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Hello all!

So, we have decided that since we have begun matching you all with your buddies, we would keep you updated with what we (the Program Assistants) are up to each week. 

We are all anxious for your arrival, so we have been working hard to get all the buddy mentors trained and ready to get in touch with their buddies.  We will be holding one more training session on July 31st for mentors, to make sure we will have a nice big group.

We are also working on raising money for our upcoming welcome events, planning the events, and getting all the buddies matched in a timely manner. 

We are also thinking of having a "Question of the Week" type thing; if anyone would like to leave a comment with a question for us, we might use it in future posts!

Thanks for reading and see you all soon!


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Woman's grief for a man Xinrudaoge, a woman he had never been poor, but today a woman told a man to tears he could not. Really, he told her he did do ... and know if a woman was dying, so no gestures, just laborious panting, tears are flowing unknowingly. woman died in the early hours the next day, when men went to sleep. When the man woke up, a woman nestled in the arms of a man died, his face left with tears. Uphold the bed to put a man found a letter that read: My dear husband (pro-Kai), was actually inscribed in the name of a woman! Man urgent open letter, clear font Indian woman eyes Lim. However, awareness of her tears as her husband wrote some words. dear husband: tears you write these words, I know I going to die tonight I seem to wake up suddenly, perhaps back to the light reflective, may God have mercy on me, give me one last chance to say goodbye to you. I still remember our children, I remember the moment she called her mother, you know? 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I go, I'm sorry, I have not been able to accompany you through the final time. past lives your dreams I dream the dream God gave us ; such a dream once in a lifetime we are not awakened from the dream life God has given a Go bones to find your happiness go open heaven's door panic, like the vast world leaves around forever fierce winds leaves the soil where there is warm rain on the face no trace of light horizon look to the day when heavy rain inexpensive way separated by a door vaguely days go, to find your happiness go Go ... ... go ... ... dear husband, I finally kissed gently on your face, it is loving but long kiss. So many years of bitter tears at this moment burst. I go, I will take care of our children good ground, you rest assured. woman man you never cry, cry so sad the first time. He died in my arms loving wife. Recall the bitterness of the past a woman, think back to the good woman, drops of tears fell on a woman and a thin pale cheeks ... ... man buried a woman. Buried in the children together. He Changgui in a woman's grave, his eyes red from crying, stroking his wife's tombstone: But I can not fulfill his obligation of a husband, a past bad I tell you, I feel ashamed now to think of it and now I know how much the cold. life owe you everything, let me repay you the afterlife, If the next life you remember me my wife, I love you and you hear it? I love you, ah ... woman became deaf. Past, life, afterlife. Next life if I remember you, please let me good care of you, love you forever, right?

