Guatemala City hit with second large earthquake

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A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific coastline of Guatemala Sunday, just four days after a major quake killed dozens and left thousands homeless, news sources report.

There have not been any immediate reports of death or major damage. Four aftershocks, with magnitudes ranging from 4.5 to 5.0, further shook the coastline, the Associated Press reported.

Nearly 70 aftershocks have occurred in the aftermath of the 7.4-magnitude earthquake that killed 52 people in Western Guatemala on Wednesday. Seismologists said this was the strongest aftershock yet, the Associated Press reported.

Wednesday's earthquake was the strongest to hit the country in 36 years. Thousands of people were left without homes, water, or electricity. Over 1.2 million Guatemalans were affected, CNN reported.

It was felt as far as Mexico City. It affected as many as 1.2 million Guatemalans and was followed by 70 aftershocks in the first 24 hours, CNN reported.

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