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Endeavour shuttle docks at space station

Space shuttle Endeavour docked Sunday with the international space station, delivering cargo similar to home remodeling gear.

The linkup to the station unites 10 American and Russian astronauts for most of the next two weeks. It occurred at 4:01 p.m. CST, as the shuttle and station sailed 212 miles over the border between India and China, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"The international space station is indeed ready for an extreme makeover," Mike Fincke, the station's commander, radioed Endeavour skipper Chris Ferguson as the shuttle neared. "We'll be sure to open the door." (Houston Chronicle)

The crews will begin one of the 15-day mission's top priorities as early as Monday by transferring a cargo module carrying nearly 15,000 pounds of gear to the station, according to an Associated Press article in USA Today.

New sleep stations, a toilet and a water recycling system are among the furnishings needed so the station can double its crews to six people next year and get more science research done, according to the AP.

The mission also includes four spacewalks to repair a damaged joint that rotates solar wings on the station's starboard side, according to the AP article.