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Package ReDesign for Fiber One

We were assigned in my Graphic Design III class to go into a grocery store and find a product to revamp. A lot of people in my class found products with absolutely terrible designs, which were easy to improve. I wanted to do something though that would really look good for a portfolio piece, so I chose General Mills' Fiber One. It's not that it necessarily needed a new design, I just thought that I would be able to do it better. Here's what I have, enjoy!

Old Package:

New Design:
Fiber One Digital Sketch3.jpg

Entire Package:
Fiber One Package.jpg

Gift Certificate for Drivers Unlimited

This is a gift certificate I designed for Drivers Unlimited. The company is based out Connecticut, and though they are just starting up, they are hitting the ground running. I wanted to keep that feeling of elegance in the design of their certificates, with a look that gives off feeling of importance. Simple, yet elegant.


Gift Certificates

I was asked to design this gift certificate for a company called Executive Limousines. The company was very impressed with my designs so now they want me to be their designer for any odd jobs they might have!

10 Gift Certificate.jpg

25 Gift Certificate.jpg

50 Gift Certificate.jpg

Business Needs Design




Alphabet Promotional Poster

My project is based on a classic book entitled 1984 by George Orwell.

The book itself was published in 1949 written as a literary political fiction in the year 1984. The story occurs in Oceania, one of three intercontinental super-states who divided the world among themselves after a global war. The Oceanic province had once been early England or Britain. Everywhere throughout the story there are posters of the Party leader, Big Brother, bearing the caption BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, while the telescreen (transcieving television) ubiquitously monitors the private and public lives of the populace. The social class system is threefold: the upper-class Inner Party, the middle-class Outer Part, and the lower-class Proles who represent 85% of the population and mostly consist of the working class. The novel depicts an oligarchical collectivist society where life in the Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control. The individual is always subordinated to the masses, and it is in part this philosophy which allows the Party to manipulate and control humanity. In the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue, in Newspeak), protagonist Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party's propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct, yet his meagre existence disillusions him to the point of seeking rebellion against Big Brother, eventually leading to his arrest, torture, and conversion.

I used the society of Airstrip One as the methodology for setting my typeface. In 1984, the majority of the populace lives in poverty; hunger, disease and filth are the norms along with ruined cities and towns which are the consequence of the civil war, atomic wars and enemy rockets. When traveling about London rubble, social decay and wrecked buildings surround Winston Smith; other then the Party's ministerial pyramids, little of London was rebuilt. These conditions and standard of living develop the style of my typeface. It communicates the poor living conditions, the tone of the story, and time in which it occurs.




The Joker

I don't know about anyone else, but after seeing the second Batman movie I felt that the Joker really stole the show. So, in response to that, I came up with a design entitled "The Joker". I took a pattern on one of his shirts that he wears in the movie (sort of a hexagon shape) and used it to create this picture; made using Adobe Illustrator first, then onto paper, then brought into Adobe Photoshop to finish it out. I lost the original after my computer crashed but I still have this which is a bit pixilated. Enjoy!

The Joker Design Pic.jpg

Forbes Magazine Project

This is a spec ad done for Forbes magazine. It includes a cover page and then a 3 page layout all done with the traditional style that Forbes uses for its design.

Forbes Magazine Project-1.jpg

Forbes Magazine Project-2.jpg

Skyy Advertisement

This is a spec ad for Skyy vodka redone. The one previous to this had a big ugly woman hand, with fingers that looked like claws, clutching the pineapple. I thought it looked horrible so I recomposed the entire ad and this is what I came up with!


Dow Industries

After thumbing through a popular mechanics magazine I noticed that Dow Industries has some pretty cool advertisements with their new Human Element marketing campaign. I decided to do some of my own and this is what I came up with! Enjoy.



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