1, braised bream 2, po tofu practice 3, homemade potato pie 4, to teach you to do Pork 5, warm winter melon balls boil 6, pot belly sheep in winter tonic 7, pickled beef 8, sweet and sour octopus 9, Jingwei full Braised Prawns 10, fried eggplant box 11 , spicy fish 12, super simple and easy waffles 13, candied banana 14, Winter nourishing fried lamb 15, pine nuts, corn 16, Spicy Shrimp 17 old jar chicken legs 18, Pickle loach 19, farm fish 20, spiced broth 21, from pickled salted 22, glutinous rice bacon roll 23, Pine soft coconut loose ball 24, ribs taste the mouth fragrant 25, salt and pepper ribs braised bream (full record plans) 1. bought a eighty-two weight of bream (feeling too small, this is a child will catch fish if released, but unfortunately the market has rarely seen the kind of home 2 - 4 pounds more than the big bream, but in fact if Yangtze River Delta has the kind of bream on the best, and good things of childhood are estimated extinction almost) necessary ginger, onions, garlic. 2. Note clean the fish abdominal cavity, and now the water has a different degree of pollution, so the fish's abdominal cavity has a black film! 3. mow on both sides of the fish Flowers knife - so you can easily tasty 4. because the fish is small, so no need to do crosswise, oblique films 3 knife on it - note the diagonal cut meat, not the straight cut! 5. in the fish evenly on both sides cast some salt, and even the abdominal cavity can also get a little, to do a little pre-tasty! I not like some of the flour stick approach, I feel so damaged the skin's texture! 6. Modulation good fish on the tray, accompanied by ginger, beat flat of garlic, dried chili, and then added some green onions! several colors look good! 7. pull pot, take the blue smoke oil burning , the next ingredients and stir into the incense, the fire can not be too much, mainly Stir flavor. 8. so when the yellow onion and garlic can remove the ingredients to be use, special attention is not deep-fried red pepper black, it does not look good 10. the rest of the oil used to fried fish it! oil 6 points on it 11. both sides of the yellow on it, can also be fried a little old point!! be careful when turning the fish, broke the fall through the 12. then you can put a small bowl of water (home no soup) start cooking - a restaurant well done oil and more people and even oil cooked whole family with their own approach slightly ! after adding the water was the most important wine + sauce, is a fishy flavor staining steps! 13. into the previous burning ingredients together, add a little soup salt, to consider the amount of oh, because soy sauce is salty, the back must add sauce, including the fish itself and into the off taste it! kept the sauce over the fish, to ensure uniform heat! 14. Add a tablespoon bean paste, this is my very favorite things ~ ~ home base is made of red pepper paste! 15 burning a little while, the fish cooked a long period of time are likely to undermine the shape! 16. Now the fish dish, and sprinkle with green onion leaves - Do you think this will do the work do? 17. pot and some soup too! essence ah! add a little sugar and vinegar, monosodium glutamate, a good tune bowl of water, starch, pot, the fire to boil, stir quickly, a little sticky when the pot! 18. the last process - doused soup! how much juice to hold their own, less is too dry, not much flavor! 19. done! looks good! po tofu approach (graphic) 1. Preparation: tofu, diced (medium hardness), beef mince, bean paste, salt, wine, crushed red pepper , garlic, ginger, pepper, water, starch, soy sauce, a little sugar. 2. the pot and add a little vegetable oil, the fire heating, oil heat, then added to the bean paste, salt, red pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper, beef, can also be beef marinated with spices, after the above be added. Saute. 3. Add the tofu cut into small pieces. Gaixiao fire, boil. 4. until the tofu cooked, changed the fire, add the water, starch, sugar, wine, MSG, soy sauce a good tune. To be attached even after the sauce, turn off the heat, serve. 5. Remove from heat, sprinkle with pepper noodles, fragrant, full of spicy Sichuan tofu and serve it! homemade potato cake (illustration) 1. Wash potatoes, steaming pot on the tray (privately that, with a pressure cooker heat is also good, and very easy to do! but recommended not used a pressure cooker GGMM not adventure ah!) 2. Beat the eggs, add milk, add a small amount of salt, soft white sugar, monosodium glutamate (chicken more Well!) 3. steamed potatoes, peeled, crumble 4. eggs, milk, juice into a good tune, plus the amount of flour, stir desperately ah! 5. will increase over flour (amorphous) after the potatoes into the pan fried into a cake shape, remember to do low heat, otherwise it will affect the potato cake color. 6. lovely delicious and delicate potato cake pan it! teach you to do Pork (full map) 1, clean wok, pan, lower two tablespoons of oil, put three or four tablespoons of sugar, a small fire. read , Duan Yu from the Song Helou Street on the smell of soy sauce, caramel aroma of roasted pork, brown sugar, it has been thought that caramel is, read this article considered resuscitation . preparation: a pork, cut into one cm square strips. 2, stirring constantly with Chao Shao, the sugar dissolves, becomes reddish-brown sugar, which is also called fried candy colors. 3, to cut into the pork, fried uniform, go to sleep are coated with sugar, meat color 4, add soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, sugar, salt, boil and then transferred a small fire two or three minutes later. Juice and other volatile or less, increase the fire sauce 5, this is the way to do a warm-up winter melon balls boil (Photos) Material: pig meat (with a fat with lean), melon, starch, soy sauce, rice wine, spring onion, garlic, ginger, salt, chicken little. pig meat plus starch, soy sauce, salt, rice wine and mix well. add a little oil in a pot, pan, garlic, ginger until fragrant. add water, boil, and then a pig meat, shape into a small round ball, the next into the pot. Balls like this. balls in the pot like forget shot. The heat and simmer 10 minutes, the next cut melon pieces. to cook a little soft when the melon, add chicken and salt, completely soft melon can turn off the heat, the pan. Sprinkle some chopped onions, the taste is really good! We look at it! pot belly sheep in winter tonic (graphic) market today to see a very fresh sheep belly, I bought a couple of pounds, ready to be pot belly sheep. ingredients with a water chestnut, carrot, ginger. first to boil hot, fry the lamb back into the dry, remove the water. new pot, put ginger, curd and saute. joining the already roasted lamb, constant fan speculation, adding a little wine, soy sauce, candy, salt, an appropriate amount of boiled for 15 minutes. then add water chestnut and carrot stew. stew half an hour to do pull pot belly sheep, that smell of urine smell is not Pickle Beef (graphic) Pickle hot and sour appetizer is my first choice, color and bright red, looking at all people appetizing. seasoning beef cut thick wire sizing, pickled shredded celery and shredded beef pan temperature under the within the oil out saute Pickle silk, silk put celery stir fry under the shredded beef and stir well can. beef, low fat, crude fiber, celery, red pepper can also help burn fat, this is a diet food. sweet and sour octopus (graphic) Material: chilled octopus two ingredients : ginger, garlic, hot pepper, pepper, onion, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and other 1, wash cut pieces, mix a little cornstarch or flour, wok surface and deep fry golden 2, picked up, air dry 3, peppercorns until fragrant, pour ingredients (onions first, not down), add a little sugar into the soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine 4, fried octopus into the block, turning even the slightest tasty stew two minutes. 5, add a little chicken flavored with soy sauce powder, juice, put green onion, ready to pot Well, smell the smell of it! Jingwei full Braised Prawns (graphic) Braised Prawns are an authentic Beijing cuisine, small time as material resources coupled with the masses of working poor Also in the well-off people on the road, this delicious and only at New Year when I will be on the table to satisfy desires. now life is better, eat them is already commonplace thing, but still can not help but think of childhood father often do Braised Prawns ...... Ingredients: Shrimp (not the bigger the better, moderate to so tasty) Ingredients: onion, ginger, sugar, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, broth, monosodium glutamate 1, first shrimp net to be feet, sandbags gland wash. I bought the shrimp is not great, looked pretty clean, too lazy to get his body sandbags gland, huh, huh. 2, washed with a small amount of salted shrimp look, and water control. onion, ginger. or ingredients, and ultimately, the different: cooking wine, vinegar. 3, Chao Shao hot oil till almost 50% (the top hand on the oil, I feel slightly hot), add shrimp fry until both sides stiff. 4, Jian Hao shrimp poured out back. 5, if the time Chaoshao in some oil, then put the oil pan, put onion, ginger and stir-fry flavor; Without oil, the need to re-fuel . 6, and then a little further into the Jianhao shrimp fry color red, 7, came alive again in cooking wine, vinegar, broth, salt, sugar , MSG, stir-fry with Weihuo boil about 3 minutes, the spoon out of the fire code after the sauce together, pour over sauce on the shrimp, the dish can be. fried eggplant box (Figure) material: one meat need accessories: onion, ginger , garlic, salt, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, and meat and mix well. Second, flour into a paste with water, add a small amount of salt. three eggplant slices, each set of two, while not cutting through, to maintain adhesion, a bit like a clam shell. preparation process: the meat of the eggplant stuffed into the middle of two groups, two eggplant just caught. cooking steps: First, the meat of the eggplant sandwiched ban mussels prepared flour paste to put inside, wrapped in a layer of the batter. Second, the frying pan into the hot oil. three, constantly turning it over fried, until both sides of the yellow. pan it! spicy fish (graphic) mild, mostly fragrant. Old is also not much to eat steamed mean, to buy fish, remove the meat, fish bones for the rest of the fish head soup, one fish two to eat, good. a fish, cuts clean, take both sides of the meat, cut butterfly pieces, marinate with seasoning for 30 minutes. hot fried cooked. more than a little pot and saute the garlic oil. then dried chili peppers and ginger until fragrant, add a little water, soy sauce, sugar to boil. fillet wrapped up the broth, pour vinegar, hook thin gravy, sprinkled with onion, turning spoon pan. spicy, crispy, slightly sweet and sour fish fillets will do the work! super simple and easy omelet mouth from the beginning to do eat, it does not take half an hour, fast and simple ~~~~~~ ingredients: flour, 150g, 2 eggs, salt amount, the amount of water (about 300ml), oil 20g, spend the right amount the eggs, salt , oil, salt and water together to fight to melt, slowly add the flour mix, flour a lump on the pressure with a teaspoon, plus spend the final mix to no dough. Wake up a few minutes. open the fire, with a flat-bottomed non-stick pan, pour a little oil, to batter down the middle to go down to the irregular spread to the surrounding batter, batter proved too thick, and add water in the batter. dilute fallen after the batter a very uniform to spread around, shaking pan batter quickly flow. see the batter and shake the pan surface changes color when the batter has not moved, you can turn it over fried, and (best way to turn it over, the one not hot, two to practice Shoujin) turn it over to cover the pot, you can not cover. Well ... ... eat! Add cup of black coffee! caramelized bananas (graphic) material ultra-simple: 4 bananas, flour, 50g, starch 75 grams, 1 egg, water, sugar 250 grams, oil bananas cut, the powder, eggs, plus the amount of water and mix well. Pot plus a lot of oil, fried bananas. The surface of the banana smell of deep-fried to crunchy like. I once put a few pieces, and finally all the bananas back to a skillet, as far as possible so that all surfaces are hard. pot add a little oil, add sugar, stir constantly small fire, you will see the sugar from the dolphin to gradually dissipate, and then quickly from white to beige to dark yellow and then light brown. This time we can pour the banana, banana fry to sleep all wrapped in the ancient sugar. caramelized bananas, caramel, crunchy outside, soft inside waxy waxy, very good. Fly in the ointment, banana flour, a little outside of the package softened to do to adjust the batter after the formula. winter tonic fried lamb (graphic) last night to buy a leg of lamb, what is the white goat, stewed together with skin. raw material: a leg of lamb, chopped up into pieces, best known as the butcher cut a little chunk. Two potato, a radish, carrots, two, light blue, placing butter a piece of pepper amount. preferably whole grain white pepper stew, I did not buy, only a pan, add pepper. leg of lamb into the soup over water fishing praise, add the right amount of water, add pepper to taste (can be afraid to eat pepper wrap with gauze), pepper can be good to go In addition to the smell of mutton, the fire heating. lamb stew with one side, while other materials will be handled. Onions cut into sections, cut ginger chunks Crush, radish and potatoes peeled chunks. ginger best shot is broken, this can burn out ginger, ginger juice will absorb the spicy soup, which fend off the cold and good taste. all materials are added to the soup praise in the fire to boil, to bubble, turn small fires burn slowly, at least 1 hour or more. after the pan with salt and white pepper can be discretionary, but also coriander! now able to drink! ! pine corn (illustration) success for necessary ingredients: a bowl of sweet corn, pine nuts in a small bowl, pepper (small) one carrot (small) one, onion one. seasonings: salt, half teaspoon. practice: 1, the pepper, carrot, onion cut all of the small size of corn kernels. 