Statue of Liberty reopens after renovation

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After being closed for one year for a renovation project, the Statue of Liberty reopened to the public Sunday, news sources report.

The renovation involved replacing the stairs to the crown, as well as creating wheelchair access to one of the observation decks at the top of the pedestal, the Associated Press reported. Visitors in wheelchairs can now go to the top of the statue's pedestal and see inside the structure; they were restricted from seeing the statue from the ground before the renovations, Reuters reported.

The number have stairs has increased from 354 to 393, with the new steps being slightly less steep. A new air-conditioning system has been added, and the bathrooms have been upgraded, KABC reported.

During the year that the statue was closed, visitors were only permitted within the grounds on Liberty Island in New Yark Harbor. The interior renovation project cost $30 million, the Associated Press reported.

Park officials say about 3.5 million people visit Liberty Island every year, although most do not go inside the statue, Reuters reported.

The statue is 151 feet from base to torch. It sits on an 89-foot tall stone pedestal, which sits on a 65-foot foundation in the shape of a star, KABC reported.

Although it reopened Sunday on the 126th anniversary of its dedication, the monument will be closed Monday and Tuesday because of the impending hurricane. It is expected to reopen Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.

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