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Washburn HS principal removed and reassigned

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A veteran Minneapolis school administrator will oversee the rest of the year at Washburn High School due to recent domestic issues the school has been having.

The former principal, Carol Markham-Cousins, was removed by the school administrators because of ongoing problems among the students at the school, according to the Star Tribune.

In January, students hung a dark-skinned doll from a noose and posted a photograph of it online. The response from the school angered parents. Recently, the athletic directer has been undergoing an investigation which caused some students to stage walk-outs and sit-ins, according to CBS news.

Markham-Cousins's replacement, Craig Vana, was the principal in past years and was a visible and popular principal. Vana will serve as principal for the remainder of the term, when the district hopes to have found a principal fit for the position. To do this, the school will be asking parents what they seek in a principal, according to the Star Tribune.

CBS news reported that some students disagree with the decision to remove Markham-Cousins from the school.

Dylan Cima told CBS that Markham-Cousins "saved the school" and while he understands why she has to go, he thinks it is unfair.

No comment has been released from the school board yet.

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