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Package ReDesign for Fiber One

We were assigned in my Graphic Design III class to go into a grocery store and find a product to revamp. A lot of people in my class found products with absolutely terrible designs, which were easy to improve. I wanted to do something though that would really look good for a portfolio piece, so I chose General Mills' Fiber One. It's not that it necessarily needed a new design, I just thought that I would be able to do it better. Here's what I have, enjoy!

Old Package:

New Design:
Fiber One Digital Sketch3.jpg

Entire Package:
Fiber One Package.jpg

Gift Certificate for Drivers Unlimited

This is a gift certificate I designed for Drivers Unlimited. The company is based out Connecticut, and though they are just starting up, they are hitting the ground running. I wanted to keep that feeling of elegance in the design of their certificates, with a look that gives off feeling of importance. Simple, yet elegant.


Report Design

This is a pdf I designed for a company called Attract Dream Clients. They contracted me out as a graphic designer! Overall, the ending product was a success.

Cover PageCollated-Report-Cover.jpg

Collated Report.pdf

CD Cover

Here is a CD cover that I did for a singer named True Concept, you should look him up!


True Concept2.jpg

Postcard Mailer Ad

This is just a postcard mailer I made for a company called Dormco; an online merchandising store that aims directly at college students, specifically those who live in the dorms.

Back Postcard.jpg

Front Postcard.jpg

Gift Certificates

I was asked to design this gift certificate for a company called Executive Limousines. The company was very impressed with my designs so now they want me to be their designer for any odd jobs they might have!

10 Gift Certificate.jpg

25 Gift Certificate.jpg

50 Gift Certificate.jpg

Typography Analysis

Forbes Magazine Project

This is a spec ad done for Forbes magazine. It includes a cover page and then a 3 page layout all done with the traditional style that Forbes uses for its design.

Forbes Magazine Project-1.jpg

Forbes Magazine Project-2.jpg

Specialty Newspaper Front Page

Mock newspaper front page with two articles and an invitation to look at other articles inside. First article is larger with higher resolution graphic and unique headline that suits the style. Second article also has a graphic and text. All text is found on the web and cut and pasted into the layout. Columns are even at the bottom and design follows style of New York Times articles.

Newspaper Assignment.jpg

Skyy Advertisement

This is a spec ad for Skyy vodka redone. The one previous to this had a big ugly woman hand, with fingers that looked like claws, clutching the pineapple. I thought it looked horrible so I recomposed the entire ad and this is what I came up with!


Rapprochement of Culture

Our teacher came to us with an opportunity to come up with a design for the unity of cultures movement. The specs were not to single out any one race or gender and to try and show a feeling of togetherness. After some research and speculation I came up with this idea.


Dow Industries

After thumbing through a popular mechanics magazine I noticed that Dow Industries has some pretty cool advertisements with their new Human Element marketing campaign. I decided to do some of my own and this is what I came up with! Enjoy.



The Brooklyn Museum of Art

Well, this project assignment was to make a working brochure for a museum of our choice. I chose the Brooklyn Museum of Art because it has significantly influenced my progress in the arts and graphic design since I was a child living in Brooklyn. Each page of the brochure has a significant color palate of the same style, for instance, the first page has a blue style to it, the next one grey and so on and so on. The pictures on each page are of and about the museum and its qualities. I chose the the style of text to match the traditional sense of the museum using a font called Moderno combined with Helvetica.




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