Man makes highest and fastest jump in history

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An Austrian man fell to Earth from an altitude of 128,100 feet Sunday, breaking multiple altitude and speed records and shattering the sound barrier, news sources report.

Felix Baumgartner, 43, set the record for the highest and fastest jump in history, the New York Times reported. He ascended more than 24 miles above Earth in a helium balloon and then freefell at Mach 1.24, or 833.9 mph, for more than four minutes. Baumgartner landed on his feet in the New Mexico desert, according to the Associated Press.

He became the first man to reach supersonic speed without being in a jet or a spacecraft, the Associated Press reported.

Right before jumping, Baumgartner delivered a message, the New York Times reported. "I know the whole world is watching, and I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are," he said.

Millions watched the jump in real time thanks to a live broadcast on The Discovery Channel and online. Baumgartner, a record-setting high-altitude jumper, said this was his final jump, according to the Associated Press.

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