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Mardi Gras!


Well, I don't think there is any way we didn't enjoy this assignment. We were asked to write a response to our collaborative assignment, which for us was orchestrating a flash mob Mardi Gras event on campus in the Kirby Lounge. I really enjoyed being a part of this event, and I think that this was the first time that I have seen so many art & design students and teachers in one place!

My contributions to this assignment were of moderate detail. I was not the leader of the group, but I tried my hardest to pitch in. The first day after our group met I went down to the Kirby Lounge booking room a week before our event and talked with the head of their department (who decides which groups and associations get to speak or reserve parts of the room), she was very kind and excited about what we were doing and immediately agreed to give us the go ahead after filling out some forms. I then went to the Environmental Health & Safety office so that we would be able to serve some sort of food or beverage at the Mardi Gras event. I filled out all the necessary forms and then turned them back in to their correct offices, then back at the Kirby Lounge and then gave a copy to my teacher. I also went and talked to KUMD, because we weren't exactly sure at that point what sort of music would be playing, and talked with them about possibly helping us out with music detail. They gave me a big fat NO due to their block scheduling, which was fine because we found alternative sources. I then proceeded to construct masks-to be handed out-and also designing a few different posters and flyers which would be later handed out and hung up around campus. Besides the obvious hard copies of each of these proceeding, our group was a whirlpool of ideas and brainstorming sessions in terms of how we could positively follow through with this project.

I think overall, that the event was a success. I have seen a flash mob before and, given the correct amount of time, I think we successfully completed this assignment and I would recommend doing something along these lines in the future.

Here are a few examples of the work that I helped with, starting with; the poster design I came up with, then the handouts, then some pictures of some of the masks I constructed, and lastly a few clips of some of the video I shot with my camera at the event. Enjoy!

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