April 27, 2007

Bin Laden aide held by U.S.

The New York Times reported Friday that the Pentagon said Friday they were holding a man who is Bin Laden's aide and one of Al-Qaida's most senior members.

The Star Tribune carried an Los Angeles Times article that also reported the U.S. military's capture and transport of Abd al Hadi al-Iraqi to Guantanamo Bay.

April 6, 2007

Report released detailing effects of global warming

The New York Times reported on the findings presented by a the leading scientific panel on climate change Friday.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an Associated Press article about the findings, which were presented in Brussels.

March 21, 2007

Fire kills 62 in Russia

An Associated Press story published Tuesday in the Star Tribune reported a fire in a Russian nursing home that killed 62. The fire happened in the Azov Sea coast region village of Kamyshevatskaya, in southern Russia on Tuesday. Officials said the 35 were also injured, and that there were 97 people in the two-story brick building when the fire broke out, four of which were employees.

Many residents were confined in bed or were otherwise trapped inside the nursing home. The fire station in Kamyshevatskaya was closed last year and fire fighters traveled from the nearest station in Yeisk to battle the flames.

The New York Times ran a follow up story on Wednesday reporting that officials cited safety violations and the negligence of a night watchman as the causes of the fire. The disaster was only the latest in a string of incidents, including a mine explosion Monday in Siberia that has killed more than 100.

Fires occur often in Russia. Among other uses of numbers and statistics, the New York Times article cites a 2005 comparative statistic of fire fatalities in Russia and the United States. That year, nearly five times as many Russians as Americans died in fires, although Russia's population is less than half that of the United States.

February 26, 2007

Ruling issued in Serbia genocide

An Associated Press report from The Hague printed in the Pioneer Press Monday said that a ruling over whether or not Serbia perpetrated genocide against Bosnian Muslims was expected to be issued by the United Nations' International Court of Justice later that day. The article gave some background about the 1992-1995 Bosnian war and the case, over which judges have been debating for 10 months.

Later in the day Monday, the Star Tribune posted an article from a McClatchy Foreign Correspondent about the ruling. The court cleared Serbia of direct responsibility of genocide in the deaths of Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995. However, the court did say that Serbia should have done more to prevent the deaths.

The New York Times printed a story about the ruling, saying that a genocide did occur, and that Serbia failed to prevent it, but that the court could not prove intent to commit genocide on the part of the Serbian state.

The case marked the first time that a state brought a lawsuit against another charging genocide. The decision reached by the court spares Serbia from paying heavy reparations to Bosnia, but still condemns the countries failure to do more to prevent the atrocities. The court also demanded that Serbia hand over war criminals to the International Criminal Tribunal.

February 25, 2007

Suicide bomber kills more than 40 in Iraq

The New York Times reported Sunday that a suicide bomber blew himself up at a Baghdad university.

The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press printed the same Associated Press report on the bombing.

February 18, 2007

Italy indicts CIA operatives

The Associated Press, in an article published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Friday, reported the indictment of 25 CIA operatives in Milan.

The New York Times published an article Saturday with more details of the indictments.

February 10, 2007

Putin criticizes US foreign policy

The Associated Press, in an article printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Saturday, reported Russian President Vladimir Putin remarks at the security forum on Saturday.

The article presents fairly good structure, beginning with a summary lead, quoting Putin, and highlighting the US response. It then returns and elaborates on Putin's positions. It effectively subordinates quotes from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by beginning a paragraph with, "Minutes earlier." This shows that what Merkel said was not as important even though it occurred earlier, but still conveys the chronology of the story.

The New York Times published an article, dated Sunday, elaborating on Putin's speech.

February 3, 2007

Bird flu confirmed at farm in Britain

The Associated Press reported Saturday in an article printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the H5N1 strain of avian flu has been found on a poultry farm in Suffolk, in Britain.

The New York Times also reported the story Saturday.

The outbreak has killed 2,500 turkeys already, and nearly 160,000 more will be destroyed, both articles reported. The affected farm is owned by the Bernard Matthews company, one of Britain's largest producers of poultry.

The New York Times reporter, Alan Cowell, obtained comments on the incident from a variety of sources, including Fred Landeg, a senior government veterinarian. The Associated Press also included comments from Landeg.

January 27, 2007

U.S. citizens killed in Kenya

The wife and mother-in-law of a U.S. Embassy employee were shot to death by carjackers in Nairobi. Carjackings in and around the capital are common, according to an Associated Press story published Saturday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The carjackers apprehended another vehicle just prior to attacking the Embassy vehicle. The victim of the earlier attack heard the gunshots and witnessed the carjackers escape with the Embassy car that the women were in. Police killed two of the carjackers later Saturday.

The New York Times also ran a brief item about the killings. Although the AP item is longer, the information in the lead is repeated later in the article.

Both articles said that the women were shot because they failed to move quickly enough when told to exit the vehicle.