Experiment 12

Hi everyone,

These are the points that seem important for this lab:

  • Make sure you highlight that this week when setting up LoggerPro they should use Appendix G - "Collecting a complete spectrum"
  • Remind them that in all runs they use 5 mL of Fe(NO3)3
  • Emphasize that in Keq we use the equilibrium and not the initial concentrations. It is a good idea to go through the equilibrium concentration calculations (ICE table) in your prelab talk or individually
  • Don't forget to put up the beer's law equation on the board which you would find from the stockroom
  • Make sure they are using Excel correctly to make their spread-sheets. Some of them either don't understand the point of using Excel and start calculating and typing numbers in themselves and some just don't know how to use Excel.
  • Tell them to be careful about contaminating the solutions in part 2
  • Don't forget to pick up your evaluation forms from Nancy's office

That's all,

have fun with all the snow :)

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