Gadhafi agrees to ceasefire, but will rebels accept negotiations?

South Africa's president Jacob Zuma, who was head of an African Union delegation to Libya, announced that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had accepted an African Union-proposed "road map" to peace today, according to Voice of America.

Zuma's proposal included an immediate cease-fire, humanitarian aid, protection for foreign nationals, and political reforms, reported Peter S. Green for Bloomberg.

This may be a useless diplomacy attempt. The next step is to bring the plan to the leaders of the uprising, which the African delegation plans to do Monday.

The rebel leaders have previously rejected the notion of a cease-fire that would have left Gadhafi or one of his sons in power, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Moreover, the African Union may fail to qualify as an impartial negotiator, according to an Associated Press report. Col. Gadhafi invested substantial wealth from Libya in the AU as chair of that organization two years ago, and has received substantial support from member countries.

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