Chicago gang threatens to kill Minneapolis police officer

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All 1,400 officers of the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments are on "high alert," news sources report.

The Gangster Disciples, based in Chicago, made the threat after Victor Gaddy, a 41-year-old member of the gang, was shot and killed by police last week during a narcotics investigation. Multiple informants gave similar accounts of the alleged hit on any officer, the Star Tribune reported.

Gaddy ran his car into squad cars after St. Paul police tried to question him regarding a drug investigation. The car almost pinned a police officer against a vehicle, and police opened fire. Gaddy died at the scene, Kare11 reported.

Gaddy was a high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples here in the Twin Cities. He had the street name "Gov," which means he is the number three man in the gang in the area, according to gang hierarchy, KAAL TV reported.

St. Paul City Council member Dan Bostrom confirmed to Kare11 that the entire St. Paul Police Department has been put on "high alert." He was told the gang wants revenge for Gaddy's death and they have ordered a hit on any officer in either city's department, Star Tribune reported. Boston said authorities are taking the threat seriously because the multiple informants, who were not connected to each other, had very similar information, Star Tribune reported.

Bostrom, who served on the St. Paul police force for 26 years, also told Kare11 that the Gangster Disciples have killed officers in other cities and would not be afraid to do it again, Kare 11 reported.

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