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Bush spends last trip abroad in Peru

President Bush arrived in Peru's capital, Lima, on Friday to talk with the leaders of Peru about the economic crisis and other looming threats for the country.

President Bush wrapped up his final meeting with leaders of Asia-Pacific nations on Sunday, leaving the economic summit with an endorsement of his plans for international financial regulatory reform, a renewed call for free trade and a promise from China to host another round of the so-called six-party talks, aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, according to the New York Times.

"As we work to rebuild confidence in our financial systems in the short term, we must also work to promote long-term economic growth," Bush said in his weekly radio address released Friday. "Together, our nations must focus our efforts on three great forces that drive this growth -- free markets, free trade and free people." (Washington Post)

Bush's main goal during his two-night stay in Peru was to enlist support for an economic crisis agreement signed a week ago by the United States, China and 18 other major economies. The pact focuses on keeping trade barriers down and encouraging free-market principles while implementing reforms to the global financial system, according to the Washington Post.