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I have been doing research on where to find tweets from start of Egypt's revolution till now. I found a pretty good resource online at OR called Tweets from Tahrir. It's a book that describes Egypt's revolution as it unfolded, in the words of the people who made it.

I will primarily base my project on these tweets, and also on some I have found on my own via Twitter and Facebook.

Screenshot of the book I purchased:

eRevolution Project


There has been a lot of speculation/thoughts/ideas surrounding the events that have/are taking place in Egypt right now. How can we know what it is like to be in an Egyptians shoes? The truth is, we can't. The project I am doing for my digital studio class is not about trying to describe the events that have been taking place, nor to try to depict an outsider's aspect on what WE think is going through everyone's head in Egypt. My goal is to simply display tweets and posts that I have collected since the start of the revolution.

The medium I will be using is video. I will be constructing images and then bringing them in to Adobe After Effects.

Here is a rough mock-up of one of the images, I haven't decided if I want to do the text in Arabic or English yet. I'm thinking I will do both.


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