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Package ReDesign for Fiber One

We were assigned in my Graphic Design III class to go into a grocery store and find a product to revamp. A lot of people in my class found products with absolutely terrible designs, which were easy to improve. I wanted to do something though that would really look good for a portfolio piece, so I chose General Mills' Fiber One. It's not that it necessarily needed a new design, I just thought that I would be able to do it better. Here's what I have, enjoy!

Old Package:

New Design:
Fiber One Digital Sketch3.jpg

Entire Package:
Fiber One Package.jpg

Gift Certificate for Drivers Unlimited

This is a gift certificate I designed for Drivers Unlimited. The company is based out Connecticut, and though they are just starting up, they are hitting the ground running. I wanted to keep that feeling of elegance in the design of their certificates, with a look that gives off feeling of importance. Simple, yet elegant.


CD Cover

Here is a CD cover that I did for a singer named True Concept, you should look him up!


True Concept2.jpg

Vector CAD Designs

Here are some designs I did for Bootees-Love Your Boots. About the company; I have done some banner designs for their website, now they are moving on to manufacturing their new products. They asked me to design their product so this is what I came up with!

Skulls CAD.jpg

Tetris Hearts CAD.jpg

Zebra CAD.jpg

ZOMP Cad.jpg

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