2, first through pine nut oil. This step to be more careful! ! Because Song Rente easy to paste! ! ! ! pot filling, heat until the oil temperature with 30%, put pine nuts into the pot, to keep a small fire, eyes wide open, while stirring and as soon as look at white pine a little a little discoloration, it is necessary to quickly remove and drain. Thus, the use of residual heat, pine nuts can Zhashu become a crispy. I is good before the bombing of pine nuts, so there is no process map, and this step is too tight can not attend to take pictures. 3, the other from the pot, add the base oil, and the next green onion and carrots and stir-fry, stir the chili flavor, add small, toss, you can add sweet corn kernels stir fry, and to cooked, add a half teaspoon of salt, dish pan. fried corn! 4, will be ready, pine nuts, pour into dish, mix well, you can open eat) intimate Tip: 1, peppers, carrots color here mainly as an effect, so basically you can pick a smaller one. 2, although this dish did not add a little sugar, but sweet corn kernels and pine nuts of the reason is basically sweet flavor. But the plus half the normal cooking with salt or even 1 / 3, you can make this dish taste more fresh. 3, the reason why the pine nut mix in the final disk, you can better maintain its crispy taste spicy shrimp (Photos) number of sea shrimp, back to open side. main ingredient chili, pepper, some ginger, garlic slices, onion and shredded pickled pepper a few bulbs also sliced ​​ginger. pot and pour the oil, remember to little more than usual amount of meat dishes as fried oil and more oil to double it big fire hot, pour the shrimp. fry for a while, add dried chili and pepper, stir fry, heat oil to taste the spicy and hemp are a spicy and hemp taste, add ginger and garlic pieces, pickled, hot ginger (do not put onions first) Stir ginger and garlic flavor, add soy sauce, white sugar right amount, a little wine is about pot, add onion, stir add salt. a clean wok. old jar chicken legs (Figure) remember a few years ago my mother came to Shenzhen, I go home for dinner, a look was served a white sauce of chicken legs did not put Han, and my heart straight to himself, like the white water is boiled chicken legs, dipped the right spices, spices can be found, an excuse not any bowl, clip a bite, ah, how so tasty, my mother said with a smile, a jar of pickles with the old blisters, ah! No wonder this delicious it, I love, and my mother see me so like, they often do, in the fridge, I love watching TV while eating, really happy days ah ... ... ... practice: Wash the chicken legs, open water pot no more than ten minutes, using chopsticks can penetrate on it, picked up off cold water, put in the crisper, scoop water into the old jars of pickles, swamp chicken legs, by the way fishing a few pickled pepper, celery pieces together and then cut-point bubble, in the fridge after two hours you can eat. Note: Do not cook chicken legs, a long time, gum out, it froze into the skin. oyster burned two winter (Figure) ingredients: mushrooms 50 g (dry), bamboo shoots 150 grams. accessories: 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, onion amount, 1 tsp soy sauce, salt, sugar, MSG, water, starch, sesame oil. practice: 1. dried mushrooms clean, bubble, change the knife into 3 pieces each, soak mushrooms in water retention. 2. bamboo shoots, cut hob, boiled, remove water control. 3. the oil pan, add mushrooms and bamboo shoots, onion, burst bit, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and soak mushrooms in a little water, a small fire to braise for 5 minutes. 4. After the fragrant soup, water, starch hook thin gravy, Drizzle sesame oil, stir well. Features: mushrooms is characterized by a plain, fresh, fragrant, but some people do not like the aroma of mushrooms, but it is this Hong to bamboo shoots aftertaste. Savory and sweet with a note, we do to try it ..... pickled loach (graphic) starring play! Loach (water for two days to the first abdominal support, water drops of oil). Pickle, wild salamanders, fermented glutinous rice, ginger and garlic. practice: 1, pickled ginger and garlic finely chopped Sansho, 2, 1 pot put the oil under the material saute 3, stir-fried loach next moment 4, pour a little hot water salamanders, cooking wine 5, put the fermented glutinous rice burning forty-five minutes after the season, not long burning, loach easily broken, I'll burn for a little more. loach fresh, pickled sour, typical Sichuan dishes, is also said to beauty (what is now the United States to be with beauty?) then introduce a child or the elderly to practice, tofu, soy milk loach oil after the heat a little oil until fragrant ginger and garlic under the loach fry, mixed with milk, boil, add tofu cooked. Physical fitness for children and frail elderly people. farm fish (graphic) condiments are as follows: onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, Pixian, mustard, pepper, pickled, pickled ginger if you can make it more perfect, huh, huh, broiled fish, especially farm-style, in the absence of more than pickled and hot to taste of the ginger. practice: first fried fish, a lot of people are afraid of this part, because it is easy to be thrown into the hot oil, so the fish stick pan, fry skin broken out, in fact, as long as the preparation well, these will not occur, wash the fish after a good first look at water vapor to dry, after the fish with kitchen paper towels to dry up the water another pan fried fish must be washed, dried before firing the pot, let cool a little flame, wipe the pan with the ginger and let the pot with a layer of ginger, then pour the oil fire, warm the oil, the fire reduced, not too large, this time down to the fish, slowly fried on it. other fish fried to golden brown on both sides, you can serve. they going to pot and the other oil, the pepper, hot ginger, pickled, mustard, Pixian stir the pot, then under the soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, sugar and adjust seasoning, add water after the fish stew, the next onion, garlic. juice fast and so close when the next dry parsley, pot! a success! It looks good! spicy broth (Figure) Chongqing to pig intestine called broth, sounds greasy, there are a lot of practice, such as roast, stew , dry stir, etc., which I think the number of and spicy pepper taste delicious, but also remove the smell of the large intestine, to eat up with Ma and spicy, very tasty, eat a bowl every time ~ ~ ~ talk about practice By the way I approach the large intestine to wash, wash it very clean! material: 1, pig intestines 500g 2, dried chilli 100g (adjust according to personal taste) 3, pepper 20g (based on personal taste appropriate adjustments) 4, ginger, garlic little 5, wine, salt, soy sauce, sugar, chicken amount approach: 1, will buy back the pig intestine wash; By the way, the method to wash the large intestine: large intestine will be bought into some of the flour into the pot to the (slightly more than put a little) and salt, rub back and forth a bottle of beer, until after the colon on the dirt washed into the sink, with running water rinse the large intestine, large intestine on the flour until the clean up. Then drain the pot, into the wash of the large intestine, then add cooking wine, ginger (on purpose is to remove the smell of the large intestine) bring to a boil (the water is meant to fly), remove the large intestine; 2, re-turn on the water pot, add ginger wine, and then put the large intestine, such as pot, cook the large intestine and cut into small pieces of soft cold reserve (Figure 1); 3, dried pepper from cut into two sections of the middle cut, add pepper spare (Figure 2); 4, the pot of oil until the oil temperature into the colon six hot, put some salt, turn the fire slowly to stir the water to dry some of the large intestine drained dry and then filled out the oil reserve (Figure 3,4); 5, the ginger and garlic pieces into the pan stir fry just a fragrant, pour the ready pepper and pepper, stir fry until peppers turn the fire a little color into the previously filled out after the colon continue to stir fry for a little, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, chicken stir fry for a while and then continued to pepper into the dark Guan, H.-S. the red after transfer to a plate (Figure 5,6)! from pickled salted egg (Photos) First, choose coarse salt (fine salt will do, if not coarse salt well) boiling salt water, depending on your weight of the egg determines the amount of water, until the salt is saturated so far (no salt dissolved in water) that line. after the release of eggs to be cool salt water (duck also, personal favorite) If you eat Fei eye (ie, salt out of the salted egg yolk is black,cheap Beats by dre studio, protein is white) can be a hot salt water to lay eggs, then dip pickled fifteen days, do not have to flip the egg. This is a half after the salty pickled eggs, take the food, the salt water can still go on to pickled eggs came alive again. we look at it, a lot of egg yolk oil Oh, my yellow egg yolk, egg yolk if you want the hearts can be cooked with salt water when boiled with tea, a red salt, egg yolk will red, and like to eat salted egg's try! rice bacon roll (Photos) open blisters rice, more than an hour after the release of steam steam inside the pot for 15-20 minutes cut bacon onions, and lettuce, lettuce must maintain the integrity of the lettuce a little hot, hot soft fried bacon, add the steamed glutinous rice, soy sauce chicken with raw salt (a little) cooking wine, stir, add onions out pan fried good! take half a slice of cooked lettuce leaves, a good amount of fried rice wrapped like steamed about 3,4 minutes loose soft coconut balls (graphic ) material: butter 100 grams sugar 130 grams (I only use 90 grams, enough to flavor), milk 40 grams , egg yolk 80 grams, milk 20 grams, coconut 270 grams. practice: 1, butter, powdered sugar together and stir until mixed; 2, graded by adding egg yolk mix; 3, graded by adding milk mix; 4, add coconut, milk powder and mix well (my pot is relatively small, so I was graded to join). the marinated coconut creamy small pellets group (the entire production process on a number of this step is the most accurate, and good people yo sticky oil is good, can only put up with, Coconut relatively loose group, using disposable gloves or plastic bags is not good to do), the row of small pellets in the baking dish into the preheated oven. Fire up and down 120 degrees (I feel a little low, home oven temperature may be below standard, so I used a 140-degree) baked to golden brown like the small pellets, I use the 35 minutes it! delicious yo, taste soft, full flavor! From the home of the genuine material, meaning to eat than before, stronger and more profitable! The difference is obvious. made such a case, less than I imagined, but also eat on the days! mouth fragrant taste ribs (Photos) cola ribs materials: pork 600 grams, 2 cans of Coke , ginger, onion, star anise, soy sauce, salt. practice: 1. Wash and cut the ribs inch form, and then fly water retention; 2. with peanut oil saute ginger (3), then add pork stir-fried; 3. and then fried ribs into the cooker, add a small amount of star anise and soy sauce, salt, cola; 4. with the fire burning to the sauce like, came to power when you put a small amount of onion. plum garlic steamed pork ribs materials: rows of 600 grams of pork, ginger, green onion, garlic, cornstarch, Plum 5, pepper, sugar, rice wine. practice: 1. Zhancheng small drain the wash water ribs retained; 2. add the right amount of salt, rice wine, pepper and marinate for 15 minutes, Plum bad with the clutch, to cut a little bit, add sugar, garlic, mix, sugar, melted, into the ribs, add dry starch, then mix well; 3. to tile plate ribs on the water boil, put the steaming rack, and steam for 8 to 10 minutes until cooked; 4. and serve sprinkled point when the green onion, 1 tablespoon hot oil can be poured. salt and pepper ribs Material: Rib 750 grams, onions, ginger, red pepper at the end, the end of green pepper, 2 eggs, black pepper, MSG , Hua Diao wine, salt and pepper. practice: 1. pig-shaped ribs cut into small pieces (5 cm) washed, and ribs with a cloth to dry the moisture retention; 2. and then for curing, salt, black pepper, MSG, Hua Diao wine, ginger marinated for 15 minutes; 3. oil in the firing process, an egg batter ingredient modulation, mixing it with a small spoon uniform; 4. marinated ribs evenly coated with the paste into the boiling oil in the egg, fry until golden shortening picked up on the plate; 5. Jia Ruqie good red pepper at the end, light blue end of the peppers at the end and after an appropriate amount of salt and pepper saute slightly and evenly sprinkle the ribs, then even if this dish well. ● steamed pork ribs, when the steamer is not available if the home instead of a bowl, mixed with water directly into the pot, half flooded to the bowl can be high. Otherwise, when the pot when steaming to add a little water, so water Shaogan. Remember to add the boiling water, or hot and cold, bowls easy to explode. ● ribs with salt and pepper the outside with a layer of custard, so the pot, the pot of sauce will thicken immediately, this time to keep the stir-stick pan to prevent. Juice must be received dried, when the bottom of the pot are basically oil, between the ribs to separate the ribs will pull a wire of sugar, the juice collected almost the same. Confiscated juice will seriously affect the finished product dry gloss and texture.

