Full-body scanners headed for MSP

The Star Tribune reported that the controversial full-body scanners are now headed to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). They are expected to arrive sometime either next summer or early fall. These scanners have been the big talk ever since the close call of an explosive making its way on board a Northwest aircraft on Christmas day. A man hid the explosive in his underwear. This bomb-scare situation, officials say, could have been completely prevented if airport security had these scanners in place. Now, the only thing that remains to keep these scanners from being installed is the time it takes to make them and all the renovation and remodeling that must be done in order to make this security system possible. Other than that, the issue of consumer privacy seems to have been overshadowed when compared to issues of safety. Luckily, as of now, these scanners won't be used on the everyday passengers, only those with more high-profile accounts.

This news has a large impact on a great number of people in the region because the airport is used by people from throughout the state and Upper Midwest. This shows some of the new and somewhat surprising ways in which airport security will be changing within just a matter of months. This system has caused some conflict, however, with the debate over privacy issues involving security personnel seeing through consumers' clothing. Drama and emotion could also be present because of this.

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