Georgian luger killed at Olympics practice run laid to rest

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Bakuriani, Georgia (CNN) -- The 21-year-old Georgian luger who propelled to his death after sliding off the track during an Olympic practice run in Vancouver was laid to rest in his hometown Saturday.

I really like this lead and the way that the reporter wrote it. This lead gives us a clear summary of the main facts that a reader would want to know. It gives the who: a Georgian luger. It also doesn't include this luger's name, which was a good decision due to the fact that the average reader would not be able to identify him if they did. It gives the what: stating the significance and impact this story has to the readers. It tells us when: when his funeral is, therefore making the reader want to continue reading about when the actual death took place. Where: saying how it occurred at the Vancouver Olympics. It also includes the how: how this dramatic death came about (sliding off of the track).

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I both like this lead and think it is very effective. I think it is short and to the point. It encompasses what the article is going to be about and sums up what is talked about very well.

It is also very simple and easy to understand, so the reader can get the important information right away. The writer did a good clean job.

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