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Baby switched at hospital, breastfed by wrong mom

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A newborn will undergo a year of tests for HIV and hepatitis after a Wednesday hospital mix-up resulted in the wrong mother breastfeeding him, news sources report.

Cody, the newborn son of Tammy Van Dyke, was accidentally put in the wrong bassinet in Abbott Northwestern Hospital, as the Pioneer Press reported.

"You put your baby in the nursery, not even 48-hours old, and you think they're safe," Van Dyke told ABC News. "I'm holding it together. I'm just in disbelief, and it was like I was in a dream, a bad dream, and I couldn't get it to stop," Van Dyke said, as ABC news reported.

Van Dyke was given the details of what had happened two hours after the incident occurred. She was just about to leave the hospital with her new baby, the Pioneer Press reported.

Cody had to immediately undergo blood testing for HIV and hepatitis. The tests came back negative, but the hospital told Van Dyke that Cody would need to return for blood testing every three months for the first year of his life, ABC News reported.

Hospital spokeswoman Gloria O'Connell said these tests were just a precaution. She could not say more because of patient confidentiality, ABC News reported.

Van Dyke spoke to the other mother, which she said gave her "peace of mind."
"She was just as distraught as me that this happened to her," Van Dyke said, as the Pioneer Press reported.

A letter of apology from Abbott Northwestern to Van Dyke read as follows: "Please accept this letter with our sincerest apologies for what occurred today at the hospital, that in the nursery your newborn son was placed in the wrong bassinette and then was taken to the wrong mother and breastfed. The hospital agrees to pay for the additional testing that you had done today and will also pay for the tests recommended for your son related to this incident up to one year," ABC News reported.

Act of kindness of NYPD officer goes viral

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A photo captured of an NYPD officer giving a barefoot man a pair of shoes has gone viral on Facebook, news sources report.

Larry DePrimo of the Sixth Precinct saw a shoeless man on the sidewalk on the night of Nov. 14. He found out the man's shoe size and then went into a Skechers store on 42nd Street and purchased a pair of insulated boots and thermal socks, Newsday reported.

He returned to the man and knelt down to put the boots on the man's feet, Newsday reported.

Tourist Jennifer Foster of Florence, Ariz., was watching the whole thing. She took a photo of the interaction and sent it to the NYPD, along with a note, ABC World News reported.

"I have been in law enforcement for 17 years," Foster wrote. "I was never so impressed in my life. It is important, I think, for all of us to remember the real reason we are in this line of work," she wrote, as ABC World News reported.

Foster did not get the officer's name. NYPD posted her message and photo on its Facebook page, and the officer was identified, ABC World News reported.

DePrimo has since received an incredible amount of attention worldwide, which has been "shocking, he told the New York Times. He joined the NYPD in 2010, Newsday reported. He lives in Long Island with his parents and did not know about the photo or that it was going to be posted online, he told the New York Times.

"It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man's feet," DePrimo told the New York Times.

The NYPD's post of Foster's photo and message has received 347,000 "likes" on Facebook. It has been shared over 94,000 times as of Nov. 29, ABC World News reported.

Edina won its third consecutive Class 2A state swimming championship Saturday night at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center after Minnetonka was crippled with disqualifications, news sources report.

The Minnetonka Skippers were originally awarded the team title at the end of the meet, winning by 49.5 points. Minnetonka won the 400-yard freestyle relay, the last event, and set a state record by .02 seconds, which sealed the meet victory. But just minutes after the team was bestowed the trophy, it had to hand it over to the Edina Hornets, the Pioneer Press reported.

Meet officials discovered that Minnetonka coach Dan Berve had submitted an incorrect lineup for the race. Such an error is considered an "illegal entry," so the Skippers were disqualified and the state record was voided, the Star Tribune reported.

At this point, Minnetonka would still have been able to win by 2.5 points. But Minnesota State High School League officials said they decided to look at Minnetonka's other relay lineups and discovered they had received incorrect lineups for all the relays, the Pioneer Press reported.

After their points were tallied with taking account for their disqualifications in all three relays of the meet, Minnetonka ended up fourth. Edina became state champion and Wayzata and Eden Prairie took second and third places, respectively, Swimming World Magazine reported.

Berve took the blame for the incorrect submissions and called it an "administrative error" on his part. After swimming several alternates in the prelims in all three relays, the Minnetonka coaches did not formally change their relay entry cards for the finals session. The correct swimmers were not listed on the relay cards, and one swimmer exceeded her maximum allowable events for the evening, the Star Tribune reported.

Two killed in Indianapolis explosion

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A house explosion and fire in a south Indianapolis Saturday night killed two people and damaged 80 homes, news sources report.

Officials are still investigating why the explosion occurred in the Richmond Hill subdivision. Marc Lotter, spokesman for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, told the Los Angeles Times that "most" of the homes in the 126-home subdivision were damaged in some way.

