Analysis: Earlier puberty seen in boys

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In the Associated Press's article, "Earlier puberty seen in American boys, some experts doubt trend," the author organized the details according to what she felt was most important for the reader to know. This article is an example of a deviance from the traditional "inverted pyramid" model, yet it is engaging nonetheless.

The lead does not provide much information; it is more intriguing than informative. The second graf provides all the necessary information -- the who, what, when, etc.

The author chooses to address the "why" in the third graf, whereas she places particular information about the study -- when and how it was conducted, etc. -- toward the middle of the article. This is interesting to me because I would have originally thought I should put this information further up; however, when I think more about it, it makes sense that she placed this further down. In the grand scheme of things, people are more interested in the "why" rather than the details of how many people partook in this study and so on.

Another interesting aspect of this article is that the author introduces early on (around the fourth graf) that there is a controversy that surrounds the information in this study. She writes, "Doctors say earlier puberty is not necessarily cause for concern. And some experts question whether the trend is even real." I feel like this "counterargument" is usually introduced later in the article. By getting to it right away, the author ensures that a main focus of this article is that there are two sides.

Lastly, I found the author's use of "but" constructions unusual. It almost made the article take an argumentative tone in places, or at least a subjective one.

The author ends with a quote that does not seem very strong or interesting. That might be the only thing I would have changed -- either pick a different quote or choose to end the article a different way.

All in all, I think the organization of this article is logical. It is very long, so it is important to get the most vital and novel information in at the top, and the author accomplishes that.

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Bronwyn, you did a quite a creditable job this week. Lots of sourcing for most everything. Your analysis was thorough and, I thought, on the the money.

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