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Reading Response (The Layout)

I think that this reading was very helpful in a way that it gave me different ideas on how to approach the design of my brochure. Each design listed is an aggressive approach to only one audience so I have decided to use these different ideas and combine them to sell the idea of a museum in a playful, yet sophisticated way. I will be using a Use-Centred and Bottom Up approach to the design and layout of this brochure. The Bottom Up approach because it follows the characteristics of the individual elements in the layout as the basis for decision making, and I think that because I am doing my brochure on the Museum that the layout should in fact mimic the elements that are depicted within. Also, the Use-Centred because it follows the goals and tasks associated within the design. I will maximize the effects of the photography by supplying detailed information that justifies just what this museum is about.

Response to Icograda

The Iranian posters that were posted to this article were in chronological order. From their first example to the last you can see that their style is very much different from the style that American graphic designers use. Our society does not cherish a unified culture, therefore it is harder for us all to relate to one piece of work on a common level. It is different for Iran because they have two main types of graphic designers; one is local design intended for domestic use, which we neglect to consider and craft, the second is a form of graphic design which is intended for international design contests and is mostly referred to as Iranian graphic design. We should learn to utilize these dispositions and form works that are not just intended for the use of advertisement, but to create dynamic, modern pieces of work that everyone can enjoy to look at.

Problem Solved Reading Response

I think this is my favorite reading yet. It makes you think of different ways for the astonish me problem and how to make and keep the viewer interested. Some of the simplest ideas can have such emotional responses, such as the Little Boy poster by Uwe Loesche. Hidden meaning is meant to invoke strong intellectual responses, and once that meaning is figured out, the idea is not easily forgotten. I would like to use that idea with the projects we work on this semester.

Response on Color Reading

Well, overall the use of harmonious patterns and colors has been contingent for as long as there has been a color or pattern to discern. Such combinations as an achromatic, symmetrical or asymmetrical construct effective ways of pleasing the viewers eye. We've all viewed colors and we all have our favorites, it is impossible to discern what color might be the viewers favorite, but a harmonious set of colors that work well together would definitely increase your chances of having a well-constructed piece of work that the viewer would enjoy.

Reading Response 1

After going through the reading assigned, The Astonish Me Problem, it was nice and revealing to see that graphic design and advertisement has been around since as early as the 1930's. Yet for how much design has changed over time, the aspects remain the same. Each designer tries to entertain the reader through visual assimilation, whether to link the reader through social or cultural features. Optical maneuvers of designers changed over time, I like how the artist plays with images to create visually pleasing posters in such works as Shigeo Fukuda.

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