Fun in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul is probably the best place in the world (says Tori).  Here are some links to help you get out on the town and explore your city!

General Links

Bored?  No idea what to do this weekend?  Check these sites out for what's going on around town. 
(these last three links are to the Twin Cities fun magazines... you can find hard copies of these magazines at Coffman Bookstores as well as all major bookstores around)

For general Minnesota tourism, a good place to start is:

Restaurant Recommendations

The Twin Cities have amazing places to eat all over.  If you ever need restaurant recommendations, ask Tori.  She goes out (a lot). (excellent search for good places)   (good area search and reviews by local people)

good reviews are also on:

Getting Away from the Cities

Sometimes, the City is the last place you want to be. If you want ideas for short weekend trips, fun places to go on days off, or even in-town places to be out-of-town, here are links to the best places to go (without going too far).


Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board -
Minneapolis Visitor's Association (Lakes) -

Nearby Fun Places

There are lots of nearby towns/cities that are absolutely beautiful and would make fun day-trips, or even weekends.  Here are links to town websites; if you have friends with cars or have your own, these might be fun~

Stillwater, MN - (Tori grew up near here and it is GORGEOUS! The river is awesome)
Hudson, WI - (Tori's hometown... Gorgeous parks & places to go camping)
Red Wing, MN -   (Beautiful historic places and lovely views of the Mississippi)
Duluth, MN - (Gorgeous city on Lake Superior, a must-see place)
Wisconsin Dells, WI - (a giant water park down I94 in Wisconsin)
Hayward, WI - (a nice town in Northern WI for swimming, etc.)

Transportation for Out-of-Town~ - cheap plane tickets for college students - a train trip to Chicago is one of the most beautiful rides you will ever take. - cheap, but not always effective

There are also sometimes buses that will take people to Madison and other such places over breaks; the dorms usually have information about this.  You can also post on dorm bulletin boards for car-pooling. Some students will split the cost of gas with people if they are willing to ride with them to places.

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