a famous Wenzhou businessmen, worked hard on the land in China for 15 set, from a laid-off workers into the great wealth of the rich. Usually rather low-key man, in a reception 酒逢知己千杯少, sorrow, joy, and finally his right in order to get rich in China should do 22 tips:

1. adhere to watch CCTV-1 news network. in order to grasp the economic lifeline, must focus on political, news network illustrated, colorful, indeed, the best barometer for Chinese businessmen; you can not see the financial reports , you can not see the Focus, if you do not do oil and foreign exchange, and even you can never mind similar events of September 11 and the Middle East. 2. Do not believe the contract or contracts even if the contract so that your lawyer seen, a Notary Public are not easily believe that, even when your customers have to import the money after you specify the account you have to confirm that the money you can out, can not move, and outside contract any conflict of interest related to the verbal commitment and explain that you have to fart when he was both fragrant or foul, the other promises in the past are not to wallow in them, but no matter who the other side, even if that is what you pay for a decade or even a friend are you on the bed of a woman must be the case. 3. you must be trustworthy, a promise extremely heavy, but exceptions do not trustworthy people! ! you sure you will be able to do things you can promise, but not exaggerated; If you want to have to be a businessman, you must establish their reputation! Although you may not care about the outside of your dispute or you can create controversy, but you can not lose credibility, or you are not a businessman but a liar; including its reputation and if you meet someone about a 2:00, then you definitely do not can appear after 2:01 or 1:50 before, in case of traffic jams or accidents, you must promptly notify the other party, unless you encounter a car accident crash unconscious or dead, or you no reason to miss it, as early as too early or too late to be late, and your conservation is reflected in the treatment when they do not keep the attitude of broken promises and tolerance, etc.; Once you confirm the benefit of the other party is again in order to deceive you, then you do on the other side not too much out of all acts, even you can count on the meter, turn to him to draw a pie! 4. you can win but you can not afford to lose from the best do not do business! before doing any business, you have to think clearly,just beats by dre, if you lose, then you are able to lose rather than to consider if you win What will happen, you better not afford to lose things to do! And when you consider the transmission range should not only consider the money aspect, as half of the business, some things you will never afford to lose, including the woman you love, your family, even your status to your reputation; so you must In full consideration before making any business a clear loser you really afford to lose, if the loser, then OK, you go threw DO IT now! 5. Do not put too much in advance, you give yourself enough cards not all the cards into their own hands all the lights out, because the Board at any stop in the middle, while the other is at any time a new card, not the last critical moment, it is best not to reveal the most weight in your hand the cards, and finally The winner is the real winner! 6. the world is not nothing, but traders also have to do certain things ;, do, do not just do it because of the risk is small 7. careful selection of partners, whether team or individual, many We are eager to have the time to conquer the world together with us the gold partner, but must be careful close ally is very prudent choice, caution is not only for each other in terms of unilateral, and a close ally of these premises must meet the following conditions before they can become your closest ally; First, he and you will need to fight together in a trench had at least one year; Second, you do not have a negative premise of his his every word you say are his own be responsible; Third, he must be a Director-General is having peace of mind but also the people; Fourth, he was considered more of a common interest between you (either short or long term), and the common interests above personal interests; Fifth, a more critical time he did not escape you, or you did not sell his partnership interest to get bigger than the larger interest of the premise, five points are indispensable, or mutual cooperation will not last long . 8. Do not have your team in the shadow of your family members Whether it is your wife or your parents, not in one of the core to your business team, there are too many to intervene, because to you, as one of the core team to accept that you, not your family, you team to accept and take the initiative to invite all members of your family members to become your team a past, no matter who your family members, how much skill, or you can bring your team to move forward to help much, as you can not make your family members to become the team a reason; when your team (three or more persons) where the members of the opposite sex on the bed with you once, then you must consider the other side to leave the team, or she (he ) and find another job, or her (him) to be your full-time lover or wife (husband), in short, she (he) can no longer remain in the team, so it should not be considered in the team and the opposite sex to go to bed or emotional. 9. Do not you have a conflict of interest with the woman to bed No matter who who accounted for cheap, or you can parallel between the two kinds of relationships, should not go to bed with them, but no matter how sexy this woman, more sensational; such women include: Do you have business dealings with a woman, working woman in your hands or your hands of family members and colleagues, and even manage your government agency functions in the female civil servants, for two reasons: First, such a woman can make you die do not know how death, and the second half though you are a businessman, the other half not sell their bodies for men *. 10. Do not give your woman the details about your business Whether this woman is that you pack up the **, mistress, or your lover into a number of more or your wife have been married for many years, you should not and they talk about the details of your business: First, you talked about They may not understand; second, you talk about the details of which will make the business content of your imprisonment; third, it involves trade secrets; matter how much you trust your woman should not talk too much and you about the commercial content; there is a need not separate the business rules is, never in a karaoke nightclub and other sex establishments should be recruited to the lady fat girl card, be sure to remember! 11. you can do but do not stain bribe witnesses to court to prove accept you no matter What a shameless bribe officials, how meaning is not enough, you can only do stains can not bribe a witness into court evidence; unless you want to do after not even half a businessman; and if you take the initiative to bribery, acceptance of each other but also for you to do the things that you should not even be able to seize this come as a little mistake of the other evidence against the wind for you to blackmail each other given the green light to continue, and whether government officials or other law enforcement officers or bank officials and even the staff of; basic , and dinners to eat and even the sauna big tour to Macau, do not have these feelings into account individual mind black, while the financial book on the treatment also must either leave traces. 12. Do not tax evasion but to learn the bulk of the small end of a reasonable tax invoice best distinguished, sales tax and additional education funds to pay how much to pay you the amount of VAT but do not move your head (remember to find stamps on the home to the normal deduction on it), in addition you weigh weigh their own tariff weight, to treat specific conditions, all to avoid corporate income tax is not paid out a penny, but it is best to rent point of face, small intersection do not pay a penny, to pay more pay less you can figure , while the personal income tax it, depending on the local government to the taxpayers how much do we taxpayers really practical if the taxpayer when people look at the specific circumstances of making payroll it. 13. You can use the news reporters but do not believe you can give Correspondent Correspondent some money or gifts, but you can not tell you the bottom line many more reporters can not believe that reporters will give you the conservative trade secrets, and even you can not and reporters are too close and must learn to face the reporters and fortification, no matter whether you are faced with is pretty coquettish The female reporter was able to send internal reference of the reporters are the biggest names in the case. 14. Do not put large, even if you really are the boss remember there is day, do not any occasion placed a large, even if you really great, but when the other is a large and shallow people put, if you want to exterminate him, it is best to just find a block of brick hit him a somersault, and then you go your way! But remember, this is definitely not your own brick brick, brick, and the best and you own nothing. 15. to remain neutral and not involved in any political faction factional strife In front of all disputes should remain neutral, especially in the face of political and factional strife, proved the commercial interests of a factional dispute in the hopes that any one could be dangerous and unwise, in the factional strife between you have a cool neutral . 16. Do not worry so much about money and the interest income on the pros and cons remember there has been lost, And there has been lost from the old saying, no money can be earned, the natural world is something you earn money and endless business opportunities, so why not in front of generosity and interest in the money to do so? Moreover, greater business opportunities are waiting for you to grasp it? Basically you should not have time to care about the pros and cons of the moment is right even if you have plenty of time to enjoy tea color. 17. Do not gloss over too much money though their face is very important for you, But compared to your own personal charm, there are no cars, villas with swimming pool, golf, and your clothes, hairstyle and even these will seem insignificant; course, you can wear your favorite pair of , or even fly in a time when a foreign country to see your favorite team at home or away games, but even in front of you pumping in a lot of people like you smoked bad cigarettes! 18. Capital decided to say, but you should not easily let people know you have much say in are you concerned about your capital and you can control the capital is correct, even you should care about, including your bad debt and cash earnings and cash flow, but these should not let too many people know; and When you get outside of a tremendous wealth, you should learn the news Do not tell anyone, including you trouble for a long time already and the wife, or she may demand a divorce and this is not a small split your assets! Remember, the money men and women should always belong to the same age a secret, which Payouyitian even have a woman's age is not a secret, your money should still secret; unless you are dying all the time about donations to your possessions , you are absolutely not to tell others! 19. draw on the success or failure, but the case abroad, you can not ignore envy other people's success, not failure of contempt of others, you first should do is learn to analyze and summarize the essence behind the phenomenon, the success or failure of others to find out all the reasons, whichever is longer, make it short, make your own to do things; and abroad such as those similar to the Microsoft story, too far away from you, you could never mind him, so a certain sense, the current MBA to do business in China and you do not have much practical significance in terms of! 20. Do not use black and white road rules to solve the commercial business is always a conflict commercial, and business is commercial rules of the game itself, so even if you really are underworld characters, can not just use the rules to resolve commercial conflicts underworld, also, will you have a good and white background and resources, you can not easily you use these resources to solve the conflict in business! Since the choice of business, you must comply with all rules of the game business in the ready to bet you have to admit defeat! 21. can grasp the overall situation in the premise, do not pursue their own hands do not in no time with friends, but do not let a woman he did not have time to soak and INTERNET, the most important thing is not no time to relax and allow yourself to think, so you should learn to let others go and RBI business, business, and although the business the core of your own must have a firm grasp; the same, to others to do things you need to consider carefully the risks and be able to prevent, so you do things over to someone else after you became a busy fire-fighting team, remember the fire and the fire is different, the fire's slogan is 22. give yourself a posterior approach, the prevention of deserted you arena for many years in silence After settle down, but you can not fall they were no longer together, because you are a man! So you have to give yourself a part of your own posterior, posterior, including hide a piggy bank, although there is only a few dollars, but your future is to rely on it a few dollars to make a comeback; posterior also includes a legal sense the house is not in your name (you can have a healing place, to recover), but also includes a travel but not often very generous attempts and you gave him a lot to help a friend (he can at a critical time shelter you and accompany you to drink, and such a friend you can face a lifetime has also been very lucky); if there is no way out, then you must go to sleep on the streets begging on the streets of mental preparation, but then you can only reach the whereabouts of a stranger, and never had to help you in the past owes you a lot of debt, or human, but pretended not to bow to people who do not know you.

