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Buckeyes give Gophers first loss of the season

The Gophers are clearly better than last year's 1-11 record, but despite being 4-0 going into Saturday's game at Ohio State, Minnesota lost to the Buckeyes 34-21 in front of 105,175 fans at Ohio Stadium, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Gophers kept the score close for nearly two quarters, but mental mistakes brought the Gophers its first loss of the season.

"They're a few steps ahead of us, I think that's pretty obvious," Gophers quarterback Adam Weber told the Star Tribune. "But a few of our mistakes maybe made us look worse than we actually are."

The Star Tribune anaylysis said,"The Gophers gave up too many big plays, turned over the ball three times (resulting in 17 Ohio State points)." It also said the Gophers gave Ohio State running backs Terelle Pryor and Chris Wells too much room to run.

But, the Gophers learned from the experience.

"Playing in a place like this, playing against a team that's one of the best, our young guys are going to learn a lot," Weber told the Pioneer Press. "We have a very young team, obviously. We had a couple of stupid mistakes out there, not lining up correctly, but those are things that are going to come with the growing process. ... You kind of don't want to crawl for too long, you want to get up and start running."

Next week will show how the Gophers recover from a loss.

"Next week is when we'll learn about our team, how we come back from a loss," linebacker Deon Hightower told the Star Tribune.