Easter eggs like raindrops...

Thousands of multi-colored plastic Easter eggs will be falling from the sky this Saturday at Lake Elmo's Oak-Land Junior High school.

Children will be treated to music and a visit from the Easter Bunny, according to the Pioneer Press. Then at 11:15 a.m. the eggs will be released from a helicopter ("call it the Hopper Chopper") over the school's athletic field. Any eggs that fail to fit into the helicopter will be scattered by earthbound volunteers.

Then begins the real fun. The Valley Creek Church, who is sponsoring the event, is hoping to minimize chaos and unfair competition by dividing the children (12 and under) into four age groups, the Star Tribune reported. Each group will head to its own section of the field to gather eggs.

Inside the eggs will be candy, for the most part, but some children will instead discover coupons that they can redeem for prizes including an iPad 2, a Nintendo Wii, an American Girl doll, and a bicycle and a helmet, according to the Star Tribune's report.

The Valley Creek Church, which has an attendance of approximately 250 people, currently rents space at Oak-Land Junior High, according to the Pioneer Press. The egg drop is just a dramatic example of the community outreach they try to engage in year-round, explained children's pastor Charity Silvis in the Oakdale Lake Elmo Review.

Absent from advance reports of the event are any mention of religious activities or overtones. It would seem this day is to be purely for the worship of the Easter Bunny, although perhaps the winners of the big prizes will feel that there was some sort of divine presence involved.

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