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November 30, 2004

After Da Ride

I think that the "HI" is a transportation phemonon for the Twin Cities and will be great for improving the condition of traffic in the metropolitan area. I train itself rides smooth and is very comfortable. The station are very user friendly and pretty clean compared to some bus shelters. Overall, I would recomend the "HI" to any of my friends and family members because I believe that it is that good!

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November 18, 2004

"Hidden" Palace

This is a place that I see every morning, but never really thought much of it until now. Soon as I get off of the 94B, I start heading to class. I pass by this place, with artwork surrounding it, and wonder does anybody else notice it. It is sequestered and kind of unnoticeable unless you want to notice it.


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November 16, 2004

A link to an article

This is a link to one of the articles on the transit website.


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LiRASP Documentary

This is some footage of the LRT system.

Download file

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November 15, 2004


I had found this packaging outside of the government building at Fort Snelling.


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Park and then Ride

This sign is at the entry of the park and ride lot for the LRT.


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This is me

I tryed to take a picture of me and the house.


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Da Door

This picture is the front of one of the historic houses out at Fort Snelling.


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Sign of "Light"

This is a picture of the sign in front of the national guard base.


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Fort Shelter

This is a picture of the shelter at the Fort Snelling stop.


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My Analysis of Fort Snelling

The station I chose for my analysis was Fort Snelling. I chose this station because I had rode the system home and this was the closest stop to my house. I think that Fort Snelling looks the way it does because of two reasons: one reason is for security purposes, because Fort Snelling is a millitary base. The other reason is because Fort Snelling is a historical site and holds a lot of tradition. I would pick sequestration for the Fort Snelling LRT because the shelter for this stop is kind of off to the side of everything else. You notice that there really isn't any massive tanks or army trucks around, otherwise I would have taken a picture of it.

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My Light Rail Experience

I have previously rode the light rail system. I really enjoyed the ride, it was really smooth and serene. I think the idea of using the light rail for faster transportation is a good one becasue it's very easy to ride the system.

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