Experiment 16 (Part 2)

Hi everyone,

This would probably be my last post for this semester! It is nearly over :)

So this lab is quite a long one since they have to hand in their reports at the end of the lab again.

Here are the tips of the week:

  • Remind them to change their salt bridges when they get dry. Specially if they are getting weird numbers it sometimes helps
  • Double check that they are using the Cu and Pb electrodes not the other ones
  • Slope of the delta G vs. T is equal to negative delta S meaning that if they get a negative slope they should end up with a positive change in entropy
  • It would be helpful to demonstrate the use of the repipet
  • This lab doesn't result in very accurate data so don't get surprised if your students don't get numbers near to the literature
  • Only the electrode should be in the solution and not the alligator clip
  • Remind them about the 1022 review session on May 9th from 6 to 8 PM in Smith 100 
  • Next week is check out week. They all have to show up!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Monday afternoon TAs who have helped me through this semester with their helpful tips: Roger, Adam, Evan and Nick. Thanks guys!

Have a good rest of the semester :)



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