Police search after shots fired call ends in all clear

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Police searched the Target Headquarters in the Retek building in downtown Minneapolis after a report of shots fired late Friday morning and found nothing, news sources report.

A call of shots fired came in from the Retek building, located at 50 South 10th Street, at 11:10 a.m., police spokesman Sergeant Steve McCarty confirmed to Kare11. At no point was there confirmation of an active shooter on the loose. Police report that no shooting occurred, Fox 9 reported.

"There is no evidence of a shooting of any kind," Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said to Fox9.

Reports from employees in the building indicated that the incident that launched the 911 calls occurred on the 10th floor. The call came to police secondhand from security personnel who had received the call within the building. Initial callers allegedly heard "popping sounds" investigators now believe may have been from within the ductwork, Kare11 reported.

SWAT teams were on the scene, as were armed officers and K-9 teams. Police went floor to floor and office to office looking for an armed person but found nothing, Kare11 reported.

Employees inside the building received orders to barricade themselves in offices, Kare 11 reported.

The 11-story Retek building overlooks Nicollet Mall and is across the street from Target's main headquarters, Fox 9 reported.

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