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Anatomy of Cuban Design

I found this design poster for the IAAF World Championship in Athletics Set back at its simplicity but at the same time complexity of the piece, I was amazed at how his use of color and graphics chosen completely bring this design together. His theme of shapes, squares and circles mainly along with lines, unify the design along with the type chosen. The rings in the center give an olympic feel to the event that is taking place.

International Design Discussion

I found this design from the website with the article we blogged about I think the design differs from that of the U.S in a sense of simplicity. It has a repeated quality throughout the typography and the choice of color. The fonts used in the design do not differ, as opposed to the U.S. where we use different styles and fonts throughout most of our designs. The soft lime green and the red used in the type give it a sort of christmas theme, which might be what they were going for but who knows. This designs only graphic is the acronym of European Design Training Incubator (edti), whereas the U.S. is more graphic oriented. Overall, the design works well for the article. It tells you what you're going to read about and doesn't stray from the theme.

Steven Heller's Daily

I took a look at some of the example of Steven Heller's Daily. There's not much there for a graphic designer but if you are looking for some quick facts about random artwork I am sure you could find a post that would help on his website. Good way to spend burn some time while getting some fun facts.

What I Want/Need to Learn About Graphic Design

I need to learn more about photoshop. I feel that there are so many tools in that program which I don't know how to use, I think its safe to say that I could use a few more lessens in that area.

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