Duluth Transit iPhone App

Front ends of this interface will include an icon similar to that of the Duluth Transit Authority's (DTA) initial logo with the exception that it is now iphone application friendly. The purpose of the application is to supply information that one would initially have to look up and search for online, filtering the content between the DTA's Web site and the icon that is supplied on your iphone. The icon would be the face of the application when searched for in iphone applications, the bus being a static symbol of what the DTA is about.
This application functions as a filter of the data stream which the DTA web site provides. As being an operator of mass transportation in Duluth, their service is also provided in Proctor and Superior as well as the eastern edge of Hermantown. During peak hours, the average of 45 buses will be in service at any one.
The content of this web site has already been made readily available. Just inside of the Kirby Center located at the University of Minnesota campus there are brochures that indicate which buses will be arriving at which destinations and at what time. Now there is an application that will give you the same amount of information and can be made available at the touch of button. Studies show that upon numerous occasions students have missed a bus because they did not know what time it was going to show up at, now they have the opportunity get past the struggle and yield the right information they need to get from destination to destination right on their cell phones. This is an ability that could be highly utilized. The uniqueness of this application is that it targets the people of Duluth specifically. One would not obtain this application if they lived in say Utah or New York. It is for a targeted demograph of the general population of Duluth. The DTA has experienced significant changes since the public bus system was put into operation in February of some 40 years ago. Changes which include expanding commercial growth in Duluth's Miller Hill corridor and the Tower Avenue corridor in Superior. The metropolitan area has shifted from a highly industrial one to an area that is more focused on tourism and the service industries. Medical and University populations continue to grow dramatically which ensue a population shift from the inner city area to the outer fringes of each community. These changes have created a more widespread residential population which would develop a hierarchy among the population. The wealthier of the population being able to afford luxuries as the iphone. The DTA iphone application would be wide spread within the population of Duluth, making this very successful.
The conception of the application considers that there are multiple streams or sources of this content. The content, which can found in many such place as; on the UMD campus, or at the transit center, or online if you had a local internet connection, serves the need, desires and interests of the audience of Duluth. Applications such as this one make it possible to do several things at the same, for example, eating your dinner while checking when the next bus will come strolling in, or driving to the bus station and checking to see if you have time for a pit stop. The audience is served in high degree to supply their need for information on the bus schedules, times and routes at any given time.

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