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Canadian teenager commits suicide after alleged rape

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The family of teen girl who committed suicide Sunday is calling for Canadian officials to file criminal charges against those who allegedly raped her.

Reteah Parsons, a 17-year-old high school student from Halifax, Nova Scotia was taken off of life support Sunday after she tried to hang herself. Their family told news organizations that they revisited Canadian justice officials who assured them that they would take a second look at Parsons's case, according to CNN.

Parsons was allegedly raped by four boys two years ago when Parsons was 15. Following the incident, a photograph of Parsons apparently having sex with one of the boys began to circulate, resulting in a good deal of bullying, CNN reported.

After much public outrage and Parsons's mother, Leah Parsons, taking to social media and the airwaves, Canadian officials say that they will review the case, reported the National Post.

The anonymous hacking organization known as Anonymous, which outed those involved in the recent Ohio gang-rape case, threatened to out the four boys involved in Parsons's case, according to the National Post.

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