Notable Presentations

Some presentations were more engaging and thought-provoking than others; and even some who were, were not really note-taking worthy. However, there was a lot of good ideas in discussion after the presentations.

Characteristics of YouTube Uses and Users: Implications for Education

  • 4 years or more of college, much more users of all technologies across the board (possibly a result of digital divide?)

Transnational Graduate Studies: Designing the Virtual Seminar

  • specifically resourceful for graduate and higher level classes in specialized areas of study
    • only a few people wanting to take class locally, much higher numbers globally

Assessment of Student Work on Geographically Distributed Information Technology Project Teams
  • scattered teams working on a variety of projects that deal with customers as well issues:
  • email to customers/professer
    • use chain of command team leaders first
  • no classroom meetings
    • Blackboard educational software: discussion via forums etc
  • provide sum f2f interaction
    • 3 meetings for local students per semester (beginning, midterm, final)
  • assessment
    • online quizzes and presetatioins,
  • difficulty of determing individual contribution to team project
    • peer evaluations: team, individual, peer, customer, team leader, instructor
    • use team grade and go up/down based on ^

Do's and Don't's of the Use of Simulations in Higher Education
Erik Ploeger, Windesheim University, Netherlands
  • learning impact
  • purpose of feedback
  • self-directed learning
  • transfer

3 simulations in business environment, 4 years, 300+ students

  • available on the internet
  • dull, not spectacle, but for econ students who like numbers/ business stock exchange
    • similar to Journalism game/TW: text based, not supposed to be visually appealing
  • must work ( for all ) test the technical equipment. 24/7 availability. technique must not be the problem
  • develop good assignment: main objectives and learning objectives, make learning essential to progress (not a demo?), make the result measurable
  • feedback is the essential part of the learning process
  • balance motivation
    • challenge not too simple nor too difficult
    • control students must feel they effect outcomes
    • curiousity opportunities to explore, unpredictable outcomes,
    • fantasy perception of participation in a made up environment


  • use a simulation just to be modern!
  • think every simulation motivates
  • de-motivators
    • challenge too high or low
    • lack of exploration and control
    • lack of realism
  • forget the guidance
    • built in to simulation?
    • educational setting
    • manage complexity
    • provide instructional support
  • forget the cost benefit
    • investment of time
    • investment of resources
    • lecturer as a designer of the learning process
  • combine school domain and private domain
    • students act different in different domains
    • private (msn)
    • school (virtual learning environments like Blackboard)

How Digital Game-Based Learning Can Improve Students' Academic Achievement and Problem Solving
  • learning arises as a result of in-game tasks
    • challenges, curiosities, fantasy
    • ...
  • used EA SimCity game, handle civic works, reduce the production of C02 in Sydney

E-Learning and Language: The Spirit of the Age (?)
  • changing learning process in e-learning/online classrooms
  • create new role of student in overall learning process

Sharing with the Shabab: A study of the Implementation of Social Bookmarking in the Delivery of an Economics Course for Students who are Learning in a Second Language
  • Used Diigo" to change a traditional memorization classroom into a participation based learning system

Is Microsoft Certification Worth Its Salt?
  • mostly good for resume purposes only, few say the actual training has helped.
***only 25 of almost 1000 returned survery, about 2.8 %

Student Engagement Experiences with Blended Learning Environment

Shuttr: Easy-to-Use Interactive Online Learning Platform for Learning Photography
Matti Koivula, Univeristy of Minnesota*
  • took 800+ pictures of same image using all different setting imaginable to get show the results using sliders for each camera effect and setting
  • URL???

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