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Explanation of Reporting

For my last entry, an explanation of how I reported the story about the Roseville City Council's decision to ban shooting bows and arrows in most cases is needed.

I found out about the proposed ordinance with help from my instructor. To get enough background to write clearly and intelligently about the city council action, I studied the Roseville city code and the documents pertaining to the proposal. These can all be found at the City of Roseville Web site. The council meeting agendas and minutes are found under the "City Government" tab, on the council's page.

I was not able to attend the meeting where the proposal was debated, but the council provides videos of all meetings.

When I talked to Councilmember Amy Ihlan I was upfront about not having attended the meeting in person, but I was able to ask her questions about the law. I was not able to contact Mayor Craig Klausing for comment.