Disclaimer: This is a personal online reference information, a summary compiled 2.6.25 kernel, such as the steps to compile the kernel caused by this responsibility and the author has nothing to do. This on top of my blog: ~ $ wget, gcc, make-kpkg, run menuconfig and so on and compile the kernel-related tools. Can not install, check / etc / apt / sources.list file. The command: Code: $ sudo apt-get install build-essential kernel-package libncurses5-dev Second, extract the source code, note that many online tutorials on that should be extracted to / usr / src, purely repeated the baseless assertion, head linus linux unzip to any directory that can be. Of course, linus's argument is correct. My own home directory on the src directory. If you download the source code into their own home directory or run the above wget to download, then run the following command: Code: $ cd ~ $ mkdir src & & tar jfx linux- - C src / Now, the source code in ~ / src/linux- into the source code directory,Moncler Boots, ready to the next step. Later in this directory for. Code: $ cd ~ / src/linux- Third, start the preparatory work before compiling. First, clean up before leaving the temporary file when compiling. If you just leave the package, do not perform this step. If the second or the n-th compilation, then it must be executed. Related command: Code: $ sudo make mrproper many tutorials on the Internet now use that to copy over the kernel config reference, according to experiment, is unnecessary, ubuntu debian also do this step automatically. However, this command does fit to learn about. Of course, you can copy over the previous configuration. Command: Code: cp / boot/config- `uname-r`. / .config Four, start configuring the kernel options. Related command: Code: $ sudo make menuconfig configuration key used in only a few, esc to exit the menu; space options to change the state; the cursor keys to move around, enter the selected. Option meaning: M is compiled into the module can be added at any time, * is compiled into the kernel, is not empty. Configuration options are many, the specific configuration information refer to Mr. Jin Buguo translation: Linux 2.6.19.x Kernel configuration options. Reference URL: setup alsa sound drivers and so on. Kernel log buffer size I chose 15, dual-core if you use ia64, to choose 16. Control Group support clustering support? can not Choose SLAB allocator (SLUB (Unqueued Allocator)) slab and slub memory management mode selection slub. 2, in the on the cpu to choose carefully. Symmetric multi-processing support multi-core switch is turned on, my cpu is dual core, check. Processor family (Core 2/newer Xeon) I was Core 2/newer Xeon. find their own cpu, put the Generic x86 support option to cancel. Subarchitecture Type selection (PC-compatible) Maximum number of CPUs to enter their core number, I enter 2. SMT (Hyperthreading) scheduler support Hyper-Threading Technology, said that, P4 with support My t8100 does not support the majority of the home on the market do not support cpu. High Memory Support (4GB) 1G following options 1G; my 3G, election 4G; 4G 16G more options in is 250Hz, the newer cpu can choose 1000Hz, better performance. 4, Power management options in the APM (Advanced Power Management) BIOS support off now with acpi computers had. CPU Frequency scaling is a power-saving notebook cpu Technical Default CPUFreq governor (conservative) cpu power saving mode has four, notebook conservative default option is better. ACPI Processor P-States driver must be selected, otherwise the CPU Frequency can not be used. the back of your hardware-related options, I chose is the Intel Enhanced SpeedStep and Intel Speedstep on ICH-M chipsets, to eliminate all the other. 5, Bus options choices: Bus options (PCI, PCMCIA, EISA, MCA, ISA) PCI supportPCI Express support is now basically buy a new machine PCI Express is a new ISA support newer machines no ISA devices, you can remove the MCA support removed NatSemi SCx200 support removing PCI Hotplug SupportSupport for PCI Hotplug (EXPERIMENTAL) If there is no PCI Hot Plug devices, remove this option consider all compiled into the kernel, rather than block form. 6, Device Drivers is the key, because linux is not only for personal workstations, more of a server-oriented applications, so you can own all the hardware on the machine did not go out, rather than exhaustive, but general-purpose option must be cautious, such as part of the card, in addition to my Gigabit Ethernet Broadcom Tigon3 support and the 4965 wireless card Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN, remove all the rest of the hardware support. Another example is the sound card part of my sound card is hd, I just PCI devices, the election intel hd sound card, and then choose Build IDT / Sigmatel HD-audio codec support, in addition to support all the hardware removed. soundcard there is one detail in the ubuntu7.10 inside, you need to / etc / modprobe.d / alsa-base add back options snd-hda-intel probe_mask = 1 model = 3stack, so my laptop speakers can sound, or only external headphones or speakers, which times after compilation, this action will not have to, but two headphone jacks can be used only one. Another example is my computer does not agp, agp can be directly related to the abolition of all options. Note: ATA / ATAPI / MFM / RLL supportInclude IDE/ATA-2 DISK support if your / boot is on the IDE hard disk, then there must choose *, choose M will not work otherwise will start with stagnant. SCSI emulation support to use burner must be selected. SCSI device support are now SATA hard drive, be sure to select * SCSI disk support if your / boot on the SATA hard drive, be sure to choose *. SCSI CDROM support While the combo recorder is ide interface, but must regard it as scsi interface, it is an old problem. with the burner, must be selected. Graphics supportSupport for frame buffer devices selected, enter the selection options VESA VGA graphics support on, or have problems starting character screen, behind the graphics options: Since my video card is nvidia 8400gs, nvidia companies to install their own drivers, so one did not choose this way will cause problems ubuntu boot animation, I simply in grub delete all characters in the splash, turn off the startup animation Character interface normal. Console display driver support characters in console after booting error was that this part of the option is not selected, a problem. Framebuffer Console support need to open. Bootup logo boot icon on the screen in the self-test with personalized icon in the grub on the need to add If you use the windows partition. CD-ROM/DVD FilesystemsISO 9660 CDROM file system support general election * DOS / FAT / NT FilesystemsVFAT (Windows-95) fs support a FAT32 partition on the selected NTFS file system support * it has an NTFS partition on the Select * it NTFS write support for NTFS partitions if you want to write, choose * to be the boot disk file system compiled into the kernel, the default is compiled as modules, so can not start the system. ubuntu uses the file system is ext3, ext2 please , ext3-related options are compiled into the kernel is necessary. 8, Virtualization the categories I spend several hundred dollars to buy t8100 main reason, because the t8100 linux support intel vt technology enables the performance of virtual machines on a substantial increase here In addition to the options I amd the other modules are compiled into a 9, all set up, the last one is to save the settings. in accordance with my habit, first in the parent directory to save a backup file name and then like ../config20080630 and then save it to became a directory, the file name. config exit setup six, began to compile the kernel. ubuntu tool is the make-kpkg, and other releases of, the steps are relatively simple. Related command: Code: $ sudo make- kpkg clean this command as if the root authority, said a lot of information to, but this is not a matter of principle. $ sudo make-kpkg-initrd - initrd - append-to-version = dell1400 kernel_image kernel-headers above command The dell1400 can be replaced with their favorite characters, the last character must be numeric. losers enter the above command, we recommend you use the browser, there are other programs are turned off, the machine began to work more difficult. I machine about ten minutes. VII, the installation is complete the installation of kernel compilation. precompiled kernel in the parent directory, including linux-headers-...-_ i386.deb and linux-image-...- i386.deb two files, if you engage in development, so long as you can install the kernel, header files, use the time to say later. related to the installation command: Code: $ cd .. $ sudo dpkg-i linux-image-(by tab key) the file name is very long,montblanc starwalker pen, if not impossible to make up the tab automatically, tab key to long live the installation is complete, and compare the size of the old kernel code: $ ls-l / boot / eight restart verify new kernel code: $ sudo reboot nine, if your graphics card driver and my nvidia graphics card is the same, often do not work after starting to enter the x-window. even if we can see the gdm login screen, the effect is poor. then they would install the nvidia driver. with ctrl + alt + f1 to enter characters in the command line, enter the user name and password to log in. command: Code: Download the driver $ wget-s password to obtain superuser privileges. # ps ax to see and gdm-related processes,Moncler Vest Men, these processes all closed; with sudo / etc / init.d / gdm stop a process may have not closed: # kill process ID and then install the nvidia graphics driver, of course, under the first good drive to the directory where the nvidia driver, run: # sh. / NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.12-pkg1.run restart later ok. to use the nvidia driver, the kernel must do each upgrade. X. wireless network card associated kernel option is Networking ---> Wireless ---> Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211) have 4965 drivers. 4965 wireless card driver is already compiled into the kernel though, but no firmware can not be used. need to copy the original kernel's firmware to the new kernel the corresponding directory name and the same kernel, my kernel is linux-image-, then build the directory name is code: specific commands: $ cd / lib / firmware / $ sudo mkdir your The old core of the 4965's firmware copied. $ sudo cp 2.6.24-16-generic / * / The above command and the following commands are equivalent: $ cd / lib / firmware / $ sudo cp -R 2.6.24-16-generic / / restart the system, the wireless card to normal. attached to compiled using the machine configuration: dell vostro 1400, t8100, nvidia 8400cs graphics, built-in SigmaTel STAC9228 chip card, 4965 wireless card, BCM5906M Gigabit Ethernet, 3G RAM, 160G hard drive, combo burner. build system version: ubuntu 8.04 desktop version and finally by the ffbp edited 2008-08-02 15:27, edited a total of 14 times

