Experiment 14 (week one)


Lab 14 (week one) is a very long lab.

Here are the points that seem important:

  • KHP is an abbreviation for potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHC8H4O4). Lots of the students think they should add the molar mass of K, H and P to get to its molar mass !!! Make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Lots of students have problem with calculating the GEM. I think it's a good idea to walk around and take a good look on their calculations and make sure they are doing it correctly. In my section some of them were using "Table 1" to figure out the # equiv of NaOH. Watch out for that.
  • They have to keep their unknown and NaOH solution in their drawers for next week.
  • Make sure they cap the NaOH bottles beside the scales.
  • It's a good idea to show them an example of what we mean by pale pink. You can use one of the first students' solutions that turned out well, as an example.
  • They would need to use Table 3 to answer Q10.

That's all for now,

Have a good spring break :)

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