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Logo Design for Haugan Group

This is a logo I designed for Haugan Group. I based the design off of the companies initial value of merging company values with customer needs. The end product was an overall success.


Postcard Mailer Ad

This is just a postcard mailer I made for a company called Dormco; an online merchandising store that aims directly at college students, specifically those who live in the dorms.

Back Postcard.jpg

Front Postcard.jpg

iPad User Manual Page

I have made a mock iPad user manual for class, this is just a trial version of a user manual i made using html and css coding in Dreamweaver.

iPad User Manual.jpg

Gift Certificates

I was asked to design this gift certificate for a company called Executive Limousines. The company was very impressed with my designs so now they want me to be their designer for any odd jobs they might have!

10 Gift Certificate.jpg

25 Gift Certificate.jpg

50 Gift Certificate.jpg

Vector CAD Designs

Here are some designs I did for Bootees-Love Your Boots. About the company; I have done some banner designs for their website, now they are moving on to manufacturing their new products. They asked me to design their product so this is what I came up with!

Skulls CAD.jpg

Tetris Hearts CAD.jpg

Zebra CAD.jpg

ZOMP Cad.jpg

The Joker

I don't know about anyone else, but after seeing the second Batman movie I felt that the Joker really stole the show. So, in response to that, I came up with a design entitled "The Joker". I took a pattern on one of his shirts that he wears in the movie (sort of a hexagon shape) and used it to create this picture; made using Adobe Illustrator first, then onto paper, then brought into Adobe Photoshop to finish it out. I lost the original after my computer crashed but I still have this which is a bit pixilated. Enjoy!

The Joker Design Pic.jpg

Specialty Newspaper Front Page

Mock newspaper front page with two articles and an invitation to look at other articles inside. First article is larger with higher resolution graphic and unique headline that suits the style. Second article also has a graphic and text. All text is found on the web and cut and pasted into the layout. Columns are even at the bottom and design follows style of New York Times articles.

Newspaper Assignment.jpg

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