully engaged, there is shouting and popular singing treble in the state of similarities. But the sound of dolphins is due to natural physical structure is different, so you can see Mariah cary pronunciation is no effort, no matter how high, very comfortable, and can be spit the word, and performance of a lot of coloratura, portamento, sustain and transfer vibrato techniques, this in many of her works reflect, and vocal tone to a certain pitch of the pharynx is difficult to spit on the word. Third, the dolphin sounds sound more true than the pharynx, more floating, is blown out. Mariah cary the little dolphin sounds and vocal cords, vocal cords do not drive, so her 15-year singing career, you can hear her voice has the voice of the degradation and false, even more hoarse, but the dolphin sounds almost constant, high-pitched, like bright, this is a good example to illustrate, not by practicing dolphin sound out, but the person born of a different energy. Mariah cary's natural voice can send this Or that people can like her, is better than nothing. Just think, if you can practice by practice of dolphin sounds, then why the United States and the development of sound after so many years has not exceeded the soprano pitch to F6 to say, had never heard the soprano to show off what extraordinary treble. The ADAM LOPEZ is a sound reason, he is also rare in this world can send the sound of a natural person, so he can break the woman's voice than men's theorem, beyond the woman's voice. So, the sound of dolphins is talented, can not make the event, if the force will only destroy their own voice. fourth, Mariah cary and ADAM LOPEZ fat dolphin sounds, they will naturally hold the bottom of the ear with your fingers. This is because the dolphin sounds too high, and the occurrence method is different from ordinary people, not through the vocal cords, their pitch, pitch needs a way to guide, it depends on the action to determine the opening and cavity tuning. The higher the more necessary. On the contrary, although pharyngeal sound high, but it passed the edge of the vibrating vocal cords,Herve Leger Skirts, so easy that people use their vocal cords to control the pitch and pitch vibration. So, we never will, see what their ears soprano, is easier to grasp because of pharyngeal tone, but Jane Zhang also use this method. If the occurrence of the correct way to train, pharyngeal tone is that everyone can learn, and can achieve the common pitch, and even some good people can voice higher. However, to achieve a high degree of dolphin sounds, it is impossible for the average person, because most people are inherently part of the throat that can not be issued a dolphin sound. As the country last year, Super Girl ZLY 5 into 3 finals sang Loving you, Nan said that the so-called black dolphin sounds, so the dolphins quickly so that the people recognized the sound, it is not true, ZLY in Loving you's in concert , the pitch is between e6-g6, and even go down to the real sound of dolphins eight notes about the high rise. Can be very sure that that is not the sound of dolphins. But her strong ability to imitate, using the method of pharyngeal tone dolphin sounds and learning the sounds, the sounds sound like a dolphin, a number of professionals will be able to tell the difference, first of all that the first three sounds are LOVING YOU very low, for a maximum of dolphin sound is considered that entry, so have so many people follow a little later to say I could be issued. But if you go down to a walk on the interval it, there are a few people can say that he can get out of hair? Even so, more than a few that allow you to coloratura, transfer audio, portamento, etc., or drag a long tone, which is a male under the female and immediately be able to distinguish the authenticity of it. This is why the extraordinary vocal Ji Minjia in EMOTION, the so-called dolphin sounds so nervous, not long delay, and sound are not allowed. It can be understood as a different function. Maybe some people would say, than the pitch, that child's scream is also high, ah, that is a dolphin sound. However, to figure out a concept, the sound is not equal to the height of the height of singing. In general, the people's voice (pitch) will certainly be higher than the pitch when singing in the Guinness Book of Records, the upper limit of how much someone's voice Hz, the number of hertz up, then up to sing the song out how much Hertz. Also often said that I can sing a sound, but I can not sing that tone. The screaming child is the same, he shouted that sound, but not use it to sing. And the child's vocal cords is the shortest, so he's the voice of vocal fold vibration is the highest, which is why seventeen Ling eighteenth century must be castrated before the child becomes the sound castration. When the screaming, the vocal cords and cavity in a special resonance state, similar to blowing out. But the sound of music can not change and spit the word, and can not drag too long. So we can only call it screaming, sound can not be called XX. The dolphins sound is present, the world can be used to sing the highest note, but also the highest one can roar to the sound. In Chinese singers, sound skills, know how to swallow a yellow central China, Lam Po, Faye Wong,herve leger dress 2011, Huang Qishan and so on. Even more foreign countries, such as MR.BIG lead singer Eric Martin, the lead singer as well BON JOVI JOE BON JOVI, actually pharyngeal tone in foreign countries is a technique using a very wide range. The pharynx is the sound of each person will be born, to try to hear the children scream, the kind of treble sound frequency is the pharynx, but we grow older, change the sound, do not forget how to unconsciously to use this vocal technique. Pharyngeal sounds in theory everyone can learn, but the teacher will swallow sound and easy to find, a lot of people because their own learning pharyngeal tone, and the throat singing bad, to learn to sing this with the same black metal death danger!

(3) of the accustomed ways of doing things, the proposal should be improved or optimized.

(4) do anything to develop a methodical and orderly habits.

(5) important decision as far as possible to discuss the best every other day and then released.