predicted 1-loose monetary policy will remain for some time, next year's inflation will be inevitable, in the first half will be more obvious, the second half to flatten. predicted 2 there will be some increase in exports, but still fast enough to stimulate economic indicators.

predicted 3 follow-up four trillion capital investment would also be no choice, but for various economic indicators will play a very active role.

Up to now (20,091,115) to analyze the situation,Montblanc Greta Garbo Pen, I frogice a bold prediction after 2010 or even next year's economic trends are as follows:

As the world economy before the crisis, governments have taken an active monetary policy (the popular point that is issued a lot of money). Effect is the immediate need to solve a certain positive role to play, but a lot of money into the market will to some extent exacerbated by inflation expectations. Nevertheless, from time to time some big companies will be heard under the brand through the sale period to supplement the liquidity of the news. Borrowing powers as the United States, the economy is still not the case of color, use exchange rate policy has been devalued dollars. Oil prices have returned to normal levels, gold has risen Biao 1000 dollars or more.

China remained the same pace with the world, loose monetary policy and commitment to investment in 2-3 years, four trillion. Affected by this policy, large state-owned or associated companies will be able to successfully get the project and loans, pushing GDP play a very active role. China's stock market has recovered to 3000 levels, the property market is once again turning point break up.

predicted 9 2016-2018 financial crisis broke out in China! 2015 will be the first time China's economy come to the U.S. economy gradually recovering, the European economy continues to take a good,Mont blanc Ballpoint Pen, the RMB against the peak in dollars, a large withdrawal of foreign capital, China's stock and property markets collapse, the banking industry a large area of ​​bad debt, short-term RMB large rate depreciation recovery period of 3-5 years need to continue.

predicted 8 service industry in the future there will be more substantial development.

predicted 4 for expanding domestic demand, the year 2010 will be a range of policies. Personal income tax within the next two years will be significantly adjusted. predicted 5.2010 was the stock market will stage a roller coaster market, then on the next after the first rise. predicted 6.2010 years will be the highest point value of the property market, property market bubble in the next two years will be punctured, after five years will return to normal levels. predicted 7. In view of the property market is no longer stimulating domestic demand,Mont blanc Pen, the car will be the next domestic goods.

we need to think about is: When will the world recover mobility? Or re-inflate the bubble? In the end do to the crisis into opportunity?

