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Police chief leaves gun unsupervised, teen uses it to commit suicide

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A New Hampshire police chief was cited Friday for improperly storing his gun, allowing a teenager to gain access to it and use it to commit suicide in March, according to sources.

Danville Police Chief Wade Parsons allegedly left his .40-caliber Glock 22 pistol atop a safe in his bedroom closet on March 11 while he ran to run errands. Parsons left the 15-year-old son of his girlfriend, Jacob Carver, home alone, according to CNN.

When Parsons returned to the home, he found the boy's body.

The Rockingham County Attorney told CNN that there is no clear explanation for the suicide and that Carver had not had a troubled history.

Fox News reported that Parsons violated a statue in the state of New Hampshire which requires those with firearms to store them in such a way that children could not gain access to them.

The fine, according to Fox News, is up to $1,000 for negligent storage of a firearm.

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