Two homes were flattened, while more than two dozen others were destroyed completely. The entire neighborhood was forced to evacuate, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Two adults were killed, and seven other residents were sent to the hospital. Indianapolis Fire Department officials have not yet ruled out any cause for the blast, CNN reported.

"It was like a war zone," neighborhood resident Whitney Pflanzer told the Indianapolis Star. "It was silent after that. And it was dark and dusty, and I thought it was a nightmare -- it was a nightmare." Pflanzer and her husband were in bed when the explosion blew out their windows and collapsed their ceiling, she said.

Initial property damages estimates exceeded $3.6 million. Lotter told the Los Angeles Times that 30 homes have been deemed uninhabitable and would have to be demolished or extensively repaired.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is assisting in the investigation to determine if arson was a possible cause, CNN reported.

First paying customers board Boeing Dreamliner

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The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner on a North American airline took off from Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport Sunday, news sources report.

United Flight 1116 took off at 7:28 a.m., marking the first 787 flight for the carrier. United is the first North American airline that owns the 787, which is partially constructed from lighter carbon fiber composite materials rather than metal, Houston Chronicle reported.

The new type of plane will save airlines roughly 20 percent in fuel compared with similar-sized planes, Boeing claims. The plane is also said to be more comfortable for passengers. Boeing says it is pressurized to 6,000 feet above sea level, rather than 8,000 on typical jets, Houston Chronicle reported.

Chicago-based United's largest hub is at Bush Intercontinental, and it will store its growing Dreamliner fleet there, Los Angeles Times reported.

"This is a very exciting day for United Airlines, a day we've waited a long time for, and we are delighted to have the 787 here," Jeff Smisek, president and CEO of United, said during an early celebration at Bush Intercontinental, Houston Chronicle reported.

Smisek said the Dreamliner is one of many planned investments to make United a better airline, Los Angeles Times reported.

"If you want to be the world's leading airline, you need to have the world's leading airplane and we have that today in the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner," Smisek said, as Houston Chronicle reported.

Four shot in south Minneapolis

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An early Saturday morning shooting in south Minneapolis sent four people to the hospital, news sources report.

Police said that four people were shot on the 300 block of Cedar Avenue near The Red Sea just before 2 a.m, the Star Tribune reported.

The bouncers of the club were trying to force a crowd of people to leave using a chemical spray when someone opened fire outside the club, Sgt. Stephen McCarty told WCCO.

Two men and two women were shot, KSTP reported. All of the victims' injuries are non-life-threatening. Their identities have not been released, the Star Tribune reported.

Police say there have been more than 25 calls for service at The Red Sea throughout the last year. The owner says the music varies each night and Friday night was hip hop. Every patron is screened for weapons as they enter, he told KSTP.

No arrests have been made in the case, KSTP reported.

Three women killed in Milwaukee suburb

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Three women were killed in a shooting late Sunday morning at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee, news sources report.

Four other women were wounded. Radcliffe F. Haughton, 45, of Brown Deer, Wisconsin, was the suspected shooter. He was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the spa, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported.

Haughton's estranged wife, Zina, worked at the spa. On Oct. 4, she reported to police that her tires were slashed in the parking lot of the spa. She obtained a temporary restraining order against him, which was served to him on Oct. 11, Daniel Tushaus, Brookfield Police Chief, the restraining order was for four years, USA Today reported.

The identifies of the three victims have not been released. They were found dead on the scene when officers arrived at the building. It is not yet known if Haughton's wife was killed, USA Today reported.

All of the wounded women are expected to survive, hospital officials told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Details of their injuries were not provided.

According to Tushaus and other law enforcement officials who spoke at a press conference early Sunday evening, the shooting happened at 11:09 at the spa, 200 N. Moorland Road, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reported.

The spa is across the street from the Brookfield Square Mall. One of the spa patrons ran to the parking lot of the mall, screaming that her mother had been shot, USA Today reported.

Man makes highest and fastest jump in history

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An Austrian man fell to Earth from an altitude of 128,100 feet Sunday, breaking multiple altitude and speed records and shattering the sound barrier, news sources report.

Felix Baumgartner, 43, set the record for the highest and fastest jump in history, the New York Times reported. He ascended more than 24 miles above Earth in a helium balloon and then freefell at Mach 1.24, or 833.9 mph, for more than four minutes. Baumgartner landed on his feet in the New Mexico desert, according to the Associated Press.

He became the first man to reach supersonic speed without being in a jet or a spacecraft, the Associated Press reported.

Right before jumping, Baumgartner delivered a message, the New York Times reported. "I know the whole world is watching, and I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are," he said.

Millions watched the jump in real time thanks to a live broadcast on The Discovery Channel and online. Baumgartner, a record-setting high-altitude jumper, said this was his final jump, according to the Associated Press.

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