II: careful

(1) review of any fault, when start their own or their own people began to reflect.

(2) the empty slogans or slogans do not always linked to his mouth.

one: calm

(3) for the customer's

(5) any results and achievements should be shared with others.

(6) must be some sacrifice or devotion, he himself ahead.

(1) Do not bother to have a partner who could become competitors.

(4) the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic about the sun.

(5) intentions of doing anything else, because someone is watching you.

(4) proceed with a plan, the first clear delineation of responsibilities, and assigned properly.

(3) admit the beginning from higher levels, starting from the lower table functions

Six: play

(3) in consultation with the views of others before their first thought, but do not talk.

(6) to anywhere on the inadequacy of their own place to fill the seats.

(1) lack of confidence not commonly used words

(2) Do not tell everyone that your problems and experiences.

(5) of the

(6) have any speech not panic, walk too.

three: bold

(3) the money to be generous, to learn the three facilities (fiscal measures, Fasch, Wuwei Shi)

(2) the matter after the first review of the fault, and then set out the credit.

(6) when things do not breath, and re-find a breakthrough to end should be neat.

(4) do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of the bias.

(6) with responsibility to assume greater responsibility.

(4) stop all

(6) calculate the cost of the integrity of the product or service that is cost of the brand.

(1) Do not reveal your emotions.

four: Tatu

(2) implementation of the bit can not do, to uncover their fundamental crux.

(3) fighting over the crowd, do not assertive.

(1) what is happening around them, often thinking their causation.

five: integrity

(2) do not often go back, have decided to do lightly overturned.

(4) do not have the opportunity to nag your dissatisfaction.

(5) often find a few people do not see the problems or defects.

(2) on other people's small mistakes, small errors do not care about.

(5) juggle a small smart, no good!

(1) failed to do Do not say,Outlet Coach Handbags, say it to do.

kids said: Yesterday I ate fruit and then turbid water -

- does not play. -


men: love! -

A: for gas -

44. Moujun first plane, fear, afraid to open eyes, eyes open after 15 minutes, look out the window, shouting:


father: stop to go. -

48. M: Do you like me? -

children: One of my left foot hurt. -

1. One night, a naked man called a taxi, the driver stared at him intently, Naked furious and shouted: You have not seen his mother naked ah! Driver also furious: I see where you money from his mother! -

devil: Wow,montblanc meisterstuck pen, see a ghost! -

2. male and female friends to sleep in a room, the woman drew the line: off-line is brutal. Found that men really do not wake up over the line, woman severely beat a man slap in the face: you do not even like animals! -


polar bear: -

16. Stay in a lonely polar bear on ice in a daze, really bored and started pulling their hair play, one ... ... ... ... three ... two ... the last one does not pull the left, he suddenly cried out ... ... ... ... cold ah! ! ... ... ... ... ... ... -

Teacher comments: I have to die -


rabbits: Great! Give me two! -

46. Sanmao to the hair salon to do hair, the hair stylist said: I compiled a tails. Hair stylist accidentally knocked off San Mao's hair. San Mao sighed and said: I carve to a good pull. Yet another hair stylist accidentally knocked off the root. San Mao saw the fire: you want me to Ah disheveled? -

39. His father took the bus. -

sun's mother grabbed Tel: grass, my day his mother, grass your mother right? -

32. Someone in a mental hospital practice, suddenly a neurotic holding a kitchen knife to chase him, this man turned around and ran, ran until a dead end, thinking that this is over, the patient said: you knife, which you chase me. -


Who: Pishi with me! -


devil: oh,Montblanc Marlene Dietrich Pen, my god! -

Cao Cao: devil, why you call me? -

Title: naive -

Parrot: Who. -

38. Rabbits to the bakery: the boss, there are 100 small bread? Boss: no. The next day the rabbit came again: the boss, there are 100 small bread? Boss: Sorry, no. -

no one: How can I! ! ! -


sun: my day ah, you grass it -

Sun: My Day, I shall ah -


Sun: Hey, the grass you? I day. -

finally came to the polar bear's door, knock on the door: -

3. Ants and elephants get married soon, the elephant died. Ants while buried in the elephant, while crying: -


teacher reviews: Do not be too pulled -

43. the first day, the white rabbit to the river fishing, caught nothing, go home. -

children: a train passes Moreover Moreover Moreover Moreover -



Son: Dad, What time ah? -

teacher reviews: You're naive -

24. A fashionable woman onto the bus, saw a fierce air urinal tissue wipe out a while, just to put a fart sitting Unfortunately, next to a man laughed: -

... ... -

19. Two men go to the mountains to play, who accidentally took a fall off a cliff, peer worried shouted: I still fall down it ~~~~~ -

47. Once there was a candy, long walk in the street, suddenly said: Oh my feet a good soft -


50. ...... side while ......-

grass: TMD, Who are you in the end, my grass -

Title: One -

30. Devil seize the Princess -

Teacher comments: he in the end is to de ah? or wear ah? -

-1 a male teacher angrily to a school girl to sleep, said: I am tired to death in the above, you are motionless in the following! Not with it when, even the point of no response, not what the future if the stomach can not blame the teacher! Results of the class fainted

