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Media: Storyboards mocked up by hand, then created in Adobe Photoshop. Animation created in Adobe After Effects and rendered as mov. files.

Size & Format: Six digital storyboards with dimensions of 480x720px along with a 1-minute short animation in a mov. file with a screen size of 480x720px.

Subject: Egypt's revolution and shift of power, along with the role that social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter had in influence with the events that took place.

Process: Some of the problems that occurred during the overall process of achieving a visual piece were all of technical standpoints, having to do with my level of understanding with After Effects. During the beginning of the process-work, it was also hard for me to pick a final format. I knew that I wanted to do a piece on the eRevolution in Egypt, I just wasn't sure what type of media I wanted to go with and what audience I was reaching to. Had I figured that out earlier, things would have gone a lot smoother and the process work would have gone by a lot faster instead of changing up formats for the first few weeks. I discovered that After Effects is a very useful, but very drawn-out program to use for short animations. You can really make a beautiful piece using that tool, but if you are not familiar with the program it could take some time. In retrospect, I would research different tutorials for my ideas and really get a good technique down for presenting this project.

Evaluation: I am pretty happy with the result. I know that there are things I need to change and fix, but that is all technical. Conceptional, I am happy with what I was trying to achieve and I know that after this class I will go back into After Effects and do some "touching up" of the project to really bring everything together and make it look beautiful.

Presentation: Ideally I would like this to be something you would see on a documentary as some sort of a short beginning title sequence. Or a commercial, but you don't really see commercials for revolutions. I want this to be some what of an inspiration to people, that when they see it they actually know what was going through some of the minds of the people in Egypt and how the events took fold.

Continuation: If I were to continue with this project, I would make it another minute longer, adding more detail and more tweets from the sources I have compiled. Also, I would have a segment that included Facebook and the important position it took when the events first started taking place.

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