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IBP Super Weekly Update!

Hello all you lovely IBP members <3

This was a big week for IBP because we had our (probably) final training session for new Buddy Mentors.  We trained around 70ish people, which brings our trained mentor count up around 150 people or so. So, lots of new friends for everyone and lots of resources here at the U for incoming international students! Thank you to everyone for joining us this year and please be patient with us as we match you up with your new buddies- we are trying our best!

Also, I know I have reminded everyone (buddy mentors) a bajillion times to sign up for second training, but I will say it again here just in case someone happens by the blog and doesn't yet know; we will be holding 4 sessions for second training.  They are:

Aug. 14th 9am-12pm OR 3pm-6pm
Aug. 24th 9am-12pm OR 3pm-6pm

We will be utilizing facebook as the easiest means to RSVP, so if you haven't joined the facebook group yet, please check us out. You can find us under the name "International Buddy Program (IBP)- U of M". There are 4 events listed in the event box, so you can RSVP for whichever you want to come to.  If your buddy will be arriving after August 25th, please try to come to the training on the 14th, but if you can't for some reason, the 24th is ok, too. Also, if you have any time conflicts with the two dates, please let us know asap either via facebook (you can message me, Tori) or send us an email at

We are still matching buddies, but if you haven't received one yet, watch your email inbox! We will be sending out more matches starting this week.  We will be working on getting geared up for the next training as well as our first two events, so just know we are all working hard to get IBP ready for the fall!

Thanks everyone and see you soon! (I'm sorry this was so long)

IBP Super Weekly Update~!

Well, biweekly (this time around). I apologize for not updating you all last week, so get ready for lots of IBP news!

Last week we spent most of our time gearing up for a mentor training on July 31st. This will be the final training for new mentors, so make sure you are RSVP'd and ready to receive your buddies' contact information!  

We have over 150 buddies and counting right now who will be joining us here at the U in the Fall.  Yay buddies! 

We are also busy getting ready for our first two events coming up at the end of August. We will have our first Welcome Party on August 25th and a BBQ behind Coffman on August 28th.  Sukai and Tori are also going to check out volunteer opportunities for our September engagement event.

Also, buddy mentors~ don't forget that our second training sessions are coming up on August 14th & 24th.  Watch for emails coming your way soon!

A word on the Facebook

Since not everyone is familiar with the facebook and since we will be using it as a way for people to RSVP for events, I thought I would make a post about it so we are all on the same internet page (come on, it's a joke~).

Anyway, the facebook is a website where you make a profile for yourself and use it to network with people who you can "friend".  You can then post things to your friends' profiles as well as join groups (like the IBP group).  You can also do tons of other fun things that are too numerous to fully talk about here, as they are better left to your exploration.

Now, we are saying that you have to join the facebook or our facebook group, but it is just one more way for you to learn about IBP as well as probably the most common way college in the US stay in touch with each other. 

The website is  They have it in many languages other than English, so if your native language is more comfortable for you, you can probably find it on there.  You can also join the IBP group at this address:

This will also be a good way to connect with your buddies, too.

Good luck if you decide to join the facebook!  Leave a comment if you have any questions and I'll get back to you!
Hello everyone,

Here is the post where we would like you to introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

Please post a comment with:
-your name
-your major (or what you're thinking of majoring in)
-your hobbies/ things you like to do
-your favorite food
and how to say hello in your native language.

Ok, buddies!  Let's get to know each other :-)  Feel free to comment on others' posts as well! 
(you can read the program assistants' introductions on our introductions post below)

Welcome to IBP!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the official IBP blog!  We will be posting news, important websites, and general awesome stuff up here so check back every now and then for the latest!

Also, please feel free to leave lots of comments!  This blog is for you so please take advantage of it!  And as always, please direct any questions to any of your program assistants or coordinators! 

I promise I won't use all exclamations next time!

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