President Obama changes preparation tactics for second debate

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President Barack Obama is spending more time preparing for Tuesday's debate than he did for the first debate ten days ago, news sources report.

According to CBS News, the president is at a golf resort in Williamsburg, Va., and he has cleared his schedule for the three days leading up to the debate in New York. His aides report that he will try to keep interruptions to a minimum, meaning he will not be found on the any of the resort's three golf courses nor at any nearby historic sites. He was criticized for visiting the Hoover Dam in the days leading up to the last debate in Denver, the New York Times reported.

Obama's campaign team said before the first debate that the president was rusty. Now, they are saying that he is taking preparation very seriously. Obama's response to a reporter who asked about his debate practice was that "it's going great," the Virginian-Pilot reported.

Tuesday's debate brings a new debate format: the town hall. Both candidates will take questions from a moderator but also from audience members, CBS news reported.

The election is just 24 days away. The most recent Gallup poll reports a two-point lead by Mitt Romney. In Florida, a crucial state for both candidates, a poll by the two largest newspapers in the state has Gov. Romney with a seven-point lead, 51 percent to 44 percent, CBS news reported.

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