The Awakening Internet

This article began by telling the story of how the idea for a decentralized network of computers was originally created as a way to develop a system that could outlast a nuclear strike. As interesting as that is, the article focused more on the topography of the internet. Although the article was clearly dated, some of the points brought up are quite interesting. At the end of the chapter the author makes the somewhat strange point that he believes the internet will one day become self-aware. This sort of came out of the blue, but it was an interesting way to end the reading and brought my attention back. The article seems to have been written years ago, and I believe many of the issues addressed in the author's writing have been solved. For example, many people do use there computers to seed files for others to torrent. Also, it seems that email was one of the most used functions of the internet in the time of the article's writing. While still a huge, well used function, email has been eclipsed by many other functions of the internet. I just used the word function too many times. Just mentioning that in case you were interested. Well, I seem to have lost interest in my topic. Sorry about that. Hope it was at least somewhat entertaining.

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