18. brothers, out afterwards. Do not engage in too complex accounts, money is the parents, not their own making, and to save the flowers

66. Do not neglect face problems - not to face the most likely cause of the behavior of right and wrong. 67. Properly handle the relationship with the villain - not attached to him, and do not offend him. 68. Best not to block other people's source of wealth - and its block of people getting money, the provision of sources of revenue other than their own. 69. With a low profile to resolve the jealousy - jealousy is a fire will burn out a person. 70. Doing things do not have to cover everything - will always be people not satisfied with you. 71. Awareness and use of the selfishness of human nature - to find a way to use someone else's selfish for their own profit. 72. Hair touched down, he will listen to you - big temper again, Ayutthaya and then deep, then a strong personality who is also too much for this trick. 73. Promote a positive as the situation improves - hold on, striving, and accumulated capacity. 74. Cautious attitude to alert slow ebb of time - many failures are thriving at foreshadowing. 75. Everything is ready, take naturally to open - to the line, when the flowers open from the God arrangements.

1. Do not cry when making any decisions, negative emotions when talking better. 2. Do not go thinking the same question again, do not put all the feelings in one person, you have parents, and other friends. 3. Do not be afraid do anything wrong, even if wrong, do not upset, life is wrong for right and wrong, not to mention many things, back view, right or wrong no longer valid. 4. negative emotions is normal, but he must know, to understand that this is only a small part of life in the rest of the time, the emotional stability to make up as much as possible. 5. that person suddenly does not contact you, normal; man suddenly contacts you, it is normal, this does not explain anything. 6. If you do not know, say so, if you understand, let alone, you can smile. 7. all the troubles are self-inflicted, and therefore can only themselves, not to find a friend crying, looking for them to play. 8. the words must be said, even stupid, then again stupid better than bad faith. 9. no matter what turn of events, do not break the law of the original life, to eat on time, time to sleep. 10. not to be afraid to do one thing, do not fear hit me, do not be afraid the wrong thing, think of the past do not be afraid, do not be afraid to face the future. 11. whether it is right or wrong, you need a guideline, you should follow the guidelines of behavior, and continually revised based on the realities of life. Repeatedly indecisive person, is not pleasing, people wandering between right and wrong, better image to the right people from the wrong front. 12. When he said Do not cry, he is not to seek your advice. 13. Do not put all my heart, then pull out, these are only part of your wealth. 14. not with a man and his arguments with a circle of people, no matter how reliable you think he. 15. When you do not know what he said and when it is nothing to say, there are limitless meaning silence. 16. not to pursue any results, each result are the same, that is death. 17. do not regret it, no matter what do not regret, regret feelings than you are wrong to do even more terrible, because it will destroy your self-confidence, self-esteem and is likely to allow you to do one more wrong things.

12. In any case, can not play with other people, who will be playing to play. You then Xinyan, nor the most powerful one.

17. and their habits for different people, to pull farther away, and then live their own, and not affect others, and do not ask others to change.


11. Do not sentimental people, even if you are really sentimental. Others may not understand your sentimental, nor the obligations and responsibilities. In this case, you want the vent becomes a disgrace and deepen the pain.

13. Do not try to steal other people's interests are, but they can not condone people grab their own. This is the principle.

1. The essence of patience, you have to make cheaper you make, you want to shame you have no sense of shame, whatever. I can give to you, I give; I can not give, you find someone else to go. As for the others to not give, that is your thing.

01. Honest mistake on a mistake - sophistry, shifted the blame will only harm themselves. 02. To maintain the distance between friends - so long-lasting friendship. 03. Money chasing people who recover health - A healthy, afraid of not making money? 04. Do not easily switch - switch to high risk, it is best not to rash to whom. 05. Appropriate to raise his status - in the job market, who is also a commodity. 06. The dedication to become accustomed to - the long term for themselves. 07. Method using the cumulative growth of assets - not quickly,dr dre studio headphones, not to do more, do not interrupt. 08. Endure a moment to fight for future generations of circumstance, it must endure. 09. With life and death, as you live I live - this is a win-win, is healthy competition. 10. To 11. Do not do things whims and - for the whims and will only harm themselves. 12. Encountered when the head of the devil type - to accept his temper can make your character more and more tough. 13. Do not fight in public and in charge - it will make you nowhere, only to leave. 14. People of different trades to acquire new knowledge - remember, ask to use the attitude. 15. All difficulties are a good thing - this is God in the hone your aim is to give you responsibility. 16. Disadvantage is the advantage with the mentality of doing things - so you can quickly grow. 17. Do not talk in front of you frustrated proud - that hurt your relationships. 18. Do this when a small guard - Punctuality is the respect for others. 19. Looks at people with time - time to test the master. 20. Looks at people with the asking - the summary of the information obtained, we can understand that person. 21. File a friend - to avoid people to use when Fang Henshao. 22. Expand the circle of friends - to take the initiative, so others do not come looking for you. 23. To maintain the flexibility of friends - enemies can become friends. 24. Like to pay to 25. Houses, lots of other good - let others see you, know you exist, know your abilities. 26. Careful sudden warming friendship - the correct attitude towards this friendship is: do not push do not welcome, reciprocity. 27. To do her second child, do not do the boss - the boss did a good, easy to become youngest ranks the fourth. 28. To be as law-abiding - the goal is to win people's respect and trust. 29. With

16. For people who like and against you, the first objective and reflect on their own, to correct themselves, to eliminate their causes. Second, look at how naive she is, she a good person is not happy.