36. Male and female friends to go shopping, -


37. Bear asked the little rabbit: Take rabbit backside .-

18. A couple of contraceptive failure of a small boy young man, a child's life out on the clenched fist, have been laughing. A nurse broke his fist. Found inside a pill, and then speak a little boy: -

31. King was asked a princess marriage, to an apple on the princess's head, who should have the opportunity to marry its princess shot. -

If you dare fuck with carrot as bait, I'll die you flat! -


door: for gas -

Title: after another -

27. A judge strabismus, B, C three day trial, the suspect, -

teacher :.........-

children write: really hot today .-

A judge said: B A: judge was furious: C: -

25. Penguin is boring, I think of the Arctic to look for polar bears playing -

33. Flight attendant advised passengers to wear seat belts -

Title: You see -

21. Monkey asked the fox, how to describe an elephant up with a song that ass? Fox said: Leo's ant heard saying: 22. Tiger chasing two brothers, my brother is not run, said: the 。 -

suddenly famous passenger stuck his head out the window, slowly in front of me: Wukong. You do not chase -

children: a ditch in front of my home very sad. -

8. A man bought a parrot would say Liangzi Who is that one day the owner was not at home, there is a change of gas to knock on the door. -

- polar bear! Come out to play! -

Teacher comments: You are centipede it? -

sat next said: -

26. Junior high school, a math teacher equation change, on the podium sleeves rolled loudly: Students pay attention! I want to deformed! ... ... -

next day the rabbit went to the river fishing, or catch nothing, go home. -




Parrot: Who. -

41. Wolf just wanted to take when passing through a feeding hut, I heard a man learned their children: Wolf choking have to say: man, men are liars !!!-


14. beautiful sister, 2 years old. Day, even called her mother, the little guy answered the telephone. Out of courtesy, I have to look at her greeting. -

40. There was a man and a tiger were tied to two trees, the Tigers tied the rope below a candle, rope burns on Get out, and if the rope is blown, the tiger will eat the people out, the results say a word, no eat by Tiger -

28. Aircraft, the crow on the flight attendants said: the pig, said: 29. There are rabbits into a store and asked the boss: you have no carrots to sell here? His wife said: no. After a child rabbit again Q: Do you sell here, there are no carrots? Impatient boss said no! After a child again asked the rabbit, the boss had had enough: if you come back trouble, I took scissors to cut your ears! -

5. a woman can not read, but like to listen to the radio, listen to weather forecasts every day. One day, asked his family to eat: -

grass: I grass, you in the end Who -

boyfriend was nervous: how? Is not stepped on a lemon? -

Ghost: Fuck! Was found. -



children: his clothes off the side, while pants .-

children: Do you see what to see! never seen ah? -

children write: delicious ass .-

rabbits a door on the third day: the boss, there are 100 small bread? Boss: It was too embarrassing, or not. -

God: Who told me? ! -

6. Bio exam day, including a question is to look at the bird's leg to guess the bird's name. Really do not know of a Health, angry on the paper a tear ready to leave the examination room. Invigilator very angry then asked him: -

Woman: You guess again .-


49. a mental patient in writing, the doctor asked: -


first man shot in the apple, he said: The second man also shot the apple, he said: third man accidentally shot the princess, he said: -


35. Sun to grass to call -

Teacher comments: in the end you have a few father ah? -

devil said: You break the throat it is called though, no one will rescue you! -

This article is reproduced from: Fantasy family: laughing cramps short jokes, Bukanhouhui Oh -

23. Noodles are steamed Hai Bian, looking to avenge cousin instant noodles, instant noodles, saw BEAN BAG beat on the meal, came back on the noodles, said: Rest assured, I have to fight it out feces. -


walked away, taking many years, is coming, do not suddenly think of home gas shut -

he said . . -

devil: that Cao Cao Cao Cao went to! -

girlfriend: Oh, good acid feet Oh. -

Teacher comments: the teacher is more sad -



17. Colleague's daughter is a small Meirenpeizi, her mother came back from kindergarten often ask her: I do not feel beautiful ,mont blanc pen。 -

15. Road in a car accident - a turtle nest cattle trampled. Police are investigating the cause of the accident, said Wo Niu: how the turtle hit you? The nest is hanging plaster uncertain ground beef recalls panic: I do not remember, he was too fast! -

father: to stopped. -

6. cliff waving just a little rat paw, jump again and again, to learn to fly, bat watching it fall next to the mother's badly beaten, worried that: it is father to do not tell it, it is not we real daughter! -

son: When to stop ah? -

teacher reviews: a phrase, can not be separated -

then returned, walked away, and went for many years, shut the gas off again, and walked away, and went for many years -

Title: sorry -

2. A friend for the first time work-study program in the park Maibing Gun, sorry crying; this time, where one person suddenly shouted: That friend one, and my heart can be happy, to follow the call: -

reading space with QQ Email Subscribe fantasy family -

Princess: broken throat, breaking the throat! -

grass: I am the grass. -

42. The girl asked her boyfriend boyfriend was Chande no way -


by: Nonsense, who found me? -

grass: I grass, Who are you? -

children: Sir, good-bye! -

12. A public toilet, A Jun constipation, do not pull a long dragged out, then another man rushed Jun B, just squat on the crackling does not pull good fun, A-Jun, after hearing, said: Yeah, pull was so happy -





