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Design 21 Challenge Response

I took a look at some of the posters that were entered and am just amazed at how many different ideas I could get from some of these pieces. The judge's 1st pick is by far my favorite just because of mother language. Very nice.

Works in Progress

Response to Icograda

The Iranian posters that were posted to this article were in chronological order. From their first example to the last you can see that their style is very much different from the style that American graphic designers use. Our society does not cherish a unified culture, therefore it is harder for us all to relate to one piece of work on a common level. It is different for Iran because they have two main types of graphic designers; one is local design intended for domestic use, which we neglect to consider and craft, the second is a form of graphic design which is intended for international design contests and is mostly referred to as Iranian graphic design. We should learn to utilize these dispositions and form works that are not just intended for the use of advertisement, but to create dynamic, modern pieces of work that everyone can enjoy to look at.

Rough Draft, Poster Process

Problem Solved Reading Response

I think this is my favorite reading yet. It makes you think of different ways for the astonish me problem and how to make and keep the viewer interested. Some of the simplest ideas can have such emotional responses, such as the Little Boy poster by Uwe Loesche. Hidden meaning is meant to invoke strong intellectual responses, and once that meaning is figured out, the idea is not easily forgotten. I would like to use that idea with the projects we work on this semester.


Steven Heller's Daily

I took a look at some of the example of Steven Heller's Daily. There's not much there for a graphic designer but if you are looking for some quick facts about random artwork I am sure you could find a post that would help on his website. Good way to spend burn some time while getting some fun facts.

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