Pieces of Project 1

Everything is in this page except for the symbols and numbers, which I lost without saving when my computer crashed, but as you can see in the promo poster they are in there and I did them. I really like my promotional piece, I spent a lot of time on it and am just glad to see that it turned out how I pictured it would! Viewers enjoy







Promotional Piece

This is the typeface that I created from the story and setting of George Orwell's 1984. Enjoy!

Upper Case Alphabet



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Sketches for Type




Final Journal Entry

Layout and Grid for Project 3

Reading Response (The Layout)

I think that this reading was very helpful in a way that it gave me different ideas on how to approach the design of my brochure. Each design listed is an aggressive approach to only one audience so I have decided to use these different ideas and combine them to sell the idea of a museum in a playful, yet sophisticated way. I will be using a Use-Centred and Bottom Up approach to the design and layout of this brochure. The Bottom Up approach because it follows the characteristics of the individual elements in the layout as the basis for decision making, and I think that because I am doing my brochure on the Museum that the layout should in fact mimic the elements that are depicted within. Also, the Use-Centred because it follows the goals and tasks associated within the design. I will maximize the effects of the photography by supplying detailed information that justifies just what this museum is about.

Research and Style Moodboard

Contemporary Design


I think this example of contemporary design relates directly to the styles of Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser. The pop art/push pin forms of the art produced in that era directly reflect to the style of design in the example I have chosen.

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