20. I am also the top, a man riding a bike, not the palm handlebars, hands across their chests, after seeing a traffic police, said: palm good! The man replied, comrades! -



children: my mother short and tall fat and skinny. -


7. and friends to the top of Taishan sunrise, a friend pointed to the sky, said: Bai! what you cried ah ! 1. Ghost: God, I want the next reincarnation, like an angel white body, and with a pair of wings, but I still want to suck blood. -

3. Hongtao encounter foreign visitors a day and tried to get in a word, saying: I am Hong TaoLiu, foreign guests, saying: I am his mother or side shows 70 too! -


After a child rabbit again: Do you have scissors to sell here? The boss said: no. Rabbit asked: Do you have carrots to sell here ... ... -

Title: delicious -

God: What do you do Whisper it reborn. -

teacher reviews: Do not watch too much drama! -

Title: and then -

topics: first ...... then ...... Example: eat first, then take a bath .-

lie outside home owner personal, the owner wondering, this is the Who -

Who: No one told you, ah! -

9. One on the road to see a bunch of things, squat sniffed, said it might be going to the toilet, put his hand touched his mouth to lick the next point, that really is going to the toilet, but fortunately did not step on! ~ -



A: for gas -

discouraged the boys: -

colleague's son, 4 years old. Classic sentence: -

sun: My day ah -


11. A professor teaching in the field: One student quickly said: is the index finger 。。。 -

third day, the rabbit came to the river, a big fish to jump out from the river, directed at a small rabbit exclaimed: -

45. girlfriend texted me: after a while, I received: -

13. Some that are exercise bike, the front of a pedestrian, Moujun panic, shouting: Persevering, some that hit pedestrians or riding too bad. Pedestrians got furious: -

34. Create a sculpture --- a school girl right hand held his left hand holding a white dove books. School leaders to publicly call the name of their students. A time constant stream of replies, one of the loudest voices: Reading top with a bird! -

4. Zai Zai was my father repaired, he went to find her mother complained: ; -


women: do you think .-

5. Day, I catch the last train out of breath while chasing repeatedly calling: Master! Master, and so I ah ~ -


4. A boy, a girl crush on the girl and blow like the courage to ask what kind of boys -

No: Princess, I'm coming to you! -

Title: What is -

What is the reading room? -

rabbits bounce on the fourth day came: the boss, there are 100 small bread? Boss: Great! Today there are 100 small bread ~! -

7. Beautiful Mongolian actress After the performance, met with the leadership came to power, then her hand, Wenhanwennuan, half a day is not incensed, cordial asked: What's your name? The actress replied excitedly, -

Teacher comments: Your mother is a deformation of magic it? -

said that the devil got from schizophrenia. -

asked: A: -

teacher reviews :.................-

children: work, and my father's home after another. -

Title: thriving -

children write: thriving Wing confession .-


10. The doctor asked the patient how the fractures, A: I think there are sand shoes, shoes on leaning poles shake, shake ah shake ...... I think I have a personal electric shock, and then took a stick to me two stick. -

Title: Sure enough -

Somebody in addition to I bought your seventeen "laptop at the same time. It was seriously just requested my verizon prepaid phone via Dell, as your dog entered his or her innovative HEWLETT PACKARD computer. It truly is a good thing I actually obtained my innovative mobile computer contains a widescreen as well. However I bought your laptop computer through is an excellent o as i left for considered one of Elements that you do not buy a special personal pc pouch. I actually thought I would This good old institution bag plus call up this decent. Nonetheless there was a new new laptop bag very well and I could truthfully never via my personal top of your head. This first trip to the innovative laptop or computer, I discovered a number of errors while in the common use of E-book tote on your laptop or pc near on hand. Of which designed us prefer to new LAPTOP luggage for women and much more! In the first place -- wasn’t very well safe. They had their cushion computer system travelling bag Give up clothes to get our laptop computer, I do not need some sort of flask involving water and other merchandise Actually zero - and, worse continue to, is eradicated. That it was a bit complicated to get the pc, and out of his jean pocket, wanted to use a machine. Then i thought it's possible Pc sleeves are usually useful. People found out quickly of which, although a friend connected with my verizon prepaid phone ended up being a terrific PC travelling bag additional regular purposeful pack. Not surprisingly there were a lot of analysis before It would be the 1st new laptop bag, and for the reason that I wanted a new laptop bag had been such a decent There are many stuff has to be taken into consideration. If you decide on a mobile computer for us - primarily from the frosty Ladies new laptop bag,louis vuitton handbag, here are some considerations as soon as finding along with purchasing a fresh-line pc travelling bag: What you need? A look for starts out there New laptop bag for women with a lot of possibilities, so it is expected to initially determine what Bags laptop you choose. The following makes looking a lot quicker. Come to a decision if you want a bookbag or messenger travelling bag laptop or computer tote (which translates to which will goes on typically the shoulder). Demand a computer case for trolley wheels - If you have your mobile computer associated with teen inches for instance mine, which weighs about 9. 3 pounds,moncler coats, maybe a minimal heavy book bag. Depending on the Muscle along with enable you to carry the load with your backside, you can consider just one Coming new laptop bag. >> Portable Very difficult vs. soft-sided cases highly-priced laptop event: There are a variety of trendy women of all ages Mobile computer bags to choose from, although if you continue on which includes a laptop computer handbag Meetings,jimmy choo skor, you might want to keep level a bit, and I think the fact that hard-shell event. This makes it mimic some sort of briefcase, plus helps you to see far more Qualified. >> How much would it weigh? Finally, take a look at the amount of weight. As i reported,mbt trainers, this laptop more than 9 kilos, and a very good new laptop bag for women is sort of acquired a little something analyzing above 3 lbs. There is a number of extra weight to cart all-around just one single suitcase. I can pick out, instead of some sort of lumination new laptop bag girls as a longshoreman Leather travelling bag (that's only individual selection, of course). The lilac laptop bag continue to present sufficient safeguards for any mobile computer, plus enough living space for the deliver, Water flask, extra apparel and a few recipes - and this is vital.

