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I have been researching some different styles to make this video. I found some useful examples here, the artists in these are all make infography pieces, which I think might be a good way to display my work.

Edward Tufte has been an inspiration for me as well, his teachings about evoking a cognitive sense of meaning and aspiration are what what of my pieces are based upon.

Some of his work.


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This is a clip of a video that I am working on about the revolution in Egypt. It's going to be a bunch of Tweets and Facebook comments I have collected since the beginning of the revolution. Not much yet, this is just one idea of where it could go.

eRevolution Clip

I am also working on a different idea with the comments and tweets I have found. I will have the storyboards for those posted in a few days.

So, today was our first day and you asked us to talk about what we have been noticing in todays digital art cultures/movements in design and social networking. I guess over winter break I noticed how looking for a job has become ever increasingly online. I joined a web community called oDesk that does online contracting for employers, it's a great way to build a portfolio of real work if you don't have much experience in the field. For instance, I'm in the process of working on a template and logo for a guy from New York. The work is entirely online; the employer interviews you online, he checks out your online profile via oDesk and if he likes what he sees then you get the job! The way they pay out is that you download this oDesk application via the website after signing up and it keeps track of your work every time you sign in and start working on it. I think it takes random screen shots of your progress and remotely sends what work you've done back to the employer so that he can see you are really working on his project instead of slacking around.

After you're all done with the work, oDesk adds up all the time that you've spent on the job and , depending on how much your bid was, you get payed hourly. It's probably the coolest job board I've found so far! It lets you take all these tests that see how good you are at applications such as photoshop and illustrator, and you get certified via oDesk. Now I, Steve Miller, am a certified contractor according to oDesk.

Just one thing that I thought was cool in how our social networking has been becoming increasingly important in the search for employers, or employees.

Here's a link to my oDesk profile, feel free to take a look! I still have some work to do on it though, enjoy!

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