In Ivory Coast, slaughter over presidential conflict

Mass slaughter was reported in the Ivory Coast this last week, although the numbers are still unclear.

A report by the UK's Press Association put the death toll in the city of Duekuoe, where forces supporting the internationally recognized president-elect Allassane Ouatarra moved against those loyal to the current president, Laurent Gbagbo, who has refused to step down, at 430.

The UK's Daily Mirror described the same incident, but reported the deaths to number 330, while Business Week claimed that at least 800 had been killed in Duekuoe. Aid groups could not confirm which forces were responsible for the killings.

Now, in what the Press Association has called "the final battle," thousands of pro-Outtarra forces have gathered some 20 miles from the presidential palace, where supporters of Gbagbo have answered a call to act as a human-shield and are waiting for their opponents with AK-47's at the ready.

The election on November 28 was the first in the Ivory Coast since a decade, according to Business Week.

A United Nations observation mission was on hand to oversee the elections, and had confirmed Outtarra's win with 54% of the vote, the Press Association reported.

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