Unusual cause of a 65-year-old Nvju Shi old monk does magic bullet, said he always felt for decades to heart breath, went to many hospitals that can not find the disease. Western medicine do not know how much she ate there is no result, simply had also died. Heard about the Buddhist master, very much believe, seeking to master that he is not also look at what the industry had made only got this wrong. Lotus old monk asked: Swallow nest resting on top of the pot, more dirty ah! I poke it with a stick down. Buddhist propaganda 'egalitarianism' ideas, not in today's society is to promote Interference harmful creatures is one of the reasons you are suffocating chest. Master asked: You walk in the street, if seen being thrown away cans or other waste, will retrieve, plot and more make money, there is such a thing? By your family to see, life is comfortable. Waste should be left to those who live really difficult to pick up. Life is not difficult, but pick up this little money, that is greed. Buddhist person 'Ci Beixi homes' must not forget that moment, I wonder if you agree tell me the truth? I just want something someone else since it is discarded, they can make money, do not pick up the white does not pick up, did not consider so much the future, never picked up. You feel better now? Whole body relaxed, breathing is more than happy! Lotus old monk told her, because killing caused by heavy industry. She said she grew up timid, do not then kill even a bug. When the master asked her if she frequented the beach to eat live crab, she was shocked that there even such thing. Her daughter was sent to Japan for several years, every year her and take her to live in Japan last month, because they do not eat meat, drove her daughter to take her every week to the beach restaurant to eat seafood twice, and on that service Shengduan table is steamed sea cargo, not his killing. Lotus old monk told her that because patrons want to eat crab cook on Steam was only death, is recorded in the patrons 'accounts' on. And told her that all the animals eaten, even when the buying is dead, frozen, or ready cooked food, made to kill the industry are considered. If people eat less, kill less natural. After all, eating animal meat is made to kill the industry. Master see her still skeptical, to further open the show, said: some people killed many students and even engaged in killing, and he still is now healthy. However, some people only once killed an animal, or only eat meat once a sick come to her door. This is because each person's karma, past lives and accumulated reward is not the same. Some people drink every day like a pound of white wine, and drink every day, a short time he was all right. And some people do not drink a wine or beer, a drink will be drunk. This is because the drinker is not the same for everyone, but a bad habit of causing damage but sooner or later only. For the sake of appetites and the wanton killing of animals, on mountain pan knife, do anything, so bloody 'taste' of course, satisfy their craving, but also planted the seeds of resentment, ! Lotus, said the old monk asked: For all tools, if not, should be properly addressed. Or keep it, or transferred to others, just being prosecuted is not respectful. More than tell you two things, mistakes and repent if you will slowly disease better, in order to truly recover, and only quit the meat long prime. Eating the flesh of living beings recite, greed constantly, hostility continued, Beige and heart can not corresponding, re-read the last hundred years can not go anywhere bliss. Master asked her: Occasionally buy a few fish, you can not bear to eat well yourself. Folder is always the best meat to her in-laws, the head given to children to eat fish, take fish under the bone, you're not willing to throw away, put his mouth to chew eat. Although the family was rich, old habits can be inherited. So far, fish, you also chew fish bones, the bone marrow to eat, right? Because of habit, I think the fish bone is very fragrant. But I ate three Jingrou Yeah, not to say you can eat? Because all of a sudden people want to eat meat cut off meat, I am afraid most people can not do. Can do not kill, eat 'three net meat', this is just a convenient method. With Buddhism, chanting continued to improve, do not eat meat a natural. After all, meat is the killing, should quit as soon as possible is. We do not use 'cramps peeler', 'knock the bone marrow to take' the words to describe this person's aversion psychology it? All animals were killed when the are full of the fear of death and kill it, eat it hatred, because the beings of the soul are dedicated his body, that is you eat the flesh that is its own, so it has been reluctant to leave their body. Whether it is cut, fried, fry, chewing, animal soul will feel pain. Therefore, people who eat meat of animals cramps strips, Qiaoguxisui, and even slaughter animals can not knife killed, had increased the suffering of animals, making it more aversion to you. For this reason, the footer will make you sick even worse. Therefore, the Buddhist devotees who eat three net meat, can not eat the animals 'water', such as heart, liver, stomach, lung, brain, eye, tongue, marrow and so on. You eat the organs, then there may be 'tonic' of the function, but eat these 'supplements' the more the results of these animals and the more deep resentment over time but will make some parts of the body produce lesions. That my sinusitis can you? If you read one a day To put those prone to release live fish back into the fish pond do not then it should go into the rivers and lakes Hohai, it can really escape. Put sparrows, pigeons can also be a variety of birds. If the family rich, soft-shelled turtles can be released and a variety of wild animals, but there is great merit. Of them large and even spiritual life will repay your kindness, such a thing commonly reported. Well, there is no confidence in the meat quit? The wealthy wife who, her sinusitis completely well, then she would also like a trip to Mount Wutai. drill holes punched to take tumor a big forties, Lotus does the old monk: Three years ago, because he often headaches, the hospital found a tumor on his head in long nerve, so in the head Drill holes for the build-up of a take out. But less than a year, and long