This semester, and hopefully longer, I will be volunteering at The American Cancer Society in there health education department. Through this service I will be volunteering at different events that the American Cancer Society participates in that help to educate people of different cultural backgrounds on cancer. My first impressions of the place were positive. I thought the place was well put together and the information that was delivered was complete, but it was not too much to lose my attention. The women, Dai Vu, who gave the presentation and tour seemed to be very passionate about her work which I really appreciated because that makes me more passionate and excited to start volunteering.
After listening to Dai Vu and seeing the facility, I learned that the facility exists for many different reasons, but the department I will be working with is there to educate people about cancer. This department is split further into subgroups based on ethnicity groups. By doing this the subgroups can then focus on more of what each group need for an example, some people just need more general information on cancer while others need to learn how to talk about cancer. This also allows a diverse amount of people to be served. Starting out my job will be to assist in the education of these diverse people, but as I volunteer I hope to expand my responsibilities.
In the future I hope to be able to be the leader of an education presentation. The organization would train me to give a presentation by educating me about cancer, so then I can go out into the community and educate other people. This decision surprised me the most about my experience because I am not the most comfortable public speaker, but I think this will be a good experience because it will force me out of my comfort zone. Overall, I am very excited to start volunteering at the American Cancer Society because I think it will be a great experience, and I will be helping to serve the problem of cancer not a symptom because by educating people you give them the power to make smarter decisions.

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