Experiment 8 - Lewis Structures and Molecular Shape

There are no goggles this week, and no make-up labs. The first students left with about 40 minutes left and there were several students barely finishing the questions at the end.

The students should be fairly familiar with writing Lewis structures and formal charge, so you don't need to spend lots of time explaining this. You'll lose their attention fast. Do explain the wedge/dash 3D bond drawings as they have not been introduced to this before, and the effect of 3D structure on polarity. They also will need a description of the types of isomers (especially cis and trans) and lots of help with line drawings. Most every student asks for help with the cis and trans isomers in Q14.

Have your students turn in the top/blue copy of their notebook this week because lone pair dots can be difficult to see on the carbon copy. Tell your students to make them obvious!

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