found a brain tumor, only do one operation. Today, the hospital review found in the original position and grow a build-up. But doctors say his head has not had to drill holes punched, or there will be life-threatening. He would not accept their fate, but feel that this disease is too strange to want to die die on that point. To request a special master to open display. Lotus old monk asked: Have killed a lot of fish, but the big fish nailed to the wood scraping on the scales Ripper. Fish is our home cooking. Now fishing is to eat, but also because there are enough fish pulled out of one meter long, jump, simply press the live, I use a large nail, the nail head on the deck, pick up and decorated more convenient. Master, you can see I have this experience really great! Fish on board by your nails, short-lived fad die, they are scraping the scales you alive, cut open and cesarean section, extremely cruel. A tit, now I am afraid you are not playing twenty-three holes punched on the head of the retribution. Death is not terrible, terrible lingering deathbed, living death, not hospice. To know 'each eat each meal, each of each death. 'Today, big mistake cast, solution-maker people. As long as you can truly repent, killing and eating vegetarian, and more Buddha, as well as to restore the room. He killed the fish up the reborn tablets. Buddhism has continued to death he then did not suffer any pain. But unfortunately he died Shihai dissatisfaction 50. I feel sorry. Buddhism is certainly no longer make big pain of torture, homicide, but the industry too, sacrificed life. Foli then the majority, no match for the karma of living beings. It seems only a sincere repentance, as early as killing off the industry, do not eat Hunxing, is to seek happiness we seek the fundamental life ah! pemphigus early 1994, Jiang Jushi called and said she had a colleague of Mike's husband, had called , water pus, itching unbearable, Chinese and Western medicine treatments are not effective, had a handsome man to die at home, only the copies. She was very sympathetic to Mike, they want to take a look at the old monk seeking magic bullet, Li said her husband can be such a bad disease, the body Hu Hu, and can not go to someone's home, had to scrap the whole idea. Mike knows the next day they called and said her husband's body pimple overnight even close the mouth, end up with scab, which has never had a sick thing, perhaps an act of God, the better it his . Jiang Jushi old monk asked me to go no magic bullet, Can she come with them. third night they came, at first glance her husband Mike's head a few meter eighty, shapely, looks can be, if not the face of the sick, can be said that a talented. Couple a door on the division line to the wonderful ceremony, begged Master mercy. Just sat down to ask her husband Mike have been busy overnight sores on the end of the scab, the body is not itching now, with good disease-like, is how is it? Master Li asked: Also promise a wish: if the Bodhisattva called her illness well, our whole family on a Buddhist, Buddha every day to kowtow. He really is that you can come here to worship the Goddess of Mercy of the induction, indicating that your good roots deep affinity with the Buddha. Besides Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are not lovers of you kowtow, the future is really a good disease, repented of is the hope of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Master speak too right. . Jiang Jushi room with Mike to see the TV. Master asked him again, still nothing had happened but he said he had never done bad things, and let the Master just said. Lotus old monk sighed and said: , pale skin, leaving two long braids of the girl? She has blue to white flowers through a T-shirt, you buy her,dr dre headphones, is there such a thing? look at the > At this point, the Despite his line of this evil law of the land is not subject to sanctions, may be in front of him, as if to hear a death sentence, like getting scared, as if the soul is gone. Master is like a judge, command like that: You were his wife and daughter not only prostitution, but also hiding the truth from their parents, betrayal of his wife, filial infidelity,montblanc pens, prostitution can be said to kill the Pirates jump to do anything, do not turn away from crime, and soon you will die body ulcers, death will no doubt fall to hell. Buddhists, begged his Master accept. Master gently nodded, ordered him to stand up. Let me put Jiangju Shi and Li called up, open the show five precepts Shi Shan, repentance karma truth. They listened respectfully couple wonderful teachers say, until the twilight was full of happy to leave France. later I heard Mike's illness from her husband after the Master seen better day by day, and soon recovered. With his excellent tailoring skills, in a garment factory while on the technical guidance. Currently, they are still husband and wife every day, chanting, Buddha, one day less than two hours, the Buddhist is a happy family. to read through the book, there was growth in wisdom Nvju Shi ask the old monk to the magic bullet: She said she was suffering from a heart attack three or four years, despite hospital treatment, or when the good times and bad. His so young would have a heart attack, life that much more bleak. After the introduction by a Buddhist, a master heard his words, I believe do not eat meat does not kill, cardiac rehabilitation can recite every day, so she converted to Buddhism. But I do not know when her illness get better? smiles Master asked her: In particular, like to eat shrimp, not only they like to eat, but also introduce people to a certain restaurant to eat, where publicity shrimp well, is not it ah? I have always believed that it was vegetarian. Buddhists ring Hunxing, meat is Soji head, refers to the onions, garlic, leek, onion, garlic's pungent odor of these things; fishy is the word next month, saying there is life, there is the blood of animals. Fish, shrimp, crab do not smell? You put them quit, your illness will be good. Because this type of meat, alcohol and tobacco business of goods to tell others to eat with, also a crime. As you do not smoke opium, yet the opium sold to someone else, like pumping, the same crime. So you want a good confession. I do not have this feeling a