Glitches to Glory as Olympics Hit Halfway Mark

Lead: You can see it at the waterfront Olympic cauldron, transformed overnight from something more like a prison yard into a proud public square.

This introduction in my opinion is a very eye-catching and more so an interest-getting lead. This lead makes me as a reader think of the Olympics in a different way than I have before in the sense that these athletes and people are the ones that make this typical and almost "prison [looking] yard" into something great and meaningful. However the great visual that it gives, it didn't really interest me to read more.

As I continued to read throughout the article, I found that the story was actually really inspiring and a good way to summarize the halfway point of the Vancouver Olympics. But the lead didn't do it justice, in my opinion. This article summarizes both the positive and negative aspects of the Olympics thus far and I feel that the introduction should have included something like that to really get the reader interested. Although the five w's (who, what, when, where and why/how) can't really be included into this broad topic, other aspects, I feel, could have. Such as when: when the Olympics were taking place or where: where they are located. The title is very good and I feel if the lead reflected more of the title, it would be more successful.

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