7, learn to give up, pulled more tightly, pain is their own. 8, low-key, to choose between, there must be gains and losses. 9, do not try to give yourself any excuse, mistakes in front of one loves to listen to those excuses. 10, cautious, independent, learn to compromise, we should also stick to basic principles. 11, pay is not necessarily the outcome. Persist may lead to lose more. 12, things can not forget the past, but it must be put down. 13, live easy, anything to make the best of intentions and the worst. 14, who made a simple, practical and pragmatic. Not addicted to fantasy. Not much ado about nothing. 15, do not lie, because there are always to be exposed one day. 16, others bright or has too many unknown behind the pain 17, to equip themselves. Do not stop learning. No matter what learning, language, cooking, skills. 18, pay attention to his accomplishments, you are the child's first teacher. 19, filial piety. Not just talking about it, even more than a few phone calls is good. 20, love their parents, because they gave you life, but also love you love the most selfless people. 21, but also realistic and occasionally a bit hypocritical, because they do not do that, then it is difficult to mix. 22, convergence of his temper, and occasionally to deliberately silence, because, under the impulse to do something so they can not recover. 23, any time, do something, to think about. 24, never to betray their friends had betrayed a second chance. 25, no matter who, has its limits. Particular trust. 26, know how to listen to other people's advice. 27, others say the mind in the head, but his own, is in my heart. 28, try not to gossip about friends and colleagues. 29, a Buddhist, believe cause and effect, cause and effect in the real face of people power is negligible. 30, readily accept your gift of life to it, whether good or bad. 31, to truly understand the meaning of impermanence, suffering when you when you want it is not eternal suffering, when you are happy, you want this happiness is not eternal. 32, to be happy, be cheerful, be tenacious, to warmer, people should be sincere. 33, vanity when the reading, but must have their own life goals and plans. 34, the weaknesses of human nature have a clear understanding, but I believe true love, love will always cherish the simple desire. 35, do not rely too much on other people than their own, because only he will not abandon their own. 36, life is always full of hope, for the difficulties and hardships, smiling face. 37, more reading, optimistic book. 38, eat less, eat well. 39, Gu said, laughing girls, not bad luck. 40, making new friends, pay a good friend. Woman must have girlfriends. 41, please remember, a good friend defined: You mix a good, happy for you her psyche; you mix well, she sincerely anxious for you. 42, have a dream, even if distant. 43, to love one person. To pay, do not be harvested; not pay, but there will be no harvest, do not expect a miracle. 44, commitment is a good thing, but good things often do not become a reality. 45, everyone has their own distinct ideas and personality, do not know the way to change others, equally, do not be changed by others. Changed, not himself. 46, there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect person, the key is clear in the end what you want. To be desired, will have lost another part of it. If everything you want, will get nothing at all. 47, the world's most vulnerable life, good health, very important. 48, God is fair for everyone. 49, do not try to control them, do not ask others to understand you 50, live in the moment, do not remember the past or look forward to the future of your wasted life now 51, do not forget our roots, at any time, any things 52, to be honest, to be calm, to be generous, to be tolerant, have a sense of balance 53, learn to forget, forgetful is a good thing 54, to be optimistic, be positive, to laugh, multi-mirror 55, I believe his words, but do not take it seriously. 56, how long things in mind. 57, do not try to be smart. 58, make their own decisions. Then ready to bear the consequences. From the outset to remind ourselves that there is no such regret medicine to take. 59, they do not like people, can be quoted to silence a smile; their favorite people, then just how, because your love will be no stopping to show it. 60, I believe karma! Believe in reincarnation! 61, to learn patience and persistence! 62 this world there is no true love ... ... time can dilute all 63, do not do hedgehogs can not with the enemies and the enemies do not, no one with you forever, some things do not need to keep in mind 64, sometimes have to learn to listen to the views of people around, more often so as not to hurt yourself. 65, forget the past in order to have a new beginning. 66, this world is not fair. 67, do not rely too heavily on friends and basically have the evil side of human nature. 68, love is beautiful, believe in love. If you do not believe that life, even love it not so bitter? 69, want the same things the other will lose. 70, suffering people grow up, you progress a chance, a challenge. Do not be afraid painful, it has another positive side effect. 71, who is lonely, to ease the pain it brings the only way to quiet acceptance of it. 72, have not experienced, can never understand the truth, but it is good to hear. 73, can not beautiful, can be cute, may not be gentle, but to be honest and kind. 74, like all good things, praise and enjoy the good they bring. 75, when a problem comes with a smile to the face, with the wisdom to resolve. 76, to admit their own mistakes and assume the responsibility it brings. 77, loved his family, friends, love partner, love children, however, to truly live for themselves. 78, never to have occurred and are not worried about what happened. Worry does not help a fait accompli that have taken place, no place of subjective speculation, can not infer things go, inviting worry unnecessarily. 79, not old in front of others you talk to your bare the plight of the vulnerable. 80, do not rely on others to think, to have goals to pursue, it has nothing to do with age. 81, who made a simple, practical and pragmatic. Not addicted to fantasy. Not much ado about nothing. 82, learn to think, a clear mind to understand his own insignificance, should not narcissism. Gun play stands out, things do not speak out strongly, because there is no strong imagination! 83, everyone is an individual, who really did not leave the one who will survive! 84, not bit overestimating their own collective strength, because when you choose to leave, they will find that even without you, The Sun Also Rises! 85, there is a class society, a lot of things are not fair. Do not complain, because there is no use.

7. sick, they have to focus on their own, who attach importance to what you can not wait. Until then, you will find yourself, whether physical or spiritual have been tough for the.

8. alone, off-site study, to learn more and contact the parents to communicate, to learn to listen to the words of elders. To learn to be patient, there is nothing you can not endure, then the wrong people, but also worthwhile to take someone else's mistake to punish themselves.

9.. However, others said, try to listen carefully and you say others, for any mind to respond to the letter but not the whole letter, which is respect for human beings.


30. Not alone to the glory - the glory of exclusive today, tomorrow may be pocketed bitter. 31. Find a 32. To find an opponent with - catch him, and eventually pass him. 33. Patience to sit with the back seat heat - have been in the back seat, what to be afraid of it? 34. Apply the successful model of others - other people's successful model can be a guide, so you have the direction to follow. 35. Secretly to himself as boss or supervisor - and gradually develop their own boss or supervisor capacity. 36. Do not meet in front of the small achievements - ask yourself: my life so it? 37. Let soon become our own experts - as long as the effort of deep, 铁杵磨成针. 38. Do not have underappreciated idea - underappreciated, mostly self-inflicted. 39. Fall, and be sure to get up - do not get up, people will look down on you, you will lose the opportunity. 40. Do not make excuses for failure - should face the failure, and quickly identify the reasons for the failure. 41. Change the environment or change their - and their changing the environment, it is better to change yourself. 42. Not sure do not fight the battle - can not stand life is a waste of time and time again. 43. To reflect on their own as a daily homework - because you are not perfect, will say the wrong things, will do something wrong. 44. Hit a low profile when he encouraged himself - do not earthworm intestinal worm 45. Rely on other people's intelligence work - a person's ability is limited. 46. Always should have a sense of crisis - do not think your life good luck 也好. 47. Characters can play a supporting role, are comfortable on stage - the face of life, trained to be resilient personality. 48. To learn to control their emotions - this is one of the most important mature sign. 49. Turtles do not do rabbit - the rabbit qualified people tend to pride, pride in the success of the road will become a stumbling block.

5. In addition to parents, no one is unrequited. Hello lovers of harmony based on the premise of love, friends, Hello is based on common interests and the elimination of loneliness as a precondition. Other people, not to mention.

50. Little things do first, first make a little money - big money to do great things for the accumulation of experience. 51. Do not let past failures tied your hands and feet, we will never hard to become a major event. 52. As alive as the cockroaches - the resilience of people if there are cockroaches, what day is not over it? 53. By strength, not by factions - factions is not permanent, the strength of life is something you can rely on. 54. Their own light, you do not wait for someone else to finish - who is available, in the mood to seriously

1, do not underestimate anyone. 2, you do not have so many viewers, do not be so tired. 3, moderate Duirenduishi. Do not arbitrarily throw a tantrum, who does not owe you. 4, is now very painful, so look back over time around, you will find in fact that things are not. 5, and they have malicious people tear up. People tear up, have a close friend.


4. never a person that you can not do without, and now can not do without, does not mean forever inseparable. There is nothing you can not give up, you do not give up may be the first to give you instead.

14. there is no need to envy other people's success, popularity, status, scholarships and the like. Five reasons: 1, others may actually pay more than you, but you do not see. 2, these things only bring temporary satisfaction, rather than a permanent meeting, not worth mentioning. 3, and there are not you playing to the rules of the game, play to people who are tiring of. 4, you have less people, there must be better than others, waiting for the opportunity. 5, no competition for these, your friends will be more.

2. to deal with the hypocrisy of people, not criticize her, not expose her, but she continued sadly hypocritical it, then pretend to know nothing. Then slowly, a lot of people will take the initiative came to tell you how hypocritical her.

15. to help others, try to help. Can not help, do not force yourself.


3. to deal with selfish people, not hate her, not to ignore her, but getting away from her, from the bottom of my heart away from her, and then pretend to know nothing. If she find someone else, then you will find that many people stay away from her.

6. a person's life although it is difficult, but a person must learn, Do not rely on others. This is to prevent the people around you are leaving, you can live on.

6, learn to be tolerant of people hurt themselves, because they are poor, each has its own difficulties, we are not easy.

10. Do not test your friends, or you are not disappointed, that is more than a

55. Every mountain open, water bridge - to learn to match up. 56. Always running in front of subordinates - the power led, brotherhood leaders do not like to lead. 57. 58. As long as 5 cents, not one dollar - the opportunity to take a dollar only once. 59. Lend a road will be wider and wider - shelf only your hands and feet tied. 60. It is absolutely not to mention too - the purpose is to accidentally leave room to avoid embarrassment. 61. As soon as the line in your expert - as long as the effort will succeed. 62. More praise others - do not spend money, you can make people happy, why not? 63. Respect other people's territory - not because of negligence cause unnecessary trouble. 64. Do not tell your frustrations - to avoid being that you impotent. 65. Interpersonal principle is: There was only homes - you meet each other, the other will meet you.

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