long time! Such as There are the contents of two parts, both to identify their own gaps, but also see all the people according to whether the conduct of Dhamma standards. So, only to read through the book in order to increase wisdom. Beauty and the bandits night, there was to come from overseas Nvju Shi asked to see a magic bullet old monk. Our firm recently took over a bizarre divorce cases. A look dignified and beautiful, but the air was very gaunt middle-aged women, asking us to help her and her husband a divorce on the grounds that her husband regularly raped her. We accepted the case of the next day, about her husband to the office and found her husband, a frail appearance, not Tizhuang powerful person. When we made it clear to him the situation, he had pleaded with us to help do the work of his wife, must not divorce him. Because his wife suffered severe mental stimulation, if the divorced wife will be homeless, or even to live. Later, he told us about his wife's tragic fate, all our colleagues feel shocked, deeply sympathize with their unfortunate families, so wanted to help them. But the poor woman can not divorce Quefei requirements, we could not do anything. I take this leave is specifically to ask you, why this beautiful woman's fate so rough, she has no other possible rehabilitation? Master please show mercy to open. High school graduation, one day they walk in the park, the girl asked the boy to the girl after graduation hopes to marry his request. I did not expect to hear the girl was crying and crying very sad. She said she loved him very much, but it is not eligible to marry him. The boy repeated questioning, had revealed the difficulties: when her father died eight years old, married mother in turn. In her fourteen years old, as the stepfather raped her animals, but also his mother that knows only silence. Since then the nightmare began, her stepfather since long-term occupation. Very angry to hear and sympathize with the boy, and immediately determined to save her from the claws. The boy's father in the shoe business in Hong Kong, family-owned quite good. He concealed the girl humiliated, but is only to the two strong parents that love and hope to go to college in Canada. After graduation, they married and starting his own shoe business. A long time and had a lovely boy, who lived a happy carefree life. However, a bolt, their son was kidnapped at the age of eight, they dared the police, sent hundreds of thousands of ransom his son has been found postmortem in the wild. Son's death the couple a great physical and psychological blow, especially his wife, a long time can not be restored. Who knows matters worse, not one year, they filled a large leather back from the pier when the truck was stolen, as the contract delay and businesses, resulting in great economic losses. However, the couple's head shrouded in bad luck and not this dispersed. Three years later, one night, the shoe store about closing them, suddenly stopped in front of a large container truck, six masked robbers jumped from the car. They rushed into the store without any explanation to the unsuspecting couple tied up and mouth shut, and the body of their cash and jewelry looted. The most outrageous is that they actually face in front of her husband raped her. After the incident, her mental meltdown, and has been a trance, often hallucinations, found her husband raped her, and so insisted on a divorce. Ask the master what caused her past life, what sin, life's life was so hard? We really wanted to help her! magic bullet when the old monk gently sighed: Discuss over dinner, to the landlord let the sheep, and later can not stand the inhuman abuse, escaped by stealing a living touch and eventually went to the mountains when the bandits. Since then, robbery, bullying female male hegemony, banditry, evil. Once he robbed the village to see a people's health must have a sort of pretty woman on tied her husband, raped the woman. After several years, often to bullying. The couple fear their aggressive, can only live with shame. As her son was killed, property was robbed, raped by bandits are all sorts of her past life deserved retribution. Is the so-called 'karma will encounter when the fruit is also self-reported by the'. Of course, no one can shirk because of past life scores to life violated the law of the land should be subject to sanctions. Law of the land was bound to punish evil, while also laying endless trouble for the future calamity. 'For previous life because, life is the recipient; For later results, the author is life'. We advise people who are evil, quickly turn back, or stop evil, repentance sin; or surrendered voluntarily to the judiciary, in order to leniency. So as not to roost come, too late. Because 'Justice has long arms'. Even if the escape legal sanction, can not escape by their own bad karma. The book goes 'karma go hand in hand', 'even though thousands of robbery, the job does not die,' This is the exhortation that we 'evil and Mo for, to pursue the public good'. Must be very careful ah! Then someone asked: He suddenly recalled his tragic childhood, so the germination of compassion. When he asked that a child home because the landlord lost cattle and were beaten, and was also threatened that if the government brought back the cattle, they reported, after his father in jail, very angry. Bandits from his pocket a handful of money stuffed in the hands of children. He told the club's money lost cattle, and then do a little business with his father make ends meet, do not give the boss at work. Money to the bandits holding the little boy bowed and replied to say that next life like cattle and horses have to repay his saving grace! This little boy is the life of this woman's husband. So no matter what hardships she suffered, he has stubbornly persists, and vowed to care for her, love her. If this woman is able to accept Buddhism,dr dre beats studio, sincere repentance by his past evil and industry, will be a mortal sin then repent they sell, like ice face the sun, and like the root of the problem, went off the source of evil and misfortune. If she can do keep the five precepts Shi Shan, respectfully read it every day, We are relieved, I believe that this poor woman will soon be able to get rid of bad luck to entanglement.

