Ukraine president's party takes over parliament

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The party of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukoych has won a closely fought parliamentary election, results showed Sunday.

Representatives of the Party of Regions said this outcome illustrates that Ukrainians have confidence in their leader. Victory was granted to the party based on preliminary exit polls, the New York Times reported.

The exact configuration of the Parliament, called the Verkhovna Rada, will not be solidified for a few weeks because half of the 450 seats will be filled by candidates who did not have to declare a party affiliation before Sunday's balloting, the BCC reported.

Voter turnout was reported as 45 percent, which is average, the New York Times reported.

Opposition parties did better than expected. There was an unexpectedly strong rise in support for an ultranationalist party with a leader who is known for racist and anti-Semitic views, New York Times reported.

Yanukovich was elected in 2010 in a runoff election. He faces re-election in 2015, the BBC reported.

Yanukovich has been criticized by Western governments over the jailing of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. The president claims she was sentenced by an independent court, while opposition supporters say she was prosecuted and imprisoned in order to prevent her from running in the election, BBC reported.

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