NFL Scouting Combine

NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Combine is known as a showcase for college football players to show their athletic abilities to NFL Scouts,Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys, occurring each and every and every single February in Indianapolis, Indiana. Players carry out physical and psychological tests in front of NFL coaches, frequent managers and scouts. With developing interest within the NFL Draft, the scouting combine has grown, permitting Common Managers to evaluate upcoming prospects in a standardized setting. Its origins have evolved from the BLESTO and National Scouting organizations for the media occasion it has turn into these days.40 Yard DashThe 40 yard dash is truly a test of speed and how explosive the player is. The player begins from a three-point stance and runs 40 yards as quick as feasible. This gauges the player's explosion from the line and time to best speed.Broad JumpThe broad jump can also be carried out from a stand still position, but this drill measures how far a player can jump. This drill is most important to positions that use lower physique strength to acquire an benefit (i.e. offensive and defensive linemen and running backs). The length with the jump is measured in the starting point for the back in the heel closest to the starting point upon landing.Vertical Jump (VJ)Most crucial to defensive backs and wide receivers. To test a players vertical jump, a player stands flat-footed in front of pole having a multitude of plastic flags sticking out. The bottom in the pole is adjusted towards the height from the athlete's fingertips when raised straight up. The player then jumps from a standing position, and tries to swat as a number of with the plastic flags as he can. The flags, staged every single half inch on the pole, rotate and give the occasion judge a studying with the height the player jumped.Bench Press (BP)All players,New Orleans Saints Customized Authentic Alternate Jersey (48-56), using the exception of quarterbacks and wide receivers, participate in this test of strength. The player's goal in this occasion could be to bench press 225 pounds as quite a few occasions as achievable.Three Cone Drill (L-Drill)Tests speed, agility and cutting capacity. 3 cones are set up in a L shape, with every single cone 5 yards apart. The player begins in a 3-point stance on the really 1st cone. The whistle blows and also the player sprints five yards ahead for the really 1st cone, reaches down and touches a white line following which sprints back towards the starting cone. On the starting cone, he reaches down and touches a white line, then heads back to the second cone. This time, he runs regarding the outdoors in the second cone, and cuts suitable to the third cone. He runs a circle regarding the third cone through the inside towards the outdoors, then runs about the second cone before returning towards the 1st cone.Brief Shuttle (SS)The brief shuttle test lateral speed and coordination. The player begins inside a 3 point stance, straddling a yard line facing the sideline. When the whistle blows, the player runs 5 yards to 1 side, touching the yard line. He then sprints 10 yards within the other course and the moment far more touches the yard line, at which point he sprints back for the yard line he began from.Position Distinct DrillsPerhaps certainly one of one of the most efficient tactics to test a player's capability to play a position will be to run them at drills particularly designed for players of their position. Coaches and Scouts usually run the players by signifies in the drills, taking note as to their efficiency. These drills are typically overlooked for a couple of of the sexier drills, like the 40 yard dash and bench press. TestsPhysical MeasurementsEvery player in attendance will probably be measured for height, excess weight and arm. Offensive and defensive linemen, also as running backs, are also measured for physique fat percentage.Team InterviewsEvery group is afforded the chance to interview as significantly as 60 in the prospects in attendance. The interviews take location inside the player hotel, and typically contain inquiries produced to test a player's character, psychological toughness and football intelligence.The Wonderlic TestThe Wonderlic test is created to test a players I.Q. The test is 50 queries lengthy, and each and every player is only provided 23 minutes to total it. Although the test is really hardly ever completed, the Wonderlic is normally regarded as a terrific method to measure a player's intelligence.The Cybex TestThe Cybex test begins obtaining a player strapped to a machine. The machine tests the player's joint movement and flexibility. Even though this test does not usually get substantially interest, this test may well be the distinction in amongst the initial day and second day on draft weekend to get a player with either a latest injury or even a historical past of injuries.Injury EvaluationMedical tests are carried out, including X-rays and physicals, to ensure that the player's injuries have all healed.Drug testAs with any prospective staff nowadays, each likely player need to have to pass a urine test, produced to identify any substances deemed illegal by the NFL like marijuana, cocaine and performance-enhancing drugs. For more info on NFL Combine or NFL Draft

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